The Left Hates The American Founding

I had a good laugh reading this article by Thomas Main.

I don’t think I have read anything more shamelessly dishonest and hypocritical in my life.

“This past Saturday was the 4th of July, the day that all Americans celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and its most iconic phrase “all men are created equal.” But do all Americans still revere those immortal five words? Unfortunately, many do not and have formed online political movements aimed at repudiating Jefferson’s world historical idea. …

What to do? Let the American people make a new declaration of independence. But this time from politicians and movements that denigrate our foundational principles. Anti-democratic ideologues should be banned from mainstream web services. And Trump, our latter day George III, should be democratically overthrown in the fall election. Let us again pledge, as the founders did, to uphold — and update for out time–their main principle, that all people are created equal.”

It was a quiet weekend on the “Far Right.” I spent July the 4th at home with my family, grilling and chilling and reflecting on how to preserve the best aspects of the American Founding while excising from it the liberal axioms which have led subsequent generations so far astray.

Did Professor Main miss the events of this past weekend?

1.) The New York Times ran an op-ed this morning calling for the Jefferson Memorial to be razed to the ground:

2.) This comes a few days after running another op-ed which argued that “Yes, Even George Washington” has to go:

3.) The Washington Post is condemning Independence Day:

4.) Al Sharpton called on MSNBC for the destruction of Mount Rushmore:

5.) The Washington Post wants to rename Washington and Lee University because its namesakes were perpetrators of racial terror.

6.) Did Professor Main see the armed black militia which marched through Stone Mountain and called for the formation of a black version of the Ku Klux Klan in order to start a race war against Whites?

7.) Did Professor Main see the leftwing mob which tore down the Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore?

8.) Did Professor Main see the demonic leftwing mob which took a blowtorch to the face of a monument of St. Junípero Serra at the California state capitol before tearing it down, destroying it with sledgehammers and dancing like hyenas on the ruins?

9.) What about the leftwing mob which tore down the statue of none other than Freddy Douglass and attempted to dump him in the Genesee River on the anniversary of his most famous speech?

10.) How about the one in Washington, DC which trampled on and burned the American flag?

11.) How about the mob of 1,000 Antifa in Portland, OR which for the 38th straight day in a row rioted and laid siege to a federal courthouse?

12.) Was it the Alt-Right which tore down monuments of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, defiled them with graffiti, lynched them, set them on fire and celebrated the event on social media?

13.) Did the Alt-Right try to tear down Andrew Jackson?

14.) Did the Alt-Right try to tear down Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt?

15.) … or the Forward monument?

16.) Was it a group of Alt-Right protesters who murdered the 8-year-old black child outside of the burned out husk of a Wendy’s in Atlanta on Independence Day?

No, it wasn’t us who killed that little girl in Atlanta.

It wasn’t us tearing down George Washington and dragging him in the dirt. Say what you want about the Alt-Right, but the “Far Right” isn’t publishing op-eds advocating tearing down the Jefferson Memorial. On the contrary, the Alt-Right went to Charlottesville … to support Jefferson monument!

It is the Far Left which truly despises the American Founding and wants to completely overturn it to establish a Maoist tyranny. The Far Right only has issues with it.

The Far Right complains that “all men are created equal” – a single phrase from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution which established the structure of our government – was ideological dynamite and is incompatible with order, cohesion, continuity, stability, decency and normalcy. The Far Left condemns the Founding for being racist, sexist, nativist, xenophobic, homophobic and transphobic. They argue that America was founded on the irredeemable original sin of whiteness.

There is nothing sacred about the words “all men are created equal.” The phrase was not considered to be of great significance at the time. The Founding Fathers disagreed among themselves and justified the American Revolution “on a fourfold foundation – on Nature, on the British Constitution, on Charters, and on immemorial Usage.” The American Revolution was a struggle between monarchy and republicanism. It was a struggle for independence, not to create an ideal liberal state.

The American Constitution and the Founding Fathers established a White Republic. Thomas Jefferson was president of a White Republic. As the woke crowd never ceases to remind us, July the 4th was “independence for White men.” Non-Whites and women played no role whatsoever in forming the American Republic. The Constitution was written to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” There was no such thing as “equal protection of the laws” or birthright citizenship until the Reconstruction era. Equality was something that only existed between the states.

Thomas Jefferson himself did not believe in racial equality and wrote against the doctrine and played a major role in founding what is lamented by the Left as “scientific racism.” He certainly did not believe in “social equality” either. This tendency to collapse the fine distinctions between civic equality, political equality, racial equality and social equality into a catch all “equality” is a product of the degraded thought of later generations and has nothing to do with the American Founding. There is also the equality of all souls before God on a purely supernatural plane which is a separate issue and had coexisted with organic and hierarchical societies for over a thousand years before 1776.

While we can lament the corrosive impact of Jefferson’s liberal axioms, this doesn’t stop us from honoring his memory or the enormous contribution he made to the organic growth of our country. Unlike the Far Left which sees only black and white, we are conservatives in this sense. We don’t propose to tear down George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Even the Confederates preserved the structure of the American government and essentially copied the American constitution, continued to celebrate July the 4th as an act of secession and placed George Washington on the Seal of the Confederate States.

Insofar as Thomas Jefferson stood for anything in his life, it was for equal rights for White Americans, trusting the sense of the common man and opposition to a privileged elite. It is precisely that tradition which Thomas Main and the woke mob now seeks to overturn. This is why they are toppling monuments of the Founding Fathers and trying to silence their descendants. Remarkably, they can’t stand to hear any opinion other than their own, which makes them not only less tolerant than us but also less interesting to the public which chafes under the yoke of conformity to political correctness.

I invite Professor Main to pen a response and explain why those who topple statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt and seek to erase their memory who intimidate others through mob violence represent “our foundational principles” while those who explain their organic development across history should be banned from the internet.

Note: Personally, I don’t care for the Lincoln Memorial. I wouldn’t raze it to the ground though. It is a part of our history. I’ve never worked myself up into a rage about it because that is just insane.

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    • @Nemo…

      As a retired classical musician, I do not think that Morricone was better than Mozart, but, a peer?


      In any case, you certainly are right to laud the recently deceased Roman.

      His music will forever remain in my mind and heart, and, yes, on the CDs I make for my wife and I, Morricone’s soundtracks are frequently there – particlarly those he made for Spaghetti Westerns.

      • @ Turgenev

        “Peer” means equal, right?

        Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, etc are overrated. It happens when a culture – in this case the Germanic – becomes preeminent, a dominant wealthy culture. It took place in the last two centuries in their case

        Suddenly average men or lunatics become geniuses, or are taken for unique geniuses, Kant, Nietzsche, Hegel, Marx, Brahms, Liszt, etc

        It will happen with China, they will discover many Chinese “geniuses” in this century and the next.

        • Bach’s cello suites are more sublime than anything put into a film score. My friends from the other dimensions agree with that assessment, so don’t even bother arguing the point. They’ve never been wrong.

          Speaking of voices in one’s head, Nemo and Don, I hope yours doesn’t sound like this guy’s:

          • @Boomer…

            Johann Sebastian Bach is the greatest of the greats, and, absolutely, his cello suites are so sublime it is difficult to speak of them in words, other than to say you can listen to them for a lifetime and never ever get to the end of them!

            Bach’s achievement, even just in the solo harpsichord repertoire, alone, is incomprehensible.

            I felt that as a teen, and I still feel it as I enter old age.

        • @Nemo…

          i certainly agree with you that nations have time when they flower and that is a time when composers come forth from that nation and do great things.

          In the 1960s-1970s, The United States was humming along as a world power and the music scene here was insanely good.

          Even in the 1980s it was still going strong.

          I very respectfully disagree with you, however, about Beethoven, Brahms, and Mozart.

          They are great, unbelievably so, and nothing of German and Austria’s national successes, and or failure will ever augment or diminish that.

          When I think of Furtwängler conducting Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, I get the goosebumps. Same when I think of the violin sonatas by Brahms, particularly when played on the viola, or his ballade, capricci, and scherzi for solo piano, I just marvel at how deep their humanity goes!

          Mozart, too, for his concerto for clarinet is sublime, as is so much of his chamber music, not to mention his great symphonies which were truly brought back to life in their best form by the late great Christopher Hogwood and his orchestra of original instruments.

          The 25th symphony in A Minor, by Mozart, as conducted by Sir Neville Marriner is exquisitely manic and perilous – and a perfect opening for the perfidious opening scene of the film, ‘Amadeus’!

          These are amazing things which are there for you, if you want to explore amazing worlds.

          And let me not forget the great Schubert – who, before his death at age 29, left the world so many musical miracles Just his ‘Unfinished Symphony’ as conducted by the Viennese Jew, Bruno Walter, is unbelievable for it’s human and artistic achievement!

          Every morning I consider that just gazing on my wife’s face and listening to her voice is justification, alone, for living life, yet, Schubert’s late quartets, solo piano sonatas, and ‘Unfinished Symphony’ are justification, too, for having come to this mortal realm in human form!

          Simply brilliant beyond compare.

      • @Don Manuel…

        Schifrin is truly great for his sonic landscapes, Dear Manuel, but, he is not Morricone’s equal in orchestral timbre and vividity of narrative episodry.

        In fact, of all the history of The West, I would say that Morricone’s ability in these particular regards are perhaps only rivalled by Ravel and Berlioz.

        Honourable mention ought go to the great Polish composer, Krzystof Penderecki, who is without equal in the gothic genre, and who, though few know, provided most of the music for the movie, ‘The shining.’

  1. “Personally, I don’t care for the Lincoln Memorial. I wouldn’t raze it to the ground though. It is a part of our history. I’ve never worked myself up into a rage about it because that is just insane.”

    I’d move it to Illinois, where it belongs.

    Bring back the spirit of ’76. 1876.

  2. I believe in limited equality – that minorities in majority lands are entitled to the equality of due process, before the law, and the rights to pursue their individual happinesses.

    That said, I believe that only White Gentile Southerners, who profess Chryst, ought have the political franchise, and, as well, only White Southerners ought be in judicial and financial positions or educational positions.

    The only exceptions to this I would consider would be having Black teachers and judges for Blacks, and on down the line for Jews, Latins, Indians, Orientals, and American Indians.

    One thing I totally disregard, and that is being forced to have those who are not of your tribe over you, either legally, academically, financially,and or politically.

    As someone who grew up in The Olde South, I have lived long enough to see and know that only White Southerner Gentiles are qualified to run The South.

    I am sorry if that is offensive, insulting, and hurtful, to people, but, the more The White Southern Race has been removed from control of the South, the worse it has gotten for everybody of every race.

    That is why I am a Southern Nationalist – for the good of everyone in The South.

    • @ Turgenev
      Many European and American so-called ‘nations’ are little more than Israel’s bitches. America just happens to be the bottom. And it has been this way for a very long time. It won’t change.
      Even in my once total Catholic city in very deep South America there are now evangelical churches spewing their crap and causing divisions,. And it won’t take long before the negroes around start thinking of themselves as equals, pure american culture

      Why care so much about a corpse that while alive only carried out dumb deeds.

      • @Nemo…

        Thank you so very much for your comment and for baring your state of mind to me.

        Look, the greatest reality of life is that you are going to live in the state of mind that you have, and if you want to believe that the world is hopelessly ruined, or at least this period of it, you can always find a reason to think it – either ‘racism’, ‘climate change’, ‘Jewish influence’, ‘capitalism’, ‘globalism’, etc ,etc…

        The main point here is to not allow these problems to overwhelm you, which, admittedly can be challenging.

        for my part, I do not see the world as ‘doomed’ or ‘hopeless’, but I do see the world as going through a troubled time of transition because of technology intermixing with human megalomania, and, the ever present problem in every era – ungodliness.

        Jesus Chryst does not have the answer for every problem, so he will not fix your toaster or lawn mower, BUT, with Him in your heart, there is such a wellspring of joy, forgiveness, charity, gladness, and wholeness, which is why the apostles all told us to fix our mental gaze upon Him – not for his sake, but, for our own, because He is the source of so much joy.

        And you have your blessed family, too, and pets, and beautiful trees, bushes, flowers, sunsets, music, card games, furniture, shopping, hobbies, etc, etc.

        If you can keep your heart and head together, in many ways this era is an exciting and interesting era to be in – unless, of course, you are habituated to feeling doleful, anxious, and forlorn, as, indeed, many people are.

        In any case, be well!

  3. The blacks at Stone Mountain want a black ethno-state. I offer them my strongest support. Americans and anti-Americans need to separate. This the only way that peace might have a chance in this troubled land.

    • @Roland…

      Yes, I do believe that the ought be areas in every state that would wish it where each race can choose to be by itself and rule over itself, even if that just boils down to one country.

      You could travel through, and or visit those counties, but, you could not live there.

      All the other counties of a state would be for all citizens of the South, though, there again, if neighbourhoods decided to segregate, that would be their prerogative, which means that, if you were not of them, you could visit or go through them, but, not live there, or do anything associated therewith.

      Freedom of association is the cornerstone of what I believe to be your right to pursue your happiness in this world, and, so long as you are in a community of those who share a desire for like-minded limitations, I not only see nothing wrong with this, I see it as a positive good.

      The whole premise of forcing people together, no matter what, and spending infinite amounts of time, money, and energy to vainly attempt to make that work, is an idea advocated by New England Yankeedom and Organized Jewry that has led us to the point where few in this nation are happy to be citizens of this nation.

      We need breathing space from those with whom we do not wish to co-breath; we need legal space from those who do not share our blood, and, by extension, values, and we need space from those who simply regard us as anathema.

      That was the genius of The Founders including in the original Constitution the 10th amendment.

      In fact, the whole genius of The American Experiment, was to say that this was to be a country of Local Areas controlled by local White Males, over the age of 21, who are property owners (vested stake in the society) and of good Christian moral standing.

      Yet, even if we tweak that to solely read, ‘The United States is to be a community where local people control local areas, I think the genius of that founding still stands.

      To those who absolutely detest the notion of communities of people choosing to be themselves, and only with themselves, I can only say this – the moment we decentralize, and stop forcing everyone to have to co-habitate so tightly with one another, will be the very moment when more and more Americans, of every persuasion, start to breathe easy again.

      Nothing short of this basic American Ideals : —— that of freedom of association and local control by local people will every make this nation ‘great’ again.

      I grew up at the end of The Southern Nationalist period in The South and I know it works – a hundred times better than what we have now.

      Centralization may well be the right idea for Germany or England, but, it does not work in The United States, because we are too many people and too many nations crammed into one.

      Governmental lawlessness and corruption aside, this is why this country has gone down the tubes.

    • Blacks want their own state/country/Mogadishu? Caliwacky, hands down. Them and the funny boys. Have at it.

      • Give the niggers West Africa, north of the Bight of Biafra…let them fight the niggers who sold them into slavery. This is a separation I could get behind.

  4. I generally agree with this post. Your analysis of the founding is correct: “The American Constitution and the Founding Fathers established a White Republic (…) The Constitution was written to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” However I would not describe Jefferson’s “liberal axioms” as “corrosive,” but maybe prescient.

  5. The (American) “far left” loves America because they are Anglo liberals. Their criticisms of America all boil down to America not living up to its purported Anglo liberal ideals. They don’t disagree with these ideals in the slightest, just with the degree to which they are implemented.

  6. Jefferson was a big, bad, meanie racist poopy-head and we must tear down his memorial and blot him out from history.
    – the Woke Left

    All men are created equal; it says so right there in the Declaration of Independence.
    – also the Woke Left

    • @Gunther…

      “All men are created equal”

      Yes, Sir, and, at the same time, the laws of those days stated that the political franchise was only applicable to White Anglo-Saxe males over the age of 21, who were Christian property owners in good moral standing.

      Therefore, one can only deduce that, in having written the phrase, ‘all men are created equal’, President Jefferson was writing only of men of Anglo blood, insofar as the political franchise was concerned.

      Certainly all the framework of law, at that time, both state and national, supported that assumption,

      So, if you are going to quote Jefferson, don’t extract just what you want and leave the rest spilled out all over the yard.

  7. I believe that at the core of all of our problems in The U.S. are simply 3 things –

    #1. That New England does not know what it is doing, in running this country. They seem not to care about the state of the country, just so long as it is in hot pursuit of their favourite ideas, above all that being equality.

    #2. That Organized Jewry does not care what happens to this country so long as they can get out of it what they want for their various international enterprises, as long as the getting is good.

    #3. That The White South cares deeply about this country, but, no longer has the courage to be hated by New England and Organized Jewry in the pursuit of what is right.

    Everything else arises from these toxic soils, because these are the 3 parties are made and framed, make and frame this country, thus, it is their disposition and relationship that dictates the state of this country.

    When at least one of these 3 basises change, this country will change, and not before.

    • Ivan Turgenev says: I believe that at the core of all of our problems in The U.S. are simply 3 things

      As a self-admitted Jewish neo-Confederate, this site must be quite important for you, because not many people share your detached from reality views.

      • @Freethinking…

        Unfortunately you are right – most folks who live in The United States still think we are all equally one and that this country is a great place that just has a few bedbugs which can be laundered out by elections.

        As to who is ‘detached’, I live that to the history books to make clear.

        Be well!

  8. The founders were all educated Englishmen; they were writing to each other, certainly not to Mexicans or Nigerians. The idea that any of them saw nigs as their equal is laughable. The stupidity of historical illiterates is ridiculous and predictable. Ideological purity is all that matters in the insane secular religious cult currently running our country. Facts are inconvenient heresies in their warped faith.

    None of this destruction had to happen, of course. The left cultists being allowed to run amok, while our “leaders” sit with their thumbs up their butts and try to placate the mob, is yet one more example of how weak and fragile our moribund system has become.

    • The material culture is there as a simulacra that can be destroyed instead of them. It’s quite clever really. It’s much more cathartic to destroy an effigy than cut up a human IRL. No guilt or remorse afterwards. Less chance of a vengeful relative hunting you down.

  9. @Boomer…

    “The founders were all educated Englishmen; they were writing to each other, certainly not to Mexicans or Nigerians. The idea that any of them saw nigs as their equal is laughable. ”

    Very true.

    Moreover, The Founding Fathers did not think most White Men their equal, unless they were in possession of a vast array of credentials, one of which was Anglo blood.

    Most people are unaware that the idea of political franchise, at that time, did not even extend to the Irish!

    So, yes, Boomer, any notion that The Founding Fathers were egalitarians is, as you say, ‘laughable’.

    And that is why this country has become uncomfortably ‘laughable, because it is being run by those whose blood, culture, attitudes, and values are largely antithetical to it’s design.

    The notion that all human beings and all human cultures are perfectly interchangeable, and there ought be accorded 100% legal mobility anywhere at anytime is ridiculous on it’s face.

  10. The left position on race is more logically consistent than the right. If you have these huge disparities in crime, income, IQ, school results etc. the only two logical explanations are biological differences between races or systemic, widespread racism by the white-dominated institutions. So either blacks are inherently inferior or whites are inherently racist and evil.

    The left is following through on this logic. The mainstream right denies biological differences, but then what is causing the disparities? The right has dug its own grave when it followed the left into accepting the premise of biological equality. And it has no way out (ideologically) of this until it tackles the biological underpinnings of race. But this has already been made taboo by their past complicity.

    • Yes, the progressive left is just exploiting the weakness in the race denial narrative that conservatives adopted after MLK. The only counter conservatives have is to try blaming violent rap lyrics for black dysfunction, which doesn’t really work anymore because all of the white kids listen to rap now too.

    • Best summation of our predicament right here, Andrei. Until the religious (I didn’t say Christian) dogma of equality über alles is repudiated openly, publicly and widely there can be no progress. It is Conservatism, Inc. that will eventually be devoured by their contradiction while what is now deemed the unmentionable right will survive because we have the truth on our side, we do not believe in falsehoods.

  11. The latest “conservative” talking point: “The Democrats are the real racists”. In one fell swoop they legitimize the number one Anti-White attack word and tacitly justify the mass criminal behavior of “anti-racists”.

    • I have asked people “what is racism?” and I am usually met by blank stares or stuttering. I have then asked the people who use that word how they know whether or not they or anyone else are racists if they cannot properly define the term and it’s more of the same. The simple approach is usually the best approach when one wants to confound children.

      To those who answer that racism is hatred of non-whites or belief that whites are superior to non-whites I answer that I hate no one and don’t believe that races are superior or inferior, just different and incompatible. I offer this explanation as the reason for racial disparity while pointing to the success of Asians vs. other coloreds in the U.S. as an example of differences. It doesn’t change the minds of blockheads or people full of bile but it does confuse them a bit.

  12. I find these so-called Black descendants of Jefferson very funny. None of them look even remotely like Jefferson, and for this reason you don’t see much in the way of pictures of them anymore. I posted their pictures with comments, and this maybe one of the reasons you don’t see portraits of them anymore?

    The usual suspects tried to hang some Black descendants on George Washington from a slave woman named “Venus”, but, the Jew and Roman Catholic historians couldn’t make that one fly no matter how hard they tried, and they did try! They even had a big book promotion pushing the Geo Washington and Venus fable.

    My ancestors did buy property from George Washington, and got property from participating in adventures with Washington as did hundreds of others, but, that doesn’t mean we are related to George Washington. LOL.

  13. A garbage media outlet called “The Washington Post” is demanding institutions named after George Washington change their names, and we’re not supposed to notice the not-so-subtle irony here? When will The Washington Post change their name, and will it be Climate Pledge?

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