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  1. They called Pierce a crackpot… I vaguely remember the news stories when i was a kid. “Look at this nut with his crazy talk and wild conspiracy charges”. Pierce was the freak show guest the media loved in the 90s.

    25 years later he always sounds like he had a script of the future at how close he nails it

    • Who can deny what he’s saying at this point? You could have laughed it off 30 years ago but it’s actually happened.

      • I never laughed it off. It was pretty clear to me that he knew exactly what he was talking about.

  2. pretty good record, first time I heard William Pierce.
    I read part of his book Who We Are about a year ago after seeing it on Chechar’s Aryan blog, and it was filled with historical fantasies outrageous distortions and ies, wich let a bad impression about him.

  3. I liked Pierce, but, he was a potsherd. One thing I remember about Pierce is the time he was in Charleston, West Virginia, attending a George Wallace for President Rally, at the Charleston Civic Center. Pierce was leaning on the auditorium double doors when the doors swung open dumping him on the floor. We helped the old fellow back up, and it was hard to forget his raspy voice. LOL.

    Everyone should read the 1920 classic “Why Europe Leaves Home” by Kenneth L. Roberts. (no relation to the Polish Roman Catholic Chief Justice).

    America has been trending anti-White for a 100 years, driven by the politics of Roman Catholics and Jews.

    • @Krafy…

      “America has been trending anti-White for a 100 years, driven by the politics of Roman Catholics and Jews.”

      Incomplete, Sir –

      “”America has been trending anti-White for a 100 years, driven by the politics of Roman Catholics, Jews, and New England Yankees..”

      And if you doubt that, Sir, just look at the names of the 2 senators who authored The 1965 Immigration Act.

  4. I see where Trump is washing his hands of the Confederate flag, and handing the decision off to Secretary of Defense Esper a Lebanese/Syrian and Marionite Roman Catholic whose family are fairly recent immigrants to the US.

  5. The scalawags and carpetbaggers are out in force, also the spook troublemakers, the south has beaten these contemptable assholes before, I’m hoping they’re up to it again.

  6. I was a dedicated attendee at Dr. Pierce’s Saturday American Dissident Voices broadcast lectures, even before they were made available for free download on the Web. I used to pay $300 per year to get the 4 cassette tape recordings per month and they were worth every penny.

    I tried my level best to get one of my white male friends to download the mp3s of Dr. Pierce’s weekly broadcasts – because, at the time, Pierce was just about the only voice in the entire country who was speaking the truth about the racial divisions that our #1 (((enemies))) were deliberately imposing upon America. This white male friend was not interested. He told me that he had ‘other priorities’ that precluded him from devoting a measly 28 or so minutes per week to listen to the ADV broadcasts that, by that time, were free for download. Fast forward to 2020, and the racial conflicts and rioting and looting and the systematic destruction of every sacred commemoration of White America is now under full scale assault – and Dr. Pierce’s predictions from 20 years ago are now all coming true.

    As for that White male friend who was ‘too busy’ to attend Dr, Pierce’s weekly lectures? His ego is apparently too gigantic to admit that he should have listened to my recommendations from 20 years ago, and now he refuses to even engage in a conversation about what is now unfolding. It is as if he thinks that, by ignoring what is happening today and losing himself in a big stack of cops and robbers library books – everything will work itself out and he or his family will never have to suffer any direct hardship.

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