USA Today: Drivers Have Hit Protesters 66 Times Since May 27

Black Lives Matter and Antifa have spent the last month and a half parading through traffic. In doing so, have caused 66 collisions and at least two deaths in Seattle and Bakersfield.

USA Today:

“People running, screaming and shouting words of disbelief. Bodies thrown in the air, lifted onto windshields or trapped under cars and semitrucks. It’s become a horrifying and familiar scene in recent weeks.

Amid thousands of protests nationwide against police brutality, dozens of drivers have plowed into crowds of protesters marching in roadways, raising questions about the drivers’ motivations.

Witnesses, law enforcement and terrorism experts said some of the vehicle incidents appear to be targeted and politically motivated; others appear to be situations in which the driver became frightened or enraged by protesters surrounding their vehicle.

“There are groups that do want people to take their cars and drive them into Black Lives Matters protesters so that they won’t protest anymore. There’s an element of terrorism there. Is it all of them? No,” said J.J. MacNab, a fellow at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism. “I look at it as an anti-protester group of acts, some of which are white supremacist, some not.” …”

It is really this simple.

In the new age of moral clarity in American journalism, the only thing that matters is the political ideology of the protesters and those who collide with them, not public safety. In much the same way, the only thing that mattered when the mob broke through Mark McCloskey’s gate, stormed his private property and threatened to murder him and burn his house to the ground is that he was a White male who brandished a weapon at a righteous mob that was protesting “racism.”

James Fields, Jr. was immediately labeled a “domestic terrorist” by cowardly Republican politicians and the media and was sentenced to 419 years in prison. It never occurred to any of these people that Black Lives Matter and Antifa were parading through the streets of Charlottesville hours into a so-called “state of emergency.” It never could have been an accident in which Fields could have gotten turned around in an unfamiliar city with multiple road closures by his GPS and panicked in a volatile situation.

As a rule, Social Justice ideology immediately assumes the worst about people in all interactions, which are always suffused with racism, white privilege and white supremacy, so Fields really never had a chance to explain himself. Dawit Kelete, the Ethiopian who hit Summer Taylor with his Jaguar in Seattle, was immediately assumed to be a white supremacist!

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      • Jaguar’s cars where canceled white culture after the XJ6 series III 1979-1987 sedan was modernized or butchered to look like a box car version of the Swedish Volvo design!

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