McCloskeys Served With Search Warrant

How dark is this country about to get?

FOX News:

“Authorities in St. Louis executed a search warrant Friday evening at the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who made headlines last month when they took up arms to defend their home from protesters.

During the search, police seized the rifle that Mark McCloskey was shown holding during the June 28 incident, KSDK-TV of St. Louis reported, citing information from a source.

The couple claimed the pistol that Patricia McCloskey held during the June confrontation was already in the possession of their attorney, the station reported. …”


“(Reuters) – Police in St. Louis, Missouri, searched the mansion of the couple who brandished guns at protesters marching outside their home last month in widely seen videos, local media reported.

The police arrived on Friday evening with a search warrant and seized the rifle wielded by Mark McCloskey during the June 28 incident, the KMOV news channel in St. Louis said. …”

In this country …

  • A violent leftwing mob can rampage through St. Louis, loot and destroy businesses with impunity and kill retired black police officers without blemishing the image of the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement.
  • For the mainstream media, it is not “a story about race in America” worth talking about when this mob kills people, which has happened several times now in St. Louis, Seattle and Atlanta. There have been other deaths and shootings since George Floyd died on May 25th.
  • In St. Louis, the mob can engage in all this violence and vandalism and not be charged for committing serious violent crimes.
  • The mob can storm private residences and threaten to kill people in their homes and destroy their property, but when the homeowner calls the police they are not dispatched to protect his property because of his race and politics.
  • Instead, a search warrant is issued by local officials and the police are sent to disarm the homeowner whose life was threatened by the mob.

This is insane.

Why is this happening in our country?

Why are police departments suddenly being defunded or abolished? Why are violent leftwing mobs toppling monuments? Why is the law being brazenly selectively enforced now? Why are all these people being cancelled by the mob and losing their jobs at such a dizzying pace? These are all symptoms of the triumph of Social Justice ideology among our left-leaning political class.

It is happening for the same reason that Central Park Karen is being prosecuted in New York City and the couple in Martinez, CA were charged with a hate crime for painting over a Black Lives Matter mural and San Francisco is mulling the CAREN Act to check the privilege of White women who call 9/11 to report crimes committed by black people. California also recently voted for some mysterious reason to change its state constitution to embrace racial discrimination.

The answer is that everything from “equality” to “justice” to “racism” to “rights” is being redefined to permit this. It turns out that equality doesn’t mean everyone should be treated equally under the law anymore. Instead, it is necessary to treat people differently and judge them on the basis of their race and political beliefs. Justice also doesn’t mean equal justice. It now means treating people differently on the basis of race and politics. Racism also doesn’t mean intentional acts of discrimination or beliefs and values held by individuals. It now means complicity in “systemic racism” and is defined by whiteness.

Seen from the perspective of woke supremacy, Mark McCloskey is a White man with a gun defending his home which is the embodiment of white supremacy. The Martinez couple are White people painting over a Black Lives Matter mural. Central Park Karen is a White woman who called the cops on a black people. In a reversal of the Dred Scott decision, White people are now “regarded as beings of an inferior order” in this country with “no rights which the [woke mob] was bound to respect.”

These people should all confess their racism, apologize and repent for their white innocence and promise to “do better” by adopting a lifelong commitment to practicing the cult of anti-racism which means to “constantly reflect upon the ways in which they, and others, support, or are complicit in, “whiteness,” “anti-blackness,” “racism,” and “white supremacy,” as these terms are understood from within the context of critical race Theory and critical whiteness studies. It then expects antiracists to subscribe to social activism which allegedly minimizes its impacts, including—as DiAngelo has put it regarding herself—through the concerted attempt to “be less white” (see also, problematize).”

If you protest that you are not actually a “racist” or “white supremacist,” well, that is where you are wrong. There is no middle ground called “non-racist” between racists (i.e., White people) and anti-racists (i.e., woke supremacists.) There is no room anymore for freedom or equality or justice or rights or the rule of law or property rights or colorblindness as you understand the world. There is “moral clarity” now. We don’t have time for any of that stuff anymore. The situation is that urgent.

In addition to all the monuments, the racial justice movement is only asking you to give up your gun, your wealth, your comfort, your mansion, your rights and liberties, the protection of the law and police from the mob, your individualism and objectivity, your white privilege, white comfort, white innocence, white complicity, your white entitlement – all being manifestation of your evil whiteness and systemic racism – as well as the expectation of passing any of these things to your children.

What if you compelled by your beliefs to resist these demands? Sorry, this only proves you are a racist and white supremacist and is a manifestation of White Fragility.

Yes, it can be hard to swallow.

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  1. “Why are police departments suddenly being defunded or abolished? Why are violent leftwing mobs toppling monuments?”

    To create the chaos and anarchy necessary for rise of tyranny.

    (Same as 1919 Russia, Bavaria 1920s and dozens of societies wrecked for communism to prevail.)

  2. “The police were sent to confiscate Mark McCloskey’s rifle”

    And, they did. Now who wants to support these bastards who will do the same to us? Let them get eaten by their masters.

    Paychecks often determine a person’s public ideology as well as ethics and morality. We should all acquire the skills to be self-sustaining.

  3. I know they look like perfect victims, but if they are like most of the yuppies I’ve know, they’ve probably given money to ‘civil rights’ organizations, they care, they’re not racist. They’ve likely supported these nigger politicians that have taken over St Louis. I’m just guessing, I don’t know them, I’ve just seen other people like this. These kind of people think they can hide in their money.

    • According to their attorney they state they agree with the BLM protests. I don’t know if they are only saying that because they think that will help them with the authorities, but either way it’s a form of groveling on their part.

      • Here you go SC Rebel:

        ” . . . The couple are lawyers who have routinely worked on civil rights cases and are supportive of the Black Lives Matter message and peaceful protesting, Watkins said. He said their actions on Sunday were “born of abject fear of imminent harm,” but were not related to race, noting that the protesters they were fearful of were white”.

        “They are appalled that they have been portrayed in a fashion which they believe is going to be used by some to support the position that its time to grab the Confederate flag and grab a gun and protect ourselves against the BLM movement,”

        I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for these two cucks. They got rich off of the ‘civil rights’ racket which wrecked St. Louis and many other cities in the U.S. They represented black clients and got paid by the beset taxpayers of the area while living in luxury at the foot of a volcano.

        Now the natives are restless and they don’t care about their so called ‘civil rights’ work, the mob wants them dead because they are rich, fat, white fucks living in a mansion. No doubt the thought the police were their friends, too. Now they know better, maybe.

    • I don’t know if it’s true in their case but there is that type of unenviable White who thinks he’s safe standing by the Anti-White agenda. In a race war your race is your uniform, not your ideology.

  4. i wonder when white people will ever fight back..
    every day that passes offers more and more black pills.

  5. “Why is this happening in our country?”

    1. The media, largely controlled by Jews.

    2. The organized Jewish lobby, from the ADL, to the SPLC, to AIPAC.

    3. Academia, heavily influenced by Jewish academics, has been indoctrinating students with anti-white hate for 50 years.

    4. The Fortune 500, Wall Street, the capitalists, want a “multi-racial” society to destroy unions and working class solidarity, even the nation-state itself, and has dedicated themselves to mass immigration to make whites a minority in our own countries.

    Conservative Republicans are the main group preventing Americans from dealing with these problems.

  6. The McCloskeys are a golden campaign opportunity for President Trump, either directly or via AG Barr, put very public pressure on George Soros’s unJustice Department of St. Louis, to show himself as defending those Americans who will defend hearth and home.

    Morality and justice aside, it does not take a political genius to see this.

    • Great idea Ivan but Trump is either too dumb, too indifferent or too scared to do it. Jared wouldn’t like it.

  7. The “authorities” want to make damn sure they won’t be able to defend themselves against Anti-White screamers and thugs next time. If they dial 911 for help they’ll be charged with a “hate crime” for making a false police report against angelic POC.

    How much more obvious does the Anti-White establishment have to make it for normies?

  8. People are waking up.

    Brad, you have to vote for Trump. I know he’s not what we wanted him to be, but we have to do it. We’ve got to push these fuckers even harder to show their hands. We have to do this to further waken the sane people we have left. It may not work, but it’s the last gambit we have left to play.

    Biden being elected will bring a black woman into the presidency. I don’t even think Biden can complete one term. I don’t think this will do what we think it will. I think it will scare everyone back into submission. I think having Trump as president does help because it keeps the left in a state of perpetual frenzy that is repugnant to normal people. When the left has actual power, white people become “spit ballers” and sink back into normiecon, “birther” type conspiracy theory kookiness. It will be defeatist for us when that black woman has power. (Even if it is only symbolic power). White men will surrender and retreat.

    At least right now, white men are punching back a little, even if it is weak. As is the case with the McCloskeys.

    • “Accelerationists” don’t have much to argue about anymore. The Leftists are doing all that just fine. I don’t think I will give Trump my vote, but I do prefer him to win, as that will make these rabid humanoids even more angry and insane. Maybe that will get more people to wake up. I think the Demoncrats will have a lock on the Presidency come 2024 and after(until the breakup?), anyway.

    • @Memebro…

      “Brad, you have to vote for Trump. I know he’s not what we wanted him to be, but we have to do it. We’ve got to push these fuckers even harder to show their hands. ”

      If there is an argument for voting for President Trump, it is indeed this – not because of what he has done for us, but that he exposes the devils about the West and, to some extent, on some issues, pushes back against them.

      Can you imagine how things would be going, if, during the last 6 weeks of New World Order skullduggery, Biden had been in office, with his anti-Christian and anti-White shadow cabinet pulling the strings, more than they are already doing, both within the government and in the streets.

      I don’t however, believe that voting for Trump ‘the last gambit’ – not by a long shot.

      At any rate, thank you for your interesting comment.

  9. People who can’t see that Trump is in on this, is part of this, are the same people who think he’s going to do something about internet censorship. Soros-Kushner-Trump are part of the same machine.

  10. The only conclusion we can draw if we take their ideology to its final conclusions is that whites need to sign over their property to BLM then kill themselves. Or at least be neutered so they cannot reproduce whites anymore.

  11. There is going to be a violent Communistic Revolution in this country. But I see two possible distinct flavors:

    1) A race Communism where the violent mob attacks and subjugates the White middle class and confiscates all their wealth and property, this being supported by the current power elite.

    2) A class Communism more akin to the French Revolution, led by the White middle class, against the Billionaire class – where corporations & the media are nationalized and the wealth of the Billionaires (think Bezos et al.) is confiscated.

    Currently #1 is winning.
    Will there come a Napoleon in our midst to transition us more to #2?

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