Donald Trump Vows To Sign a DACA Amnesty

You’re going to be tired of WINNING!

After Trump blurted out the plan in that interview, his aides rushed to clean it up and put out the fire:

Fortunately, he reassured everyone who have their doubts this morning about where he truly stands on immigration by attacking Jeff Sessions and endorsing Tommy Tuberville:

The election is coming up on Tuesday here in Alabama.

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    • @Snowhitey…

      Yes, I feel the ground sinking underneath Tuberville.

      It’s subtle, but, you can feel it.

      Sessions is hammering him hard, and Tuberville is nowhere to be found.

      Runnin’ scared and hiding out is not a politics that will play out with Deep Southerners, certainly not Alabamans.

      The entire Chamber of Commerce GOP McConnell selected and propped up candidacy of Tommy Tuberville is, at this point in history, an odd public experiment in historic reenactment.

    • I pray to God that sessions wins. Tuberville will simply turn Alabama into Texas. Great GDP for big corps and incoherent mexican, cultureless wasteland of soulless existence.

      Prayers are with you, Alabamians.

  1. Very strange that President Trump is campaigning in 2020 like Jeb Bush, when he so completely discredited that in 2016.

    Very counter-intuitive.

  2. My question is would an actual merit based immigration system radically or even moderately increase white immigration? Because if it did, even with daca, it would probably be worth it. Because what are we getting now? 10 to 12% of immigrants are white? If a merit based system could increase that number to say 30 to 50% while also lowering the amount of immigration which some say a merit based system would do, well, is that so bad?

    I know people are upset with daca but if Biden wins, daca is a reality without any changes to our disastrous immigration policy voted into existence by a virtually all White House and Senate in 1965 and agreed to by a White president. White people literally voted to replace themselves. So, yes, if that deal can be done along with the agreement to finish the total wall, that deal is worth taking.

    Right now family reunification is killing this country. That is what fuels our current immigration system. No president did a single thing to change it since 1965. Reagan was busy cutting taxes for the uber rich; Bush sr. was too busy playing war games and figuring out how the check out machine at the supermarket worked. Clinton was too busy screwing anything that moved while appointing far left jews on the Supreme Court. Bush Jr. was playing ultimate war games driving us into massive debt as he killed and maimed while enjoying his home country being invaded for ” muh cheap labor.” Obama? The enemy within.

    So we get sloppy Trump not scoring a touchdown as usual but yes, if we can get more white immigration under the merit label while decreasing overall immigration and get the total wall up? Trade that for daca? Compared to Biden just doing daca and nothing else? Yes. I would consider that another 10 or 15 yard gain. No touchdown but no Biden interception losing the game.

    • @Jeff…

      You would make a good chess player, because you have a demonstrated proclivity for analyzing positional tacticks and exhaustively pondering the most advantageous lines.

      I appreciate the originality, civility, and intelligence of your comments!

      • Lol. Thank you Ivan. I enjoy your posts. I just see what has been going on for decades and not one hint of anything has been done to change our disastrous 1965 immigration policy. If Trump can shake it up, why not? We are literally doing nothing otherwise except continuing an 85 to 90% non white immigration policy. Where has that gotten us? Remember Romney with his “self deport” nonsense? Rand Paul with his libertarian immigration nonsense? John Kasich with his ” let them in” insanity?

        Joe Biden is literally not just going to give daca people the ok but he said ok to the 25 million others. People have no idea how bad things are going to get under Biden. Let’s go with the merit based system already. Also, why didn’t Trump just do this years ago or is he saying the Supreme Court’s decision now allows him to? A sloppy president but still radically better than evil Biden and his female black owner. Biden is a true sociopath.

    • Dude, hispanic immigration destroys everything.

      I dont know how else to say it. With large scale hispanic immigration, there literally isnt anything to even care about at that point. Its all over.

    • what planet are you living on? Or is it one of the moons of Jupiter?

      these issues were resolved long ago. The Kikes and shitskins won, Whites – betrayed by the Jew-owned Republiscam party – lost. (((Kushner)))’s “merit-based” horseshit is more of the same: the Palestine’ing of white ‘Murka will continue. And,

      so long as the daily warm shower of Jewbucks continues, 97% of Whites will continue to go happily

      extinct. Still, if

      voting for Blumph makes your day, go right ahead.


        • RN = Royal Navy, DFC = Distinguished Flying cross

          I know, makes no sense, but it came in the mail and I’m not sending it back.

      • Lol colonel Boomer. You did make me laugh but what do you think we have now? Whites are 10 to 12% of the immigrants now and it’s been that way for a while. How does white immigration not increase in a merit based system? It has to! I remember when neighborhoods were filled with Irish, German, Italians, Norwegians, etc. Not any longer!. All dried up thanks to family reunification laws brought in 1965 and not one president has touched it since!. If Trump is going to change it to merit based, how can it get worse? We are at 10 to 12% white now!

        I understand not trusting it but common sense says a merit based system has to increase the amount of white immigration. What we had for the past 55 years is a literal sinking ship. We just watch the ship sink further each year. Get Trump in for one more. He may surprise a lot of folks. Then hand the ball off to Tucker. Compare that to Biden and never ending blacks!

        • JewSA under age 20 is already white minority. By 2030, with the Kosher Culture of Death–collapsed white birthrate + continued insourcing of 2-3 million legal/illegal shitskins per year + boomer die-off,

          Whites will be an overall minority facing a majority non-White population wire-pulled by lethally hostile


          and the only people Drumpf is going to surprise will, once again, be the idjits who voted for him.

          maybe you didn’t notice, but Drumpf just spent 4 years sucking Jewish dick, kissing black ass, massaging spics, and shitting on Whites. Predict his future behavior by

          simple extrapolation.

    • I doubt it would increase immigration from Europe much at all. Even with Europe going downhill lately, the USA is still the worst White country in the world. Not many people are going to want to leave Europe to come to the USA. It will be people from India, China, MENA, Nigeria, etc.

    • Terrible comment. Merit based immigration means Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese. There is zero reason to believe it will make whites 30%, let alone 50% of immigrants. You are just engaging in pure wishful thinking.

      • Maybe you all are just so pessimistic which in part I can’t blame you. However I do see an increase in Whites under merit based. Family reunification has been the death knell of whitey. Obviously it has to play out but no way does it get worse or stay the same with merit based.

        The left has accomplished things little by little. The right is more looking for homeruns and touchdowns. Usually things don’t happen that way. I know 100% that the continuation of family reunification is the worst possible thing. I have far more hope in a merit based system.

        Do you think a Biden and black vp prefer the way things are now or try something different with merit? Plus family reunification brings in insane amounts of people. Let’s at least give merit a shot.

    • Nice comment Jeff but I will disagree with one premise you make.And that is that mass immigration was somehow agreed upon by Whites.It has been shown in Jewish news publications that Lyndon Johnson had a Jewish grandmother,making him Jewish.The Johnsons in Texas were known for picking Jewish and other non-White interests over White Southern people.Also in the Senate it was Jacob Javits(Jewish)who pushed it through that body.In the House we have a 40 year effort by Jew Rep.Cueller to open the United States to non-White massive immigration.Yes Cueller sounds Hispanic but he is a confirmed Jew.Naturally Jewish interests wanted White frontmen like Ted Kennedy to be the face of the 1965 Immigration Act but it is well documented who was the force behind it.One Jewish group openly bragged about how they wrote the law.Jewish billions stolen from White taxpayers have bought our politicians for years and the wholly controlled Jew media keeps Americans totally in the dark.

      • Jared, thanks for the comment. When are jews not on the opposing side? You know your history. No doubt on Javits and all. I know you get my point though. If you go back and look at the vote we had an awful lot of non jewish white politicians voting for it. It goes without saying jews would. Lol.

        The greater tragedy is something could have been done about it over the years and it wasn’t. Instead we got tax cuts, job deportations and fruit pickers and China making everything. Capitalism has become grossly anti American. I still think there are some good things about it but it’s time to mix it with socialist policies. A return to taxing the super rich and corporations a good amount would be a nice start. Basically return it back to pre Reagan days. The wealthy are clearly not our friend. They love Blm, though.

    • No, “merit based immigration” would not increase White immigration. Just look at Canada or Australia. All it does is increase the percentage of smart brown people (eg. Chinese and Indian).

  3. All the warning signs were available when conman was was preaching his bullshit in 2016 . Unfortunately, most of you ignored it, now you have GWB all over again but worse.

  4. lol – Wallace still thinks that voting for a turd like Sessions or any of the rest of the scum that seek political office in the US will save White America. The only thing that will save White America is the another Hitler.

    • @CD…

      “The only thing that will save White America is the another Hitler.”

      Yep, that’s just what we need, another Hitler – so that we can wage pointless wars on all our White neighbours, kill, torture, and persecute tens of millions of White people and then have our historic structures bombed into dust and permanently lose large parts of the country – all in the name of preserving our sovereignty because we think ourselves ‘exceptional’.

      Yep, that is exactly what we need.

      Can you say Satan?

      • Britain and France declared war on Hitler first because he tried to stop the massacres of ethnic Germans in danzig, which he tried to solve diplomatically but was ignored by the league of nations. Hitler made numerous peace proposals to the Allies after the Polish campaign that were ignored. You can dislike Hitler of you want but you dont get to lie and make shit up.

  5. GOP shills like to claim that Republicans are the lesser of two evils, but there really isn’t any evidence for that at all. On all important policies, Republicans are the same as Democrats or worse.

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