Saying No To Critical Race Theory

This is a great overview of the genealogy of woke supremacy.

I disagree with James Lindsay on three points though:

1.) First, I do not believe that race is a social construct that was invented in the 16th century to justify slavery and colonialism. Slavery wasn’t abolished by Spain and Portugal until the late 19th century and then it was largely because the British were pushing for abolition.

It was also the Catholic Church that provided the religious justification for the conquest, division and settlement of the non-European world by Spain and Portugal. The Caribbean was considered “beyond the line” in the 16th and 17th centuries. European treaties and codes of conduct did not apply there even between rival European powers. European international law did not apply outside of Christendom. The idea of universal natural rights and international law was still in the distant future.

Europeans developed racial theories to explain racial differences. Specifically, the old environmental theory which explained racial differences in terms of climate failed to explain the observations that Europeans made during the Age of Discovery. American Indians did not vary in color from Newfoundland to Tierra del Fuego. Africans didn’t change color when brought to Europe or the Americas. American Indians didn’t change color when brought to Europe. Europeans didn’t change color when transported to Africa, Asia and the Americas. In such a way, it quickly came to be understood that race was hereditary.

2.) Second, James ends up jumping in the podcast from the 16th century to Weimar Germany in the 1920s because it was during this period that the Frankfurt School was developing critical theory. The very concept of “racism” was only invented and came into circulation in Far Left circles in the 1920s and 1930s. “Racism” first emerged as a problem for the Far Left which saw it as an obstacle to class struggle. You could say that “racists” were invented as an object of study by the first “anti-racists.” The idea had been in the air for over a century though. Liberals had previously talked about “prejudice” when they meant “racism.”

3.) Third, James isn’t being completely honest in presenting liberalism and critical theory as being totally opposed. Is the Center Left really opposed to the Far Left or are they political allies? Are they opposed to each other in places like Portland where violence is taking place? Didn’t the Center Left borrow and mainstream the idea of “racism” from the Far Left in the first place? Didn’t the Frankfurt School return in triumph to postwar West Germany and work with liberals there during Denazification? Why is this garbage flourishing in bastions of liberalism? It is because progressive liberals and leftists have always had a cozy relationship on campus and in the media far more so than either have ever had with conservatives? The radical leftists have always pushed their ideas into the bloodstream of progressive liberalism and so what is happening now with the redefinition of “anti-racism” isn’t that unusual.

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  1. Race and gender aren’t social constructs. They’re biological facts, just like the differences in intelligence and proclivity for violence between the races are demonstrable, proven matters. When science serves as a narrative instead of truth, it becomes mere ideology.

  2. Jews and Arabs Share Genetic Link to Ancient Canaanites, Study Finds.

    Sven Longshanks does a great overview of that article at RADIO ALBION.

    Check it out:


    The Sins of the Canaanites

    [3] Those who lived long ago in your holy land

    [4] you hated for their detestable practices,their works of sorcery and unholy rites,

    [5] their merciless slaughter of children, and their sacrificial feasting on human flesh and blood. These initiates from the midst of a heathen cult,

    [6] these parents who murder helpless lives, you willed to destroy by the hands of our ancestors,

    [7] so that the land most precious of all to you might receive a worthy colony of the servants of God.

    [8] But even these you spared, since they were but mortals, and sent wasps as forerunners of your army to destroy them little by little,

    [9] though you were not unable to give the ungodly into the hands of the righteous in battle, or to destroy them at one blow by dread wild animals or your stern word.

    [10] But judging them little by little you gave them an opportunity to repent, though you were not unaware that their origin was evil and their wickedness inborn, and that their way of thinking would never change.

    [11] For they were an accursed race from the beginning, and it was not through fear of anyone that you left them unpunished for their sins.

  3. “Race is a social construct” is literally the most retarded thing that has ever been retarded in the history of retardation.

    In my opinion, it requires zero rebuttal(although there are biological and genetic rebuttals)because it is just so massively and numbingly retarded.

    • “Race is a social construct” is an integral part of the Left’s propaganda campaign to demoralize Whites prior to our defeat and elimination. The use of mixed race couples in advertising i.e. black male/White (blonde) female, White male/black female; all the smart, clever people in advertising, movies, TV are always wogs, the stupid and super evil types are White etc. are part of the same strategy. Destruction of memorials, particularly Confederate memorials are designed to erase a glorious past the wogs lack. Attacks on White accomplishments, whether mocking “the King’s English”, classical (European) music or the natural sciences fit the same pattern.

      The Usual Suspects want us dead, six feet under, period. It’s not hard to understand, there is no big brain university degree required to comprehend this, the Usual Suspects are out in the open now because they took command of the high ground in the 1960’s i.e. the cultural institutions. Ultimately they want to use their violent, stupid wog pets to commit another Holodomor against us.

  4. @Brad The Conquistadors asked permission from the Roman Catholic Church to marry the Indian women, and the Church gave them permission. See Bernal Diaz who was there, and writes about it in the Conquest of New Spain. If the Roman Church had refused, you would have had a White Latin America today.

  5. “Is the Center Left really opposed to the Far Left or are they political allies? ”

    This playing out right now. Center ledt is dudes like Bret Weinstein and Noam Chomsky who want free speech. It is also heavily Jewish and these folks are s scarred to death of getting tagged with Jewish Privlege!

    Also Salman Rushdie popped up and signed some classical liberal thingie so they have some sand negroes too it seems.

  6. More Orwellian Newspeak, that’s all it is. Eventually, someone is going to wake up and realize that there’s little difference between the very real “progressives” and the fictional INGSOC…..

  7. Don’t get wrapped up in Lindsay’s BS. He is a moderate progressive, though he calls himself a “Classical liberal.” He thinks racism is real, and that it’s bad, but then whines when the predictable witch hunts against Whites ensue. His mind is locked into a liberal university mindset. He speaks about the Frankfurt school, but will not admit that CT is a plot against Whites and Whites only. He supports the civil rights movement, which means he supported all the riots and raping MLKjr led, it also means he supports forced integration.

    His solution is “individualism.” he either isnt aware that all non-White races are collective and ethno-centric, or he is dishonestly denying it. He is anti nationalist, and against White collectivism. He is a dead end.

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