Welcome To The Turbulent Twenties

If I sound like I am strangely detached from the 2020 election season, it is because I believe that a national crisis is imminent and inevitable. I’m resigned to it.


“Almost three decades ago, one of us, Jack Goldstone, published a simple model to determine a country’s vulnerability to political crisis. The model was based on how population changes shifted state, elite and popular behavior. Goldstone argued that, according to this Demographic-Structural Theory, in the twenty-first century, America was likely to get a populist, America-first leader who would sow a whirlwind of conflict.

Then ten years ago, the other of us, Peter Turchin, applied Goldstone’s model to U.S. history, using current data. What emerged was alarming: The U.S. was heading toward the highest level of vulnerability to political crisis seen in this country in over a hundred years. Even before Trump was elected, Turchin published his prediction that the U.S. was headed for the “Turbulent Twenties,” forecasting a period of growing instability in the United States and western Europe. …

These were the conditions that prevailed in the lead-up to the great upheavals in political history, from the French Revolution in the eighteenth century, to the revolutions of 1848 and the U.S. Civil War in the nineteenth century, the Russian and Chinese revolutions of the twentieth century and the many “color revolutions” that opened the twenty-first century. So, it is eye-opening that the data show very similar conditions now building up in the United States. …”

It doesn’t matter who wins the election.

The loser will consider the winner illegitimate. It will spiral from there. I don’t think our elites are capable of turning back at this point. They are going to plunge the country into chaos. At that point, the only viable “strategy” will be to ride it out and watch how the chips fall.

Look what Colin Kaepernick has done to professional sports:

Everyone across the board has been made miserable.

Kaepernick took an industry which had successfully deracinated Whites and promoted racial integration and which had become a golden ticket for blacks to become multimillionaires and polarized it and ruined it by making it a stage for performative social justice politics. Hollywood is now poised to make the same leap with the entertainment industry. Corporate America is making the same leap too.

Nothing but strife is ahead.

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  1. I want to make a prediction before the future unfolds and hopefully yourself and your readers will remember this: When America moves from De-Stabilization to Crisis and finally to “Normalization” as per the Yuri Bezemenov Model (which is loosely accurate) EXPECT ISRAEL TO COME TO THE RIGHT’S AID.

    Yes you read that right. When Spanish Civil War 2 starts in America, Israel and Zionist Jewry will support the right-wing coalition, maybe with actual soldiers instead of just weapons shipments and military trainers. Remember that in the process of normalization, the agitators must be destroyed before things are normalized.

    When the crisis is over, young Americans will point to the “helpful” and “friendly” Jews who came to their aid against the “evil Left” and will cite that as a reason why America and Israel must be forever friends. Anyone under the age of 50 should be mentally prepared to figure out a way to counter this subversion.

    It could very well be that a Civil War might break out where one camp wants Obama/Biden as President and the other Trump. Trump and the Republicans have made a lot of overtures to Israel and the Jews and it could very well be part of the Zionists plan to allow the Left to agitate themselves into a Civil War which the Jews can use as cover to seize institutions of America for another century while framing White Nationalists as a socialist fifth column. This is coming at a bad time where our (Pro-Whites) institutions are weakened and cannot fully exploit this crisis. If we could get a breakaway state for ourselves outside the control of the Republicans or Democrats that would be ideal but it will be hard.

    • “Israel and Zionist Jewry will support the right-wing coalition”:

      You are undoubtedly correct. Anglo-Zionist hegemony IS “the right wing.” The real enemy of Anglo-Zionist hegemony is the true Left.

      • This isn’t a prediction, Outlander, it is the PLANDEMIC Strategy, par excellence (if Satan can ever do ANYTHING ‘excellently’). Rick Wiles outlines the CENTURIES-old strategy of the ‘seed of Hell’ [ cf. Gospel of St. John, ch. 8] in this podcast.


        Welcome to my world.

         “Evil…is neither the beginning (arche), nor the middle (mesotes), nor the end (telos)….Evil is the absence of the energy inherent in all natural power toward the end and nothing else. In other words, evil is the irrational movement of  natural powers based on a fallacious judgement, toward other things than the end.” (St. Maximos the Confessor, Migne, Vol. 90, Col. 253B.

        “I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ – Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, #3.8

        Or to put it in more modern terms,
        “Identity Christians are not mad. We can show plainly in the Bible, in history and in archaeology countless proofs for our assertions. So if we have gathered the historical information from Greek and Roman classical writings, along with archaeological information which has only become available these last two hundred years, and by that if we can fully understand the words of the prophets and the apostles of God, we arrive at the conclusions which we generally term as Christian Identity: the belief that the nations of Christendom have descended primarily from the ancient children of Israel in fulfillment of the promises to Abraham, the oracles of Yahweh God in the words of the prophets, and the declarations of Jesus Christ and His apostles.

        You would think that White Christians would be overjoyed at hearing this information and at having an opportunity to see and learn the many truths for themselves. But instead, for this we are dismissed with a pejorative, as being “white supremacists”. If the Jews, who are truly not Israel, declare for themselves to be “God’s chosen people” and special above and apart from all other people, they are celebrated. But if we do it, because we are White and Christian, we are hated for being “racists”. How is that not an example of blatant hypocrisy?”

        Help from the Zio-Nazis, is like asking Satan to help you get to Heaven. It’s the LAST thing (((they))) want of us, or that we would achieve – for, if we were to restore White Hegemony, that would prove them to be ‘sons of their father, the Devil.’

        Because they are. Armageddon, Ragnarok, the end of the Third Age of Middle Earth- all of the seers have known this to be the case. The final battle (which may not necessarily be the ELIMINATION of the Plane, but merely the ‘Turning’ to White sovereignty) is between the ‘seed of the woman’ [ Gen. 3:15] and the seed of the Devil. Christendom vs. the False Israel of God

    • Everything the Jews do is to hasten the arrival of the Moshiach. The Moshiach is to come out of Europe not America. America must be destroyed to make way for the Moshiach. You are not reading their play book professor.

      • Snark…. The Messiah IS ALREADY COME, and the Church is HIS BODY on earth.

        “And He has qualified us as ministers of a new covenant..”
        II Cor. 3:6

        For, ‘We have an altar from which those who serve the tabernacle do not have a right to eat.”
        Heb. 13:10

        “Bow down, and serve the Son, lest his anger be kindled but a little”
        Ps. 72:11, Ps. 2:12

        For the entire LAND is ours, and We Whites ARE as regents for the King.
        “The holy portion of the land shall be for the priests the ministers of the sanctuary, which shall come near to minister unto the LORD: and it shall be a place for their houses, and an holy place for the sanctuary.” Ezek. 45:4

        This is why Egalitarianism is a complete and UTTER BLASPHEMY. No man chooses their state- GOD CHOOSES IT FOR US. And woe to those who kill and murder the IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD, as the BLM/ANTIFA/JEWS have ALWAYS DONE.

        The Whites of Christendom are the Image and Likeness of YHWH God, and none other.
        As I replied to a comment some time ago, EVERYTHING devolves on your RELIGION:

        “In post-Christian, post-Western, post-white [multicultural Europe and the West], whoever blasphemes against universal equality, is guilty of an eternal sin.”

        WELL. At least you acknowledge that all this BS, IS a RELIGION. A False religion, but a religion, nevertheless. And anyone- pope, priest, premier, potentate or your local methodist minister, who preaches this garbage, is preaching heresy.
        Now, those who call themselves Christian, better REPENT, and return to a monoracial, monolingual, WHITE heterosexual AUTOCRATIC West, before God (YHWH and His Son, Jesus) judge us for our apostasy. Because that is what this modern age is… Apostate.

        • “In post-Christian, post-Western, post-white [multicultural Europe and the West], whoever blasphemes against universal equality, is guilty of an eternal sin.”

          “…Post-Christian…” or peak christian? We are witnessing peak christian ethics. How do all these egalitarian universalist plagues like liberalism not come from christianity in the first place?

          The infuriating and pathetic thing about christians – especially the “Aryan’s wuz lost tribes of israel/hebrews & sheyeeeit, the Greeks & Romans & all other non-christian Aryans were evil” christian identitards – is they do not know the history of their own (((religion))), much less the dogmas/teachings of their own cult (which cohencidentally first emerged right in the middle of apocalyptic hyper-violent death struggles between the jews and Aryan Romans – the three major Roman-Jewish Wars! Yet somehow, approx 70% of the guys who claim to be organizing a resistance movement to oppose jews insist that Aryan’s must worship the jewish volcano demon (((yahweh & his son yeshu))) while also pathetically trying to claim that they are the ‘true’ jews cuz of a few verses from a book that tells you you will be eternally damned if you so much as question it…don’t use your eyes/brain, you have them only cuz the deaaaaaavyyl is trying to tempt you to use them…or something).

          “Rome versus Judea; Judea versus Rome” history essay below (you need to read it Hunter! Or expose yourself as a false racialist…i wish for simplicity’s sake christianity were somehow compatible with racialism & fighting the chosen…it is not, everyone who has tried that – and many people have – have spectacularly failed…now we’re at the point in my area, N’Awlins where biological Aryan females – young attractive females – are now openly screwing monkeys, in droves…it’s so widespread I can’t trust that any single one of them hasn’t already done so at least once…point being, TAKE A LOOK AROUND, CHRISTIANITY IS KILLING YOUR PEOPLE, history is made by a small minority rather than appealing to the masses…for Gods sake, you are not going to burn in a Lake of Fire eternally for using a Nature/God given gift…anyway I have zero expectation any of this irrefutable logic will get through, i remember how christianity had my own mind paralyzed)


          http://www.chechar.wordpress.com ( The West’s Darkest Hour )

          Said as someone born indoctrinated into theological christianity. Only perhaps the mosquito has killed more Aryans/Europeans than has The Cult From judea/judah.

          All any of you can do is just call me names and censor me (while whining endlessly as to how the judeo-chrisians are censoring you) …what you cannot do is logically debate.

          That’s why christianity slaughtered millions of Aryans to forcibly convert them to the jewish trojan horse mind virus; as Kemp said, christianity is the first religion to literally just slaughter all it’s competitors and hoax a persecution myth…sound familiar? Yeah…

          You people are LOST!!! Your PATHOLOGICAL SELFISHNESS – clinging onto an ancient plague that is the very cause of Aryan suicide which one can overwhelmingly prove comes from the damn jews…it’d be one thing if all the sadomasochistic suicidal “love thy enemy….resist not evil….turn the other cheek….” christian madness at least came from perhaps the Vikings. It’d be madness, but at least it would have come from Aryans.

    • Israhell doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether it’s the Republiscam wing

      or the Demoncrat wing

      of the Zionist Uniparty that wins Murka’s fake-“election”. And in Spain, BTW,

      the military was coterminous with the Nationalist Right. In ‘Murka,

      the SJW-infested Pentagon is 100% on the other side. Drumpf

      has had 4 years to clean Obama’s SJWs out of the Pentagon. And

      did nothing. As usual. What else? Ohyeah:

      “Yuri Bezmenov”‘s real name is (((Thomas Schulman))). We on the hardRight

      have no “institutions” on our side, Only


      • @Ly. Col. Boomer…

        Sir, though I normally agree with you, here I must respectfully disagree.

        Israel expends ENORMOUS energy, every year, and has for decades, cultivating the White Southern and, in general White rural Evangelical and Smalltown American man as an ally.

        I can tell you that, without a doubt, Israel considers the strongest ramparts upon which it’s external security is built upon are it’s willingness to fight militarily, it’s ability to persuade Western politicians, and it’s support amongst the average Rural American Man.

        For whatever it is worth – most Southern evangelical churches fly Israeli flags inside, see Israel’s security as commensurate with our own, and, as well, folks in Dixie listen avidly to the Mark Levin, Michael Savage, and Ben Shapiro radio shows every weekday night.

        When I was a child it was that most Southerners saw themselves as most allied to England, and then, far after, Scotland and Ireland.

        Today, all three have been completely eclipsed by the fervour, devotion, and loyalty to Israel.

        And you can bet that, after a century of hard work to cultivate that, not in a million years would they, Israel, let that go.

        So, yes, you very definitely can expect Israel to invest heavily in the growing right-wing militia movement in this country, and, as well, do whatever it takes to support President Trump.

        This is one thing I do not think that those who dislike Trump get – Trump is seen as Good King Richard the Lionhearted by many, and not just here, but, abroad.

        Many, as well, love him in central/eastern Europe, not just in Israel.

        So, Colonel, I think Outlander is on to something here.

        Thank you for your service!

    • @Outlander I was thinking the same thing as the U.S and Israel alliance has been the foremost topic in the news the past month. The one intangible is that the vast majority of Jewish Americans are hardcore Leftists. As much as we speak about “hidden meetings in dark rooms” the reality is the message will never make it to your average American Jew. Continuing this nonsensical dominance except them being the dissidents, which they already believe. I could see all of what you are saying but the fact is most American Jews will not go along with it, Israel sponsored or not again portraying this myth that most people believe, that they are not a united front but “just like everyone else” fracture along party lines.

      You already are seeing what you speak of. Lifelong Democrats like Dov Hikind and Dershowitz are now vocably supporting Republicans as the Democrats are the real antisemites according to them.

      Something i found funny while researching the other day. If you just go on Google results, searching “Trump Jewish” with whatever third word like donor, support, etc you will find nothing but article after article about how Trump is a vicious anti-semite and thousands of rabbis are speaking out about his “anti semitism”

    • lol – without the US’s constant military, technological and monetary support Israel would quickly disintegrate. So much of the Middle East’s stability (Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc) depends upon the US Dollar.


      They already have. When the Democrats scream “Russia! Russia! Russia!”, it’s code for “Israel! Israel! Israel!”.



      America is dissolving like all multi-racial civilizations did before it. If facist Rome couldn’t save their multi-racial empire from collapse, America won’t either. Nature is taking its course is all.

    • @Outlander…

      “I want to make a prediction before the future unfolds and hopefully yourself and your readers will remember this: When America moves from De-Stabilization to Crisis and finally to “Normalization” as per the Yuri Bezemenov Model (which is loosely accurate) EXPECT ISRAEL TO COME TO THE RIGHT’S AID. ”

      Funny that you assert that, because, in listening to Jews on the radio, and in watching their community, as a whole, I’ve noticed some kind of change going on that I could not put my finger on – only that my sense of it was exactly what you said.

      Just as there were major outside players in the reorganization of this country in the 1700s & 1780s, so, too, will there be in the 2020s.

      It can be no other way, for too much is at stake.

      As to Israel, after thinking about your comment, and my intuition, I’ll say this – Israeli Jews are not like American Jewry – they are far more pragmatic about their survival and, in the end, they would happily support, and receive the support of a White Southern Confederacy, even if that was organized as it had been before WWII.

      The march of time, along with the rise of virulent anti-semitism on The Left, along with being very discomfitted by the rising presence of Islam in The West, and it is have an impact on their mentality.

      Suddenly White Gentiles, to you average Secular classically Liberal Urban Jew, are looking far more like a safety bar than a would-be competitor or threat, as has so often been the view.

  2. Yes all of us who believe in Freedom of Speech, Debate, and Voting hope this isn’t true. However Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and White Liberals going on Race Riots and being Violent Terrorists shows a huge change in the direction of America. It really all began with Unite The Right. Now I think every Big City and Town in America knows what Unite The Right was all about. The difference is Nationalists fought back at Unite The Right. Now in 2020 these Race Riots and Violent Protests are still going on with few / no opposition from right wing Americans. The left showed up for Civil War 2.0 but the right wing are still talking about wanting a tax cut or less regulations. We have no hope with Conservatives and Republicans. The only hope we have is with all Nationalists working together. The Blue Dog Democrats could take back the Democratic Party in a second and make it moderate and Patriotic again. However the Democrats are so left wing and race based now even a Blue Dog would be called a racist and right wing extremist now. I agree the Black Racists and Social Justice warriors are destroying Sports. I love Sports myself and it’s very sad seeing how low Sports has become. That’s especially true for professional sports but now even college sports as Alabama and Ole Miss both had Black Lives Matter marches. It’s pathetic. We can hope that America will be restored on Common Sense, Free Speech, Faith, Values, Civil Debate, and Voting. However this election and next year will show if that will ever happen again. We should prep and work together as White Nationalists for our survival. Deo Vindice !

      • Exactly. Voting is a safety valve to give the normies an outlet for their political frustrations. After the election the Government and its beneficial owners say: “Your guys lost this time so try again next election, we’re all in this shit together though.” When the “conservatives” win and then betray their voters the Government can say: “Your side won this time but it’s their fault they betrayed you and nothing changed. Better luck next time. Thanks for playing though, suckers.”

        The Government is afraid of people disengaging from the political process, dropping out by not registering to vote or just not voting. That’s why there is a massive propaganda campaign starting in school with “student government” elections and endless instruction in the wonders of democracy. Bullshit like “the majority rules” and “it doesn’t matter whom you vote for as long as you vote” are repeated endlessly and swallowed whole like like swallowing 10 grains of strychnine. The establishment constantly bitches and moans because turnout is less than %100, especially amongst their beloved minority pets.

        If it doesn’t matter whom you vote for (or against) how important can voting be? Voting is an act giving legitimacy to the anti-White system working to destroy us. That is why voting is so important to the Government, it gives the anti-White system a sign of approval from the very people the Government is working assiduously to replace with foreigners. That is why the Usual Suspects constantly trot out their old, broken down theories why voting should be mandatory, the Left doesn’t want people disengaging and dropping out like what happened in the old USSR where voting was mandatory, BTW.

        From dickhead central:


        Some of their pearls of wisdom:

        ” . . . We argue that the United States should require citizens to participate in elections as Australia and two dozen other nations do . . . to build on the achievements of the civil rights, voting rights and democracy movements . . . Our turnout levels, at 60 percent on the high end in presidential elections and 40 percent in the typical case in midterm elections . . . suggests that many voters are withholding their consent from our government . . . when our nation is in the midst of a new struggle to end entrenched racial injustice, we see universal voting as a way to amplify long-suppressed voices. The John Lewis, whose loss we mourn and whose life we celebrate, risked his life again and again on behalf of voting rights . . . “ The same sainted John Lewis who had ‘stupid’ written on his face in six inch tall letters.

        There it is, from the pricks at The Brookings Institution, the pernicious Left Wing Establishment’s scholarly face. They know better than you what’s good for you and they are going to give it to you, good and hard. BTW, these same pricks believe in “national service”, close cousin to mandatory voting which would require young White people to serve the Government that hates them. Young, White girls would go to the “inner city” to work with Jovantus and Shaneeqa where they would get up close and personal with diversity. Naturally, the wealthy and Usual Suspects would be exempt.


  3. Here is the problem, When country descends into chaos small well organized and determinate group can take everything. Like Jews and communists.

    Many people forget how powerful Russian Empire was . Nobody believed that tiny group of snowflakes could take it down.

    Stalin purged genetic white liberals. From there, we know the stereotype ice cold eyes rational calculating KGB apparatchik .

    But in the 1917 Stalin was comrade Nobody. The actual revolution, which destroyed the Russian Empire, established Soviet power and killed no less than 15 million people, most of them patriotic WW I experienced bible believing gun owners, was done by very similar to people who appear on the Andy Ngo twitter.

    At the moment, every last pro white person must have unconditional support to Trump. This is the only resistance against US going full Soviet.

    Every last time I see those constitution bible gun guys I feel horror. Paper believing thing owning nothing understanding infighting hillbillies were the very reason Russian Empire went down.

    Yes I know, you want punish your corrupt decadent sellout republicans. We wanted this too. 100 years ago. And tour rotten corrupt republicans were punished. With approx 50 million victims of liberalism.

    • “The actual revolution, which destroyed the Russian Empire, established Soviet power and killed no less than 15 million people, most of them patriotic WW I experienced bible believing gun owners”:

      That figure is a gross exaggeration, Western “intelligence” propaganda repeated endlessly by the Western “news” media and educational system. The “Holdomor” is a conspiracy theory, not accurate history. “The Holodomor hoax of 1932-33 was invented by the West in close cooperation with Nazi Germany and pro-Nazi Ukrainian nationalists”: https://sputniknews.com/politics/201510191028730561-holodomor-hoax-invented-hitler-west/ What about the 30 to 35 million Russians and other Slavs slaughtered by Western powers in the twentieth century? The real holocide-ers of Russia: “American Catholic deep-sleepers, German Nazi filth and neo-Habsburgian haemophiliacs, French Cagoulard merde, Spanish Falangist cutthroats, Belgian Rexist scum, Hungarian Arrow Cross detritus, Slovak Jesuitical would-be-Aryan yokels, Ukrainian Uniate SS incestoids, Croat monstrosities in human form, Jew-hating Cerberuses of the Baltics, Latin American not-quite-Mussolinis, Japanese in-vivo experts — not to forget assorted British empire-mourning degenerates”: https://thesaker.is/the-last-taboo/

        • You are, obviously, a different cpmmenter. I took nothing back, nor am I one drop “semitic.”

          There are at least three “anonymous” commenters on this blog, I’ve noticed. But content, true or false, can stand on its own.

      • Do you see, what happens when pro white people keep believing in isms. Genetic white liberals take over and turn nationalism into absurd.

        Mr Saker with his fan club is good example how genetic white liberals re-brand communism and old Soviet propaganda hatred and lies into “Russian nationalism”

        In the Ukraine side, there is similar process. Genetic white liberals hijacked Ukrainian nationalism and turned it into blind Russia hatred and other madness’s. So now Urkonazis bashing Russonazis and other way around.

        Genetic white mad liberals are the problem, not isms.

        • It was also BHO’s very own Victoria Nuland who helped to provide loan guarantees to the Ukraine to control their government and instigated the Maidan rebellion as an act of anti-Russian foreign policy. The Usual Suspects, again.

    • @Juri…

      “Here is the problem, When country descends into chaos small well organized and determinate group can take everything.”

      Yes, Dear Juri, but one thing you must bear in mind about America – we are still incredibly uncentralized, by modern standards, particularly in the area of firearms.

      We are a huge country, with many militias, and with the ability to form 1,000 times more militias, within days, than already presently exist.

      There is no other country in the world like this, and this reality, above all things, is what motivates gun control – they, the New World order, want to take the last ability of Rural and Smalltown White Gentiles to veto what is going on at the highest levels of this country, and, indeed, in the entire world.

      That veto will not be given up, and you, if you have been watching the last several months carefully, you will have seen numerous times where in just small preliminary ways, Smalltown and Rural White Gentiles have put an end to U.S. Government, and, as well, State & Local government, inspired anarchist and communist proceedings to route.

      Of course, this is just beginning, for, as the decade plays out, there is one scenario you will see constantly play out – The Elite try to do something to assert their power beyond what it is, only to run into a wall of armed and determined. Smalltown and Rural White Gentiles.

      If Lenin had tried his revolution here, either in 2020 or 1917, he would have been given a very different result.

      Does that mean the situation here is likely to get sorted out anytime soon?

      No, but, those who are in power in going to be in for a very very frustrating time, over the next decade or two.

  4. Re: “and the many ‘color revolutions’ that opened the twenty-first century”:

    Such so-called “revolutions” are in reality U.S. imperialist COUPS. The methods of “color revolutions” perpetrated against foreign nations are being applied by the United States to itself now. But this is really nothing new. Democracy has never been allowed to flourish in the U.S.; it has always been controlled or shut down. But now, as 24/7 universal electronic surveillance of each inhabitant of the U.S. finally becomes possible and all real journalistic dissent is shut down, this will be the color “revolution” to end all revolutions.

  5. This has been known for some time by prepper groups and certain websites like WRSA. (By the way your link needs updating HW), https://westernrifleshooters.us/

    It’s just about too late to prepare now, but tis better late, than never.
    Those that have prepared will fare batter than those that didn’t. We don’t mind that you laughed at our bunkers and arsenals. Being right will be its own reward in this instance.

    At this stage in the game, firearms and ammo are just about unobtainium.
    Whatever you need to sell to get some, better get on it.
    Food, water, medicine & communication equipment are vital as well.
    With Martial Law will come shortages of EVERYTHING. Get what you need now. Liquidate excess material baggage.
    Read your Bible.

    Excellent primer:


  6. What is to be expected. This is an intentional agenda to destroy any type of well being or space to escape to. It is one one hand beneficial that people are at least forced into submission more openly now, but will it make a difference? Our population is either coddled into boot licking just to preserve the last scraps of normalcy white the other percentage just hates themselves and us. Not just the Antifa types either. Go to any Instagram girl who spends her day taking pictures or herself and her ass, you will nearly 100% of the time find “Black Lives Matter” posts or for some reason I have found the mostly illiterate girls are positing “James Baldwin” free my people pics wedged between “here is me in the bathroom” and “here is me in an outfit that would be labeled indecent in any normal functioning society

    I have no idea how this is going to work out but I have N O Doubt that those in power are waiting for a “white supremacist”, ie someone who doesnt want to see themselves and their family purged from the country, to do something stupid as they are waiting for a Kyle Rittenhouse 2.0 that has a history of edgy racist posts in their past. Obviously O.D. readers are too smart and highly moraled enough to get involved in violence, but this site doesn’t represent the majority unfortunately.

    I found this Breitbart article particularly depressing as the local school near me tore down their “Wall of Heroes” memorial becAuse it was too white. A wall which had three of my family members on it for their tireless work with the school


    • Whiteness has been criminalized. An Air Force NCO recently got discharged for being a member of Identity Europa. Not being ashamed of one’s European heritage is now enough for a military discharge. But female Naval officers that can’t steer a ship are prized, as are all the hispanic and black gang bangers in the service. Just sit back, have some popcorn, and watch the sh!tshow.

    • Hopefully Rittenhouse was enough. He was innocent enough that very little could be pinned on him. He only became possible in a post Covid19 post Groyd moment with rioting and vandalism all around. Hope it doesnt get spoiled by a hothead.

  7. It makes all the difference who wins the election. Richard Spencer criticized Trump for not bringing our troops home from Afghanistan, basically calling him a phony. Yet, he endorses Biden, who will bring us into more Obama-era-like wars. The “dissident right” is eating itself alive, become more clownish with each passing day. In 2016 the Alt Right had enormous potential, now it’s a nameless movement removed from the world hoping for everything to collapse.

    This election is really about China. Yes, China. Do we want to elect the guy who had corrupt dealings with China, who sided with every bad trade deal and negotiation we had in the past 40 years? Or do we want to elect the guy who declared a trade war on China, slapped tariffs on China, subsidized our farmers to protect from retaliation, the person who threatened and coerced businesses to hire American. China is the only real foreign nation state threat to the United States and I for one do not want someone elected who will do their bidding.

    Who cares if the Marxists don’t recognize a Trump victory. Why would I care what they think?

    The last thing nationalists / populists need to do is sit by not caring about the election, casting predictions of hopeless civil war, and basically declaring everything a wash so why even bother.

    Accelerationists will never get their societal collapse, the chaos we are seeing in the streets is “controlled chaos”, it is being allowed to happen. Any real resistance to the corporate elite would be squashed with the full weight of the police state and military industrial complex. There will be no civil war, only “controlled chaos”, and sustainable increasing crime which will never come to the doorsteps of those who hold real power.

    We don’t need to accelerate, we need to hold the line until we can figure out how to deal with the Marxists.

    • I’m not an accelerationist.

      BTW, I think both outcomes are accelerationist. The loser will lose their minds and treat the winner as illegitimate. Regardless of who wins, disaster is inevitable

      • The county’s supervisor in St Louis County just got protested at his house by the right wing. Of course it was over the resumption of contact sports for teenagers.

      • Much ado about nothing. The election is mere theater, as well as the street protests that could be stopped instantly. The U.S. is a ONE-party state with two right wings that take turns winning or losing. The Elites just gave themselves six TRILLION dollars of “pandemic bailout” which means common people were just robbed of another six trillion, plus interest. The Elites always win and commons always lose regardless of which right wing (party) “wins” one of these “elections.” Plutocracies that are “mixed” with a little (fake) democracy, as Aristotle noted, are the most durable political systems.

        The U.S. “republic” is at least as well organized and just as much a fake democracy and real plutocracy as the Venetian “republic” that ruled three continents and lasted more than a thousand years. I predict that the U.S. empire will not collapse but grow even stronger, especially with the electronic means to surveil everyone everywhere 24/7, and to bomb anyone anywhere.

      • Maybe we should be afraid of chaos, but Jeff Bezos and every other corporate and political elite are not batting an eye. They are evil but they are not stupid. They are not going to let their “controlled chaos” interfere with their business and political affairs.

        Like I said, any real threat to the corporate and political elite would be squashed with the full weight of the police state and military industrial complex. Antifa is on their side. Corporate executives and political heavyweights are not afraid in the slightest of right wing militias.

        The system is evil. The system is corrupt. The system is durable and built to last. There will be no civil war. There will be no insurgency. Only “controlled chaos”.

  8. Counterpoint is popping up in various places, by people also looking straight at this ripping up of the social fabric

    People are surprised at how quickly the mood is shifting with signs of a positive direction

    The left-woke momentum may burn itself out rather faster than we expect

    Normies are being pushed surprisingly quickly to awaken from their slumber and pick a side … ‘get along to go along’ is not viable anymore

    Hunter likes to comment on Rod Dreher, who says that soon “I fear that there will be no liberals or conservatives. There will only be radicals and reactionaries. This is what the left is bringing down on us all.” He is feeling how Germany 1920s, was followed by Germany 1930s.

    A group of Ivy League university types was reported as fearing a collapse-implosion of wokeness in due course, the wokesters sidelining into a shrill and shrinking slice of minorities and LGBTers and some Jewish people, with even the majority of those groups wishing to back out of the woke game, and Jewish leaders losing control of minorities they groomed

  9. Clicked on the gallup link to check the details of the survey and the first thing I see is a black farmer. The (((American))) media’s prime directive is to portray an inversion of reality.

  10. Folks who have their money bet on a future with no hope, have nothing to offer anyone, least of all normal White people.

    If you are right, and chaos and total social breakdown occur, nobody is gonna be here to read about how you were right about the end of history.

    Whats your angle then?

  11. I still support Trump, although you have to remember that for all his alliances with the tribe, they really detest him. He’s a loose cannon, and that cannot be allowed, even though he has a daughter who married with them. When people talk of Trump being pro-Jewish, look at all his enemies, from Schumer to that weasel VIndman at the Russiagate mess…all Jews. They really came out of the woodwork, much like the reds did when Obummer got elected.
    Even the Antifa recently killed were Jews. It’s just so out in the open, now.

    it’s lousy and disruptive, but at least we know where we stand; now if more Americans could break out of the America egg and see life as it is.
    As Garrison Keillor said, ‘I pride myself on looking reality in the face and ignoring it.’ Our national ethos?

    What is happening now is a re-alignment of politics. Both political parties are obsolete and unable to offer any kind of mature solution to our problems. The democrats are now a red party, and the GOP is a sitting duck. What Trump did was in effect a corporate takeover of a dying firm, and he’s reinvigorating it with working class Americans…really, white Americans. He’s all we’ve got, and that’s a comment on how far things have gone. He wasn’t allowed to do much by the government blocking him. When Schumer said ‘we have six ways to sundown of dealing with you’, that was a direct threat.

    But then, like Harold Covington said, the purpose of a democracy and elections is to prevent change.

    I’m really surprised the system just hasn’t said the hell with it and have someone shoot Trump…yet another loner who keeps a diary…but maybe that doesn’t work anymore, and the system isn’t at the top of their game as they were in the 60’s.

    Israel is not a favorite state of mine, but it is a reality that must be dealt with. Trump understands that, and refusing to respect Israel isn’t possible in the modern way of governance. I’m not supporting it, just telling you what reality is.

    I once spoke to a Pakistani. He didn’t like Israel at all, but said that the Jews proved themselves over and over again in battle, and they fought for a right to exist, and are a force of stability…but he said they have to give up Palestine, and there will never be peace until that is done.

    I’m reading David Irving’s Churchill’s War, and it’s instructive in how much Churchill was beholden to the Jews, and how warlike he became once he started taking their money, and also how they were adamant on setting up an Israeli state in Palestine, despite the overwhelming objections of the British establishment.

    Irving’s conclusions are Churchill was a great war leader, with a lot of mistakes and blunders, and he did win the war…at the cost of losing the British empire, and in effect handing Britain and Europe to America.

    I feel the Jews and their backers will also sacrifice America to serve their ends.

  12. All this is frankly unbelievable. Zuckerberg says the election may take weeks to determine, and there’ll probably be civil unrest. When did America become a full blown third world nation? Can you imagine this happening in Norway or Denmark? Who in the hell thought importing millions of third world Pakistanis, Indians, Philippinos, Samoans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Somalis, Nigerians etc. was a good idea? A whole bunch of our elite class are gonna swing from lampposts for this clusref***k.

  13. Hey Hunter – how about referencing a certain event 19 years ago today Sept 11th 2001. It’ is probably THE most important event, day in the life of anyone living under the age of 55. The Kennedy Assassination in 1963 was the other big event and our enemy/enemies/traitors understand this and work super hard to own the narrative of these 2 events.

    Arch Lib propagandist CBS Walter Cronkite pronounced the Kennedy Assassination as the fault/gilt of Right Wing White Conservative “Haters” in the White Conservative city of Dallas TX:

    “Hate Killed President Kennedy”

    The reality was that a Leftist, pro Communist Cuba guy Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F Kennedy. -all kinds of weird conspiracy theories still try to deny this fact and the reality that John F Kennedy and the whole Kennedy family was anti Communist in 1963.

    Then there was/is Sept 11th 2001… who did this slaughter… seems obvious to me. Who’s responsible for the slaughter of 3,000 plus and wounding of 6,000 on Sept 11th 2001? Seems obvious to me – nasty ugly Arab and Pakistani Islamist extremists and all those Js, Cuckservatives, asleep at the wheel folks who let and continue to let these 3rd world migrants, in to our country on things like student visas.

  14. But then it would also be necessary to mention the dozens of popular, democratically-elected foreign leaders that have been assassinated by the U.S,-Israeli empire (including the U.K. and other satellites), and hundreds more assassination attempts; and the decades of constant, daily bombings, economic blockades, sponsored terrorism and military invasions of dozens of foreign countries that never did anything to us, that have created hundreds of millions of refugees and tens of millions of corpses (including elderly, women and children) – all on the EXCUSE of “9/11.”

  15. Sitting around waiting for civil war to occur is an excuse to do nothing…it’s entertainment. It’s roleplaying.

    There will be no civil war.

    • I’m not sure what voting for Donald Trump is supposed to accomplish.

      In exchange for voting for Trump and the GOP, they agree to marginalize and stigmatize you and drive you underground in your own country while mainstreaming transgenderism and pandering to non-Whites. You have “no place” in the Republican Party. What is the point of voting for a party that isn’t going to represent you? What do you get out of empowering their agenda?

      • At first I thought that Trump was getting excessive with trying to appeal to Black voters, but I’m reading polls that he has almost 20% of the Black vote now, compare that to the 8% he got in 2016.

        I know some on the right like to make fun of Trump for talking about “muh Black unemployment” but I think his rhetoric worked since he is going to more than double the Black vote for himself in 2020.

        I’m voting for Trump because he’s not a Marxist. Because he’s not a globalist. Because he’s building the wall. Because he took on and is taking on China. Trump represents working class Americans, which is me. I’m voting a straight republican ticket just so Trump can have the votes he needs in congress to not get impeached and not get too obstructed. I don’t care about the GOP.

        Mr. Hunter Wallace, do you literally expect Donald Trump to go before television and address White people directly as “my fellow White people, I want to look after the interests of White people”. I’m not really sure what you are looking for. He took on China and bullied businesses to hire America, that’s White working class jobs. He did not take us to war, that’s White soldiers not fighting wars on behalf of Israel. He is slowly, very slowly building the federal workforce to reflect his populist views. Donald Trump has done more for White people than any president in my lifetime. Trump killed Reaganism, for someone who owns a website supporting populism that should be more than enough for you to vote for him. Sure, yes, he could do more, that’s not a good enough excuse to dismiss him.

        Consider the alternative…I don’t think I even need to explain to you what America will be like if Biden wins the presidency, because Biden will clearly not be in charge.

        • Who cares?

          Suppose Donald Trump doubles his share of the black vote in 2020. As long as the GOP is marginalizing and stigmatizing everyone who is pro-White and driving us underground in our own country and making the point to NOT represent our interests, what does it matter to us? In exchange for voting for Donald Trump and the GOP, they offer to marginalize and stigmatize us. What do we get out of it?

          • I think you are referring to the de-platforming. All due respect that’s a legislative issue. The president of the United States cannot write an executive order to regulate the tech companies.

            President Trump pulled federal funding away from “fighting White Supremacy” resolution he was forced to sign under enormous pressure. Trump has literally demoted people in intelligence and federal agencies who made fighting Pro-White voices their main goal. Trump banned critical race theory from the federal government.

            You are inadvertently blaming Trump for what his enemies are actually doing.

            Was it Trump who told police not to protect people in Charlottesville? No. It was the democratic mayor of Charlottesville who directed the police. Trump even tried to defend the Charlottesville rally as “very fine people” and he was labelled a Nazi for doing so.

            What do we get out of it? Not submitting our country and economy to China for starters. Getting rid of Obama anti-White appointees in the federal government. Conservative justices. No wars. Better economy. No federalized section 8 like how Biden wants. There are many reasons.

          • Do you actually believe this?

            1.) What has changed in our relationship with China since Trump has been president?


            “The US trade deficit in goods with China in 2016 was $347bn. For 2019, it was only marginally lower at $345bn.”

            2.) Getting rid of the Obama anti-White appointees in the federal government? Far more White Nationalists have been prosecuted by the DOJ and FBI under Trump than under Obama. Trump has allowed law and order to collapse in half the country.

            3.) Conservative justices? Like Neil Gorsuch who read transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act of 1964 this summer?

            4.) No wars? Trump nearly plunged us into a war with Iran earlier this year and would have gotten one if Iran hadn’t decided it was better to let him lose the election to Biden who wants to restore the Iran deal.

            5.) Better economy? What is the unemployment rate today?

            6.) No federalized Section 8? Trump continued Obama’s housing policy throughout virtually his entire term as president.

          • I’m not buying it.

            You’re voting for Trump and the GOP. In exchange, they are marginalizing and stigmatizing everyone who is pro-White in the country and driving them underground. In contrast, Trump has mainstreamed homosexuality and transgenderism on the Right and has Ric Grenell pressuring foreign countries to legalize both

        • @Gryphon…

          “What do we get out of it? Not submitting our country and economy to China for starters. Getting rid of Obama anti-White appointees in the federal government. Conservative justices. No wars. Better economy. No federalized section 8 like how Biden wants. There are many reasons.’

          I agree with this, and, as well, I would mention that the Trump presidency provides a very antithetical tone to those who are profoundly anti-White.

          A lot of future Far Right heroes are cutting their teeth on wearing MAGA hats, and don’t think for a minute the enemies of European Civilization do not know this.

          Too, a Trump Presidency provides cover and support to The Visegrad Alliance.

          Too, Trump has been trying to get out of Afghanistan, but, he has been sabotaged, over and over again. People sometimes fail to realize that President Trump presides over a largely runaway renegade government that is antithetical to him.

          President Trump has been the most pro-life president in memory.

          To be clear, I do not think that President Trump, or anyone, is going to salvage this current situation, so, in that sense I agree with Mr. Griffin – everything is ‘accelerationist’.

          I also think that president Trump is going to set his justice department on Big Tech in his second term, the anti-trust laws that long ago ought to have been applied coming into the picture.

          Also, President Trump’s presence has forced Globalists to more and more realign in The Democrat Party, which does offer some clarification to the scene.

          This year is also seen a rise of militias unseen since 1860.

          So, yes, though I have a lot of disappointment with president Trump, particularly over immigration and the matters of regime change, I do see that he offers things of value for the future.

  16. I think this idea that Trump is personally marginalizing and stigmatizing pro-White people is in your head. Could you explain to me how he has personally done so? I don’t think you can. He doesn’t control the justice department, Trump is not a justice department prosecutor. Trump doesn’t control every bureaucrat.

    Your logic doesn’t apply to the real world. I don’t blame the main manager at work just because my immediate supervisor is an asshole…Try to think of the federal government like your own workplace, but with too many managers involved making too many decisions and too much input. Would you blame the manager for that or the corporate structure? You would blame the corporate structure. The manager might even take you to the side and say “yeah, it’s bullshit but we have to deal with it”.

    Nobody has done more to take on China than Trump. He killed Trans pacific partnership, he slapped tariffs, he started a trade war. It may take a decade to see the fruits of these efforts in terms of trade deficit but the results have been more Americans hired.

    I don’t care about that Iranian general. If Trump wanted a war with Iran, he would have already started one.

    Federalized section 8 as in building low income housing apartments into every zoning district regardless of zoning district. That is what Biden wants to do.

    The unemployment is going down. Considering that we shut down the United States for a few months, I’m surprise it’s as low as it is right now.

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