Donald Trump’s Populist Miss In Minnesota

What happened in Minnesota?

Minnesota was a purple state like New Hampshire and Maine in 2016. Donald Trump narrowly lost it to Hillary Clinton by 1.5%. It was supposed to be in play in 2020. In 2020, Joe Biden is cruising to a 7 point victory in Minnesota even after months of the devastating riots.


Hillary Clinton – 1,367,825 – 46.4%

Donald Trump – 1,323,232 – 44.9%

Gary Johnson – 112,984 – 3.8%

Evan McMullin – 53,083 – 1.8%


Joe Biden – 1,714,019 – 52.5%

Donald Trump – 1,481,847 – 45.4%

Jo Jorgensen – 34,879 – 1.1%

Current hot take: Joe Biden rebuilt the Blue Wall in 2020 by performing better with White moderates and Independents than Hillary. The White vote decided the election.

In Maine, New Hampshire, Iowa and Minnesota, turnout in 2020 was higher than in 2016. In all four states, Blumpf won more votes than he did in 2016, but performed more poorly with moderates and Independents. He won conservatives and Republicans. It was enough to win Iowa.


  1. The Vote in my opinion was Nigged to a degree. But obviously white working class switched back to default support for one of their “own”.

  2. The press ought to break down college degrees at least to STEM and Humanities. A lot of the college educated are women now many are arts or languages specialists. Also high school only, do these guys have advanced licences in technical field with math components?

  3. Minnesota has a Scandinavian refugee tradition of struggle against feudal serfdom, which persisted in some Scandinavian countries even longer than in Russia. The memory (or effect) of the starvation, and the long struggle for freedom persists. Notice the “blue” on the map that just won’t disappear in “Red Finn” country.

  4. 6% of repospondents said that racism was “no problem” at all. And the pollster carefully omitted their prefence for President. Lmao.

      • Its not crazy to believe that almost all elections are rigged in some way or another. 3rd world and communist European countries are more openly corrupt with election tampering and rigging.

        In NA its less blatant but nonetheless still going on the alphabet agencies are usually the ones behind it too

      • The White vote decided the election.

        The Northern White vote decided the election. Like every election since 1860. We’re at the mercy of Yankee fickleness. No matter who wins, it’s curtains for the Southern People.

        • I disagree, there’s a good case that the black population picked Biden in the primary and delivered the win in Atlanta and Philadephia.

  5. Forget about blumpfs backing in joggerville Minnesota.

    Blumpf is gonna get saved by baked alaska he’s gonna go to the polls in Arizona with the TTS on and the donations blaring the nword nonstop, optics checked, libtards triggered election saved!

  6. “In 2020, Joe Biden is cruising to a 7 point victory in Minnesota even after months of the devastating riots.”

    Does anyone remember that statistics website that all of a sudden became popular at the start of the Coronavirus phenomenon? or something like that?

    It provided blog-ready charts and graphs and tables that bloggers could copy and paste into blog posts to publicize the Coronavirus phenomenon.

    No one had ever heard of this website before, but all of a sudden it was Stat Central for the Coronavirus Phenomenon publicity campaign. It’s not like anyone can audit the statistics, and it’s easy to confuse various measurements even when they are accurate and easier when they are not.

    If you don’t accept that elections are fair and that the mass media that reports on elections are honest, you are a “conspiracy theorist.”

    That’s similar to a “Climate Denier” which is like a “Holocaust Denier.”

    Look, man, the Science Is Settled.

    Sure I believe that nearly a year of lock-downs and rioting, whites either stayed home and didn’t vote for Trump or they turned out in record numbers to vote for Biden.

    It’s because all those Yankees up north are a bunch of lib-tards. Also, they are the real racists.

  7. Forget not that Scandinavia was the principle donor to the African Nation Congress. They have come a long way from their Viking pass and not in a good way.

    • The Vikings diffused their blood throughout Europe and beyond, while the pussies stayed home. Then the pussies came to America and settled in Minnesota. Skraelings can even burn down their towns, but they just bend over and ask for more.

  8. Interesting analysis. 99% of women voted for Trump or Biden, vs. 97% of men. More men voted third party or wrote in a candidate. Also, the 8% (!) delta between men and women voters vs. approximately 2% delta in the population seems striking. It certainly suggests a large number of men stayed home. It will be interesting to compare these numbers to 2016 in greater detail.

    I am a sample of one, but I wrote in a candidate for president, and I am certain my wife voted for Trump. We both voted for Trump in 2016. Before anyone here gets angry at me, I don’t live in a swing state. Trump won my state comfortably.

  9. The elephant in the room: That the coronavirus pandemic which is still just getting started (daily death tolls running over 9,000, per day, the highest ever) is the primary cause of Trump’s defeat.

    “The world is fast approaching 50 million cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. With each passing month, the rate of daily cases has been climbing. There were 569,546 cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, a single-day high. The seven-day moving average has risen from 400,000 cases per day to over 500,000 per day in less than two weeks. In other words, the rate of new cases will see 15 million added to the overall total each month. Yesterday saw more than 600,000 infections in just one day. Health authorities have repeatedly been warning that the virus is highly contagious and deadly. If it is allowed to spread uncontained, hospitals will reach overcapacity, and intensive care facilities will quickly be overwhelmed. There is a direct correlation between the state of national health care systems and deaths from COVID-19. As cases across Europe have exploded, nation after nation has been forced to reimpose some form of lockdown or restrictions in hopes of containing the transmission while sustaining commerce through half-measures such as curfews, restricted hours and the closing of bars and restaurants. The continent posted a single-day high of over 310,000 cases Wednesday. Greece has joined the UK, France and Germany in imposing a three-week nationwide lockdown. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis admitted that without these restrictions, he feared the health system would rapidly collapse. Greece has seen an exponential rise in cases, now approaching 3,000 per day, a nearly tenfold increase from the same time a month ago. The country has the lowest intensive case unit (ICU) beds per capita in Europe. Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte has issued a nationwide overnight curfew and imposed tighter restrictions in regions where infections are surging and available hospital beds are running short. With a single-day high of 34,505 cases Wednesday, Italy had 428 deaths. The highest death count, on March 27, was 921….” Ibid.

    Recent studies indicate that most of the Spanish Flu pandemic deaths were probably caused by opportunistic bacterial pneumonias that are prevented or cured by antibiotics now, which suggests that
    Covid-19 is probably MORE deadly than the Spanish Flu, and at over one million deaths so far, and a long way to go (absent an effective safe vaccine) this pandemic could kill more people than the 1918-1920 one did.

    Meanwhile the stock market is booming. “They” know the incoming Harris administration will serve Them well, at least equally well as the Trump one did. More “bail-outs” are coming to further enrich the elites, and much more herd “immunity” (mass death) to further impoverish the commons.

  10. There’s voter fraud aplenty in ‘Sota. Franken’s first Senate election was incredibly close. Election workers helpfully found thousands of votes in their car trunks and briefcases, and the leftist judges looking over the results okayed all of them. Challenges from the right were uniformly rejected. The Recucks whined about how unfair it was, but otherwise did nothing. In 2018, the third congressional district had the quickest vote count I’ve ever seen. All other congresscritter races here took hours more. Mysteriously, a Dim won that previously Recuck district running away. The Recucks, naturally, didn’t challenge the results. Elites pull the strings behind the scenes to get the results they want; the left is merely copying their behavior. Leftists just swindle in a more obvious way.

    Bottom line: The left cheats, the right capitulates.

  11. The REAL elephant in the room (which no one has mentioned) is the FALSE RELIGION OF LIBERAL LUTHERANISM. If you don’t live in Minnesota-SNOW-da, you have NO CONCEPTION how important the [ELCA] “Evangelical Lutheran [sic] Church in America,” is to the political/social/societal scene in the land of 10,000 Scandinavian Loon-a-ticks. NONE WHATSOEVER.

    The ELCA is the largest, and most LIBERAL body of [sic] ‘Confessional Lutheranism’ in the former USA.
    They have long been in the forefront of all things heretical- female pastor-ettes, gays in the congregations, in positions of authority, female leadership from Parish Council (and Pastors) to Seminary Profs, social aid [ Lutheran Social-IST Service] –; and BLOC VOTING BY CONFORMITY, due to the JANTE Law paradigms- the unspoken but totally overarching mental mindset of the Scandic countries- “Askel Sandemose [wrote about Jante] in his 1933 book A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks (En Flyktning Krysser Sitt Spor). In it, Sandemoose tells the story of a fictional small Danish town, Jante, where all individuals are expected to subsume their identity to the group. Though he first articulated the concept, Sandemoose argues that this is something that can historically be found throughout the villages and cities of Scandinavia.”-

    As was noted in this article, “You would imagine, then, that the teachings of Martin Luther would hold little currency in Danish (or Swedish, Norwegian, and, to a lesser extent, Finnish) society today, yet many of the core principles of Lutheranism—parsimony, modesty, disapproval of individualism or elitism—still define the manner in which the Danes behave toward one another and view the rest of the world, thanks in part to the enduring influence of an improbable literary figure.”-

    Jante is, if you will, the Scandic ‘TRIBE’ strategy of de-racinated Whites, in a feeble attempt to be, Not God’s Israel, but Satan’s Jewry…

    The godless, graceless, APOSTATE NATURE of ‘live and let live’ ethos, which informed the Lutheran heresy from the days of Dr. Martin, was ALWAYS STATIST in its’ outworking- meaning that any Lutheran-dominated land would invariably conform to the most authoritarian regime possible; especially one that gave the lie to Egalitarian [Lutheran] ‘priesthood of all believers’ BS. This is both why ‘cujus regio, ejus religio’ worked to destroy Germany in the 1600’s, and also made for increasingly IRRELEVANT STATE CHURCHES in all countries where Luther’s errors took place! – Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Northern Germany. –,_eius_religio

    The Reformation held Pauline ‘Just-as-if-I-had-never-sinner theology, but severed the head from the Corpus Christi! Luther’s aberrant Ecclesiology, and a Sacramentology divorced from the Real Presence, led to every other Reformational DEFORMATION of the ‘faith once given unto the saints’- up to, and including the LDS, JW’s, and SDA’s!

    HW knows little of it, for a couple of reasons. His ‘Lutheranism’ (as such) is the LCMS variety- GERMANIC, rather than SCANDIC. Secondly, the Missouri Synod has always been ‘apart’ precisely BECAUSE they are Germans, and not Swedes, know-nothing Norskis, Marble-mouthed Danes, or damn dumb Finns!

    This is why the vast majority of people, even those who no longer go to any sort of Church, could cause this accursed (by God) state, to vote for MORE racism (albeit N-word racial supremacism- of the ‘shakedown kind’) from the denizens of St. George of Floyd, a Godless N-word Attorney General named Ellison, Keith, SOB. And, above all, and before all, the HOE of MOE-gadishu, the ugly BITCH, Ilhan Omar, who should have been removed from this plane of existence, ‘by any means necessary,’ VERY EARLY into her illegitimate ‘career.’

    All of it has now been granted ‘IMPRIMATUR’ status by these idiotic, apostate, Lutefisk Liberal Lutherans. Anathema sit to the whole lot of ’em.

    I thank Almighty God I left when I did. It’s all so clear to me now….

      • Yes, on a surface level, it IS a Joke. But the reality is that ALL of the “denominational” Xtianity has become a joke, these days. The point is, one needs to go deeper, and see the EVIL that masquerades as good, and then DENOUNCE it, for what it is. It’s not merely a ‘joke of a denomination’ it is this year’s “SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN” and millions of Whites are perishing- either because they are in a cult, or have had their entire ‘spiritual blood’ drained away by the one (((VAMPIRIC))) race that has worked for over a hundred years to emasculate, de-legitimize, and in a multitude of different ways, REDUCE THE ONLY COMPETITOR to TALMUDISM, to a mere shadow of itself.

    • A.k.a. “Crab bucket syndrome”:

      Nevertheless, you are being too hard on Scandinavian people and their culture, not grasping how they have learned to get along and support one another in their cold northern environment, where most of them were actually starving in serfdom, even through the nineteenth century – when millions escaped to North America but the remainder stayed home and fought hard to gain some measure of freedom and equality under a mixed economic system that is unfortunately deteriorating rapidly now. Sweden, for example, is known as an even better place than the U.S.for corporations to do business (laissez faire): – and plays along with the persecution of Julian Assange and U.S. hybrid war on Russia.

      I agree, though, that the apostate ELCA is not helping them.

      • Yes, but now the fools have extended those principles to people who are utterly alien and diametric to them. And it shall destroy them.

      • “…you are being too hard on Scandinavian people and their culture, not grasping how they have learned to get along and support one another in their cold northern environment…”

        Umm, Anon- Do you have ANY authority, experience, or calling to judge me on this? I don’t think so. I come from there, was raised there, educated there, churched there, my ancestors come from there, my wife’s ancestors come from there, etc. going back to the state’s founding. I KNOW OF WHAT I SPEAK!

        As I said to HW, we’re talking SALVATION of SOULS here. Now, if you are not a Christian, then you have no right to judge those of us who will judge Angels, let alone unregenerate neighbors who spurned the offer of salvation. “Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?” I Cor. 6:3 We are an entirely different hypostasis than the non-elect, even if we appear to have the same prosopon. We are (to use Prot terminology) a ‘tri-partite’ being, whereas those without the Pnevma (Holy Spirit) are merely soulish creatures, like the animals.

        And THAT is why my condemnation of the ELCA, the UMC, the PCUSA, the TEC, etc. and most of Vatican Eww Rome, is so severe. THEY HAVE EXCHANGED their salvation for a jewish ‘mess of potage’!

        What most damned fools (literally) don’t seem to grasp, ( though many on this site appear to- or at least SAY they understand) is that the Scandinavian countries are Socialist, and that’s ok. Social nets for YOUR OWN PEOPLE is the outworking of the Gospel.

        But Socialism that is INTERNATIONAL (the only other ‘international’ religion, is…. BOLSHEVISM)… IS NOT!

        When the National Socialist Party of Germany arose, it was doing the work of Christ God, because it clearly (and rightly) identified the PEOPLE of GERMANY as their ‘People of God.’ Those who were NOT of that people, DID NOT, and NEVER WILL, belong. Just as the Hebrews in the entirety of the bible, were a ‘peculiar people’ and the only people that YHWH, ‘ever knew.’ [ Amos 3:2, Eph. 1:4]

        If you ARE a Christian (or claim to BE one) then you need to start ACTING like one. DENOUNCING SIN, DENOUNCING EVIL, DENOUNCING THE DEICIDE, at every opportunity, and WORKING OUT YOUR SALVATION- and that of your family, neighborhood, district, town, city, county, state, Nation…. ONLY in a Christian framework!

        Clearly, with the Hoe from Moe, and a demonic lawyer AG like Ellison, a Jewish mayor of Mpls, and an APOSTATE, GRACELESS DENOMINATION like the ELCA, Minnesota has DAMNED HERSELF.

      • One other ‘Ting’- to use a Nordic expression.

        ” where most of them were actually starving in serfdom, even through the nineteenth century – when millions escaped to North America but the remainder stayed home and fought hard to gain some measure of freedom and equality under a mixed economic system that is unfortunately deteriorating rapidly now.”

        1) You say this, as if it matters one iota to ANYONE who is living at ease in their well-insulated, public schooled, Bethlehem Lutheran edifice neighborhood in South Minneapolis or Charismaniac Mega-Church in Andover, Lakeville or Plymouth. Why should they care about their ancestors, when they can shop at Target, boycott Chik-fil-A, and virtue signal with their Volvo/Prius/VW bumper stickers still on their cars that say, WWWD?. Shit. These hypocrites only care about their Scandic heritage, when they get to wear costumes (what used to be called ‘national dress’) once a year (if that) at the local Norski Church deep in the Lake Street Ghettos, while their deracinated children listen to [C] Rap music, pierce their bodies, ‘come out’ to their parents as sodomites or lesbians (Did you know that a recent poll says that 30% of college co-eds now ‘identify’ as lesbians?!)

        – And the men are all either soy boys- working sixty hours to get that ‘house in Shorewood’, or soon to become one, because, as Garry Keillor said (before he was ‘me, too’ed) …”In Lake Woebegon, “All the women are strong.” In other words, THEY HAVE BECOME PSEUDO-MEN, and are destroying civilization, along with the ELCA, which is empowering them to do so, by virtue of the fallacy that Priests can be women!

        Where, (again) in the “F,” is the Church to stop such apostasy?) And the kids, imbibing all the CRAP at their local ‘Public Indoctrina- Oops, Minnetonka/Wayzata High School’, which teaches them ALL to DESPISE their parent’s shell of a religion, and is funded by their RIDICULOUS TAXES in Hennepin County- all because of these ‘social programs’ to make Somalis in Chan feel as if they are Americans! – They’re not. They’re as traif as the Jews- more so, because they’re black.

        2) And NO, the Nordics were not Serfs. That was Russia, and the Czar abolished serfdom, when Lincoln freed the Slaves. They may have been hampered by an uncaring society, and that is wrong, clearly,

        Am I in favor of aristocracy, then? Yes, I am. Why? Because Democracy is a LIE- Egalitarianism is a LIE. Multiculturalism is a HERESY, and America is being judged/damned/destroyed because of all three- take your pick. But I only advocate for a CHRISTIAN aristocracy, Monarchy, Autocracy, if such were to become possible. I’d be happy with Grey Ghost’s Secessionist Christian Republic- you know, the country we TRIED to establish for ‘Us and our Posterity,’ once upon a time!??

        At least these last two modes of governance keep the ‘rabble’ out of a country (Jews, Nigs, Spics, Chinks, etc.) while it establishes the PROPER social service agencies, for ONE’S OWN RACE/RELIGION/ETHNOS…. and none other. You know… like ISRAEL is doing!? But when WE do it, it’s….. “racisssss”!? AH was righter than ANYONE knew.. Misericordie, Domine.


        • Father John,

          There are several people that counter attack their opposition on this website extremely strongly. You give the the fiercest comments like an Old Testament prophet. Others like November. Flaxen, and Boomer X give short witty and sarcastic retorts that cut cleverly while Ivan Turgenev smothers his detractors with the smoothest style possible.

          The funniest person on this website is Sprahnranch 1969/1970 but he is seldom here anymore.

          I have to admit it is an interesting experience to watch some of the people on this website in action. And yes I am being complimentary.

          • Dear Cristina- You have given me the greatest compliment I have ever received. To be even remotely as godly as an OT Prophet, is high praise, indeed. Yes, I miss Spawn, as well.

            “Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” Matt. 11:11

            Muchas gracias, Señorita.

  12. There was no feudalism in the strict formal sense of the term in most of the Scandinavian countries
    (not Finland) but let’s call it “Landlordism” and unequal distribution. 90% of the population was engaged in agriculture, mostly peasant subsistence agriculture on small plots, while a wealthy small minority held large tracts of the best land. Yes they were literally starving, which is why most of nearly two million Swedes emigrated to North America. The political struggle to achieve universal suffrage and some measure of economic equality and social safety net came later and was longer, fiercer, and finally more successful in Scandinavia than other parts of northwestern Europe. Finally, I have close relatives who also lived in a small town in Minnesota where nearly everyone had Scandinavian names. They loved it better than any other place they’ve lived, even if the winters were long. Everything was orderly, clean and civilized.

    Aristocracy, monarchy, autocracy, as you call it (I call it elitism, oligarchy, plutocracy, usury) is merely the default condition of carnal, unregenerate man. Egalitarianism/democracy is its heavenly opposite, that comes not without great effort and self-sacrifice. The heart of man is desperately wicked, yet God is in man and with God all things are possible.

    • I should have added: heavy taxation of the poor, unequal compulsory military service for the young male offspring of the poor, limited suffrage, and that the state “church” was a legitimating, enforcing, indoctrinating right arm of the royalty and upper class.

      • My mother’s Swedish forebears immigrated here specifically to avoid compulsory military service. Two generations later, my maternal uncle got called up for compulsory military service in Vietnam. He had just broken his leg in a car accident when that happened, so he wasn’t eligible. A helpful Army doctor saw to it he was put back into the drafting pool with a really high number, ensuring he would never get drafted.

        If you want to immigrate to a country that avoids war, don’t move to the US. My great-grandparents should’ve kept going south.

        • @Boomer…

          What did you think of the election in Minnesota? Do you feel it reflects your state properly?

          • I didn’t vote, as it only encourages them, Ivan. But the Twin Cities metro is trending left, so the vote surplus for Biden from here reflects that. Outstate, the Recucks made gains in congress. We now have an even 4-4 split between Dims and Recucks. The rural/urban divide is growing here, as that result shows.

            The metro area will stay left, as Dim fraud is endemic here. The courts rubberstamp found ballots for Dims as kosher. That’s how Franken initially won his senate seat: thousands of ballots election workers in the metro had stashed in their car trunks and file cabinets at home, all supporting Al. Judges didn’t ask why the workers held onto ballots at home, they just ruled the votes to be legitimate. Of course, with the increased computerization of vote tabulation, cheating is now even easier. I know some recent contests here have had some dubious outcomes.

    • @anonymous

      “Egalitarianism/democracy is its heavenly opposite, that comes not without great effort and self-sacrifice.”

      Your moral instincts are simply the basic evolved cognition of North Western Europeans, what Dr. Kevin MacDonald calls “egalitarian individualism.” His latest book goes into this in great detail.

      Notice how the “right-wingers” go on and on about their hatred of “egalitarianism” and long for the comforting boot of slavery on their own necks. I remember a right-winger, a popular “NRx” blogger, detailing his nearly-sexual thrill at watching some work-a-day traffic court judge force citizens into submission with the threat of contempt of court. He loved traffic court precisely because he got a thrill out of authority.

      Obviously these people are not us – I’ve been detailing how the “neo-Nazi” movement in America is 100% fake and invented by Jews (like Dan Burros.) Where do these supposedly “white” people come from, who hate liberty and love slavery?

      They don’t have our evolved moral instincts at all – and they keep getting outed as the fakes they are (Anglin, Spencer, Goldberg, Heimbach, Aurenheimer, etc., etc.,) Whoever they are, they are not us.

      • Banned- you’re only half-right, and therefore, totally wrong. A GODLY autocracy is the PERFECT human (ergo, still fallible) form of governance, and a desire to see the State act as the Avenger of the Poor is PRECISELY what Parrott and Heimbach (back when they were still related) iterated with their attempts at circumventing the GODLESS State.

        It is the LATTER (Godless, autocratic state) that is ‘not of us’. You impugn Mr. Anglin, whose recent posts have had more of the spirit of Jesus Christ, than the supposed Lutheran on-site, frankly.

        “I also believe that prayer is going to do more good that a lot of other options we have right now. We need to be praying for God to give Trump insight on how to act.
        The future of the entire planet is now in his hands.”-

        And your myopia in ‘not-see’ analysis, is merely the blind leading the blind. Or is that the BLAND?

    • “Aristocracy, monarchy, autocracy, as you call it (I call it elitism, oligarchy, plutocracy, usury) is merely the default condition of carnal, unregenerate man”

      Boy, you are WAY off. Monarchy is the only BIBLICAL form of governance- and that’s the point. Christ is KING, David was KING, Solomon was KING, God is KING. Usury is a sin, and is actually MORE prevalent under the Jewish Financial ‘Democratic’ Keynsian system (Because it can be hid via layers of bureaucracy, and the false belief that ‘Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help’) than a King dispensing largesse from the public treasury!

      “Now Jesus was standing before Pilate, the Roman governor. “Are you the king of the Jews?” the governor asked him. Jesus replied, “You have said it.” Matt. 27:11

      This is the great blasphemy of the modern era. that a mere commoner dares presume to know the mind of God, by virtue of both his misguided egalitarian statist mind, and the fallacy that he can ‘interpret’ Scripture himself, in flat denial of the Scripture! “…knowing this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture comes from someone’s own interpretation.” II Pet. 1:20

      The True Church (with her hierarchy) are ‘king’s kids’ far more than I ever realized, as I have come to see the EVIL that a DEMON-ocracy can breed, with this latest election!

      “Kings will be your foster fathers, and their queens your nursing mothers. They will bow down before you with their faces to the ground; they will lick the dust at your feet. Then you will know that I am the LORD; those who hope in me will not be disappointed.” – Is. 49:23

      The non-Adamic, non-elect races are truly ‘dogs’ as Christ noted of the Biblical religion of His day.
      How much more are we who are the True Elect, above the unregenerate? You’ve merely corroborated the surety with which I hold my opinions…

  13. Every one of the Hebrew kings you laud was evil, including David and Solomon, who further corrupted and even enslaved their own people. The Hebrews are said to have demanded to have kings over them like other nations had. You cannot worship both God and human so-called “nobility.” Liberty, equality and fraternity do not come by serving a gangster cult of Royalty supported by an apostate state “church” and “patriotic” military.

    • What? David was the ‘apple of God’s eye,’ and Christ is known as the Greater David!

      Oh, you’re a godless atheist, and no Christian.My mistake, I thought you were a rational being.
      I hope your effing democracy can save you, you worthless idiot and enemy of Christendom.

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