2020 Autopsy Continued

The polls were right in Minnesota, Iowa, Maine and New Hampshire:

Blumpf underperformed his polls in Minnesota. The Des Moines Register poll nailed Iowa. The polls in Maine and New Hampshire were accurate and reflected the outcome there. They had Blumpf down 10 and 8 points.

From the AP VoteCast Survey:

In 2016, Trump won 24% of Jews.

After years of relentless pandering and so much winning for Israel that your head is still spinning, he won 30% of Jews. Jewish support for Hillary was 71% compared to 68% for Joe Biden.

Blumpf won more Protestants, more Mormons, more Jews and more Muslims. He won the same amount of Nones. He split Catholics 50 to 49 after winning them 52 to 45 in 2016.

7% of American voters thought “racism” was the most important issue facing the country. 41% said it was COVID-19. Joe Biden won 73% of voters who thought COVID was the most important issue.

There was a slight Trump-Biden shift.

The more important pickup for Biden were 2016 non-voters.

Trump won 81% of White evangelicals.

He won the same share of White evangelicals that he won in 2016. He delivered Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett for them. Gorsuch delivered reading transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and John Roberts a big defeat on Louisiana’s abortion law.

White college educated voters shifted toward Biden.

More women voted than men in 2020.

Trump won men by a smaller share than in 2016.

Trump got 55% of the White vote.

Joe Biden got 43% of the White vote.

Hillary Clinton won only 37% of the White vote in 2016. Obama won 43% of the White vote in 2008 and 39% in 2012.

Blumpf got 59% of White men and 52% of White women in 2020 compared to 62% of White men and 52% of White women in 2016. Mitt Romney got 62% of White men and 56% of White women in 2012. It was his diminshed margin with the White vote that killed him.

Conclusion: Disillusioned White men defected to Joe Biden or stayed home.


  1. He should just resign now, and say as a farewell “I can’t really see a way around the lockstep bloc vote of blacks. There’s no pleasing these submoron apes not even half a trillion dollars. Good luck Mike, I tried my best to pander to the ingrates. I’m off to the Dolan Heights.”

      • Tucker Carlson should consider a tilt but there’s almost no way around the bloody black demographic now. Add in a Mexican contingent in the South West and it is virtually impossible mathematically.

  2. We chilled and grilled, but the Prez vote was still clearly rigged in WI, MI, GA, PA, NV. He did better in those places than San Francisco? Come on, man!

    Goes to show he should have sent in SWAT teams with live ammo to quell the rioters in June. There would have been fewer riggers.

  3. I would like to see Trump actively trashing Biden for the next four years– maybe even holding rallies– and funding a massive private study of voter fraud in the country. Some Trumpian version of “the resistance” and “not my president.” Let him do what his opponents have done for the past four years– continually cast doubt on the election’s legitimacy. Against him it was “Russian collusion” and being put into power by Putin (no evidence). Now keep the focus on voter fraud (considerable evidence).

    Interesting that few prominent Republicans are standing up for him.

    I would like to see Trump pardon Assange and Snowden, declassify and release ALL materials from the secret police files (FBI/CIA) and FISA files on the Russia investigation, and withdraw all troops from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan before he leaves. (Of course his orders might be ignored as they sometimes have been already.)

    What really bothers me is that all those who conmitted crimes against him in the government will get away with everything and finally win by getting rid of Trump.

    I thought Trump was a failure on the issues that brought me to support him but his opponents in the Dem party, the media, the bureaucracy, etc. are real scumbags. I wish on them instability, failure and half the country regarding them as illegitimate and corrupt.

  4. Oh. Any foreign country which is criticized by the US for the conduct of their elections– such as Belarus most recently– should laugh in their faces.

    • @Mestigoit…

      I totally agree, and, where, by the way, is President Carter, he who has spent decades going around the world observing and reproaching the elections of other countries?

      • I wanted to like him but he is just another fraud. Jimmy “I’ll never lie to you” Carter lost me when he wholeheartedly endorsed the ultra-corrupt Hillary.

  5. Bet the MAGApedes are having some pretty serious regrets that they went along with the “just a mild flu” narrative now.

  6. “I would like to see Trump pardon Assange and Snowden, declassify and release ALL materials from the secret police files (FBI/CIA) and FISA files on the Russia investigation, and withdraw all troops from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan before he leaves. Of course his orders might be ignored….”

    Such orders WOULD be ignored.

    • It is within the president’s legal power to do these things, but I guess the rule of law is also now gone.

      • The US is stuck with a perpetually aggrieved black minority that exists as a pseudo-Nationalist entity that refuses to seek a sovereign territory and instead parasiticizes the white host while claiming victimhood as it occupies the best urban territories. That’s the stumbling block.

  7. So, Trump held the line with White women, and lost ground with White men. White women have not yet felt the full force of the hate machine (but they will). White men are pragmatic. Trump had a good platform in 2016, and we decided to give him a chance. He didn’t really deliver anything tangible for us, so we quickly and decisively moved on. I simply refuse to give my vote and get nothing tangible in return. Things like the ban on critical race theory training for federal employees were obvious 11th hour stunts to get us back in the fold. We didn’t forget 3 years and 11 months of lowest black unemployment EVER, Israel getting everything they ever wanted, and massive tax cuts for the donor class.

    • Whatever Trump’s flaws, he exposed the scam of American democracy once and for all. Kumallah 2021!

      • @James Bongstreet,

        Don’t forget that after this fiasco only the most gullible and ignorant will still trust the (((msm))). They have the credibility of a gypsy fortune teller, numerologist, or astrologer.

    • For the last 50-60 years White women have sided with the enemies of the White race and they didn’t care White men were being bashed severely, they also bashed White men severely. I guess it never occured to them that they would be next on the chopping block after White men.

      Q-ship has the correct view and he worded it perfectly : when White women “feel the full force of the hate machine”. White women helped build the hate machine which will be very soon be going after them. Not all White women of course but the great majority of them helped build the hate machine.

  8. Yes, he did. His actions, but more significantly his enemies’ actions over the past 5 years revealed just how corrupt, lawless and venal the Rulers truly are. And their utter hatred and contempt for “heartland” Americans.

  9. Goldwater lost in 1964 but his influence was felt for decades to come. As Goldwater was to conservatism Trump shall be to populism! We are in the TRUMP CENTURY now!

    Going forward look for the God Emperor’s family to start a tv channel to rival Faux News and to compete with the Fake News Channels.

    Trump may become a media magnate similar to Silvio Berlusconi!

    Expect none other then ALEX ‘BULLDOG’ JONES to lead a revitalized information war on this network and for QAnon to intensify. Forward!

    • The Jewish Advertising Industry will blacklist it. About all he’ll get to sponsor it is the snake oil pill scams they run on AM radio and TV is lot more expensive than sending out an AM signal.

  10. How did Trump win Florida? I would have thought that the active opposition of the Bush syndicate there, the influx of massive numbers of Puerto Ricans, criminals re-enfranchised, and some counties’ reputation for funny-business would have made Florida another late-night problem.

    • Florida has a republican governor and after some funny business in Palm Beach County during the 2018 election there was some housekeeping done. All the places where funny business happened this year are in democrat controlled zones.

  11. I liked Ann Coulter’s tweet where she wrote, “I guess White men did have somewhere else to go.” Haha!

    I’m not sure if she meant Biden or staying home.

  12. I bet Congressional Republicans are grateful that so many of those who filled out fraudulent Biden ballots ignored all races below the presidential. Haha. They didn’t suffer.

    • I see that Linda Graham has promised half a million dollars to fight the election fraud. As if he will honor that commitment like he has all the other investigations he’s promised. The RNC is promising an 8:1 matching donation to those that contribute to fighting the election fraud. I’m sure none of that money will leave the RNCs pockets.

  13. “After years of relentless pandering and so much winning for Israel that your head is still spinning, he won 30% of Jews.”

    Yes—because pandering to Israel isn’t intended to get Jewish votes, numbnuts. It’s intended to get Jewish money, which enables you to get any votes at all.

    • Hey Joe whatcha doing with that keyboard?

      Dude, it’s more than that. The Anglosphere powers have invited Israeli intelligence agencies to be the “sixth eye” in ultra-top secret intelligence sharing on not only non-white nations but European ones as well.

      It goes way beyond pandering for wealthy jewish oligarchs shekels to finance campaigns (which by the way, is just another form of buying agendas through legalized bribery).

      Do you actually think that Trump cares about White people more than Biden? He winks and nods in our direction to pull the wool over the White sheeple’ eyes, but there is little to no difference between Trump and Biden in their lack of empathy for “Joe six-pack.”

      Look at the bright side; American elections have been exposed as the fraud they have been since Mark Twain’s time. Would another four years of the kushner administration meant any difference in the long run?

  14. This is my favorite tweet of the day:

    “For the past four years we have been told that the 2016 US election results were illegitimate due to Russian interference.
    But as of today, questioning election results is against TOS.”

    29 years later it’s their turn…

    • It’s a matter of finishing that thought of course. It’s easy to imagine that an urban area full of blacks and Micks with some Jewish lawyers for leavening could stuff ballots to shaft a white electorate thst they resent in the rest of the state.

      Russia fixing the result in several states via electronic hacking is unreal.

  15. Overall the left was anticipating a Biden landslide, what they got was a razor thin narrow victory.

    AOC is convinced her brand of politics won the White House, others in the Democratic party say otherwise, they say she almost drove them to defeat with her WOKE politics.

    Trump may have lost but the far left was defeated. Democrat donors and elite are looking at the losses in the House and not making gains in the senate. They know that WOKE-ness is the reason they didn’t win the landslide they hoped for. It was the reason the experts were wrong and instead of picking up 10-20 Democrat house seats like they predicted, they lost 7-12 house seats.

    • “AOC…almost drove them to defeat…. Trump may have lost but the far left was defeated”:

      The left could not have been defeated, because there is no true Left in power in the U.S., and very little even in existence in the U.S. (Antifa is not a true socialist movement. ) The so-called “far left” A.O.C. is in reality a New Deal capitalist reformer (Bernie and the Squad’s “democratic socialism” is in fact New Deal capitalist renewal, not socialism) just as capitalist Nancy Pelosi and “I’m capitalist to the bone” Elizabeth Warren, and of course, Biden and Harris.

    • Too bad the AngloZionist empire spread their poison onto Western Europe, otherwise, it would be hilarious for White countries to impose economic sanctions on the USA for election fraud and voter disenfranchisement in the “(((arsenal of democracy))).”

  16. Jew Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post wrote this:

    “Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into “polite” society. We have a list.”

    Wow. A list. Reprisals against political opponents. I have become aware that laws are really weapons to be used against political opponents, but still… Wow.

    Funny. Change the “R” to “D” and “fraud” to “Russian collusion” or “Russian interference” in her tweet. Did Jew Jennifer Rubin write something like that in 2016?

  17. I’d like to see the demographic breakdown Trump vs Biden with Whole Foods and Starbucks customers. I suspect it would generate similar tallies to the sheboon vote.

    It would be just deserts, if these “woke” upper middle class Whites get it good and hard from the Harris administration in section-8 neighbors.

  18. 2020 is a battle in a longer war. You keep fighting now to set the stage for the future political conflicts. If Trump surrenders now, his supporters will be too demoralized to fight again down the road and if that happens, we as a people have no future What we need not is demoralization; we need a bitter desire for revenge among the Trump voters to build upon for eventual victory.

    The biggest barrier we face is ourselves. We’re middle class and civil. In normal circumstances these are virtues, but when the survival of civil association itself is at stake, they are handicaps. These are what we have to transcend. And we can do it because we did it before. People tend to forget that the turning point in Bush/Gore was when the Democrats tried to retreat to a closed room to rig the vote and the Republicans erupted in rage and started beating on the door, beating on the windows and shouting. This was not how Republicans were suppose to react; the Democrats panicked and opened the room back up.
    From then on the Democrats were essentially on the defensive and Republicans were in control of events.

    If people need to relax and take a break from the “election” coverage, you could do worse than watch ‘An American Story’. It is a Hallmark movie based on the Battle of Athens in post WWII Tennessee. Spoiler: the good guys win.

    • To elaborate on my comment, a letter by George Santayana written in 1938 well describes our political situation. “(A) government by majority vote is possible only when majority and minority wish to maintain the same institutions and to move (perhaps at different rates) in the same direction of what was called progress. This condition is not fulfilled in Spain or in any European country except England (as
      England formerly was). Even in England, the opposition is now revolutionary. Civil was is everywhere latent.” That pretty much sums the situation up.

    • Although Trump and the Republican party are now a joke, I find this NJP’s mission statement to be unelectable.

      The language they use is very aggressive and will only appeal to unemployed incels who have no concept of reality.

      I’m not a White Nationalist yet I would like to be represented. That party platform is obviously not trying to appeal to me.

      You can’t have a competitive White only party because this is no longer only a White nation, but you can have a party that looks after the White working class / middle class as its primary objective.

      • It’s not a nation at all. It’s an economic catchment area for a fiscus devoted to building aircraft carriers, F35s, nuclear subs and drones armed with Hellfire missiles.

  19. Why is the left so angry? They got what they wanted. Joe Biden as president. They use fake outrage like as if they don’t control the establishment / elite that will declare Biden the winner anyway.

    I read twitter accounts like Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post (and others like her) and she’s absolutely foaming at the mouth.

    These people are crazy.

  20. I’m been doing research on the alleged voting fraud that Trump and supporters are alleging and I found this:


    “Good thread from NYT journalist debunking many of the tales of voter fraud that are being echoed in the chambers of MAGA. You don’t have to believe him— just look into the information he presents yourself

    I support a full investigation, recounts, and lawsuits to confirm reality.”


    The Michigan Department of State issued a fact check about this:



    I’m not suggesting there is no fraud going on (like dumping of ballots), but I really don’t believe the fraud was on a scale large enough to impact the overall outcome of the election. I’m pretty sure Trump knows this but is trying to scam people anyway.

    This is from an election attorney:

    “If you give money to Trump’s recount/postelection litigation efforts, half of that money will go towards retiring his campaign debt instead, per the fine print.”


    • The fraud is that white people have to suffer sharing territory and rights with non whites and it is somehow called a nation.

      It’s sadomasochist to pretend we are all equals.

  21. There’s no doubt that Whexit was responsible for Trump losing in 2020. However, Hunter is drawing some dubious conclusions about what this means in regards to what White voters want and how they feel. Hunter implies that Trump’s rejection of populism and his embrace of a gheyer version of Conservative Liberalism is what caused Trump to lose White voters. But if this was the case, than how come Mitt Romney, a much stronger champion of Conservative Liberalism than Trump ever was, won the White vote in 2012 by almost 4 more percentage points than Trump did in 2020? And how did Romney do so much better among College-Educated Whites who live in the Suburbs than Trump?

    I think two things are going on here:

    1. With the exception of the 2016 election, Populist Whites are always forced to choose between the Republican candidate, who generally aligns with their social & cultural values, and the Democratic candidate, who generally aligns with their economic interests. Populist Whites in states like Michigan and Wisconsin usually vote for their economic interests, whereas they vote based on their social and cultural values in states like Iowa and Ohio.

    In 2020, Trump stood for NEITHER. He hemorrhaged votes among Populist Whites not just because he abandoned their economic interests, but because he rubbed salt in the wound by embracing the cringiest version of cultural liberalism any Presidential candidate of either party has ever embraced. At least Romney in 2012 wanted illegals to self-deport. He never bragged about the “lowest black unemployment rate ever” or proposed a Platinum Plan for blacks. Populist Whites had literally no reason to support Trump, whereas they had 1/2 a reason to support previous GOP candidates like Romney, even if they ultimately didn’t pull the trigger.

    I’m sure Hunter will argue that Conservative Liberalism has changed over the last 8 years, and that Lady MAGA or Lil Pimp are somehow the mainstream among Conservative Liberal voters now, but I’m willing to bet that voters in Conservative states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Utah, Montana, North Dakota (see the state ideology map) do not even know who Lady MAGA is and would be repulsed by her if they did. Romney, McCain, and every other GOP candidate at least pretended to care about social & cultural conservatism. Trump and Kushner were dumb enough to think they could do what Obama did in 2012 and pick up the urban/suburban LGBT crowd. That’s not an indictment of Conservative Liberalism. That’s an indictment on the Trump Administration’s grug brained campaign strategy.

    2. In 2010 midterm elections, in which the Tea Party wave swept Republicans into Congress, College-Educated Whites supported the GOP 58-39. In the 2014 midterms, College-Educated Whites supported the Republicans 57-41. But then in 2018, when the GOP and Trumpism became one, College-Educated Whites reversed course and broke 53-45 for the Democrats, hence the “Whexit” phenomenon that Richard Spencer observed in his December 2019 NPI report. In 2020, we saw more of the same.

    If Conservative Liberalism is what turns off College-Educated Whites, then why would they have voted overwhelmingly for Republicans in the 2010 and 2014 midterms but rejected the GOP in 2018 and 2020? It is true that younger Millennials and Zoomers increasingly represent the ranks of this voting demographic, but that alone doesn’t explain such a massive shift in just four years.

    The X-Factor here is Trump. College-Educated Whites are not rejecting Conservative Liberalism, they are rejecting Trump, which in their minds means they are rejecting his anger, his temper tantrums, his extreme, hostile rhetoric, and his “xenophophic” policies.* College-Educated Whites generally support the Neoliberal economic agenda, which is why voters with a median household income over $100,000 supported Trump and why those who listed the economy as their No.1 issue broke strongly for Trump.

    The lesson of the last four years is this: In order for the GOP to be electorally viable with Whites, they need to come across as professional, sensible moderates on social and cultural issues while offering an alternative to the Democrats on economics. White Americans are generally NOT collectivist when it comes to economics. College-Educated Whites in particular take pride in their individual accomplishments and believe – correctly – that they have earned everything they have. As 2010 and 2014 demonstrated, they don’t want their money being taxed and redistributed to others who they feel don’t deserve it.

    BUT, they also have no tolerance for the rhetoric that the Pro-White Movement adored about Trump. Once it became clear that Trump’s rhetoric in the 2016 campaign season was no fluke and would become a theme of his Presidency, College-Educated Whites rejected Trump and his GOP in mass. THAT is the real theme of 2020, not “Trump abandoned White men,” which is the shrill lamentation of a dying, conquered population.

    *No matter how much the Pro-White Movement downplays this, Trump is perceived by most Whites as the deporter of Brown people and the destroyer of Brown families. That’s a huge turnoff to most Whites. It doesn’t matter that Hispanics themselves don’t necessarily believe it, because Whites do, and in this context, that’s all that matters.

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