The Racist Center

I’m increasingly convinced of this.

Ethnocentric Whites are politically and culturally divided and the infighting in the “Dissident Right” reflects these divisions. Some people are not conservative Republicans. They are not even on the Right. They are moderates, populists and Independents in the Center of the electorate.

Look at this swath of pro-White Indies and Democrats:

Independents score higher than Republicans on feelings of White identity, solidarity and feelings of anti-White discrimination. The poorest Whites have the most intense feelings of White identity followed by the working class, the middle class and the upper middle class.

Ethnocentric Whites are traditional non-voters. The 2016 election was a fluke. Blumpf motivated ethnocentric White voters who are moderates, populists and Independents to come off the sidelines and vote for him in 2016. They abandoned him in 2020 because he took them for granted and governed as a conservative Republican and pandered to everyone else in society but them.


“More in Common calls this tribe the “Politically Disengaged,” a group comprising 26 percent of Americans, who are almost invisible in local politics and community life. As a group, they’re much poorer and less educated than the average American and much more likely to say that “being white” is important to being an American—20 percent, rather than 11 percent—to say people of other religions are morally inferior and to say that a “strong leader willing to break the rules” is needed to fix America, 57 percent to 45. They are much more eclectic of a group than More in Common’s other “tribes,” like Progressive Activists and Devoted Conservatives. …”

Pew labeled this Democratic-leaning demographic “Hard Pressed Skeptics.” A third of them lean Republican. 17% are Republicans. 41% are Independents. These were the people in the Rust Belt who had negative view of Obama in his second term and flipped to Trump.

“The true swing voters are what Pew dubbed the young outsiders and the hard-pressed skeptics.

“Both groups have weak partisan leanings,” Pew said. “Whether many will show up at the polls is an open question.”

The other wild card, the hard-pressed skeptics, seem to be more of an opportunity for Democrats. They are the most financially strapped group and voted 65 percent to 25 percent for President Barack Obama in 2012.

They’ve since cooled on Obama, as only 44 percent now approve of the job he’s doing. Forty percent approve of the Affordable Care Act. They lean Democratic because “even though they take a dim view of government performance,” Pew said, “66 percent . . . say the government should do more for the needy even if it means adding to the debt.”

This group swung from Obama to Trump to Biden. They cooled on Obama. They cooled on Trump. Fash the Nation talked about Trump’s collapse in the Rust Belt for much of 2020.

Hidden Tribes:

“The Politically Disengaged group most resembles Passive Liberals in having lower levels of income and education and being less engaged in following current affairs. Fully 41 percent are making less than $30,000 per year, and approximately one in four have gone without food or medical treatment at least somewhat often in the past year. They diverge from Passive Liberals in being more anxious about external threats and less open in their attitudes towards differences. For instance, they are the most likely to say that being white is necessary to be American and that people who hold other religious views are morally inferior. They are more concerned about the threat of terrorism and are quite closed to the view that Islamic and American values are compatible. They are practically invisible in local politics and community life, being one of the least likely groups to participate in political rallies or vote in local elections. They are the least well-informed group on all measures of political knowledge. They are also the most pessimistic about the possibility of reconciling differences between the factions. Overall, this makes the Politically Disengaged a challenging segment to persuade.

Of the 26% of Americans who are Politically Disengaged, ethnocentric Whites are overrepresented in this stratum of the population. Most ethnocentric Whites are extremely cynical about politics, mainstream conservatism and the Republican Party. They are not rock ribbed Republicans!

Compared to the average American:

  • Eight percent more likely to say that, to fix America, we need a strong leader willing to break the rules (56 percent v. 48 percent)
  • Nine percent more likely to believe the “differences between Americans are too big for us to work together” (32 percent v. 23 percent)
  • Nine percent more likely to say that “being white” is important to being American (20 percent v. 11 percent)
  • Nine percent less likely to make over $20,000 a year (74 percent v. 83 percent)
  • More than twice as likely not to be involved in any community activity (78 percent v. 34 percent)
  • Much less likely to share political content on social media (5 percent v. 26 percent)
  • Much less likely to be registered to vote (52 percent v. 72 percent)
  • Ten percent more likely to be black or Hispanic (34 percent v. 24 percent)
  • Six percent more likely to be aged 30 to 44 (31 percent v. 25 percent)
  • Sixteen percent more likely to have no college education (53 percent v. 37 percent)

Joe Biden brought traditional non-voters and new voters from other groups into his coalition, but Donald Trump alienated the traditional non-voters who joined his coalition in 2016. Hence, the swing of moderates and Independents that decisively cost him the election in the Rust Belt and Sun Belt.

The AmNats never understood their constituency. Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes are both conservative Republicans. They are both from upper middle class suburbs of Columbus and Chicago. The typical White Nationalist or “pro-White voter” or “racist non-voter,” whatever you want to call these people, however, is most definitely not an upper middle class conservative Republican. The so-called wignats are far more in touch with these people and where they are going and saw Blumpf losing the election.

To be crystal clear, the wignats did not cost Trump the 2020 election. There aren’t enough wignats in the country to have done this alone. They don’t have a large audience. Instead, the argument is that wignats are traditional non-voters, tend to be far more moderate and populist on economics and far more likely to be Independents than Republicans. They are in the middle of the electorate on the fringe of the Republican Party and hence much closer to the fault line where elections are decided.

The fact that wignats were so disillusioned and hostile to Trump telegraphed what was coming. The typical White Nationalist isn’t a little brat living in an upper middle class suburb trying to get into CPAC or infiltrate the College Republicans. The election was breaking against Trump with moderates and Independents. The Right can only win elections with these people in the Center.

What changed between 2016 and 2020? The Alt-Right was dumped immediately after the 2016 election. Jared Kushner took over the White House as de facto Chief of Staff. Charlie Kirk became the face of Trumpism and the result was that Trump lost the White voters he needed to get to 270. These people are the “Hard Pressed Skeptics” based in the Rust Belt. They went for The Other Biden.

The “far right” is in the middle. If your campaign message and strategy isn’t resonating in the middle with Independents, you’re losing. Trump needed those people to show up to offset all the based blacks and shitlibs in college towns and he didn’t get it because he didn’t do anything for them. He spent four years delivering Ws for Sheldon Adelson to get 3% of the Jewish vote with Jedoxus.


  1. Democracy is a dead end. The majority of people will always prioritize short-term individual interests over long-term collective ones. Jews have thrived since WW2 precisely because they are the one ethnic group that has been able to prioritize long-term collective goals.

    What white countries need now is an enlightened dictatorship, primarily to fix our disastrous demographics. But Trump is neither enlightened nor a dictator, even though most on the right fantasized about this. He’s just a self-centered demagogue, and his loss is his alone.

  2. America is a White country. African-Americans are their own category, for historical reasons. Probably most “Hispanics” consider themselves more or less “white.” Asians aren’t significant outside of California and a few big cities.

    “American” is a white ethnicity – it is a sub-category of the larger Anglo ethnicity and the even larger European race.

    EVERYONE KNOWS THIS. Only ideological nutjobs on the right-wing and the left-wing believe that “anyone can be an American.”

    Stop all immigration now.

  3. What’s really a joke is that Trump ran as a Nationalist / Populist and talked that way. However he governed like a typical Right Wing Libertarian. He’s 2 faced at it’s core. What lost him Votes is because he simply couldn’t show leadership and tackle Covid-19 and push his nut base away that denies that Covid-19 is even real. Plus he talked a big game but never actually used the Military and stop the Race Riots and Violence. The only reason he even got that many Votes is because he’s a cult like figure that has his based brainwashed beyond measure. Still brainwashed. Deo Vindice !

    • Trump was limited in what he could do for a populist economic agenda because he needed the GOP to not get impeached. Tucker had a show how the second largest donor to the GOP is a scumbag Hedge Fund Jew who has done more to destroy the economy of white America than any other. The Globalists own that party, it’s a dead end in doing anything good for the average man.

      • I am hoping and praying, p.trump somehow wins., if for no other reason., thee satanic left loses their collective minds! Better them unhappy than me.

  4. The only time Republicans call Whites by name, is when they condemn us as evilracistwhitesupremacistnaziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews at the radical left’s request.
    Otherwise Republicans go out of their way to mention every racial group, except for Whites. Republicans are SICK, anti-White grifters. They deserve to go out of business.

    • Most of them are very liberalized. Most of them favor immigration, amnesty, and they adopt nonwhite kids. They never stick up for us at all. They are more concerned with having the other “groups” like them.

  5. “They are practically invisible in local politics and community life, being one of the least likely groups to participate in political rallies or vote in local elections. ”

    Quite literally Antifa exists to force these people out of public life. Before Trump, that is all Antifa did in California, attack various cultural expressions of poor and working class whites, like heavy metal music bands and Celtic festivals.

    “They are the least well-informed group on all measures of political knowledge.”

    Which is why they are less brainwashed. Even celebrity Leftist Zionist Jews like Noam Chomsky pointed out numerous times that the educated classes are the most propagandized, for obvious reasons.

    We know that educated Liberals prefer living in nearly all-white neighborhoods and send their children to nearly all-white schools. They are simply better at saying the politically correct things, because they have been socialized to do so. That is what 50% of a college education is, it’s a “finishing school” to learn proper manners for a Corporate job.

    These whites don’t have the finishing school manners and they can see what is right in front of their eyes: open anti-white hate coming from the poorest ghetto blacks to the richest Zionist Jews – and every other organized non-white group.

    Of course these people are smeared as “racist” when they object to … racism against them.

    Those of us who figured it out understand that the purpose of “immigration” and anti-white ideology is to genocide whites. It is not as if Zionist Jews and various other elite groups are not quite open about their plan. In fact, they never shut up about it.

    “Anti-racist” is just a code word for “anti-white.”

  6. The queers are aligned with the Jews and the Irish, because they, the queers, hate Islam and are afraid Muslims will push them back into the closet. Queers must have their gay anal and will spend big politically to have it.

  7. I’m looking at my old home California. Currently Trump is a 4,700,000 and Biden is at 9,300,000.The Democrats are just importing people. It’s disgusting.

    • We are strangers in our own homeland. Who is going to support all of these “immigrants”?? Most whites getting out of college can’t even find real jobs anymore.

  8. In terms of labels, I have never referred to myself as dissident right. I always thought the term was odd.

    I haven’t called myself alt right since early 2019. I used to be a White Nationalist / Racialist until I realized living in Knoxville that Whites can be just as trashy as other races. So I live by the philosophy that there is trash in every race.

    When I worked as night crew in Knoxville, I worked with so-called “Whites” that were real scumbags, the nicest and hardest working guy on the crew was the token Black guy. I worked in a bad neighborhood and dealt with aggressive White homeless people.

    When I compared Chattanooga, a much Blacker city, with Knoxville I also noticed something. Despite being Blacker, Chattanooga is cleaner, more developed, more interesting than Knoxville.

    I just refer to myself as a nationalist and populist, I would never call myself a “wignat” or “dissident right”.

    Well I am working class. I work with my hands for a living. Nobody represents me. I work hard because it gives me dignity not because I want to enrich anyone’s pockets. That motivation makes me the fastest, neatest, most efficient worker on the crew.

    I have criticisms of the alt right / dissident right / wignats / White Nationalists / Racialists or whatever you want to call yourselves: 1. Please stop behaving like unemployed incels. 2. Whites are mostly to blame for our circumstances, just recognize it. For every Jew trying to replace us, you can find 3 so-called “Whites” trying to replace us. 3. Being White is more than just pasty White skin, you also have to have the right values.

    • According to City-Data, Chattanooga has a higher violent crime rate than Knoxville despite having a higher ratio of police to population. Both cities have too many negroes (ie. >5%), which is a problem throughout most of the South.

    • “Being White is more than just pasty White skin, you also have to have the right values.”

      Well at least Gryphon has proved that he is, in fact, white.

      No – you are wrong. Being white is just being white. It has nothing to do with the “right values.” In fact, the only reason you think that way is because you yourself are white. ONLY white people believe in “universal values.” You are a liberal – and ONLY white people can be liberals, as liberalism is itself a white privilege.

      You should read Kevin MacDonald book Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition.

      By the way, talking about “white trash” and your based black friend – it won’t help you, you’re still a “racist.” You supported Trump – that means you are a racist white supremacist.

      Also, no matter how much you try to distract from Zionist Jews – you’re also still a “goy” and an “anti-semite.”

      If you are blue collar and work with your hands? Well, you’re white trash no matter how nicely you clean up to go to church on Sunday.

      So just accept it, whitey. We racist white trash kkk nazi antisemites are the only people who will EVER have your back. Everyone else wants you dead – and your based black friend, and your Jewess ex-girlfriend, will dump you the second their co-ethnics tell them to.

      We’re not locked in here with you – you’re locked in here with us.

      • Sorry pal, having pasty White skin doesn’t cut it anymore. Being White is a lot more than looking the part, it’s also a state of mind.

        White values = hard work, dignity, respect, warrior’s spirit, honor

        You probably would share my point of view if you also dealt with the White cucks and White trash I have dealt with in my life.

        So called “Whites” who are drug addicts, scam artists, who will betray you to make a quick buck, don’t understand or want to understand the concept of respect.

        In the last 35 years, so-called “Whites” like Ronald Reagan and Jeff Bezos have done as much harm to the White race as the most anti-White Jew.

        • Wrong. It’s genetics. Yes, there are “bad whites”, but if you go back and look at the countries in Europe that were all white, or even Australia up to 1975, most white nations had very little crime. There is some direct correlation that as the nonwhites increase, the degenerate whites go up.

          • “Wrong. It’s genetics.” – Pilot

            Excuses. A man is made up more than just his IQ and genetic background. You sort of sound like the IQ Nationalists I used to debate on Stormfront years ago.

            It’s a neat, convenient story. Claiming that Whites only got fucked up when non-Whites came. Believe what you want to believe, choices are real. Your genetic make up does not determine all choices.

            If someone chooses to be an asshole and scumbag “White” person, I want nothing to do with them, despite their genetic background. You make it sound like there’s no such thing as a White cuck with an impeccable genetic gene pool.

            I have respect for a stupid White man who has honor, respect, and works hard while having no respect for an intelligent White man who scams people and screws over others to make a quick dollar.

            According to your logic, the intelligent White man would be the “Whiter” man.

        • @Gryphon – White people are the only group that refer to some of their own people as TRASH. It is an Anti-White slur.

        • ‘Pasty skin, white trash’ dude, sounds like a Noseberg. Guess what, Australia only became Britain’s dumping ground for criminals and nutters after North America became unavailable, so I think Americans may have some self-esteem issues.

        • It took you that long to figure out there is bad in every race? It’s all about the law of averages. You can see it in play throughout the world in just about every category of biology and behavior there is. Every White country which has instituted self-annihilation through immigration will become filthier, more corrupt, and more dangerous as they turn darker. That is not my opinion, it is a fact.

    • You said you have two degrees. People with two degrees are not working class.

      I think you are an anti-white yuppie jew, who spends all day spammin bullshit for the Apartheid State of Israel, at the American tax payers expense.

      • I have 2 degrees, and I work for a living as a professional. I still consider myself working class, because I need to work.

        • You can’t change commonly accepted defintions to make yourself feel good, unless you are a Cultural Marxist.

          Management also has to work for a living. It does not make them ‘working class’ any more than Trump is working class. You just called yourself a professional. Professional means man in suit.

          Working class people get dirty and sweat when they work. Their jobs have an element of danger to them, and some get permanent injuries or die doing them. They are usually underpaid for what they do, and yet cities break down quickly if they do not show up for work, because their work is essential.

          People who sit safe behind desks in air conditioned office buildings with management are usually well paid, and face no more daily physical risk than getting a paper cut. Our cities continued on as if nothing happened, when millions of these people were sent home when COVID hit.

          • @Manowar
            You’re confusing “professional” or “white collar” workers with “owning class” or “ruling class”. The working class is defined as those who’s living and income is determined by laboring in whatever field, trade, or profession they work in. They HAVE to trade their labor for their income to make end’s meet. Whereas the owning class, or ruling class, or “capitalist” class which is what you are referring to by “professionals” or “man in suits” or “Donald Trump”, own assets that generate income for them, aka CAPITAL. Trump, Romney, Wilbur Ross, Jeff Bezos. They don’t have to show up for work in the same way the rest of us have to in order to get by. Their income is based on their capital, not the labor they sell.

            Working class vs. capitalist class is not the same as blue collar worker vs. white collar worker. Watch Mike Judge’s Office Space, and you’ll see just how much white collar workers hate their lives being chained to a desk >40 hours per week staring at a screen in a stale soul-killing office environment answering phones all day and dealing with office gossip bullshit and pretentious emails from management. Also, as far as white collar “professionals” being non-essential, industries would be severely impacted without IT tech workers, because the average tech most people are required to understand or rely on has far outpaced what most people understand and computers run literally everything. These white collar tech workers “who sit safe behind desks in air conditioned office buildings with management are usually well paid” also get absolutely fucked by a free market open borders capitalist-driven economy which favors unlimited immigration and H1-B’s and diversity hires over White American workers. I could go on all day, but I’ll stop here.

  9. Well, say you are correct and the middle of the road politically disenfranchised White working class and working poor Whites are who is the most racially aware. Because of this they stayed home and didnt vote (Jazz Hands has taken credit for TRS having done this), and so shaved enough votes from the Orange Man (who is bad) to lose him the election.

    What do those people stand to benefit from reading articles about 20’s fashion and self-congratulatory ball fanning posts on this blog, listening to TRS podcasts, watching Spencers gay YouTube vids, or falling for Anglin’s gayops?

    I am surrounded by those people at work. They don’t even know you all exist, and wouldn’t give a damn if they did.

    Who cares what the dissident right has to say now? It doesn’t help to take the red pill and become an edgy internet nazi.

    The whole plan was what? Turn the deckguns on Orange man > Tank his re-election > ?????? > Ethno state!

    What have I missed? Because…. lol. Roll credits, Whitey is over.

    At least we screwed over Trump and alienated all his supporters permanently from anything we would ever do, (assuming you are right and they were misguided, they won’t forgive you anyway because thats human nature).

    • As you said, these people don’t know we exist and wouldn’t give a damn if they did. Well, now they know we exist and have an incentive to pay closer attention to our concerns. If not, then we can always explore 1920s fashion during election season. Donald Trump did nothing to earn me vote. He didn’t get it.

      • I just could not bring myself to vote for Biden. It was beyond anything I could do, as much as I believe that the Republicans don’t deserve our loyalty for being “the lesser of two evils”. There really was no one who represented me.

        • Pat Buchanan is the only serious candidate who has come anywhere close to representing us in our lifetimes. And even he goofed and chose a black female running mate.

          • @Powell,

            Iirc, Buchanan took the negress as his running mate during the 2000 presidential election. In 1992 & 1996 campaigns, due to establishment RETARDicans working in conjunction with demoncrats, they kept Buchanan off as as many primary ballots as possible by using legal delays and challenges to his petitions submitted.

            When Buchanan picked up Ross Perot’s Reform Party banner in 2000, he allowed the party to pick his vice presidential candidate.

            The best thing that came out his 2000 presidential run was the havoc it caused in Florida.

      • There’s no reason why any of those people would attribute their dissaffection to any of this utterly obtuse narrative the “wignats” half baked (and not thought all the way through it would seem).

        These aren’t complicated people. That is their virtue. They aren’t pretentious.

        All of this, is as pretentious and convoluted as it comes.

        Its off putting in the extreme.

        Time will bear me out. Modern history is lined with subcultural fringe that celebrates its obscurity, mistaking it for elite exclusivity. History’s goth kids.

  10. The only time we should vote again is when some candidate takes our grievances to heart. It worked for the blacks and other minority groups so it can work for us too. Until then, we should use our power to defeat those who want to defeat us. WE have power, we just have to use it wisely.

    • “Until then, we should use our power to defeat those who want to defeat us.”

      Oh, really? You mean something like VOTING AGAINST AVOWED ANTI-WHITE GROPY JOE AND QUEEN KAMALA???

  11. What do you think about the new Gay-Op coming from the Daily FED (Daily Stormer), where they are pushing delusional MAGAtards into the streets so they can be attacked by Antifa and be charged for defending themselves?

    • I’ve said for years it is nothing but a GOP shill website. It is an OP to herd people into voting Republican. It is not a legitimate nationalist site. No one has ever seen Anglin or Weev in the real world. They are paid operatives. It was too dangerous to engage in street activism when Trump was the president, but now that he has lost it is time to get in the streets?

      • I always knew that Weev and Anglin were FEDs; for example, Weev previously was a criminal Hacker (who also pretended to be a SkinHead, although he is a Jew) who got caught hacking some Apple shit and was going to be thrown in prison for who knows how long, but then suddenly he gets out and associates with Anglin!!!…. everyone who has more than 2 neuron knows that the only explanation for that is that he make a deal, probably he was offered either being an informant for the FBI or get anal raped by Blacks in prison, so even I can understand his choice… Anglin if I recall correctly was algo going to get imprisoned by some crime he did when he was fucking ladyboys in Asia, but I don’t remember very well…. The Only people I respect are people like you, Spencer, Enoch, and similar, who have a lot to lose, have lose a lot but nevertheless go out there and show their faces.

        • @SS

          Before Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer became famous, he was a prolific “internet troll” that attacked people online for “spreading anti-semitic 9/11 conspiracy theories” that “hurt Israel.”

          Then he decided to become a cartoon – first he was a “Christian Anti-Semite” type character, making funny videos claiming to be a member of the “Westboro Baptist Church.” Then he went to jail and got a big “Nazi swastika” and now he’s a “neo-Nazi fighting the Jews.”

          Maybe next he’ll become a transsexual, or perhaps a Boogaloo Boi, or maybe an Iranian Terrorist Sympathizer.

  12. So serious question: what makes you think race is still the relevant category? Seems clear only certain classes of white people are a receptive audience to white nationalism, or that we’re looking for specific ethnic groups within the white category (we already know Jews don’t count). Maybe instead of white nationalism we should push white working classism or something.

  13. Some of these photoshopped images on this website are hilarious. The one at the beginning of this article is another one.

  14. trump the lifelong liberal, and media creation, was always a shill to disillusion the voters, divide the country, and lead it into a trap. they’re going to try for more of this from now on. be strong, don’t spend money on evil stuff. Focus on healing yourself and those around you. Try to do a tiny bit more. Stretch and take a walk, drink more water. we all want to evolve to our fullest potential, that will be great to see. befriend some enemies, be the bigger person in all matters at all times. the demonic possessed fools will see how happy and healthy we are and decide they need to change, or they will rot further. we all get what we deserve. there’s millions of vacant acres in rural places where we can rediscover nature and our ancestral work ethic. the empire never did anything for us. delete all your youtube comments and social media history, and apply for state jobs. we really should invest in each other, logically we’re the best investment. repair your nation.

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