The Reality Check Election

Michael Brendan Dougherty is trying to pigeonhole the “racist Right” as a bunch of dopes who are motivated by white resentment and who are satisfied with dog whistles. Granted, this might be true of some older people, but it doesn’t reflect our values and politics.

National Review:

“The anti-racist Left and the racist Right made similar errors: Those arguing that Trump’s embrace of the white working class would result only in the GOP becoming a giant Southernized party of white resentment must be chastened by results showing a surge of non-white votes among Republicans, and the defection of white voters to the party criticizing white supremacy.”

On the contrary, this result wasn’t a surprise at all and was widely predicted in our circles before the election. Anyone who read this blog for four years, particularly during the 2020 campaign, could have seen the steady drift away from the GOP and toward the Democrats or not voting. It was reflected across what had previously been the Alt-Right who were furious with Donald Trump in 2020.

There was the massive disillusionment after Charlottesville and the 2018 midterms. There was Yang Gang. There was the cheerleading for Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary. There was the ironic support for Michael Bloomberg’s campaign to buy the election. Compared to the 2016 election, there was the total lack of interest in and engagement with Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign. It was crystal clear long before the 2020 election that the “racist Right” had changed its mind about Donald Trump.

The White male vote for Donald Trump slipped in the 2020 election. He didn’t hit the same margins that he racked up in 2016 due to his weakness with moderates and Independents. This is because something about Donald Trump’s image changed between 2016 and 2020. He came to be seen as less of a populist bomb thrower and champion of the “racist Right” and more as a mainstream conservative relentlessly pandering to every group in the country EXCEPT White men who he took for granted.

Did it help him with minorities? In Michigan, he picked up 3% of the black vote. In Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he picked up 1% of the black vote. This could easily be a statistical anomaly. Congratulations, I suppose, on this 1% gain in 6% of the electorate in Wisconsin, 3% gain in 10% of the electorate in Michigan and 1% gain in 8% of the electorate. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, the black share of the electorate shrunk from 2016 while Independents flipped to Joe Biden.

What did Donald Trump offer the “racist Right” that would have encouraged them to vote for him? The tax cuts? Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem? The Platinum Plan and American Dream Plan? The loss of our free speech and freedom of assembly? Multiplying our enemies a thousand fold while monitoring the situation from the White House? The loss of hundreds of our monuments? Destroying Jeff Sessions? This is why so many people couldn’t be bothered to create a meme or remove themselves from the couch. By the 2020 election, even his tweets sucked as he impotently tweeted “Law and Order” hundreds of times while doing nothing about Black Lives Matter and Antifa burning down the country.

It is not a surprise at all that White men moved toward Joe Biden. It was his voters who were motivated to vote for him. Trump’s voters had to weigh whether the benefits of Trump were worth the costs. Is “owning the libs” worth putting up with four more years of Trump and Jared Kushner? Are we going to save the White race by voting for Donald Trump to implement Sheldon Adelson’s agenda?

“Similarly, those arguing that immigrants would not adopt Americanism as a political creed are rebuked by Trump’s expanded support in Hispanic communities. The anti-racist Left has a definition of anti-racism that is not intuitive to most people and appeals primarily to affluent whites. And the racist Right’s theory that American nationalism cannot appeal to non-whites is demonstrated to be wrong. …”

Donald Trump’s expanded support in Hispanic communities was due to the backlash against Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The polls showed that Hispanics were the group that was the most alienated by all the violence this summer whereas Whites remained polarized. Clearly, Hispanics were sick and tired of hearing 24/7 about white supremacy and systematic racism and how every black failure is due to a lack of “equity.” Why are blacks worshipped and put up on a pedestal by sycophantic White liberals in this country?

Dissident Mag:

“The results of 2020’s presidential election are an inverse of Van Jones’ famous “whitelash” description of the 2016 contest. After years of studying white Americans- and practicing on Hungarians- Arthur Finkelstein and Donald Trump correctly concluded appealing to America’s long-ignored “forgotten” (white) man was the ticket to victory in 2016.

Throughout his presidency, and culminating in the 2020 election, he abandoned those working class whites he rode to victory four years previous. And it appears, at press time, that decision will cost him re-election. …

Trump’s base collapsed along class lines, too. Exit polls from the New York Times revealed that Biden beat Trump by +13 points among voters making between $50,000-$99,000; in other words, the working class.

The only income strata Trump won was the upper-middle class, those making between $100,000 and $199,000.This class divide makes sense in light of the Trump administration’s handling of coronavirus relief. Instead of extending unemployment benefits to working Americans put out of work by coronavirus-related lockdowns, the Trump administration chose to allow the benefits to lapse, with Republicans vowing to stop the benefit extension ‘over [their] dead bodies.’ …

The truth about why Trump lost is important. It wasn’t mail in ballots, Democrat controlled cities, or dead voters- though those perpetual democratic foibles didn’t help. Trump lost because his administration and campaign abandoned the white voters he used to get elected in the first place- and, most importantly, we recognized the trick and didn’t fall for it a second time. …”

There were multiple backlashes in the 2020 election.

The Hispanic backlash worked in his favor. The White backlash against finkelthink did not. Ron Unz was right about Hispanics and the bizarre relationship between White liberals and blacks. Hispanics were alienated by these repulsive Woke Whites especially those that already have some experience with the outcome of communism in Latin America. No one likes these people.

Dissident Mag:

“It’s a bit surreal to be sitting here at the termination point of Trump’s presidency. Seems like only yesterday we were riding the zeitgeist of 2016-2017 energy, enthusiastically meming a pompous orange blowhard into office for the sheer Hell of it while chanting obscene limericks at the paintsuited libtard avatar of Hilary Clinton. Four years later and it all came to an anti-climactic, humiliating end for a post-modern spectacle of a “leader” who confused late night Tweeting with actual governance of the country. In the eerie stillness of “God Emperor Trump’s” final reduction to a mangled wreck on the floor of the Vengeful Spirit in the wake of the Biden Heresy, I find myself reflecting on his presidency, how he came to be, and how he met his fate.

In a way, I think the Donald Trump ascendancy represents both the power and dangerous seduction of meme culture. Trump support began as performative trolling, as a middle finger to the establishment. No one really believed Trump was going to deliver on his overblown rhetoric, but as the train picked up momentum people began to take their own memes too seriously and believe their own fantastical hype about border walls and swamp-draining. Given the choice though, it was perfectly rational to elect an orange reality TV star trafficking in populism and nationalist ideas because this was at the very least a spin at the roulette wheel, or so it seemed. Trump was a vehicle for expressing genuine dissent at the political system itself while also providing a potential chance at real-world change beyond the bloviating rhetoric.

Except this was a lie and within two years of his presidency none of his dissident right-wing supporters saw him as anything more than another hopelessly compromised conman working to protect a certain foreign government that isn’t in Eastern Europe and is definitely in the Middle East. Syrian missile strikes and seemingly bottomless boons for Israel engineered by Trump’s Jewish son-in-law brought the curtains of a depressing reality down over the hopes for anything new in American politics. Hopes were immediately replaced by copes, and before long “plan-trusting” was itself a pejorative lobbed in the direction of “MAGA-tards” still desperately huddled around the quickly fading embers of 2016’s meme energy. True right-wing dissidents abandoned ship and wrote off Trump as the ineffectual bloviating retard he was and the last wisps of that ol’ 4chan magic faded away. …”

Is Vox Day still calling him the God Emperor?


  1. I’m not a conservative nor a Republican.

    If Trump had actually stopped immigration and brought jobs back to America, I would have been his biggest fan.

    But instead all Trump did is try to start two wars for Israel and squander America’s international power helping Benjamin Netanyahu genocide the Palestinians.

    Since I’m not being paid by rich Jews like those conservative Republicans at National Review – what do I care? F- Israel, not my country. If you love it so much why don’t you move there?

    • @Banned…

      I agree with you that these were the two biggest reasons I supported Trump in 2016 and that, all in all, he did not achieve them.

      Worse still, he actually told us that he had never been against immigration and he gave away what jobs that came back to foreign workers.

      That said, he did come through on the judiciary, in spades, renegotiated and improved bad trade deals, pulled out of bad globalist agreements, like TPP and Climate Change Accords, shook up NATO, provided support to nationalist European governments, made no new wars, and, most importantly of of all – he transformed both the narrative and tone of this country, whilst completely exposing The United States Government for what it is – lawless.

      For all his disappointments, President Trump functioned as a breakwater against decades of Neo-Con/Neo Liberal rule, and for that, I will always be grateful.

      Because of President Trump, your average smalltown Rural Southerner, my countrymen, finally do understand what this country is and how antithetical to them it is.

      It took Trump to do that.

      • You are going to be disappointed by his judiciary appointments which will turn out as bad as his other appointments. The old expression is “Personnel is policy.”

        • @Skeptic…

          No, Sir. I am far from disappointed with his judicial appointments as we have seen the benefits already.

          Now, to be clear, I do not expect the Trump justices to reestablish a Confederacy 2.0.

          BUT … most of the time they will not be woke-justices’, which, for me, is a vast improvement.

          The 9th Circuit Court, alone,l has started resemble sanity.

          But, don’t believe me, Sir – ask The Left if they think Trump’s courts are going to disappoint the Right…

    • BannedHHipster? Thought it wuz BannedHipster. Dang, ligga, wut yah tryin doo? Caint eben tipe rite, ligga!

  2. Your narrative completely wrong because you ignore the fact that the election was stolen through blatant fraud. Biden didn’t win anything.

    • @Ben…

      I agree that it is too early to evaluate the election, because we do not yet have the results.

      There is a lot of history to be made over the coming months and we will have to digest it be figure coming to a better understanding of it.

    • Was the election stolen from him in North Dakota and South Dakota?

      Trump’s margin of victory in 2016 declined all across the country, not just in the swing states. What happened in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania was no different from the trend everywhere. Trump got less of the White vote. Joe Biden got more of the White vote. Thus, Joe Biden won the election. How couldn’t he have won the election with 43% of the White vote?

      • @Hunter Wallace…

        At this point, Sir, I do not know what to think, although, my suspicions are that Republicans, including Trump, won this year.

        The reason for my reluctance is because it is clear that the Dominion electronic voting machines were the same that had been used to cheat Senator Sanders in the primary.

        Moreover, I do not know how many of those machines were used across the country.

        That said, I do agree with you that states like New Hampshire and the Dakotas are the ones most likely to be on the level.

        At any rate, we’ll know clearly by the middle of Winter. At that point, if I have been wrong, and Biden won far and square, I will stop talking of fraud and accept Biden as the president.

        Until them, I feel it is best to let the legal processes and recounts play out so that we can be on sure ground.

        All the best to you and Miss Rene!

      • Finding out now that Pfizer was sitting on the announcement that they’d developed an effective vaccine.

        Trump was ribbed of the credit for rolling that out. Wasn’t really fair.

        • @Captain John…

          Pfizer was taking revenge on Trump for his having formed that policy which forced some of their production to come back here.

        • Probably no matter what the internal politics of Pfizer was they knew there was no way they could release this thing a week back and not have the press trash it and have the thing blacklisted and not able to sell. That’s how vindictive these people are, Cuomo is even now saying we can’t roll it out if Trump is still in office.

      • Hunter,
        I agree that many whites, including myself, were totally disappointed in Trump. He did nothing for us.
        But the thing I don’t understand is…the whites who didn’t vote for Trump this time around…who did they vote for? It seems a far stretch to go vote for Biden. No matter how much I felt abandoned by Trump, I couldn’t even entertain the thought of voting for Biden. If people went and voted for the Libertarians or Constitution Party, their numbers should be way up then, but they weren’t.
        I was against giving the Republicans undeserved loyalty. It was either vote for Trump or no one. So who did these people vote for?

          • I almost didn’t vote. After a hard day of work, I went and voted. I also realized that our votes are like the jokes people used to make cartoons about the Soviet Union’s “elections”. Now, I don’t think any of it mattered.

        • You’re invited to google, “Woodrow Wilson He Kept Us Out Of War” (WWI). Woodrow Wilson, also “mentored” by a Jew (((Bernard Baruch))) prior to becoming a politician – same as how Zio Don Donald Cuck Trump was “mentored” by Jew (((Roy Cohn))) – told Americans in 1916 that he was the only thing/person stopping them from going into World War I.

          Americans who had much higher IQ’s (& levels of Testosterone) than do we and who were actual worldly learned masculine men literally pinned buttons onto their clothes with Wilson’s central slogan/promise, to keep America OUT of WWI. The subtle implication of that “He Kept Us Out Of War” is approximately, “He’s the Lesser Evil, (filthy Goyim)…Woodrow Wilson is your only chance to not go fight your cousins in Germany and start throwing away the entire world…Woodrow Wilson’s opponent might send you/your kids to go die fighting a European civil war…vote Wilson or apocalypse will immediately ensue (filthy Goyim)…”

          Guess how it turned out? In true American fashion, it turned out that Wilson’s Jewish bosses were planning to use Wilson to get us INTO WWI. Most likely, Wilson probably knew as he went across the country on trains “campaigning” (lying) with huge banners displaying his brilliant central promise, to keep us OUT of WWI. And of course, Wilson was a bastard in other ways (like handing over the money supply to Jews, “federal” reserve which is a private Jew bank as you probably know). Rumors abounded way back in the day that Wilson’s Jewish “mentor” Baruch basically had Wilson trained like a literal dog (if you look him up you’ll find this Baruch Jew chillin’ with Winston Churchill).

          It seems like Wilson’s making an absolutely heinous and outrageous bald faced lie that projected his (Jewish masters’) actual intentions onto the straw man, the false opposition. Jews know most of us hate them so much and “think” in such simple minded ways that all Jews have to do to fool a ton of us is pretend to oppose (ie say mean things about) someone/something and most of our race will automatically assume that anyone mocked/criticized by Jews is a true enemy of Jews. Reverse Psychology.

          They know few men of our race and even few Jew-wise men are either incapable/unwilling to try to pay extra attention,…to try to determine (best as we can, since Jews control all the major info disseminating platforms) whether the Jews criticism/mockery lines up with their actions. If they actually try to use their full might to destroy someone/thing that they mock/criticize. Basically, imo, it’s not full proof, but if they’re not treating someone they criticize same as they treated Hitler and the National Socialists, that person/thing is probably not perceived as a real threat to Jews. Doesn’t mean that that person/thing is a friend of theirs either.

          Just sayin, even Goebbels is quoted as promoting that way too simple (& by all logical indications untrue) premise/formula for anti-Jewish pro-Aryan Aryan racialists to try to figure out & identify who “we” can trust – who or what is most likely a real threat to Jews and who/what is not – by simply paying attention to who Jews promote and who they criticize…like Jews don’t know we pay attention. And like Jews will never falsely praise and say good things about people they actually want to discredit (knowing most of even Jew aware individuals will automatically assume that every single person they say anything good about is 100% certainly always a bought & paid for shabbos goy).

          I know it may seem “paranoid,” our minds certainly aren’t suited for these endless sly manipulation games, their mastery of psychological & spiritual warfare. I only came to realize and accept this after paying attention to how things seem to work after years. I didn’t want to believe they were that sophisticated (even though it’s quite simple…the avg person wants to take the path of least resistance). Anyway, I suspect even the way they’ve been censoring “POTUS” Zio Don is most likely a red herring, reverse psychology….(MIGA Qcuck: “GUUUUUUUUUYZ, THEY’RE CENSORING POTUS!!!!! SEE!!!!!! THIS ‘PROVES BEYOND DOUBT’ THAT ZIO DON IS TOTALLY /OURGUY/!!!! LOOK HOW SCURRED JEWS ARE OF HIM,CENSORING HIS TWEETS!!!!!!! WIZOW, MOST RATIONAL EXPLANATION UP IN HERE!!!! *Hits Qcuck Hopium pipe after performing lewd acts to get some mo’ hu-white pills even if they don’t make any sort of logical sense in any way). Not saying the Jews are invincible, they’re not. Nor that they control literally every single thing and plan it out centuries ahead of time either (though I wouldn’t dismiss the idea that they do make plans in advance).

          The main problem – imo – is a lack of imagination among the Jew aware Aryan men. We don’t know ourselves. We don’t understand our enemy (not that they can be fully understood either, few things seem to be black or white wherein deep truth is either one extreme or the other, many things of this life/world are shades of grey imo). We’re lazy. Basically, people take the basic Red Pill and then stop questioning their assumptions (conditioning/belief systems we got from other people when we were helpless to think it over logically, to ask ourselves if whatever we were taught really makes sense, very few if any young children do that…ever hear of “Neoteny”?). Just for the sake of being as sharp as one can be, is it not probably wise to really seriously question everything when it concerns our genocide if “we” wish to have a chance of Victory? It’s quite a burden to learn this stuff, why do you think “normies” will start wailing fists at you when you try to interrupt their fantasy delusions that we live in “land of the free” and that Aryan men/women are exactly the same other than skin tone pigment from blacks? It’s not just all the penalties they know they’ll suffer like losing their jobs. It’s painful.

          Point being, after being part of this for almost 10 years now, I’m convinced that for various reasons (namely avoiding even more pain, more of a burden that’s not pleasant) that most who take the Red Pill are like if Caesar had started crossing the Rubicon but stopped right in the middle. We are presently losing against the Jews, and it’s largely this catch 22 scenario of most who take the R.P. don’t keep going. In order to have a chance of winning, a critical mass of “white nationalists” or whatever you want to call pro-Aryan racialists must cross that Rubicon to the other side. Borrowed that metaphor from Cesar Tort. You probably wouldn’t like his core thesis. And that’s a problem, if so. Running away from a trivial (in scheme of things) bit of extra pain/burden and with the result we will keep making the same damn mistakes (like acting like revolutionaries but be-ing reactionary cucks unable to accept our vote doesn’t matter because we don’t get to (really) choose who will be nominated in the 2 party “lesser of the evil, bro’s…heads=Jews win, tails=we lose!” demockeracy voting election Sportsball show. Good luck. Be like Hitler, please. Do your best.

          • In Great Britain there was suspicion of Jews at the beginning of WWI because of their many connections to Germany/Austria Hungary. These British fears were natural but unfounded, British Jews didn’t betray the Empire to Germany. As the war dragged on Great Britain was going broke though and would have been forced to negotiate a settlement with Imperial Germany.

            At this time (1916) Lord Balfour, Foreign Secretary in the Asquith Government at the height of WWI, with horrendous losses on the Western Front for no gains made a deal with British Zionists led by the international banker, Lord Rothschild. The deal was extensive Jewish support for Great Britain’s war effort in return for a public declaration of support from the British Government for a Jewish homeland in Ottoman controlled Palestine after a British victory. The details were vague and the Jewish population in Palestine was outnumbered by Christian and Moslem Arabs at that time.

            The most important part of Zionist support for British war efforts took the form of financial support from Jewish bankers in NYC. Lord Rothschild was the leader of Jews in Great Britain at that time and his extensive financial connections in NYC kept Great Britain from going broke. It was also in 1916 that U.S. Zionists influenced Woodrow Wilson to change his mind, in one month’s time from anti to pro Balfour Declaration.

            They had been working behind the scenes to get the U.S. involved in WWI during the presidential election in 1916 as negotiations were taking place in London over the Balfour Declaration’s particulars. Wilson campaigned on a peace platform: “Vote for Wilson, he kept us out of war. One of the first things he did after being sworn in in March, 1917 was ask for a declaration of war against Imperial Germany. So much for U.S. interests first or politicians’ promises. Some things never change.


  3. I’m having some second thoughts about this.

    Trump got several million more total votes this year than in 2016. That has to include a few million more new white votes. So Biden would have had to exceed that with even more millions of new white votes.

    The only way that could have happened is if the votes came from those whites who didn’t vote in 2016 for anyone, who sat 2016 out, not from those who switched from Trump to Biden.

    Either they all really hated Hilary, but could tolerate Biden, or maybe some of the fraud is occurring with the white vote too?

    • @Kapper

      They just faked a bunch of votes for Biden – it’s perfectly obvious.

      What Republicans need to do is to use the Constitutional Option:

      I mean, of course the Republicans won’t, because if they do Mossad will release their Jeffrey Epstein child rape videos they made on their trip to Tel Aviv. You can always count on the Republicans to do the wrong thing 100% of the time.

      But if they wanted to, the Republicans have every legal and Constitutional power to do the right thing. They just won’t because Republicans are traitors to the Republic – look at how traitor Mike Pence was involved in the false flag “Anthrax Attacks” of 2001.

    • Trump DID and always has danced with that who brung him – Jews.
      Without their media, money (the man would be a beggar without Jewish loans and financing) he would have never even been a nominee let alone POTUS.
      Whites were just the victims of the ploy (which in 2016 was far more convincing than the fraud these last 4 years have shown it to be).

      • Strange ploy that had most of the nations Jews foaming at the mouth with rapid hatred using every trick in the book to take the guy out short of assassination?

        • Nightowl,

          Jews only believe that they are entitled to be nationalists. When other nations become nationalists, the jews have been removed from that country.

      • No. They did not fund him to defeat their lady Hillary and then go on to spew four years of hatred and false accusations all over him.

  4. Nobody was more angry with Trump than me. I was stomping mad in April ’17 when Trump attacked Syria and both parties started vomiting up how “presidential” his behavior was (which should tell you a lot about this country). There were faint glimmers of hope later when TWICE he tried to pull troops out of Syria and both times failed to overcome the Deep State. That said, I think we need to keep a few points in mind. 1) Trump was an outsider and really had no idea how the Swamp worked or how deep it was. I honestly believe that he thought the Swamp would in the end do his bidding when in fact HIS OWN executive branch eunuchs undermined him. 2) Presidents have some say but not total say over the cabinet. The Republican Party set Trump up with Swamp Creatures to keep an eye on him from day 1. 3) At this point, the government is not answerable to elected officials–Trump made that clear, Biden will go back to being the empty suit front man who pretends to be in charge.

  5. Any white male who voted for Trump this time around probably wears a gimp suit and a gag-ball in his mouth.

    • You already know what a gimp suit is? That alone disqualifies you. I found out what it was only after reading your comment and searching the Internet. Now I know. Kids, don’t do this at home.

  6. Hunter lays out this argument admirably. I am not completely persuaded though. Part of Trump’s white support in 2016 came from Hilary hatred. This was primarily among white males and to a lessor degree among Hispanics males. Without Hilary on the ballot and instead someone as bland as Biden, there was little Biden hate to increase his vote total or even retain the same level of white votes. (That would not have been true if the media had not suppressed the proof of treason with the Communist Chinese.) Where did the massive Trump derangement vote come from? Not the Republicans or independents given his high approval rating. That could only come from Democrats, who were already going to vote Biden. Since, if Biden was standing in pile shit he couldn’t attract flies, where comes his record vote level except from massive fraud? I don’t think that the black outreach was exclusively to attract black votes. I think a large part was aimed at suburban white women voters who were considered a weakness in his demographic support. Women tend to be more conformist and susceptible to what seems to be public opinion. Before he could get the votes of many women, he had to persuade them he wasn’t a “racist.” Hence the Platinum Plan.

    • There were multiple factors in play:

      – There were seniors who dumped Trump over COVID.
      – Joe Biden resonated more with older Catholic White Democrats.
      – There were college-educated voters who just got tired of the Trump show.

      None of this has anything to do with our swath of the country.

      It was not all one thing. We can say for certain though that White seniors, college-educated White men, working class White men, White Independents, White Moderates and younger White voters didn’t turn out in the same margins in 2020. This is where the election broke in favor of Joe Biden. Trump did better with everyone else. In some cases, significantly better like with fags.

      • Agree with all of the above. Also, Trump seemed to think that his charisma and personal appeal was more important than his ideas. This was reinforced by his rallies. There are many like myself who thought he was a very flawed messenger, an obnoxious blowhard, but liked his message and hoped he would implement it. When it became clear that he had little interest in really pursuing his nationalist/populist platform, all that was left was an obnoxious blowhard pushing Paul Ryan’s agenda.

        Trump also made too many unnecessary enemies. His incessant Tweeting and constitutional inability to keep his mouth shut turned many who would have been sympathetic or at least neutral into implacable foes.

        He also failed to heed Machiavelli, and was hated but not feared. The lack of fear ensured that a great deal of hate was directed at his hapless supporters, who were left to fend for themselves.

        VD’s blog, particularly the comments, have been pure comedy gold.

          • Captain John,

            I would much rather carpet bomb (long stick) fagtifa and blm with white phosphorus cluster munitions and napalm just to watch them suffer, before they died.

    • “Part of Trump’s white support in 2016 came from Hilary hatred. This was primarily among white males and to a lessor degree among Hispanics males.”

      Yep, by the way do you know who I’ve also found is absolutely detested by most men with balls? Meghan Rapino. The disgust at that foul creature was just pouring out during an AM radio call in show in Peoria.

  7. I think it’s not advisable to take exit poll data from the New York Times and CNN at face value. They both lie far more often than they tell the truth.

    I know it’s a very small n and counts only as anecdotal but it turns out today that my sister and I both know people who are deceased and yet voted last week. That’s a bit odd, don’t you think?

    • @Mestigoit…

      The inconsistencies, anomalies, irregularities, and out and out criminality of this election will not stand.

      If anything confirms this to me, it is the other side, for, with the passage of each day, I hear their nerves.

      In trying to strike the killing blow, they fell slightly short, and now their sword is out, with their chest exposed.

      Today was the first of the counterattack blows – Congress putting pressure on the secretary of state in Georgia, Pennsylvania’s Republican legislature asserting themselves, North Carolina coming in for Trump and Tillis, more and more affadavits being accumulated, Counsellady Sydney Powell attesting to over a million untraceable votes having been found in the Michigan and Wisconsin rolls, and President Trump signaling that the big boom is coming next week.

      Never forget that, as clever as these Dominion voting machines are, they still leave an electronic track, something which The NSA can recover.

      Things are falling into line and the conspirators know what is coming.

      The coming weeks will be a skeet shoot.

      • I hope that you are correct.

        I wouldn’t count on the NSA, part of the secret police apparatus, to help with anything. I saw that the CIA head, the torture lady, visited McConnell today but I figure she was more likely to threaten him than to offer help.

        They are getting hysterical out there– more Hitler comparisons than ever.

      • Hello Ivan;

        I would like to see the Democrats go down for vote fraud but it’s difficult to have a grain of optimism in that regard. Ultimately, Trump has been reduced to relying upon lawyers to win things for him, a very weak position indeed. Lawyers aren’t in the business of doing “the right thing”, their job is to screw things up as much as possible. Judges are lawyers too of course and it’s rare to find “justice” in a court room except, of course on TV.

  8. We are really in for it. Biden reportedly is planning to rely heavily on executive orders to implement his agenda. I somehow feel confident that his orders won’t be blocked constantly by federal judges. The first items on the agenda are climate change and fighting “systemic racism.” Your guess is as good as mine as to what he would do with regard to the latter.

    • @Mestigoit Oh yes. He is going to tax us more to pay for his programs. Trump’s attempt to limit “immigration” based on the ability to not be on social programs was blocked by a federal judge. We will now be without borders.

    • I’m really starting to not care anymore. Hurt the economy with all your environmental policies. Keep telling whites they were born evil. If a people keep bending over for such subjugation and demonization, then maybe they don’t deserve to survive.

      • @Powell…

        Substitute the word, ‘White’, for ‘German’, Sir, and you sound like Hitler railing to Traudl Junge in the bunker…

  9. MAGA is dead. Stick a fork in it. I voted for Trump but I’m not going to die on a hill for someone who did nothing to protect his supporters when they were attacked, banned, and arrested.

    • @Gryphon…

      Do you think President Trump has control of The United States’ Government?

      Looks to me like he has enough difficulty protecting himself, and the position we gave him, much less protect others.

      This is the front line and we are all under fire.

      Only the tough ones will recover from the barrage and return fire.

      Will you be one of those, or will you be just another one on The Far Right who spins his wheels in endless political cogitations?

  10. How can white Christians not be racially superior to those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent? How can white Christian not be racially superior than the Christ killers? Of course we white Christians, are superior and Christ and our worship of him is proof. Excluding the Irish like Dougherty of course.

    • Well they outsmarted us and took control of nearly every western country and have de facto set themselves up as a new nobility. By getting rid of our hereditary aristocracy and establishing a high minded meritocracy we were defenseless against this. Now the only question is will they destroy themselves as well? They seem to be deeply troubled people with a death wish, like Bourdain, Phil Spectre, Lenny Bruce, etc. Lenny Bruce seemed so nihilistic he brought home a gentile hooker as his new wife as sort of a “fuck you mom.” Are most of the liberal ones really only united by a fear and loathing of us?

    • @Dart…

      Quite to the contrary, Sir – for just today Senator Rubio hit the nail on the head, he remarking that the future of the GOP is the working class.

  11. There seems to be some movement in the election results for Pennsylvania. Lawsuits have been filed for Trump alleging illegal two-tier voting system (whatever that is). Also, after they announced that the last mail ballots were in, a tray with ~40,000 unsecured, unsealed ballots without envelopes mysteriously appeared and were all for Biden and counted orally (whatever that means– I guess no written record). Real Clear Politics (RCP) puts Pennsylvania as Undecided. We’ll see if this means anything.

    Maybe some day Hunter will have good data to analyze…

    • I’m convinced there was cheating in these big black ghettos like there always is, the question is how much and was it enough to change the election. This whole thing reminds me of the Deep Space 9 episode where Garak pulled a fraud on the Romulans to get them into the war. They hoped old Joe would be up to the task, but when it appeared not to be the blow out they wanted the usual fraud machine stepped in and helped push him over the edge. Why wouldn’t they commit fraud? If it was so important for the future as they made it out to be why not make it happen by any means necessary? Why the flag wavers with their constitution fetish playing by the rules don’t have a chance, they haven’t figured out the dice are loaded and maybe should roll some loaded ones of their own.

  12. Trump did himself no favors in the first televised debate. And yes, jew boy Chris Wallace was a terrible and bias debate moderator, but Trump looked like to arrogant NYC asshole that he is, instead of the chief executive of the nation. By comparison, doddering dotard Biden appeared as a the victim of a rabid orange bully making him a sympathetic figure.

  13. One of the stratagems the democrats pulled off during the 2020 presidential campaign was keeping the Green Party off the ballots in both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In 2016, Bernie Sanders voters cast their votes for the Green Party in protest to way internal party manipulation kept Sanders from being the democratic party’s nominee for POTUS. This cunning maneuver played a role in those two swing states going to Biden as well as the voter fraud.

    • They also fought like hell to get some clown named Kanye West off ballots. So much for let every voice be heard, let every vote count. Can’t have negroes voting for a hip-hop guy and messing things up, can we?

      I heard he was tossed out in one state because his paperwork came in 14 seconds too late.

      Man, this is really a Shithole.

  14. After all that’s happened, the virtual signaling Republicans are still trying to convince their enemies they’re not “racist” Will they ever learn? I think not.

    • @John…

      You have to understand, John, that, though the backbone of The Republican Party is now exiled Dixiecrats, the spirit of the party is still New England…

  15. How’s this for my reality check?

    I think there was absolutely massive and provable fraud and other violations of law and Supreme Court orders in this election. Even if Trump’s attorneys succeed in bringing the evidence to court and proving their cases the judges may just not be interested and may look for ways to dismiss. Maybe they also want Trump gone? A strong possibility. And we have seen many times already that a judge’s personal views often trump law and precedent and even recent Supreme Court rulings. Will the Supreme Court wish to get involved and decide the election? I think not. Who remembers 2000?

    Trump even in defeat can do us all a favor by trashing the undeserved good reputation of “Our Democracy.” It is no less corrupt than any other institution. We all already knew what that Princeton study concluded, that the average citizen voters have zero influence on public policy. Add game-changing fraud to the mix and we have a real crisis of legitimacy.

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