First Things: The Future of Conservative Populism

Check out this cope.

We won a big moral victory for National Conservatism by losing the election.

First Things:

“Amid the tumult of Election Night turned Election Week 2020, two United States senators made a striking and politically revolutionary claim: The Republican party will become a multiethnic, multiracial, and working-class party. Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri tweeted “we are a working class party now. That’s the future.” Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida echoed the sentiment, tweeting that the GOP future is “a party built on a multi-ethnic multi-racial coalition of working AMERICANS.” 

The Edison Research national exit poll found that Donald Trump’s support in 2020 rose among blacks (+4), Hispanics (+4), and Asians (+4), making Trump the most popular Republican presidential candidate among racial/ethnic minorities in sixty years. Among non-whites without a college degree, Trump’s support rose even more (+7); he won a quarter of their vote. Although he did not increase his vote percentage among whites without a college degree, Trump did maintain his national 2-to-1 lead. His persistent appeal is all the more remarkable outside the South. The white working class once largely followed the national mood, but no more. In 2020 they strongly favored Trump in Pennsylvania (+27), Nevada (+22), Michigan (+20), Wisconsin (+16), California (+16), Minnesota (+15), Maine (+11), and New Hampshire (+10) despite both the country and their states backing Joe Biden. Considering the clear tendency of polling in this election cycle to seriously undercount the Trump vote, the true values of all these figures are almost certainly higher.

The greatest sources of optimism for this new Republican coalition were the election returns from Texas and Florida, two of the country’s most racially and ethnically diverse states. Democrats had hoped to win both in 2020 as part of a “blue wave” that would sweep not only Donald Trump from the White House but Trumpism into the dustbin of history. Instead, the president actually increased both his number of votes and his percentage of the total vote in both states—not by winning back the traditional Republican country club set but by a wave of support from Hispanics. …”

Is this even true?

Did Trump win working class Americans? How did the party of the working class lose the Rust Belt and the Northern Purple States? How is Trump losing Arizona with more Hispanic support?

James Allsup claims that Donald Trump collapsed in 2020 with the working class. He only won the upper middle class.

Clearly, James Allsup is right.

The people who are financially better off due to DOW 30,000 voted for Donald Trump. The people who are financially worse off or about the same voted for Biden.

Supposedly, this is the result that is so encouraging to conservative populists. They are congratulating themselves for losing the election by demoralizing … White populists!

Fewer White men voted for Donald Trump in 2020 than in 2016 while Joe Biden picked up 6 million more votes from White men. Trump gained about 1.2 million more black votes than in 2016. He won 2 million more White women in 2020. White men shifted to Joe Biden or stayed home. We also know that Trump’s collapse was in Independents and Moderates. He did better with Conservatives.

How did Trump’s performance break down on class lines in 2016? The 2020 result is being heralded as a great victory for conservative populism:

In the 2016 election, Donald Trump won the working class, 49% to 46%. In the 2020 election, Joe Biden won the working class, 57% to 42%. It is a huge moral victory for National Conservatism though … because, while Trump split the upper middle class vote in 2016, 47% to 47%, he carried it decisively in the 2020 election, 54% to 42%. He lost working people in the Center while gaining rich people on the Right.


    • It’s certainly not a national swing from one column to another. It is evidence that, especially that first graph, that it’s very nearly impossible for a rightist candidate to win in the demographic melee of US politics, even if the message does appeal to the candidates own race by a strong margin. These data do not exist in European states who merely have economic debates with a few irredentist nationalist issues added on occasionally for spice.

  1. It also shows that he has the overwhelming support of white people. But that there is an overwhelming number of blacks and Indios in the US sharing the franchise in a position to drown out that support. He is in that sense the leader of his people.

    • “It also shows that he has the overwhelming support of white people”

      Yes since he’s a puppet (if only an unknowing one) who’s role is to funnel the rising White Racial Consciousness in the wake of Obongo’s presidency into the GOP Cuck Shed. It doesn’t matter if he gets elected again since him doing such serves Globohomo (doubly since he can play the role of big bad fascist trigger Globohomo’s foot soldiers to chimpout). He does not pose a threat to Globohomo and accepts enough of its premises (see him letting his daughter marry a Jew).

      From the standpoint of the expansion and non-degeneration of the Euro Man, “American Nationalism” is a dead end.

  2. Most Whites aren’t going to publicly say they support a candidate because X supports White values like preservation of Western civilization. The typical White voter sees politics through an economic lens first, anyway. Moral and cultural issues matter, but not as much as ones affecting the household. If a uniparty candidate came along smart enough to occupy the economically left/culturally right lane, they could politically dominate. As long as they left alone the financial elite, of course.

    • >Most Whites aren’t going to publicly say they support a candidate because X supports White values like preservation of Western civilization.

      “White Americans” are rootless consoomers who don’t respect their bloodlines with their continuity of lineage. Same goes for other Whites with Americans perhaps the ultimate example since America has served as both a base and testing ground for Globohomo. Americans and other Europeans aren’t even properly taught European history that isn’t liberal history (magna carta happened, enlightenment happened, revolutions, injuns, kangs as slaves, MLKJR, multicultural society is here) or attempts to appropriate historical figures (like saying Arminius would vote for Merkle or that George Washington backed tranny bathrooms).

      • Absolutely. Whites don’t care about being White anymore. The enemy controls the media of news and information, entertainment, and advertising, while also using education and sports as weapons against Whiteness. Unless some sudden, catastrophic event occurs, I don’t see how this country avoids the transformation into Brazil North. We gave it all away.

      • I can’t deny that I was taught the Zinn-style “White men be ebil murderous rayciss” US history in publik skool. The self-sabotage programming has only intensified over the years, I’m sure. I’ve had to look for the non-Marxist historical interpretation on my own over the years.

        BUT, there have been hopeful signs as of late. Many Whites of my acquaintance do not just go silent and turn stonefaced when the usual anti-European tropes are mentioned. Consciousness is being raised, as the hippies used to say. It took being ignored or persecuted by our supposed champion, Blompf, and the Summer of Savagery to do it, but more Huwhites are tired of being told that they’re racist and born evil.

        The nonsense of the term “racist” and its’ origins aside, if you want White racial pride to rise amongst the plebes, continual vilifying of the European tribes is a good way to accomplish that goal. If you want a defensive mistrust of other races to arise, along with the desire to separate from the Other, this is a damn fine way to stoke those fires. When I hear people not preface their remarks with, “I don’t hate anyone,” or “I’m not racist, but….”, I know the propaganda of a lifetime is starting to lose its effect. Pride in self and kin isn’t hate, it’s human nature. Such basic truths can’t be suppressed forever.

  3. The marginal increases in black and Hispanic votes were almost certainly due to Donald Trump’s cult of personality and his dgaf attitude, not because blacks and Hispanics suddenly decided to start reading Milton Friedman books and convert to laissez faire true conservatism. I don’t see it as a trend that would carry over to Nikki Haley or Dan Cringeshaw or whatever in 2024.

    • @Dart

      Good point. The BASED black guys who voted for Blumpf won’t find the likes of Josh Hawley, Crenshaw, etc. very appealing.

      • @Livingston,

        Negroes shouldn’t have found HRC very appealing either with her cringeworthy ebonics in her speeches to them, but they turned out in droves fir the wife of America’s ‘first black president.’

  4. The message from conservative Inc. and the GOP is clear. You’ve had your time white Christian man but it’s over now so just accept it.

    And what will become of Lady MAGA now?

  5. “What actually happened to conservative populism?”

    Well, that was just bs to begin with. Conservatism and populism are contradictory things. You’re either one or the other.

    • “Populism” itself is contradictory, trying to be a half-way position between outright, unabashed plutocracy and its opposite which is consistent, egalitarian democracy (aka socialism). All populism is conservative in the sense that it is conserving the capitalist system by reforming it.

  6. Headlines of the Populist People’s Party newspaper, December 1892, in the heyday of agrarian populist reaction to Gilded Age laissez faire:

  7. Blacks are demanding that Biden do something for black nationalism or beware. Too bad whites didn’t hold Trump to the same standards. Whites are too busy virtual signaling to their black heroes instead of looking out for their own race. Blacks may be stupid but are smarter when it comes to racial awareness.

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