2020 Autopsy: Ohio and North Carolina

Donald Trump carried Ohio and North Carolina in the 2020 election.

In the Purple States of the 2016 election that Hillary won (Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire), Trump lost decisively to Joe Biden. The cause was the shift in the White vote, Independents and Moderates.

In the Rust Belt swing states that Trump won in 2016 (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania), the White vote also shifted against him. Independents flipped to Biden. He lost Moderates by a larger margin than in 2016. In Pennsylvania, White college educated men played the pivotal role in defeating Trump. In Michigan and Wisconsin, it was more White working class men. Joe Biden won more of them.

In Iowa and North Dakota, which are Red States that Trump carried in 2016, he carried them both by a narrower margin. This was true of most Red States in the country. There was a nationwide blue swing to Joe Biden in all but a handful of states. The election wasn’t “stolen” in places like Bismarck, ND or Fargo, ND which illustrate the national trend. Donald Trump simply performed worse there like he also did in the Atlanta suburbs, Omaha and Oklahoma City. Trump’s performance is due to the White vote.

In the Sunbelt states where Biden is leading (Arizona and Georgia), Independents flipped to Biden. He is beating Trump by a larger margin with Moderates than Hillary. In Arizona, the cause is White working class men in Phoenix. In Georgia, it is White college educated men in the Atlanta suburbs. The electorate is 1% less white in Arizona and 1% more white in Georgia. In both states, Trump is doing better with Hispanics. He is doing 10% better with Hispanics in Georgia and 5% better with Hispanics in Arizona. And yet, he is doing 3% worse with Whites in Arizona and 6% worse with Whites in Georgia.

In the states we have looked at so far, Independents have turned on Trump in Maine, New Hampshire and Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Dakota, Georgia and Arizona. He is winning fewer Whites in the middle. He is generally doing better with blacks and Hispanics. Turnout has been higher and the electorate has whitened into a dogfight between White people.

This is the 2020 election in Ohio vs. the 2016 election in Ohio:

Trump is winning Ohio by 8 points. He also won the state by 8 points in 2016.

Here are the New York Times exit polls:

No one really cares about racism in Ohio.

Lets start by comparing the CNN exit polls:

Ohio 2020

Electorate – 84% White

Seniors – 62% Trump, 37% Biden

Independents – 52% Biden, 46% Trump

Moderates – 57% Biden, 42% Trump

Conservatives – 87% Trump, 12% Biden

Blacks (11% of electorate) – 91% Biden, 8% Trump

Hispanics (3% of electorate) – 60% Biden, 39% Trump

Whites (84% of electorate) – 58% Trump, 41% Biden

White Women – 53% Trump, 46% Biden

White Men – 63% Trump, 35% Biden

White College Educated Voters – 56% Biden, 43% Trump

White Working Class Voters – 67% Trump, 33% Biden

Ohio 2016

Electorate – 80% White

Seniors – 56% Trump, 43% Hillary

Independents – 51% Trump, 37% Hillary

Moderates – 49% Hillary, 43% Trump

Conservatives – 81% Trump, 16% Hillary

Blacks (14% of electorate) – 88% Hillary, 8% Trump

Hispanics (3% of electorate) – 67% Hillary, 26% Trump

Whites (80% of electorate) – 62% Trump, 33% Hillary

White Women – 56% Trump, 39% Hillary

White Men – 68% Trump, 27% Hillary

White College Educated Voters – 59% Trump, 34% Hillary

White Working Class Voters – 63% Trump, 33% Hillary

What do you see in these numbers?

Joe Biden has flipped Independents and is doing better with Moderates. Trump is up with Conservatives. He is winning more seniors. The electorate is whiter than in 2016. The key to Trump’s victory in Ohio is that the White working class vote has grown from 43% of the electorate to 53% of the electorate while White college graduates are down from 37% of the electorate to 31% of the electorate. Unlike elsewhere, Trump has expanded his lead with seniors in Ohio and brought out more White working class voters. In Ohio, Donald Trump found new voters to replace defecting Indies and Moderates in the suburbs.

The polls in Ohio were way off. Trump achieved the same result in Ohio with a different coalition of voters in 2020. He owes his victory to a mega turnout by the White working class.

North Carolina in 2020 vs. North Carolina in 2016:

Here are the New York Times exit polls:

Once again, no one really cares about racism in North Carolina.

Lets look at the CNN exit polls:

North Carolina 2020

Electorate – 64% White

Seniors – 58% Trump, 41% Biden

Independents – 49% Biden, 44% Trump

Moderates – 64% Biden, 31% Trump

Conservatives – 89% Trump, 10% Biden

Blacks (24% of electorate) – 91% Biden, 7% Trump

Hispanics (5% of electorate) – 59% Biden, 39% Trump

Whites (64% of electorate) – 66% Trump, 32% Biden

White Women – 64% Trump, 34% Biden

White Men – 69% Trump, 29% Biden

White College Educated Voters – 50% Trump, 48% Biden

White Working Class Voters – 77% Trump, 21% Biden

North Carolina 2016

Electorate – 70% White

Seniors – 60% Trump, 37% Biden

Independents – 53% Trump, 37% Hillary

Moderates – 57% Hillary, 37% Trump

Conservatives – 83% Trump, 15% Hillary

Blacks (20% of electorate) – 89% Hillary, 8% Trump

Hispanics (5% of electorate) – 57% Hillary, 40% Trump

Whites (70% of electorate) – 63% Trump, 32% Hillary

White Women – 60% Trump, 37% Hillary

White Men – 68% Trump, 27% Hillary

White College Educated Voters – 58% Trump, 39% Hillary

White Working Class Voters – 69% Trump, 25% Hillary

What do you see in these numbers?

The electorate in North Carolina is less White in 2020 than in 2016 because of strong black turnout. The black vote for Trump has gone down from 8% to 7%. The Hispanic vote is basically unchanged. Whites in North Carolina have shifted toward Trump. He picked up 3 points with them. Indies have flipped to Biden. Biden has also expanded his margin with Moderates. Trump has lost ground with White college educated voters. He has improved slightly with seniors. As in Ohio, the White working class came out for Trump. He gained 8 points with them. The White working class electorate has swollen from 33% to 39% while the White college educated electorate has plummeted from 37% to 25%. Basically, Trump improved with seniors and the White working class in Ohio and North Carolina. He found new voters in eastern North Carolina to offset his losses with Indies, Moderates and White college educated voters.

The red arrows show where Trump found new voters in North Carolina and Ohio to replace the ones he lost in the suburbs:

This is what happened in North Carolina:

In North Carolina and Ohio, we see once again that Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner blew it:

There were no black gains for Trump in Ohio and North Carolina. In Ohio, Joe Biden slightly improved over Hillary. In North Carolina, blacks turned out in greater number for Joe Biden. Also, it was the White working class that saved the day for Trump in both states and offset his losses with Independents, Moderates and White college educated voters. Maybe he should have offered them a Platinum Plan?

In conclusion, we see the same problem that is killing Trump all over the map in 2020 on display in Ohio and North Carolina. Independents flipped on him. Joe Biden expanded his margin with Moderates. White college educated voters moved toward Biden. In North Carolina and Ohio, however, Trump drove up White working class turnout and expanded their share of the electorate. He found a solution that eluded him elsewhere. He didn’t lose seniors like he did in other states.

The polls in North Carolina were … accurate.

Note: Yeah man … look at those HUGE gains in the black vote. Platinum Plan totally worked, man. It is a new Republican Party.


  1. The recucks took the “where else can they go?” page for blacks out of the dims’ playbook and applied it to Whites. We don’t like being taken for granted, it seems. We just need to apply pressure like that more openly, and more often than once every election cycle.

      • Go and secede, mighty keyboard warrior. When can we look forward to the reports of your leading the charge at Fort Sumter II?

    • Do You realise that the erasure of white advocates on social media was the strategy used to corral dissident whites into the fold?

      • I don’t think it was so much a strategy as an ideological by-product of those controlling social media. The right doesn’t have sway over any those platforms. Either way, it didn’t work, did it? Dissidents became so through independent thought. It’s difficult to corral those that are already willing to break from the herd.

        In general, good Captain, what makes a dissident? Imo, it’s someone who notices the patterns that others miss. Most people enjoy the safety of the herd, and don’t want their thoughtless grazing disturbed.

    • The Republicans right now are out searching for black and brown candidates for national office to run under their hideous Republican banner. They’re looking for the rare presentable black face without a criminal record who can passably speak English instead of Ebonics and won’t frighten the White folk, especially the women with young children.

      This is exactly what those idiots did after BHO was elected in 2008. The Republicans made Michael Steele chairman of the RNC so they could put a black face on TV and win over all those black voters itching to vote Republican because everyone knows: “Dems are the real rayciss.” That idiot, empty suit Willard “Mitt” Romney was sure it would punch his ticket into the White House in 2012.

      The Republicans already know they lost the presidency because they lost the White vote this year. They also know they cannot win the White House without a significant majority of the White vote. In spite of this they cannot help themselves, they will continue to antagonize their natural constituency, White people, while making ridiculous appeals to colored people who hate them and will never vote for them in appreciable numbers.

      The Republican Party needs to go the way of the Whig Party, onto the dustbin of history. They only represent a faction of the plutocracy that really runs this country for its benefit. The Democrats represent other factions of the plutocracy but their interests also overlap with the colored folk who have their hands out for gibs.

      The colored people are natural Democrats because of their racial animosity towards White people which LBJ made the cornerstone of the Democrat party with his “War on Poverty” gibs and so-called “Civil Rights” programs starting in 1964. The Republicans, much to their distaste became the default party of White people only because they weren’t the Democrats. There is therefore an inherent conflict between the plutocrat beneficial owners of the Republican Party and White Republican voters. The only solution to this inherent conflict is for Whites to have their own party and let the plutocrats have both the Democrat and Republican parties.

      • @12AX7

        In 1996 and 2000, some Republicans wanted to run General Colin Powell for President. But Powell was considered “too liberal” because he was pro-choice and pro-affirmative action.

        A decade later, the Republicans made Steele the chairman of the GOP and he said he wanted to remake the party and to welcome “Hip Hop Republicans.”

        Say what you will about Powell, he was no “Hip Hop Republican.”

        Now the Republican idea of getting the “African-American vote” is to hold meetings with rappers like “Ice Cube” and “Little Pimp.”

        • Yes, BannedHipster, Colin Powell had one thing going for him, he was a light skinned Negro, a quadroon apparently who kept getting promoted because he was presentable. It’s extremely unusual for a middling, non-West Point grad to rise that high in Army ranks. Typically it would be someone with a technical background in missiles, radar etc. who would rise that high while not being a West Point grad. Colin Powell wasn’t that smart, he was the right Negro in the right place at the right time.

          Although courted by the Republicans Gen. Powell gave them a big FU by endorsing BHO over that scumbag and fellow Vietnam Vet, John McCain. At least he had racial loyalty which is more than you can say about the Republicans.

      • The recucks, of course, were formed to replace the moribund whigs. Lincoln was their first presidential candidate. If you don’t learn from history….

  2. Smalltown and rural White Southerners came out in droves in The Tarheel State to assert our rights to bear arms, speak as we wish, refuse vaccines, maintain our law-enforcement, stop infanticide, and not have our houses of worship subjected to ‘The Equality clause’, etc, etc…

    Because of the enormous money put into our state by Yankee Jews, we could not wrest the governor’s mansion from our greatest scalawag, Roy Cooper, and it remains questionable whether our Attorney General, Joshua Stein, who is lawless.

    Though Jews are very gifted at things like The Arts, Commerce, and Science, putting them in charge of the law (or education) is like appointing a pyromaniac as fire-marshal.

    Be that as it may be : Most of the other positions in the state, however, we filled with Republicans – from our judiciary to our election board, to our commissioners, senators and representatives, both at home and abroad in the district of Columbia.

    Given that Stein and Cooper were in charge of our election, I really have no faith that the results we have been shown are actually real.

    In all likelihood, we took our Attorney general back and won the rest of the positions with much larger margins.

    That is what happened in North Carolina – The White Gentile Southerner, The Confederate Southerner, The Strict Constitutionalist-Small Government-loving Southerner voted for as much liberty and sovereignty as the actual ballot could possible allow for.

    Oh, and, yes, we elected Mr. Mark Robinson to be our first Negro Lt. Governor, and a great one he will be because a true Southerner as he is, (a better White Southerner than most White Southerners are today) he stands forthrightly for our peoples and our way of life.

    He will be our next governor, and I cannot wait to see how it drives the Left wild and how his campaigns turn into an bottomless pit for the alien money coming into our state.

    • Ivan, with “Assholeville” [because it’s so ‘gay’] in the West dominating the most beautiful part of your state, where would you suggest someone who does not like heat, retire in N.C.- if at all?

      • @Fr. John…

        With your attitudes and values, I recommend mostly the smalltowns in The Old North State.

        #1. Warrenton – in the central northern part of the state is lovely, sleepy, historic, very friendly, cheap, and only an hour’s drive to Raleigh, if the missuz likes to shoppe.

        #2. If you like very historic towns, with Mayberry-like people and a beautiful coastal view, let me recommend one of the most beautiful towns in all of Dixie – Edenton. (a tiny Savannah)

        Edenton’s downtown is very cute and economically intact (they did not allow Walmart in) and the town is full of Southern style arch-conservatives, including a very conservative Episcopal Church on Main Street, a Russian Orthodox church nearby, and, as well, an excellent Roman Catholick church.

        #3. Washington – a lovely historic smalltown with an eccentric and highly conservative populace which is on the water. It is only 30 miles from Greenville, which is a small city with very good shopping, good restauraunts and the best hospital in all of Eastern North Carolina.

        #4. New Bern – another lovely and highly historic place, and, at about 20,000 folks, the second biggest I put on this list.

        Though the personality of the town is still Southern, there is a large contingency of your fellow Yankees there, if you want their company, which you might, as you might get restless waiting for social invites from the natives.

        The town also has a large coven of witches, which you may not like.

        #5. Hendersonville/Brevard area. The largest on my list, this area (about 30 miles south of Asheville) is antithetical to the society of Asheville, though it does have many Yankees. It’s just this area attracts the Conservative Yankees, and, because of that, it is more expensive than New Bern and twice more expensive than any other town on this list and is less Christian than places like Edenton.

        Because of low property taxes (we live in an antebellum mansion on 1 1/2 acres for just $1800,00 total taxes per annum!) you can expect to find nice ranch houses in hese areas, in good neighbourhoods for 100-150K and historic houses for 150-250K

        Renting a sizaeable house usually costs $700-1,000 a month – smaller houses $450-$600

        Like Edenton, Hendersonville/Brevard area is one of incredible scenic beauty, though, it does not have the grand antebellum area that Edenton (the state’s first colonial capital) has.

        #6. Hertford – a lovely historic smalltown just ten miles from Edenton, you are only 45 mintues away from Chesapeake Virginia Beach which is the best big city in America – friendly Southerners, and military Yankees, most with a very pro-Chryst, pro-Constitution, pro-gun, polite attitude. The shopping is fantastic there, and there are many good places to eat.

        In this town there is a small Yankee congregation of Orthodox Christians which meet in the Methodist Church.

        #7. Monroe – a large smalltown that is full of friendly kind Christian folk, you are less than an hour away from Charlotte, which is a city I detest, though, there can be no question that it has good dining and shopping.

        #8. Raleigh. If you can stand a Progressive place ( I can’t:) this is a lovely town full of trees and every kind of restaurant, library, university, and shoppe.

        It is, however, very very expensive, and, unlike when i was a child, it no longer has a Southern personality, but, one which is international.

        Still folks are polite, if not all that friendly.

        FINAL NOTES…

        The key to your social success in these smaller towns is not to jolt folks with your political opinions, but, rather, let it gradually dawn (10 years) on them who you are.

        Your Christian brilliance and tenacity will play well with many of them.

        You can make yourself known, loved, and respected, if you introduce yourself to Protestant clericks (they will be very impressed with your writings) and are generally helpful, not argumentative, for, in turn, they will introduce you to all the high mucky mucks, and, as well, to many other friendly people.

        Never forget that The Smalltown South, particularly in The East, is still largely in the 18th century, so appearances and who you know (reference cards) means everything.

        Let people know you are there, but, do not be aggressive, and do not ever be overt White Supremacist/Secessionist stuff will scare many, and then people will start whispering about you – which, in a smalltown is never good. (Not so different from New England villages)

        To be clear, the majority of folks in these towns are Southern White Supremacist/Christian theocratic Conservatives , it’s just that the Jew England alliance has scared them too much to admit it to themselves.

        Just highlight your naturally gregarious, polite, and conversational personality, making sure to end every statement with Yes, Sir, and Yes, M’am, until you are told otherwise.

        Never be in a rush in these towns, and make sure to hold doors open for folks , and, as well, always make eye contact with the natives and smile.

        These are our codes, mostly traditional, but, some new.

        Remember, Smalltown Southerners are generally open to the company of Yankees, if the politeness and friendliness of that particular Northerner is there.

        Final notes – if you want to live with people who are still mostly in the 18th century, I recommend Eastern North Carolina, particularly the northeast.

        We are lost in time and well exercised at ignoring practically everything else the rest of the nation does or thinks:)

        If you choose to live in Edenton or Hertford, we will meet one day at Saint George’s Orthodox Church – count on it.

        Also, I can give you some social contacts in these towns to ease your transition.

      • @Fr. John…

        You cannot avoid heat in Dixie. That said, there are degrees here.

        Washington, New Bern, Monroe, and Greenville are all very sunny and very hot.

        Same for Edenton and Raleigh, though, a little less so.

        Warrenton is not very hot, but, yes, July through September you will be using your air-conditioner.

        Henderson/Brevard is less hot than Warrenton, though, there again, you will wish for your air-condition in July and August.

        The weather in Henderson/Brevard is more like what they have in Eastern Massachussets, but 2 or 3 degrees warmer, on a daily average.

        You may wish to look into the Sparta NC/Galax Virginia area, as that is mountainous, not so hot, and very conservative, very White, but, very very Southern.

        People who live in Sparta/Galax area do their shopping in Lynchburg Virginia.

        If you like hills, the Sparta/Galax area is quite lovely and scenic, as is the Hendersonville/Brevard area.

        You may also wish to look into the Virginny mountains.

        If you wish to be near more Southern Nationalist/Secessionist types, you can explore the Roanoke Virginia area, which is an enema to the Charlottesville area an hour north of it.

        Same for the Bristol/Johnson City area – a nice Southern city up in the mountains on the Virginia/Tennessee/ North Carolina borders.

        it is not hot, not as we Southerners think of it, but, there again, you will want air-conditioning in July and August.

        Another strategy you could pursue is to live in Eastern North Carolina with us 10 months a year and head back to your homeland for July and August.

        • Dear Ivan: Perhaps you’re not aware that I’m actually a harmless ol’ teddy bear in person. It’s only when exercising my charism that I speak truth to power. One on one, (I’m told) I’m actually quite nice. LOL

          Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe what I am saying… but there is a time to speak, a time to be silent, a time to build up, and a time to tear down, etc.

  3. I’ll bet on Zimmerman being retried and locked up when Harris takes the reins. And maybe “Attorney Crump” as AG.

  4. I know that my state, North Carolina, is regarded as a Purple Swing State, and yet the majority of our representatives to Washington and our state legislature are Red, as are most of our commissioners and boards.

    Moreover, Democrat presidential candidates have only won this state 3 times in the last 60 years – JFK in 1960, Jimmy Carter in 1976, and Barack Obama in 2008.

    In fact, without alien money flooding our elections, we would control every office in our state.

    • The hispanics littering that town… far too many ‘Xtians’ in the South, in towns like “Mt. Pilot” off the freeway, actually believe the N-word is ontologically the same as the White Man. So, the Spic must be even MORE ‘like us’ than the Darkie. NO CREO YO.

        • Dear Cristina: I was not trying to be correct in my attempts at Spanish, rather emphatic.
          But thanks. I’ve not studied Español since I was 11 y.o.

          • Fr. John,

            Okay. I was being helpful not snotty. The object in a language is to be understood after all and you succeeded of course and that is what counts.

  5. Now that Trump is gone, the question is who is going to replace him? I know the Republicans are not going to let multicultural MAGA just wither away into the sunset and neither will the Trump whisperer pundits.

    I will not be fooled by a MAGA inspired politician. MAGA is now a synonym for globo-homo, minority ass kissing, White guilt from “dems are da real racists, and “looking into it” / “monitoring the situation” con jobs.

    I know the “Dissident Right” / “Alt Right” were promoting YangGang, but you should have promoted Richard Ojeda instead. Ojeda is far from a perfect politician but he was anti-immigration, pro-working class, anti-corruption, and anti-war. He was all the things Andrew Yang was not. UBI is a meme, not reality.

  6. Btw, Florida’s governor Ron Desantis just passed some seriously based legislation. I know the guy is a Zionist but take a look at this:


    From the article:

    “Florida’s DeSantis moves to allow citizens to shoot looters, rioters targeting businesses”

    “The legislation is an attempt to prevent ‘violent and disorderly assemblies’ by permitting violence against anyone involved in the ‘interruption or impairment’ of a business, reportedly described in the draft as being a burglary within 500 feet of ‘violent or disorderly assembly’…”

    “The draft legislation also includes measures that would make protesting which disrupts the public by blocking traffic, a third degree felony. The law would also reportedly grant immunity to drivers who unintentionally kill or injure protesters who were blocking traffic.

    Additionally the law would allow the state to withhold funds from local governments that cut police budgets.”

  7. Off-topic yet relevant to everything:

    In my newsfeed today, I see that hospitalizations for Covid in the U.S. reached the highest level ever yesterday, at 61,964. Also the seven-day average of daily deaths is now over 1,000 deaths per day, a new record. As infections skyrocket out of control everywhere in the U.S., the death toll also climbs about a month later (the time it takes victims to die of suffocation). But now that Trump is gone, or going, and “happy days are here again,” I predict that the pandemic will no longer receive much attention by mainstream media. The attention that was given to it was to use it as a propaganda weapon to remove Trump.

    Now the pandemic will be mostly forgotten by mainstream media (except to promote vaccination) and the U.S. “herd” (masses) will be lulled into complacency while Covid burns through the rest of the “herd,” selectively killing off or crippling many of the old White people.

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