Ryan Girdusky: Why Trump’s Identity Politics Gambit Failed

Ryan Girdusky is correct.

The problem is clearly White men. It is both college educated and White working class men. It is Indies and Moderates. Trump’s weakness with these groups is why he has lost the 2020 election. He performed significantly better with Conservatives and the DOW 30,000 crowd.


  1. A LOT of the vote fraud, and I do mean A LOT, A LOT of the vote fraud was commtted by blacks Trump loves so much. The bosses and handlers of the blacks stealing votes from Trump were Jews, another demographic Trump loves so much. The election was stolen from Trump by the two demographics he loves the most, jews and blacks.

    It’s true Trump lost some White support but he still won the election by 75-80% of the vote, overhwelmingly it was White Americans who voted for him.

    I don’t like it that the Democrats are trying desperately to steal the election from Trump, but in way he deserves it. He told that story about The Snake in the 2016 campaign leaving everyone the impression he was very savvy to evil machinations, yet his two favorite demographics the jews and the blacks he loves so much are the very ones who are doing all the evil machinating to steal the election from him. Trump the chump.

    I’ll be upset if the courts declare Biden-Kamala the winners but I won’t be losing any sleep over it either. It’s what he gets for taking The Snake home and nurturing The Snake.

    • If Trump wakes up tomorrow and it’s Jan. 1st, 2020 and all of this was just a bad dream but a bad dream with a lesson, a prophecy, it would do no good. Trump hasn’t learned a fucking thing. He would do it all over again the exact same way, he would change nothing, he would learn nothing. He would still trust his no good son-in-law and idiot daughter and listen to all the bad advice from the idiots he surrounded himself with and lose again.

      In that sense he is like all good conservatives, they are unteachable. They would rather hit the iceberg and sink than swerve a couple of hundred yards to avoid it if someone paid them to stay the course even though it meant ruin. The Republicans are hopeless, hopeless. The only reason they are in business at all is because the Democrats are also wretched.

  2. Who knows, really.what all is.going on , behind the scenes and has been going on behind the scenes, i for one do not believe anyones official narrative at the moment. If.the.courts dont rule in president trumps favor, i doubt.biden will even be in there long enough to get pissed at, president.k.harris is a challenge you boys aint ready for, you better hope p.trump gets it.

  3. So would all of you, like to know what madame president harris, will be like? Open up your bibles and read about the great queen ” jezebel”.

  4. Alas! Poor, poor ! Governor whitmer of michigan, who imposed tyranny on her own citizenry, at the behest of the democratic national commitee, thinking she would get that vp slot, a heartbeat away from the presidency..alas! Poor, poor ! Governor whitmer, it would appear that you got played! You should have let olde dirty joe, have his way with that long pretty hair of yours, madame govenor.

  5. Let’s not forget we lost more rights and were censored more under the great Emperor than under Obama. Obama didn’t ban bump stocks or give us the “red flag” laws, that was the great Emperor Trump. How fast most of you forget because of the brainwashing that Trump is the great white savior. Trump-tards are worse than Obama-tards. Both parties are equally corrupt but watch how fast “law and order” is restored under Biden and Camel-toe Harris.Same with COVID.

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