Full Haus: What Happened In The 2020 Election

What happened in the 2020 election?

In this episode of Full Haus, we debate what happened with the White vote in 2020. Who were the missing White male Independent voters in the suburbs who cost Blumpf the 2020 election? Were they wealthy college educated suburbanites who were tired of his shit and flipped to Joe Biden or were they more downscale blue collar and middle class Indies who sat out the 2020 election?

For graph nerds trying to figure out what happened: what happened with White Indie men in the Atlanta suburbs, Madison and the Milwaukee suburbs, the Detroit suburbs and Grand Rapids and the Philly suburbs? Why were they the only demographic in the country which was less interested in Blumpf Season 2 than in the 2016 election? Was it “white supremacy” or Blumpf’s lack of racism and populism that cost him with this demographic? Has anyone seen Pepe? Did he ghost on Donald Trump?


  1. Trump lost because he ran a campaign that should win the White House for the Republicans… in 2040, when whites in America will be less than 50% of the total. By then the non-white vote will matter more.

    They’re so in contempt of the white vote, they would rather it just fade away.

    Whites are becoming the modern day version of India’s caste system, the untouchables.

    • Agreed. I anticipate a domestic drone strike to enforce quarantine on some whitebread protest someplace.

      • Your memes, in particular, on other threads strongly suggest that you are almost giddy with delight over the defeat of “Blompf.”

        In their desire to extirpate all remaining vestiges of “Trumpism,” I would expect censorship and de-platforming to accelerate.

        If, as is said, white men turned on Trump because he took them for granted or neglected their interests they are going to regret it when Kamala and Joe get through with them. Too bad it can’t be arranged for the 5-%ers to bear the brunt of it…

        • Biden, for as long as he lasts is Trumpian. Bewildered old white man facing assassins within his own party. I hope he has food taster and a good set of body armour. Kamala will go for it and her husband will have the connections.

      • “I only called the election.I had nothing to do with swinging it.” – Brad Griffin, scalawag

        BULL SHIT. I call you now as what you are- a scurrilous Yankee in your heart.

        THIS is what a TRUE Southernor would have said, done, thought.

        “I have always been moved by the love and affection the Southern people retained for Robert E. Lee, even after he lost the Civil War. He made some crucial military mistakes, but still his people loved him because they knew he had given them his life’s blood. So it is with Donald Trump. He has given his life’s blood for his people. He deserves their love, and it seems that he has it. I hope he retains it always, even in defeat.(1) Whatever Trump’s mistakes were, he was the embodiment of what a Christian leader should be. He loved much and fought mightily against the same forces of evil that Lee fought against, only at this stage of European history the forces of evil are infinitely mightier than they were at the time of Robert E. Lee.” – https://cambriawillnotyield.com/2020/11/07/it-will-be-now/

          • Give us a break, you were (are) anything but an objective observer of the election including your mendacious “autopsies” that axiomatically accept all vote/poll totals from the MSM. You do the same thing with the supposed covid “cases” and “deaths”. This site and its proprietor were coopted by the enemy of white people back when you took your odd hiatus, that much is clear enough now. If you were legit, you would have been banned (like DS and others) instead you sold out yourself and your people. Have you ever even posted a single critique of Biden/Harris, let alone jews? Modernism indeed. By the way, why don’t you post using your real fucking name?

        • “Father John+” are you some kind of Russian Bot or just insane?

          Trump is the “embodiment of what a Christian leader should be?”
          Are you serious? Have you even bothered to read the Bible?

          In my Church, God’s Church, a “Christian leader” like Trump would have been dis-fellowshiped and expelled n a NY minute.

          When it was discovered that a brother or sister in our Church had egregiously sinned, (committed adultery, fornication, stole money, beat their wives, etc.) we went to them and asked them to publicly repent; to go before the Church, confess their sin, and repent. (Like the Bible calls us to do.) READ THE BIBLE.

          ANY Christian in a leadership position is called to a higher standard (as the Bible clearly states) and that “leader” would have been removed at once.

          Trump, as you well know has, slept with prostitutes, committed adultery and fornication, lied, deceived, and committed immoral acts which border on rape or assault.

          None of which has he publicly repented of.

          The “embodiment of a Christian leader?” An un-repentant fornicator? I think not.

          • Full House, as for the unlikelihood of Trump’s “Christian embodiment,” consider the apostate “church” ‘s canonized “saints,” many of whom did what Trump does and even worse. “Saint” Louis is one example that has been bragged about on this site. Yes, by such a “moral standard” he could be an ideal Christian leader.

          • I’m extremely bothered by the evangelical trend of Trump adoration from the pulpit. The worship of lib politicians from pulpits in black churches is also disturbing. That’s bringing idol worship into the church. You’re elevating Caesar to God’s level, which is warped and sick. We’re supposed to be in the world, not of it. Which is incredibly difficult, but Christ tells us His way is the one through the narrow gate. It ain’t supposed to be easy.

        • @Fr. John:

          Sorry, sir, but I respectfully disagree with you.

          Did it ever occur to you that Trump may have meant well, but Trump, despite his Everyman Persona had no idea who the base that he originally appealed to really was?

          Simply because he has nothing in common with them, outside of the fact that the Elite look down on him just like they look down on them.

          Trump was a New York liberal Democrat for years before he ran for president. His background is more show business and Hollywood than rust belt and heartland. He saw nothing wrong with promoting homosexual/LBGTXYZ pride because they were his caterers and reality show promoters. He was palsy walsy with Al Sharpton and Black entertainers like Don King and Infomedia people like Oprah Winfrey – he appeared on her show promoting his ideas and getting a very respectful hearing all the time when he was a registered Democrat.

          He allowed Jarvanka into talking him into throwing White heterosexual working class men under the bus in favor of tax cuts, because, like Jared, he felt they had nowhere to go and would HAVE to vote for him simply because he wasn’t nominally a Democrat – the lesser of two evils, if you will. He did so, because he believed it himself. He saw them as racists who only supported him because of his rather loud dog whistles and held them in contempt.

          This business of opening the jails and then doing nothing to stop the rioting – how would any sane authoritarian with right wing leanings see that going over with his base – if he truly shared their views?

          He didn’t have to promise to build the wall; he could have put through an executive order making E-verify the law of the land when it came to welfare benefits, housing, and employment. He could have ordered draconian fines on people caught hiring or housing them. He could have frozen all H1B1 visas. He could have let DACA just expire. He could have not bombed Syria. He could have done on Day One what he was forced to do with Mexico, put in high tariffs if they didn’t control their northern border and removed the tax penalty for Obamacare.

          As Ann Coulter pointed out, he could have followed Jeff Sessions’ advice and fired Comey the moment he came into office. He didn’t have to publicly admit that he did so to end the Russia investigation. He did not have to purge all America First supporters like Cory Lewandowski from his administration. He didn’t have to allow that ditsy daughter and creepy son-in-law of his to run his foreign and domestic policy.

          This election was Trump’s to lose from the moment he entered the White House. The irony is that I believe that Trump could have gotten even more so-called “people of color” to vote for him if he had focused on improving the condition of poor people, i.e. by not penalizing welfare recipients if they marry someone with a job or if their teen-aged children got jobs. And if social security and disability recipients – many of whom were forced to go on those programs when the economy tanked the last time.

          The saying “Get Woke, Go Broke” is true. Trump didn’t have to endanger people living in marginalized or increasingly marginal areas by flooding them with freed convicts. He ran on a law and order platform and he should have made it easier for offenders to serve longer sentences and harder to get out. Prison reform should have focused on teaching these prisoners viable life and job skills and giving prospective employers huge tax incentives to hire them. Period.

          That said, I don’t want to see the country go back to business as usual with both sides taking money via their family members to mismanage our country into a slow decline. I think it is time for there to be a YUGE push to change our system to more of a parliamentary one with more than merely two sides to a duopoly taking turns at the head of the line raping the country.

          Instead of staying home and not voting, we all need to start looking at any part that is NONE OF THE ABOVE – not Republican or Democrat. IMO, Whites making a fatal mistake by NOT registering and then voting. It’s why they are discounted even though they are still the majority. However, if every White of voting age registered and then voted for a third party, it would send the mesage – loud and clear. We are here and we will not sit tamely by while you screw us.

          • ” . . . both sides taking money via their family members to mismanage our country into a slow decline. . . “

            The decline isn’t slow, it’s like going from 60 MPH to 300 MPH down the road when the Speed Limit sign say 35 MPH. The problem is there is a sharp turn up ahead, even 35 MPH would be too fast.

      • There is going to be some real complaining after 4 years of Holy Catholic Joe Biden, and the colored girl. Bet on it. LOL.

        • Slow Joe doesn’t even know what day it is, he thinks he’s still running for the Senate in 1972 after he turns on the record player and his B&W 19 inch Zenith TV warms up. Joe was an excellent pick for the Democrats for that very reason, his mind is shot. He is merely a stalking horse for the Hindu-Dindu and her communist handlers.

          You are correct of course, the buyer’s remorse on this will be one for the ages but that is what DACA and refugee resettlement are for, flooding the country with 100 million new wogs to cement Democrat control.

          They will find they have inherited the wind.


    • @Ron,

      No one is gloating. Blompf did this to himself when he tuned out everyone except ivanka and jared. Even his boomercon supporters ad mit that Trump is his own worse enemy. The fact remains that he was a snake oil salesman who didn’t care a lick about White citizens of this country. His heart was always in Israel.

      • The election in a nut shell…


        Matt Walsh, employee of Zionist Jew Ben Shapiro denies the existence of a Chinese Mind and calls a multi generational soldier a bigot.

        Meaning of the word Bigot has shifted a lot and only appears to apply to white people situationally.

  2. A local Republican activist (not wearing a mask, of course) who studies the “Epoch Times” CIA propaganda rag (that I automatically throw away) “informed” me about China yesterday: that Mexico is building tanks for China, and that there are 50,000 Chinese troops stationed in Mexico, preparing to invade the U.S.!!!

  3. anonymous,

    What??? I am going to look into this. It sounds ridiculous. Did the article say what state in Mexico this is happening?

    • I did not bother to ask because it was sheer nonsense. Nor did I ask why he was “100% certain” that Trump had won the election. This is a supposedly “well-informed” Tea Party Republican who has held elected office.

  4. Mestigoit,

    Thanks. I get excited easily. I could not imagine Mexico doing this but I was agitated.

    • Nothing like that could happen, but what do conspiracy theory believers know? Mexico has not fully joined the hybrid war against China and continues doing business. Mexico has a better president (AMLO) than the U.S. under Obama, Trump and Harris-Biden. I was proud of your country for daring to give asylum to socialist Bolivian election winner Evo Morales, after the U.S. coup one year ago.

      • anonymous,

        I thank you for congratulating Mexico. I too wish the USA would not meddle in the world but solve it’s own problems which seem to me very daunting. I also support the legitimate ruler of Venezuela and wish the USA would leave them alone.

        As an aside Venezuela condemns homosexual marriages and abortion which by my standards makes it more christian than the USA and it’s current president and the president elect. My information was derived from Wikipedia a few months ago.

    • @Christina,

      Do you want to he agitated for a real reason?

      Those Mexican feminists that were protesting in Mexico City for legalizing abortion, and the neo-Bolsheviks in Columbia tearing down statues of Spanish heroes are in communication with antifa and blm in the USA.

      All these “uprisings” and their leadership from Hong Kong to Belarus to Portland are all exchanging strategies and mutual aid and support with one another.

      I’ll let you guess where all the roads lead back to. No cheating.

      • November,

        Perhaps a people who are experts at getting others to fight for them? And are a people who cannot be mentioned publicly in the USA unless it is with reverence?

        Through religious classes/books I am aware of their past history but it is truly amazing on their current global plotting. My family possesses many books about these people. The Plot Against the Church for instance printed in Spanish, English, Italian, and German.

        The Forwards/Introductions on this book is revealing. The Spanish and Italian forward strongly condemns the Jews while even the German Forward to the book is relatively condemning. Considering it was written in the early to middle 1960’s I was glad to see they still had backbone.

        And then we come to the American Introduction. The Introduction is very apologetic and just says Jews sometimes do not always act right!!!! Perhaps the biggest understatement I have ever read.

  5. This website is fake and gay. It’s obvious to millions of white people this election was a fraud. But bradfag just pushed the man narrative same as with covid. You suck. Your site sucks.

      • Well Hunter, the good thing is that there are many other websites to entertain those who dislike you and your excellent site, good riddance to them.

        Keep up the good work.

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