MIGA: Jonathan Pollard Is Free To Return To Israel

America First, amirite?

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — Jonathan J. Pollard, the American convicted of spying for Israel in one of the most notorious espionage cases of the late Cold War, completed his parole on Friday, the Justice Department said, freeing him to go to Israel as he has said he intends to do.

The Justice Department’s decision to let his parole restrictions expire may be one of the final gifts from the Trump administration to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Mr. Pollard’s case had long been an irritant in the relations between the two countries, and both sides at times had used him as a diplomatic bargaining chip.

A U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, Mr. Pollard gave a range of classified documents to Israel starting in 1984. His disclosures exposed the abilities of the American spy agencies, potentially damaged intelligence collection efforts and risked exposing secrets, C.I.A. and Defense Department officials said in classified documents prepared after his arrest. He was arrested in 1985, and was convicted and served 30 years in prison before being released in 2015. …”

The election is over.

And yet, the winning still hasn’t stopped for MIGA.

Note: Jexodus happened and Jews voted for Joe Biden.

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    • @Malachi I know you are just quoting a common phrase, but hate is never healthy. It consumes you, clouds your judgement and usually results in destroying you as well. Recognizing patterns in people and even anger can be used as a tool but blind hatred is never the right path. I know not everyone here is a Christian but it is still the defining moral system we have been lived by for thousands of years now. I hate being preachy I just think the key to success is believing in your cause, and if it is based on blind hatred the means and ends will both be dark.

      • Is it wrong to hate those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent? Why did the Jews kill Christ?

        • @ mr.browning sir, our lord let them do it, jesus obeyed his father and gave his life for you and me brother, for the remission of our sins, we adore, who they despise, i will keep on adoring him.

      • Go ahead and be as virtuous as you want, fool. The other side is going to fucking eat you alive. And you’ll deserve it too.

        • @Spah “fool”? A lot of venom there big guy, obviously a sign of some internal problems and self hatred. Every great historical figure and philosopher has spoken about using a clear and unmuddied process before making decisions. Forgive me for not broadly hating all Jews or Blacks. Your rhetoric will go over really well in the modern world speaking to people who have spent their entire lives being brainwashed on everything from 1865 to 1942 to the present. Dont worry it will go over well, you can be another Pat Little, Anglin or Heimbach.

          Its gonna work for you big guy and you certainly wont be thought of as a nut. I promise.

      • @Malachi,

        Embrace the hate with a perfect burning fury for your enemies. Love your Volk deserving of being loved.

    • “Pollard turned over to the Israelis [America’s] entire East European agents and assets network lists that represented a generation of intelligence work to build up. Around 1100 of these people were arrested, tortured, and many of them executed. This was the intelligence failure of all human history, which no American government could admit to for the incompetence that it showed.” (ref. Jim W. Dean, PressTV article, 3/21/13)

      Israelis traded Pollard’s material – including nuclear submarine first-strike codes – to the Soviet Union as compensation for the continued emigration to Israel of Russian Jews who had knowledge of sensitive information or who held unique skills.

      James Woolsey, CIA director under President Clinton, was interviewed on NPR this month and asked for his opinion. Woolsey said that Pollard has been in prison for over 25 years and the only spies who are sentenced that long are those who got Americans killed and who spied for an enemy.

      Could it be true, as Pollard’s prosecutors claimed, that when he gave U.S. Naval tracking techniques of Soviet subs “out of loyalty to Israel,” he also sold info to Pakistan and South Africa for significant monetary gain? Mr. Pollard allegedly delivered classified documents by the briefcase load every couple of weeks.

      Directors of U.S. Naval Intelligence asserted that Pollard offered his services to a fourth country while he was spying for Israel, and that he betrayed worldwide intelligence data — including sources & methods developed at significant cost to the U.S. taxpayer. As a result, some of these sources are lost forever. (ref. W. O. Studeman, et al., “Release Pollard at the Nation’s Peril”, The Washington Post, 12/12/98.)

      Mr Pollard was arrested in 1985 and was granted Israeli citizenship in 1995, and has since renounced his U.S. citizenship. Israel has officially admitted that Pollard acted as an Israeli agent while he was a U.S. citizen. (ref. N.Y. Times, 3/21/13)”


      America’s nuclear deterant cost 5 trillion dollars to develop in 1950s and 1960s money. This guy gave it to Israel, and Israel gives it to America’s biggest nuclear armed enemy.

      And now Trump lets Pollard go? Trump is a traitor. Anyone who supports him is a traitor. I hope they lock him up.

      • Many of the patriots Pollard ended up getting killed in Eastern Europe would have made a great first generation of leaders in post soviet societies. Instead predatory Jews wolfed down all the assets in the former USSR and Warsaw Pact. What a Cohencidence.

        Schlomo secured the post communist bag with one breach of security.

      • How is Israel not considered this country’s worst enemy? They have damaged us more than any other.

        Ok, I know the answer to that question but it makes my blood boil.

        My thoughts and prayers go out to Syria, Lebanon, Iran and all those who stand against that “shitty little country.”

      • “Israel gives it to America’s biggest nuclear armed enemy”:

        I disagree. Nuclear armed Russia is NOT even an enemy, but nuclear-armed Israel is.

      • What Israel steals from the U.S ends in in the hands of the PRC. Had an Israeli betrayed his country like that in a foreign country Mossad would have sent a hit team to take him out!

      • There is no way in Hell Jonathan Pollard got away with his treachery and achieved such high levels of success in his espionage campaign without tremendous help within and without the Federal Government. How many committees did the scumbags in Congress convene to look in to this? How much curiosity did the NYT, WSJ, Fox TV et al. have about Pollard’s treachery and perhaps, a pattern emerging? To ask is to answer.

        There had to be warning signs that things were amiss as U.S. agents began disappearing and intelligence sources dried up yet Pollard was not stopped for a long time. Just as the filthy Epstein was able to continue with his perversions because of help inside the Government (the sweetheart deal in Palm Beach, 2008) there have to be people who made Jonathan Pollard’s treachery so successful yet they have permanently escaped indictment. Of course, the Usual Suspects were in the thick of things protecting their boy but there had to be others not of the tribe who turned a blind eye, perhaps out of fear.

  1. Look on Googles list of spies against America. From World War 1 to present, I am noticing a trend starting before the infamous Rosenbergs to Mr. Pollard. Not to generalize as there are good people amongst all groups, but to quote Dr. Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer not the Communist agitator, there is something particularly unique about our friends in the tribe and subverting the West. Not all certainly but there seems to be a natural predilection for Communism there.

    • It’s pretty obvious that Pollard got non Jewish patriots in the USSR and Warsaw Pact killed. Many of the executioners in the soviet system were doubtlessly the Jews who went on to asset strip the post soviet sphere. The level of protection he’s enjoyed indicates enormous fortunes and power were transferred.

      • “Pollard got non Jewish patriots in the USSR and Warsaw Pact killed”:

        The Empire’s spies and other cold warriors were and are not patriots, just mercenaries. Being Gentile doesn’t make them any less the war criminal.

        • Pollard didn’t betray any Jewish operatives. Every single one of them were nationalists or thereabouts. Several executed by yids behind the iron curtain.

    • Oh yes, those Jews have the art of spying down to a science among other dishonorable activities these vicious and snotty fiends use to their advantage to exploit the people of European descent and their European countries. Being of Irish, Germanic, and Western Ukrainain descent I guess I have too much moral substance than to have the idea that some in the movement have which is to say that the Jews are just doing what we should be doing. Well, the problem with that is what society would become if we started acting like Jews, which would cause a barbaric existence I believe. Of course, we could never excel at Jews in the dishonorable attributes as the do since the attributes are genetic for the Jews. This weasel Pollard committed acts of espionage that could have caused one heck of a catastrophe so it was not as though he was passing political secrets. The long nosed, snotty weasel of a fiend should have had his Jewish fanny hung for the stunt he pulled. But, no, he was sent to Marion USP for less than two decades and his confinement was not in Marion’s superman, oh heavens no, the weasel Jew had some sort of dormitory like living arrangement and I kid you not. His living arrangement was even nicer than the prison camp at Marion that is adjacent to the superman. Naturally, no one said a darn thing about this Jew’s preferential treatment and it was only known at the time of his release because then it no longer matter. Geez, the audacity of the Jews never ceases to amaze me, especially when the point their snotty finger at European nations and America when we oppose open borders that Israel prohibits. The word Satan means accuser and that is just what Jews do they accuse while being total hypocrites. But, keep it quiet, they do not like to hear that about themselves. Lastly, I would have thought President Trump would have had enough self-respect to make sassy and snotty Jew Pollard serve out the remainder of his little parole period where he likely never had to even report to a federal parole officer. Yes, the way the Jews promoted Antifa and the way in which they just talked about President Trump like he was a dirty old dog would have made me think that he should have required weasel Pollard to finish his parole, especially given the serious of his crime, his ridiculously lenient sentence, and his comfy prison stay. Heck, maybe President Trump is just another stooge for the never-happy, never-satisfied, always complaining, always accusing, always victimized, hateful Jews, but I hope that is not the case.

  2. That Lawyer who investigated Trump Andy Weissmann, who looks like the Happy Merchant just recommended that Trump be arrested after Biden is in.

    Yesssss pleassssssseeee, terms accepted. Let’s get it over with small hats.

  3. Pollard did more damage to the security of the US than the Rosenberg’s but we no longer live in a “law and order” nation so the jew was able to cheat the death penalty and go to where his true loyalties lie, Israel. Trump’s administration was responsible for his release to Israel. I bet he never had to see his parole officer once while he was on parole. jew privilege. There are many Pollard’s working in US govt positions and their loyalties are not to the US.

    • “damage to the security of the US”:

      Don’t confuse that security with the security/welfare of the common people in the U.S., which was rather HELPED by the balance of power with Russia when Russia was still strong before Gorbachev.

      • Pollard got rid of nationalists in Eastern Europe, by exchanging US intel for the Jews to get tech from the USSR. Diabolical example of two birds with one stone.

  4. Zionist jews in America and Israel applied immense pressure on the über corrupt William Jefferson Clinton, and even he didn’t pardon (((jonathan pollard))) when he was handing out pardons like Halloween candy to jews like international banker/hedge fund manager (((marc rich))).

    Blompf/kushner keep handing out hanankah presents in November. MIGA!!!!

    • Pollard got a lot of decent people killed. People who could have led the post soviet space in a little less of a kosher zone.

  5. All you need to understand the Ashkenazi and Sephardic jews is inside of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    Be it a “hoax” or “plagiarism” it has been the the playbook of international zionist jewry for the last 120 years.

    To paraphrase Dr. Andrew Joyce told Frodi on a recent podcast, “1984 is a work of fiction, but no one could deny that it comports well with the state’s behavior in the West.” The same could be said of the jew’s subversion and subterfuge.


    • The Rosenbergs were sacrificial lambs and ready-made “martyr” – Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn managed to fry them but it was a sacrifice for the Tribe.

        • Easy. Jews sacrificed the Rosenbergs so that they would still be trusted to fill future government positions. Thus, making Jonathan Pollard’s treachery possible in the future. They made a big issue of making sure that the prosecutor was Jewish – Roy Cohn, the judge was Jewish and even many in the jury were Jewish. Great optics showing they were all loyal, patriotic Americans. Of course, efforts never stop to make it appear that the Rosenbergs were framed so that they can whip some new guilt trip over Americans.

  6. Meanwhile, Julian Assange will NOT be free to return to Australia. He won’t even be alive soon.

    Is there no justice in this world?

      • Not to change the subject but wouldn’t it be a hoot if Trump pardoned James Fields on the way out? Of course it won’t happen but it would be fun watching the usual suspects’ heads blowing off, going out of their fucking minds.

  7. Is it even possible for Israel to spy on the United States in 2020? They are one political entity at this point.

  8. This is sickening! Dear DJT: This is not going to win you any brownie points. The majority of Jews voted against you and despise you! Israel used you as a tool for 4 yeas. Notice how quickly they jumped ship to swim to Biden. Wake the F up! Ivanka and Jared lost the election for you! How did dropping your base and running as a big tent Republican work out for you? Now we get Obama 3.0

    • Well said and stop on. If Trump by chance wins in the supreme ct, he will forgive Netanyahu and pander to him even harder. Trump is a fools fool.

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