Keep Trusting The Plan

The plan is to circle the drain with Donald Trump.

The Daily Republican:

“We failed at Charlottesville. There were problems that I didn’t understand, which I should have understood. It was an absolute disaster. But God granted us a do-over, and we’ve now succeeded. We have a movement. We have an army. What the system has done has pushed the establishment of the conservative movement into absolute irrelevancy. …”

Actually, Donald Trump’s disapproval rating came down in the wake of Charlottesville which had zero impact on his poll numbers. No one ever cared about Charlottesville.

“I have never felt more joy than in seeing all of these young people in their teens and twenties at these rallies, surrounding Nick, looking fit and healthy, wearing pants that fit, chanting “Christ is KING.” I get chills every time I watch one of the clips. The thing that I called for after Charlottesville has happened. We have built an American Nationalist movement, and it is now unfolding before us, gloriously. …

I was harassed, insulted, defamed and condemned after Charlottesville for saying that this is what we needed to do, but I kept to what I knew was the right thing, and I have lived to see vindication. I was right and all of those weird people who wanted to march around in baggy pants with swastika flags yelling about race war were wrong, and now everyone knows that. Everyone has seen my plan come together.

I would never take credit for it happening. All of that credit goes to God alone. I give total credit to God for showing me this vision of the future all the way back in 2017. What I knew was that it was necessary for all of the people to come together, for the older people to feel comfortable getting on board with a movement of young people. When I saw the mess that was Charlottesville, with all of these people in baggy pants, waving these weird flags, I understood that that movement could never be something that would appeal to the masses of people, and I understood that the anti-social individuals who were responsible for it were not the lads themselves, but the various leaders who had pushed for that kind of explicitly anti-social aesthetic.

I spent years making Nazi jokes, gas chamber jokes, and so on. That was part of the overarching strategy – we had to desensitize people to the “evil” of the Nazis before we were ever going to get anywhere. It was never my goal to have people dressed up in Nazi costumes, marching through the streets. Sick people took my humor and tried to use me to spin their own agenda.

I drove a wedge between myself and most of the old “Alt-Right,” most of which embraced a goofy, cringey, anti-social unironic neo-Nazism and became known as “wignats.” I backed Nick Fuentes. I backed America and explicit Christian identity, I put fitness first, I told people to take responsibility for their own lives, and I won. All of that weird, stupid crap that the assorted freaks and feds were trying to push on me is gone now, and it will be forgotten.

My allies were small in number in the months after Charlottesville when I declared that this neo-Nazi stuff would never work. No one knew who Nick Fuentes was at the time. I was backed by some irony bros and a few others. I was bullied and attacked nonstop as I stood nearly alone against the assorted fiends.

People called the conflict between those freaks and me and my allies “The Great Optics War.” But it was about much more than optics. It was about serious people vs. unserious people. It was about people who actually love our country, who love the history of the white race and want a future for white children, against a bunch of freaks that were just playing some sick game.

The basic fact of reality is that there was never any path to victory with these weird flags, with sloppy fat people in black costumes waving around weird flags. So anyone who was involved in that had no concern about actually stopping the Jews and taking back America, because if they cared about doing that, they would accept that they have to take a path that can lead to that. If you know that you are never going to win using a certain strategy, and you use that strategy anyway, you don’t care about winning.

I explained all of this at the time, and yet for years, these people continued to attack me, while they were sitting on Twitter, sitting on a credit card processor, completely unmolested by the system, whilst I suffered the bannings that you are all familiar with. The reason neo-Nazis don’t get molested by the system is the same reason that I’m against them: they have no path to victory, and they are comfortable in the fact that they do not have a path to victory.

These weird people cared about making themselves feel better. They are natural losers, natural fat slobs, who had no desire to change themselves, let alone change the world. They simply wanted someone to blame for their problems.

Taking on a strategy of fully embracing Americanism was about winning. Winning is the only thing that I have ever cared about.

These people play a stupid children’s game where they say if you don’t take positions that are completely untenable in any kind of reality situation, thereby assuring you can never win, you’re a cuck. But who is the cuck? The one who purposefully takes a position that can never in any universe become a reality, or the one who is actually working towards solving the problems in the real world? A whole lot of people would have cracked when told they were cucks for wanting a strategy that would actually work instead of living in a fantasy world, and a whole lot of people would have cracked. I didn’t crack and I won.

I deserve to take a victory lap, as everyone now knows just how right I was, everyone knows just how hard I’ve won.

But I won’t. Because we have bigger things to worry about. Winning the battle against anti-social fat people who attempted to squat on the far-right label was only the beginning of this war.

We have our army. Now we need to go to war. …”

He sounds like a civnat faggot cuck and a loser to me.

The Groypers are going to secede from the Union now? What happened to American Nationalism? What happened to goon marches? Was it all Trump dick riding? Come on, man.


Who was supposed to be impressed by Grift Right conspiratards and America First catboys? Obviously, it wasn’t White working class men in the Rust Belt, Moderates and Independents or college-educated White voters anywhere. Even in Texas, there was a 3.4% swing toward Joe Biden.

BTW, this is what people actually cared about, which wasn’t your faggot optics:

The race was winnable until around the time that Dr. Mountain Dew went full methed out conspiratard on COVID-19. He proclaimed that millions of people were on the brink of starvation.

This was around 200,000 deaths ago … all from COVID. No one ever gave a shit about the optics of these retards. White Independent voters supported Trump in 2016. They supported Joe Biden in 2020. At the end of the day, we found out that what they really couldn’t stand were morons.

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  1. If that is Anglin I now change my former position that Fuentes and groypers are just grifter buffoons and not ops. To definite ops. This reads like a hostage letter written under duress or just someone being paid.
    I read a Q thread which claimed that things are all going according to plan and Biden needs to be sworn in in order to release the Kraken and take them all down. I am wondering what these people will be saying in two years when new policy has already been pushed through

  2. Asian sex robot enthusiast Wigger Anglin is struggling to remain relevant. No one takes him seriously anymore because his edgy, ironic “humor” is old hat. He’s 36 with no wife, kids, job or house. He is never seen in public and is something of a fugitive. Hardly what I’d call an inspirational role model! The autistic incels and other angry misfits who gravitate towards him are not going to lead any damn revolution. To hell with all of them.

      • I see nothing wrong, in theory at least, with a non White being Pro-White. I would keep my powder dry though.

        • Anglin wants to write Mein Kampf, that’s what he’s trying to rip-off, but obviously he’s not capable.

          It’s a joke. He’s on the level of a sexless 12 year old girl. So emotional, so faggoty. What a joke.

          Would you charge a machine Nick Fuentes or Alex Jones told you to? You’re really a sick person.

          Went to high school football game. My town and former school is completely non-white now. They had niggers enforcing the masks, and metal detecting people. They were real friendly.

          Life really is too short. I’m going back to Thailand soon. I’m never coming back. Good luck with the revolution. Lol! You got screwed Mr. Wallace. You’re the best, but it’s a nation of imbeciles.

    • No, it’s 25% indio, otherwise it would show up as European/Iberian on his DNA test. Fuentes is a mestizo. There are pictures of him with his dad out there and father Fuentes is clearly mestizo.

    • His DNA test said he’s of 20% Indio blood. Not a ton, but not negligible either.

      He looks white due to being lucky with recessive genes. It happens.

  3. Wallace’s weird Trump Derangement Syndrome obsession continues to the end of its 21st day.

    For someone who hates Donald Trump, you sure spend a lot of time dwelling on him and typing frantically (and very repetitively) about him.

    “Blompforofafffalorf” is living rent-free in your head, Griffin. 🙂

    It’s fine not to like him. But this level of circular obsession-posting is pretty unhealthy, my man.

    • I have loved reading his Blompf takedowns for 2 years now. They keep me sane. I’m not the only one who thinks that way.

      • Here, here!! Taking Trumpblatt to task for being a shill for Jews is hardly “derangement”. Trump Derangement Syndrome is screeching about fake things like him being a Nazi, racist, White Supremisicisicisit bigot, etc. (if only!!!).
        Mocking him for riding Jew nuts is simply factual (and kind of funny).

  4. “Considering that natural disposition in many men to lie, and in multitudes to believe, I have been perplexed what to do with that maxim so frequent in everybody’s mouth, that truth will at last prevail” ( “Essay upon the Art of Political Lying”: )

    Suppose that maxim is wrong and truth NEVER prevails in this world, over Power, which is based on wealth, which is acquired by theft, force, deception, usury.

    • There you go: Democracy, a politcal system based upon bribery and extortion requiring falsehoods for its success, which is just perpetuating itself for the benefit of a corrupt ruling class.

  5. Nigger Anglin is barely hanging on. And Matt Forney is just a fat slob.

    Hunter what’s funny is you are certainly grouped up with all of these people. This is your group and you are them according to outsiders.

      • @Brad, though i think Linder is correct that we in the Anglo world are too personality obsessed (rather than principles/ideas & the aspects of reality one can reasonably demonstrate), Anglin is definitely toxic – to the extreme – for Aryan racialism. The other (((AA))) at The Daily Estrogen Stormer – “Weev” – again proves the maxim, “with Jews, Aryans lose.”

        Thank you for exposing Weev, it was a combo of when Anglin doubled down supporting Zio Don (which broke his promise “Trump is a desperate gamble & if he fails/betrays his ‘implicit’ promises then ‘we’ move on”) with the 2017 Syria nuclear brinkmanship & finding out Weev is Jewish i stopped trusting that outlet. If Anglin was ever legit (at least in his intentions, which seems doubtful), I personally think he is really just a full on troll who got “lost in the troll” like that journalist for The Atlantic wrote, & when Zio Don emerged & succeeded perhaps, he got a big whiff of power and thought Zio Don would invite him to take a seat at the table of puppeteering. He & Striker went so far as to call upon Zio Don to impose sanctions upon Occupied Germany shortly after Trump won (which i still strongly approve of) and Anglin once wrote of how he saw himself as a press secretery (it might have been chief of staff though). In fairness, his boast that the DS had played a big part helping Zio Don win wasn’t entirely unfounded/delusional.

        That, or, more cynically, perhaps the DS was set up in order to help pave the way for Zio Don to become PuppetOTUS(ofZion), in addition to other useful goals (ie – a “lemons into lemonade” online concentration camp to pre-emptively attract & ID Aryans with some immunity to ZOG’s programming, “disarm” them & channel them back into the system). The way the DS came out of nowhere and was purportedly funded by Greg Anglin seems a bit suspicious, because it was a slick operation.

        Your theory (as i understand it) that Weev took over is credible too. I think Anglin’s scam platform can survive for several more years, but i personally believe Anglin is cashing out now. He seemed to realize late in the game Zio Don wasn’t going to give him a lift out of fringehood into the mainstream like Anglin seems to desire. Anglin kept acting like he was withdrawing his fanatical shill cucking for Zio Don (most prominently when Don backed off on the govt shutdown & gave up on building the wall while threatening Maduro in Venezuela), but by then Anglin had alienated his original regular forum commenters like myself, who gullible as one may say we were, were generally much more serious/intelligent/worldly & learned/highly motivated/etc. and recruited a ton of Qcucks who took over. I guess Anglin got rid of the BBS forum system, but i’ll never forget that night when Zio Don did that first missile strike for Israel in Syria.

        On the DS’s “Bannon removed from NSA security council” article thread almost everyone who posted knew very soberly what was up. The big shot forum keyboard warriors (including me) were all saying that the gamble to support Trump failed and it was time to drop support of Don & move on as a separate entity. Anglin came back with usual Pavlovian Mind-warfare tactics of mixed signals and said he was “disgusted” by our “exagerrated response,” implied we were being hysterical & disloyal, while simultaneously saying “Trump isnt the Alt-Right.”

        Imo, it was Anglin’s choice to play 4D chess that really blew up the “Alt-Right” (which did have some serious foundational problems with hindsight, but i think they could have been smoothed over had Qcucking not been embraced) more so than the “optics war.” It was extremely demoralizing and created &/or worsened the Stockholm’s Syndrome. Goes to show that if you don’t go out of your way to define yourself, what you want, what you’ll tolerate (& won’t tolerate), over time, you’re going to collapse. You’re spineless, and you’ll compromise piece by piece till you don’t even resemble who or what you once were. At first Zio Don was “just a stepping stone to shift the overton window, a pawn to use” but thanks largely to Anglin & the Jew Weev, it devolved into Trump’s cult of personality, & Q(aballah).

        There seems to be truth that we each are the average of the 5 ppl we are most influenced by. Anglin’s just trying to further enrich himself with bitcoins while he screws who knows what in the Phillipines or wherever his den is located (safe from the Hell here, dysgenics in actual action). Presuming he ever had genuine intentions to save Aryans, he definitely willfully “sold out” & knows Qcucking is now on the slow painful decline. Just wait till they move on back to Cucker, or even that black bitch.

        P.S.-I’d strongly recommend you don’t return any time soon, but in the unlikely event you are unfamiliar, Metairie Cemetery has a lot of sights you’d enjoy. In the wealthy section of the cemetery towards the rear from its entrance, across from a literal pyramid tomb, you can still see “Jefferson Davis”‘s name carved into the masonry of the crypt. It was where he was originally buried, in Jew Orleans. You can walk up to a cast iron gate underneath a mound with a memorial obelisk type thing and see through the bars. Nearby to that tomb is John Bell Hood’s grave, and there are other notable Confederates in that cemetery. There’s a memorial in there to the “who kill’d’a chief!?” largest mass lynching in American history police chief David Hennessey (as i recall his name).

        What i bet you don’t know is that that famous cemetery is built next to a Jewish scam operation of an upscale neighborhood. Jews owned a “country club” (who knows what they really used it as) next to the cemeteries until cohencidentally the federal govt decided to plot Interstate 10 right through the middle of that country club (oy vey! Shekels!!). Jews re-gathered and built an upscale neighborhood on the land after the interstate highway got built. We were one of the only pure Aryan families to live in that neighborhood, surrounded by Jews.

        My first disliking of the Jews – of noticing something different about them – was when who seemed to be a very sweet & kind woman of a neighbor (who’s Jew husband had supposedly participated in actual combat against Germans in Europe & had been shot multiple times & unfortunately survived) once sneered to 5ish year old me how those bad Germans were so evil that she had only recently been able to bring herself to suffer owning a Mercedes Benz (the Jewess literally said exactly that).

        A couple of years later, around age 8, i made friends with a Jewish neighborhood kid i encountered riding my bike – there were very few children period in that neighborhood, it was very lonely & occupants were real snobs who act like $+stuff+status is all to life – and I fell out with the Jewish creep when he flashed his Jewish sausage to my little sister when she was only about 6 yrs old. Unfortunately, both of my parents are very philo Jewish despite being pure blooded Europeans according to DNA & geneology. I had one other Jewish friend from where i grew up, and with hindsight i am certain his pure blooded Jew father was trying to groom me to become a future cuckservative. I got pointed out in history class as having the appearance of an “ideal Aryan according to dem evil Nazi’s” even though I’m not pure Nordic (25% Italian), and he had a mixed 50-50 Aryan-Jew hybrid daughter who he kind of bizarrely seemed to want me to date. Came close, but no cigar, i had a falling out with his son (apparently now a Jew York City financier & his daughter an attorney last i heard, having a network to tap into is advantageous) when i was 13. One of my creepiest memories is of when they once brought me to their synagogue one night, relatively shortly before i fell out with his son.

        Tbh, this Jew father never hinted any sort of hostility towards me and never explicitly mistreated me, but i never felt as much an outsider as i did the night at their synagogue. The vipers stared at me as predators survey their prey. Knowing what i know now, i consider myself very damn lucky they didnt do their ritual murder to drink my blood, and i am sure they would have gotten away with it. The Jewish father of my former friend is still Jewing it up hardcore, more so than ever, and living in luxury. Almost every day was a vacation to him even back in my childhood. Suffice it to say, he is very active politically, and is promoting (((the usual stuff))).

        Some Jew once boasted that one drop of Jewish blood can apparently somehow compromise one’s resistance to their tricks. They do seem to try to use our genes to create chameleon hybrids.

        • Yahweh is a demon and jews are his children. I almost believe it’s actually true. And yes, they just love stealing White DNA whenever they can.

      • You can try but it’s the ‘one drop’ rule for the lefties

        Hold to even one position they don’t like – ‘hey let’s have some limits on migrants’ –

        And you are Hitler … as bad as ‘neon-nazis’ or even worse because you seem to be very cleverly ‘moderate’ or ‘centrist’ in other ways

        The left projects on you its own deviousness … ‘He’s not only Hitler, he’s tryin’ to hide it, too’

        Rhetorical positioning has minimal effects … it is the eventual big economic collapse / totalitarian impositions that will clear people’s heads … but it’s maybe too late by then

        One thing funny afoot, is that hard-core lefties who are sceptical of covid, are also being called right-wing Hitlers for that departure from orthodoxy

      • WE ARE NEXT.

        “The censorship and manipulation of information was honed and perfected against WikiLeaks. When WikiLeaks tries to release information, it is hit with botnets or distributed denial of service attacks. Malware attacks WikiLeaks’ domain and website. The WikiLeaks site is routinely shut down or unable to serve its content to its readers. Attempts by WikiLeaks to hold press conferences see the audio distorted and the visual images corrupted. Links to WikiLeaks events are delayed or cut. Algorithms block the dissemination of WikiLeaks content. Hosting services, including Amazon, removed WikiLeaks from its servers. Julian Assange, after releasing the Iraqi war logs, saw his bank accounts and credit cards frozen. WikiLeaks’ PayPal accounts were disabled to cut off donations. The Freedom of the Press Foundation in Dec 2017 closed down the anonymous funding channel to WikiLeaks which was set up to protect the anonymity of donors. A well-orchestrated smear campaign against Assange was amplified and given credibility by the mass media and filmmakers such as Alex Gibney. Assange and WikiLeaks were first. WE ARE NEXT”:

  6. Chaining themselves to the Trump anchor as it’s dropped into the mariana trench sounds like a genius WINNING strategy.

  7. Hunter, you are doing great work. I’m confident that Kamala will soon visit you and you get that sweet Kamala BJ. Hey, you deserve it for all your analysis.

    • A BJ from Kamala is preferable to giving Trump the rusty trombone, which is what amnats have been doing for the last four years.

      • @Ricky Butt-Giy Vaughn,

        As the saying goes, “When you’ve sucked someone’s ass too long, eventually, you begin to choke on their shit.”

        The groypers are segments of the human MIGApede with trump at the apex.

      • Some people would rather shake hands with someone who doesn’t care about them as opposed to someone who wants them dead.

  8. I went to the Daily Stormer website to find this article. After I found it I noticed there is no comment section under it. Is it just my web browser or does DS no longer have a comment under their articles? If they removed their comment section, it could be they have very few readers these days and wish to hide that fact.

  9. There is simply no way any self-respecting man could actually sit down and write such nonsensical rubbish without getting some kind of payment. I wonder why leftists never tried to uncover Anglin’s Republican benefactors? After all, it would be a great propaganda victory for them to discover a sinister ‘Nazi’ is directly linked to the Trump campaign.

  10. “Keep Trusting The Plan”

    You’re right to be suspicious that this post-electoral massive fraud allegation hullaballoo has all been a typical Manhatten smoke and mirrors campaign, not unlike much of Candidate Trump’s 2016 campaign.

    That said, Miss Sydney Powell is filing her first suit in Georgia today, and, given that she has been a sober and substantial lady her whole career, I bet it is a doozy.

    If it ain’t, you’ll have been vindicated.

    If not, you’ll have something to write about…

  11. I got a look at some Groypers on Anglin’s board before he banned me for calling his crush (Fuentes) a faggot.

    The truth is, the Groypers seemed like good guys, very Christian and decent. I like those guys.

    What bothered me and still does is that they allow a homosexual to be their leader. That is a deal breaker.

    I don’t mean to get into a sectarian squabble, but my theory is, these Catholic Groypers have been led by homosexual priests for so long that they became desensitized to the sin, they are comfortable with a homosexual leading them, even though they themselves are normal.

    Andrew Anglin is a talented man, at his best he is virtually incomparable. I hope he gets through this intact, but criminal charges are possible. Anyone can see it coming.

    The same ole. These Groypers rally, the Antifa attacks them, and someone fights back. Off to jail they all go.

    Stay out of the streets, get out of the cities. The White Man still controls the countryside, we actually are in a good position.

    Good post, BTW, so Swishy Nick by his own words is not white. What a toad.

  12. “When I saw the mess that was Charlottesville, with all of these people in baggy pants, waving these weird flags…”

    What the fuck does he mean “all of these people”? Where the fuck were all of these people at Charlottesville? When I think of Charlottesville at worst I think of white guys in white polos and khaki pants with tiki torches. Who the fuck were these people in ” baggy pants, waving these weird flags”? Why are they representative of Charlottesville? Why do people like Anglin keep misrepresenting Charlottesville as if a few weirdos encompassed the whole thing?

    • Anglin is nothing but a coward and a troublemaker. He wasn’t at the Charlottesville fiasco but did everything he could to sabotage it from his bunker, which is located in one of his dad’s rental properties in East Columbus.

  13. Ohh what a clever writer you are, a fucking sentence and some troll memes. Wow, way to go. Still shilling COVID hoaxstery which by this point means your brain has melted. Was it me or was it the top elite of Davos and world leaders heralding the epoch of Global change as a result of the COVID op to something along the lines of UN Agenda 2030 on steroids? You sit here with fudged statistics, both in the election and on Covid. Your only purpose is to attack the right from the right, which makes you the worst incel loser of all, because those people have a movement and an army, you have a blog where you punch out troll memes and sometimes manage to write a whole paragraph! The war is global, its against us vs. the Global Satanic Oligarchy who has completely gone insane, the COVID op will bring in the Schwarze Zukunft they’ve been promising us since 1984 and Brave New World, yet you will be here putting out our one paleographers calling people “conspiritards” for actually reading the elites agendas and minutes. Was the massive wealth suck into the top oligarchs pockets not enough, you wanna stay silent over a hoax lockdown and stolen election because of your principles? You sound gayer than Dan Crenshaw or Ted Cruz? WTF is this, principles populism and conservativism? Leaders aren’t perfect, you find the ones that aren’t bent over with kompromat from the Global Oligarchy that fight against it, when Soros throws them a party you oppose him, you don’t encourage him a victory. Also, WTF did Nick ever do to you? Despite tongue in cheek representations on his WN views which were meant to confuse his critics, and allow him to travel one day to Germany. You going to lead this bitch with your one paragraph articles and troll memes? Does Unz even know what your up to on your site? Your articles for UNZ sounded far more conciliatory. Nick isn’t good enough, Trump needs to lose to learn a lesson, and voter fraud and lockdowns are okay? Is this the paragon of virtue you are spinning here on wise one paragraph epithets?

  14. Pedoboi said:

    “I have never felt more joy than in seeing all of these young people in their teens and twenties at these rallies, surrounding Nick, looking fit and healthy, wearing pants that fit, chanting “Christ is KING.” I get chills every time I watch one of the clips.”

    What is with millennials and this tight pants obsession? We all know that those crowds were 100% male too.

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