Grift Right Rallies In Phoenix

The Grift Right movement held a big rally yesterday in Phoenix.

Nick Fuentes, Baked Alaska, Ethan Ralph and other ecelebs showed up to address a tiny “Stop The Steal” rally of Trump supporters in Phoenix. Nick even successfully ambushed Charlie Kirk in a parking lot. Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones rallied last week in Georgia which Trump also lost in the 2020 election. Fuentes also held a rally in Michigan which Trump lost in the 2020 election.


In the 2016 election Arizona, Donald Trump won 56% of White men, 50% of White college graduates, 58% of Whites with no college degree, 38% of Moderates, 47% of Independents, 60% of White non-college men and 53% of White college-educated men. In the 2020 election in Arizona, however, Donald Trump won 52% of White men, 46% of White college graduates, 57% of Whites with no college degree, 32% of Moderates, 44% of Independents, 54% of White non-college men and 49% White college-educated men. 21% of Arizona voters said that COVID-19 was the most important issue to their vote. 95% of them voted for Joe Biden. Donald Trump’s plunge with White voters cost him Arizona.


In the 2016 election, Trump carried Arizona by 3.5 points. In the 2020 election, Trump lost Arizona by 0.3% points. There was a 3.8% blue swing toward Joe Biden in Arizona caused by White voters in Maricopa County. Hispanics moved toward him. Trump won it by 44,000 votes in 2016. Joe Biden won it by 45,000 votes in 2020. He was first Democrat to win Maricopa County in 72 years.

Andrew Anglin is claiming total vindication … because, presumably, Trump lost Arizona (!!!)

The Daily Republican:

“Just try to imagine those fat slobs in costumes showing up at this rally and trying to command the crowd. Not only would they not be cheered – they would be physically attacked! Neo-Nazis know that they cannot ever appeal to normal people, and they say that this is good, that they don’t want to appeal to normal people. If you ask them how they can change society without appealing to normal people, they just start spouting nonsensical gibberish. These people are bad, bad news for anyone who cares about the existence of any kind of right wing other than Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro. They make any opposition to these people impossible. It is a demonstrable fact. If you ask these neo-Nazis why they failed so miserably after being thrown to the center of the national conversation, they blame Andrew Anglin! They say that they failed because I was mean to them!

Costumed neo-Nazis were always the biggest threat to any legitimate right-wing movement. I don’t know if these people are always sent in by the feds, but if they don’t come naturally, the feds will send them. What they do is alienate any normal people from the ideas, ensuring that anyone associated with them will remain fringe forever. The people support our message, but they won’t hear it from fat slobs in military costumes marching through the streets and screaming.

Nick understood that, and he refused to tolerate it, and he built his own movement of normal young guys who are healthy, well-dressed and socialized as normal people. Finally, we have proof of concept that this worked. Yes, it was a small crowd there in Phoenix, but this absolutely will scale. Those people represented the normal population of normal people in this country.

The costumed freaks are gone now, forever. They’re not coming back.

Everything is going according to plan. 

I had already been totally vindicated on my decision to embrace optics. This was yet another layer of vindication.

We are winning now and that isn’t going to stop, whoever takes office on January 20. …”

Trust the plan.

Everything is going according to plan. Losing was the plan.

In the exit polls, I noticed Trump went from winning 82% of conservatives and 88% of Republicans in 2016 to 87% of conservatives and 90% of Republicans in 2020.

I’m just a dumb redneck wignat with bad optics, but how can you win Arizona by only carrying conservatives (42% of the electorate) and Republicans (35% of the electorate)? It would seem to me that you could win the Right, but lose the election in a lot of these states because it is a minority of the electorate. In the 2016 election, conservatives were only 22.7% of voters.

Who exactly are the Groypers trying to appeal to?

So, it is the 6% of the population who are already traditional Republican voters? Mainly Boomers who are paleocons who believe in free-market capitalism? Half of them are retired.

Oh …

It is true that Moderate and Independent voters care about optics.

When college-educated White voters look at the Grift Right and rightwing populism in general, what they see are a bunch of cranks, retards and conspiracy theorists like Andrew Anglin and two-bit hucksters like Baked Alaska and Diamond and Silk shucking and jiving to grift off MAGA.

In the Obama era, these people were obsessed with Tea Party libertarianism, Obama’s birth certificate, Sandy Hook being a hoax, the Boston bombing being a false flag, Jade Helm, chemtrails and the NWO and how Obama used the HAARP weather array to fling Hurricane Sandy into New York City. In the Trump era, the truthers went balls deep on COVID-19 being a massive global conspiracy and hoax.

The cringe was unbearable and it is borne out in the exit polls and the election results where Trump lost the election with White voters in the suburbs, not because of muh voter fraud in black precincts in big cities where he actually did better in the 2020 election than in the 2016 election. 94% of Republicans voted for Trump and he lost 74 electoral college votes because of his diminished appeal with more moderate White male voters who are left-leaning Independents on economics.

Joe Biden won the biggest victory with Moderates and Independents in decades:

Andrew Anglin deserves some of the credit.

The shift toward the Right (22.7% of the electorate) after Charlottesville and away from the Center (28.9% of the electorate) was decisive in Joe Biden’s victory. Ryancare, the tax cuts, criminal justice reform, MIGA, Groypers and the Platinum Plan successfully undermined Trump’s base for Joe Biden. The Right is where MIGA Boomers and paleocons who are more cucked on race are located.

Note: BTW, Zoomers voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden who ran on student loan debt forgiveness. Trump ran on the Platinum Plan and cratered with the youth vote.

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    • I didn’t vote for Joe Biden.

      I just explained why he won the election. It is because cringe retards repulsed White male voters. The proof is his diminished margin in White suburbs.

      • Come on, man! Are you telling us, Hunter that you no longer trust the plan? Q says it’s 57 dimension level chess, too difficult for mere mortals to understand, that’s why you must “Trust the Plan”.

        Oh, and BTW, don’t forget to send some shekels to the GOP so they can MAGA in Georgia.


      • Well said, HW. Trump took his white middle and working class male supporters for granted while making stupid, clumsy attempts at “reaching out” to certain minority fringe groups. That might have been forgivable if it weren’t for the fact that in 2020 there were race riots and incidents of political violence across the country for months on end, along with extended pandemic related lockdowns and the crashing of our $21 trillion economy.

      • Trump lost for ONE very good reason: catering SHAMELESSLY!,to that GODDAMN “First Daughter” of his,AND!,that zion-firster husband of hers,”jew-boy-Jared”!?!;since,it SEEMS!,ol’Trumpy will do ANYTHING!,to make “daddy’s little angel”,H-A-P-P-Y…from undermining Trump’s response to that “chimp-out” HELTER-SHELTER “moment “,in the TERRIBLE aftermath of the George Floyd “put-down”;to the disgusting continuation of THAT notorious green-card crap allowing East Indians & Chinese to enter the U.S. and take precious High-Tech job positions from hard-working,native-American workers: TRAGIC!,and!,downright,SICK!?!,what we need right NOW in the U.S.A.,is a home grown,grass-roots,movement ,dedicated to working FULL-TIME for the average,”Joe-6-pack”,All-American worker & patriot,RIGHT NOW–NOT LATER,okay?

  1. One of the worst of the dumb conservative radio shows is that “Joe Paggs” and he loves constantly having on the same moronic idiots like Ted Nugent and Diamond and Silk that so alienate college educated whites. Conservative Talk Radio has really gone downhill.

    • Conservative Talk Radio hasn’t been conservative in a long time. It’s more like a little left of center radio. They don’t want to offend anyone.

  2. Daily grifter is a fag who works for Daily Dot and supports Jared Holt.
    The wignats supporting an antifa only for “owned” groypers, they really are pathetic.
    Stupid nerds.

  3. Thank you Hunter for providing such detailed analysis following the election. I pretty much agree with your entire assessment.
    Trump barely won in 2016 by sweeping the rust belt states by tiny margins. By 2020, his promises to bring back factories, “build the wall” and “drain the swamp” clearly haven’t been fulfilled. Running against a much more likeable democrat, he lost in the rust belt. This is in fact exactly what I thought was going to happen in the days before the election. The idea that only election fraud could account for the results is absurd.
    OD has been an island of sanity as far too many on the dissident right have become sucked into the “don’t wear a mask”-“stop the steal”-qanon-Rush Limbaugh sphere or irrelevancy. The alt right was supposed to infiltrate and take over conservatism inc, not become its subsidiary.

    • It is a special kind of stupid for Trump to lose against Slow Joe and his extra ugly sidekick, the Hindu-Dindu, but the did it. No doubt that political genius Jared Kushner gets a nod here too.

      Joe doesn’t generate the intense reaction, pro or con, that DJT does. There is zero enthusiasm for the guy and he comes across as old, out of touch and corrupt. In spite of those shortcomings he managed to win because he isn’t DJT.

      DJT developed a cult of personality that he tried to ride in to a second term and he has tens of millions of solid followers, no question about that. In spite of this huge following and the advantages of incumbency he managed to lose enough of his 2016 voters and encouraged enough people who cannot stand him to come out and vote for a nobody for president. Quite a feat for the Stable Genius.

    • Clement Pulaski,

      OD has been an island of sanity as far too many on the dissident right have become sucked into the “don’t wear a mask”-“stop the steal”-qanon-Rush Limbaugh sphere or irrelevancy.

      Lol, nothing is more irrelevant in 2020 Common Era than writing Calvinist exegeses from a “ethnonationalist” perspective, like you, Adam, Hans, and a half dozen others tried to do for years until Faith & Heritage was mercifully shuttered in January 2019. I see you have your own site now. Honestly, you should just log off the internet and join an Amish community. Its more up your ally. The Pro-White Worldview is a secular, materialist worldview with a diversity of spiritual beliefs. Its not compatible with your beliefs.

      BTW, there’s nothing wrong with not wearing a mask. It should be a choice, not a mandate.

      The alt right was supposed to infiltrate and take over conservatism inc, not become its subsidiary

      The “Alt Right” was never anything more than a constellation of ex-leftists who didn’t like being made to feel like a bad person for being White. 2020 has been a year long process of them marginalizing themselves from the Pro-White movement. They are, in many ways, returning to their roots as downwardly mobile Leftist Populists who live off gibsmedat economic policies and who instinctively recoil at the “Racist Liberalism” of White Nationalists and Pro-White activists.

      For the next 2 years or so, expect to see the Pro-White scene dominated by the Grift Righters such as Fuentes and Anglin. In time, they too will marginalize themselves into irrelevance as their hatred of White women pushes away all but the most fanatical manosphere types. When that happens, a new Pro-White movement will arise, one based, for the first time ever, on the secret, behind-the-scenes work of every day Middle and Upper Class Whites, such as Tony Martel, who sadly no longer writes for Occidental Dissent, and such as Morris V de Camp and Spencer Quinn of Counter Currents. Pro-White Feminism will continue to rise as a counter-strike to the vicious hatred and oppression of White women that contaminates these circles. The WigNats and Amnats are so 2017. The future is Normie-Waffen.

      • “Pro-White Feminism will continue to rise as a counter-strike to the vicious hatred and oppression of White women that contaminates these circles.”

        I’m pro-White woman because of the vicousness of the manosphere men, like you state. I have never been so pro-woman in my life. I’ve grown up as a staunch anti-feminist and man defender. AA & Spic Fuentes did what feminism couldn’t: I’m suspicious of men and have lost so much respect for White men that I don’t personally know.

        Then again, AA & Fuentes are obviously not pure Whites. To any pure White man out there reading this, I still have faith in you!

  4. When I told the GOP pollster I was not voting for Trump and told him why he asked if I was voting for Biden and I said hell no never. I told him I was simply not voting in this election.
    So he asked me for my identity. Was I republican? I told him I no longer identify as such. He then asked if I were a democrat. Again I said hell no.
    So he asked me what I was. I cocked my head to the side and told him I’m a paleoconservative.
    To me that means red pilled on the jq, immigration restrictionist, non-inteventionalist, and orthodox Christian.
    I am free market in theory but it no longer works in an age of mass immigration and minority set asides.

  5. Never heard of this Baked Alaska guy before, major cringe. These grifters don’t speak for my Southern or political values. Nick et al are no better than Diamond and Silk in my book

      • I’m not into “Baked Alaska”, or anyone who just wants attention. I was referring to Nick Fuentes.
        The Milo types are Jewish and are not white.
        But the white ones…it’s time to stop nitpicking everyone. I don’t agree with everyone on everything.

  6. “the Boston bombing being a false flag”

    Actually it was Naomi Wolf, a left-winger and a liberal feminist, and Jewish, who once consulted for Al Gore, who said as much, pointing out that the NDAA under Obama explicitly legalized false military propaganda to be directed at American citizens – a change in long standing policy going back to the earliest years of the 20th century.

    Also, the uncle of the two Boston Bombers, who appeared on TV to give interviews, was discovered to be working for CIA via an anti-Russian Chechen front group. That actually came out pretty quickly.

    I realize that intelligence and military policy are above the heads of most people, especially traditionalists and conservatives.

    But actually people lie all the time – they do! They say things that aren’t true, on purpose! If fact, the very first book the US Army teaches in West Point, Art of War, begins by pointing out war is about lying.

    So it shouldn’t surprise people that the CIA and the US military lie – you can tell they are lying when they open their mouths. So do journalists! Some of them, like Jason Blair and Judith Miller, just write constant lies with no relation to the truth.

    I know, this probably shatters some belief systems, but there it is.

    Also, Santa Claus isn’t real and size does matter. I know, crazy right? Your mom and dad were actually involved in a world- and history-spanning conspiracy, called “The Adult Conspiracy,” to trick children into believing that some stranger in a sleigh from the North Pole delivered all those gifts.

    In fact, no one lives at the North Pole, it’s just water and ice. No Elf Workshops either. Crazy, huh?

    • The point is to create a situation where its nearly impossible to tell if anything is legitimate or real or a scam. 2020 hits levels of Hypernormalization that should not be possible.

  7. It’s shameful, the whole damn thing. But what can I expect to happen when I’m a traditionalist Orthodox Christian and also a Socialist? Few in America have that understanding, not yet.

    • Orthodox Christianity and socialism are a good combination. If I was a Believer I’d be Eastern Orthodox too.

      • Well, think about it brother, it has saved my life even in this world, made a man out of a wretch, sinner though I still am. And it gave me a courage I did not have before.

  8. Hunter, you may want to hold up a bit on your assumption that Biden ‘won’ –

    Top global cyber-security expert – according to the New York Times – confirms massive fraud in Biden vote totals, will testify for Trump that fraud is overwhelming, clearly provable, Biden did not ‘win’

    “Dr Navid Keshavarz-Nia is one of the weightiest names in the world when it comes to sniffing out cyber-security problems”

    Dr Keshavarz-Nia concluded with “high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump transferred to Vice President Biden.”

    “Favorable votes pouring in after hours for Biden could not be accounted for by a Democrat preference for mailed in ballots. For example, in Pennsylvania, it was physically impossible to feed 400,000 ballots into the machines within 2–3 hours.

    A cyber-attack altered votes in battleground states, and then forwarded the results to Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, to avoid detection

    Counts in disputed states – Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia – show electronic manipulation. A cryptographic key, which applied to all voting systems, was used to alter vote counts.”

    Dr Keshavarz-Nia is a senior director in INFOSEC (Information Security), with 30 years of experience in national security spanning leadership and program execution supporting the civilian, Defense, US Intelligence Agency (USIA), He has led or supported projects at the CIA, NSA, DHS US-CERT, and USCYBERCOM.

    This is going to be tough evidence for Democrats to counter.

    • “Dr Keshavarz-Nia is a senior director in INFOSEC (Information Security), with 30 years of experience in national security spanning leadership and program execution supporting the civilian, Defense, US Intelligence Agency (USIA), He has led or supported projects at the CIA, NSA, DHS US-CERT, and USCYBERCOM.”

      You trust some brown CIA stooge? Don’t you get how this works? Playing up the “stolen election” narrative is what the establishment wants because it stops conservatives from examining why Trump lost. The system doesn’t want Trump’s supporters to examine the fact that he sold out to Wall St. and neocons, costing him lower middle class white voters.

      By the same token, the system pushed the Russia hoax because it didn’t want Democrats to focus on how Hillary’s neoliberal and interventionist positions cost her the election.

      Imagine if, after Hillary lost, the mainstream media had focused on the fact that Bernie had been polling better than her against Trump. That was the truth, but it wasn’t widely talked about in the media. I’m sure you can understand why they didn’t do that. The establishment consciously pushes narratives that play up partisan hate and stolen election angles, like the Russia hoax, Bush not really winning in 2000 and Obama’s birth certificate. All of this is designed to distract people with soap opera like, semi-scripted conflicts that get people invested emotionally in one side or the other of the system itself, while policy issues where there is disagreement between the masses and elites are pushed out of people’s minds.

      I can’t believe how many people here don’t get this. People were taken HARD by the Trump cult of personality and by the Red/Blue polarization strategy that is the centerpiece of how the establishment maintains control.

  9. All of these poll results about the relative proportion of voters according to exit polls are unreliable. Besides, Trump received a lot more votes than last time. You can’t talk about losing votes when he received more votes. Do I think Trump could have gotten more votes by not being a Zionist con-man? It’s quite possible, although in that case he would have lost the support of the Zionists.

    The shitlibs have cheated since forever and this year with postal votes they had unprecedented opportunities to cheat. The strangeness of the result, with Trump winning 19 of 20 bellwether counties and winning the “toss-ups” in the house, ought to raise alarm bells, not scoffing.

    Unfortunately, vanity can affect judgment. I’m not sure I want Trump to win, but if the fraud is not countered, the United States is toast.

  10. Trump didn’t keep his campaign promises and did lose some of the White vote. There is also likely massive vote fraud with the voting machine software and false absentee ballots. No one believes Biden got millions more votes than Obama, making Biden the most popular political figure in American history.

  11. “Nick Fuentes was the number one guy who did this. He followed the plan. He was hated and attacked, just like I was, for standing up against the remnant of the Alt-Right, which after Charlottesville, sunk quickly into total derangement. (They all joined costumed Nazism, they started promoting communism, third-worldism, Islam, various other weird stuff – this culminated when they supported the coronavirus lockdown, telling people to surrender their rights to the Jewish-run government, saying that the economy collapsing meant “stocks.” They then told people to vote for Joe Biden.)”

    That link to Anglin’s garbage is unreal. He’s psychopathically lying about everything. The alt-right never had any connection to nazi symbols or imagery until Anglin and other people coming from 4chan started glomming onto the alt-right around half a dozen years ago. Anglin was the biggest promoter of nazism, he even named his website after a 1930’s nazi propaganda newspaper.

    • @ATBOTL

      >>> He’s psychopathically lying about everything. The alt-right never had any connection to nazi symbols or imagery until Anglin and other people coming from 4chan started glomming onto the alt-right around half a dozen years ago. Anglin was the biggest promoter of nazism, he even named his website after a 1930’s nazi propaganda newspaper. <<<

      Yeah, some of us were pointing out the obvious well over five years ago. Remember when it came out that Andrew Anglin was publishing Joshua Ryne Goldberg, the Jewish "troll" that was posing as a "Nazi" and also a "member of ISIS?"

      But when we pointed this out, there were a half-dozen handles – some quite long-lived – on every forum there to attack you.

      So – hilariously – many of the “big names” in the Alt Right mistook trolling from spam accounts for “popularity” and imagined that Anglin was some sort of “leader” of an “internet army.”

      I can understand, say, a Boomer, being confused about “catfishing” and “astroturfing” but I thought the “Alt Right” were a bunch of young, hip, with-it kind of guys.

      But now that I think about it, why did I believe that about the Alt-Right?

      Oh shit, maybe *I’m* the Boomer!

  12. In the Obama era, these people were obsessed with Tea Party libertarianism, Obama’s birth certificate, Sandy Hook being a hoax, the Boston bombing being a false flag, Jade Helm, chemtrails and the NWO and how Obama used the HAARP weather array to fling Hurricane Sandy into New York City. In the Trump era, the truthers went balls deep on COVID-19 being a massive global conspiracy and hoax.

    The cringe was unbearable and it is borne out in the exit polls and the election results where Trump lost the election with White voters in the suburbs

    Honestly, none of those positions are any less cringe than typical White Nationalist beliefs. I dare you to go tell your average White Suburbanite that Jews control the media, or that Whites are biologically different from Blacks and non-whites. With any of the above-quoted beliefs, you’ll probably just illicit an eye roll, but with White Nationalist beliefs, you’re likely to get decked in the face, ala Richard Spencer in January 2017.

    I’m assuming, Hunter, that you think Jews control the media and that Whites are biologically different from non-whites, in which case, you’re throwing stones from a glass house by going after things like Tea Party Libertarianism so you can make yourself feel like a Smart Person who Knows Better than those “crazy conspiracy theorists.” As the Cheshire Cat said, in the Pro-White Movement, we’re all mad here.

    For the record, the only two positions you listed above that I ever took seriously were Tea Party Libertarianism and Chemtrails, but like, even with something like Sandy Hook or the Boston Bombing, I’ve never felt a need to counter-signal against them or raise my hands in concern, because unlike you guys on the Left – in your case, an Economic Leftist – I trust people to make an informed decision about whether they believe what Alex Jones is preaching or not. And for those who inevitably do not make informed decisions and decide to swallow the Kool-aid, I’m more than happy for society to leave them behind. In any case, ringing your hands about it is counter-productive and stupid.

    Ryancare, the tax cuts, criminal justice reform, MIGA, Groypers and the Platinum Plan successfully undermined Trump’s base for Joe Biden

    Lol, literally the only people I’ve seen complain about any of this stuff are WigNats. Sure, I disagree with those policies and wish that Trump hadn’t wasted his political capital on them, but the reason why 80 million Americans voted for Joe Biden is because they thought Trump was a vicious, divisive racist who is single-handedly tearing the country apart. It wasn’t because of the economy, where 83% of voters who said the economy was their No.1 issue voted for Trump. And although Covid-19 was a contributing factor, the 41% of voters who said Covid-19 is their No.1 concern are mostly all leftist voters who were never gonna vote for Trump anyway. NOBODY on the Right takes Covid-19 seriously, not mainstream conservatives, not AmNats, not Alt Liters, not anyone on that side of the political spectrum. Its only leftists and a few naïve left-of-center types who believe the hysterical Covid hype. By contrast, over 70% of voters think racism is either the No.1 problem or one of many problems, and those voters went overwhelmingly for Biden. There’s your Sleepy Joe victory right there.

    You need to believe it was “Independents” and “Moderates” who tossed Trump out because this justifies the delusional narrative you’ve manufactured for yourself that Americans don’t consider Racism and White Supremacy to be an issue (utterly laughable in the wake of the summer 2020 riots), and that Moderate Populists play some sort of Anthony Kennedy/Swing Vote roll in general elections, thus giving them power that dwarfs their actual size. It’s a cope to accommodate for the fact that no one actually listens to or cares about what Moderate Populists in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, or Pennsylvania believe. Huey Long has been dead for 85 years, and his philosophy doesn’t have any currency among the vast swath of the American electorate. It’s the Left and the Mainstream Right that determines elections, and since there are about twice as many Leftist voters as Mainstream Right Wing voters, that’s why elections continually tilt to the Left even when a Republican wins the Presidency. Moderate Populists don’t matter.

    The over-arching point I’m making is this: If you’re going to double down on your attachment to a philosophy that combines Economic Leftist with Social Conservatism, then you should abandon any pretensions of being part of the Pro-White Movement, as the racial beliefs of the movement hinder your desired policies. Matt Heimbach, after he went turncoat, was 100% right about one thing: Capitalism and Corporations don’t just oppress poor Whites, they oppress poor people of ALL races. And, as it just so happens, Blacks and Latinos are social conservatives when it comes to abortion and gay marriage, hence why the GOP tried to court them as “natural conservatives.” Your brand of populism could succeed with non-whites where the GOP failed by offering them Economic Leftism, which of course includes increased funding for social welfare programs that directly benefit them, but also directly benefits poor Whites in states like Alabama. It’s a good deal, from your point of view. There’s no reason for you to cling to cringe-tastic conspiracy theories like Jooos controlling the media or HuYirtes being biologically different from People of Color when none of that has anything to do with what you really want, which is Bernie Sanders economic policies combined with Rick Santorum’s social policies.

    Choose this day who you will serve…

    • “you’ll probably just illicit an eye roll”

      The word is “elicit,” you Fuentard.

      A 150-IQ wignat.

    • BLM only padded Trump’s vote totals, you’re pretty naive to believe differently. As in, someone naive enough to believe the pre-election polls, naive enough to believe the niggers and their handlers aren’t willing and able to engage in massive cheating relying on their spell: the accusation “RACIST.” Someone naive enough to think that blacks and whites have the same genetics for intelligence.

    • Does this Fuentard seriously think Jews don’t control the media or that whites aren’t biologically different from blacks?

      WOW, what a gullible idiot. He thinks EXACTLY what the left preaches.

      • No, Fuentes doesn’t believe that. You all create the most ignorant and autistic caricature of Nick. He’s exactly like you guys, but not an autistic anti-social freak throwing Romans in Stalhelms and burning crosses with Heimbach.

        • Nick Fuentes is just another Republican grifter who hosted a conservative YouTube show that no one watched before he showed up in Charlottesville. He didn’t even support Trump in the 2016 primary. He supported Ted Cruz. Diamond and Silk are on Twitter screaming MUH VOTER FRAUD, but they actually get retweeted by Trump. Charlie Kirk was in Arizona before Fuentes showed up there.

        • At least attempt…,

          No, instead Nick swoons for Catboys, socializes with multicultural and multiracial homosexuals like Milo and Ali Akbar Alexander, poses for photographs smiling and drinking a beer with his fellow group of nerdy Trumptard gamer grifters, while his followers were being pummeled by fagtifa-blm, and your jyc conman Blompf was playing the ‘back nine.’

          Yep. That’s winning bigly.

  13. The “Stop The Steal” rally in Arizona was embarrassing to all decent White people.

    At this point, anyone who signs on to this gay, freakshow diminishes us. Democrats would be better. This false choice is sick, but let’s cancel these usury loans

  14. Hopefully when Blumph concedes (He will) these phonies and grifters go away and are never heard of again. Unfortunately, they will pick up another scam because it’s all about the grift for them. They change their allegiance like I change my underwear. Nick the spic, yellow fever Anglin and wigger Alaska are not pro-White and they never were.

  15. Do groypers and zoomer AmNats put on his rise blinders, so that they don’t notice that their eCeleb idols Nick Fuentes, Vincent James, et al are all closely affiliated with (((Laura Loomer))), (((Jacob Wohl))), (((Milo))), and Filipina Michelle Malkin (wife of a jew)? That’s not even mentioning all the post election shilling they’re doing for the most zionist POTUS in US history who gave a ceremonial key to the White House to Bibi Nuttyahoo!

    • Re: “all closely affiliated with (((Laura Loomer))), (((Jacob Wohl))), (((Milo))), ” etc.:

      The Right, like their “opposite,” the so-called “left” controlled opposition, Antifa, have NOTHING to say against capitalist imperialism.

    • Trump may have given a key to his bud, Bibi Nuttyahoo but that wasn’t really necessary because Bibi already has the deed to the place.

  16. Does Anglin expect everyone to forget that only a year ago, he was calling Baked Alaska a “complete faggot” for posting that now-erased “I was radicalized by Alt-Right memes” video?

    Has anyone in WORLD HISTORY flipped his position as much as Anglin has while apparently expecting no one to notice?

  17. What is the wignat movement actually doing, besides existing in these humorless, toxic echo chambers and hyping each other up on communism?

    It’s embarrassing where you guys are at compared to 2016. You’re all such pathetic faggots you think that people are going to take your stupid ass romper stomper shit seriously if you also just repeat whatever you hear on MSNBC. You’re cargo culting a political movement because you’re a lot of white niggers and feds.

    For those of you that aren’t obese fucking dumpster fires, you’re welcome to stop taking offense on Spencer and Cantwell and Fatback’s behalf and join your fellow Americans in supporting Trump.

  18. If you want a laugh, you should check out Anglin’s “Gamer Uprising” Forum.
    The posters there are indistinguishable from Breitbart commenters, trusting da plan and waiting for Daddy Blompf to cross the rubicon.

  19. At this point, reading OD is indistinguishable from MSNBC. It has moved this way for months, but the final exclamation point has finally been applied to the transformation.

    • OD has never at any point in 12 years identified with the hucksters, grifters and lunatics in the Alex Jones conspiracy theory or truther sphere. We did not get sucked into the QAnon universe. Those people are retards

      • Do you have a job, or do you write a retarded Bernie Bros but racist southern larp blog to an audience of five or six people plus whoever is coming to make fun of you?

        Don’t you pretend like you weren’t a Nazi you little faggot. LoS had Jeff Scheop and Matt Heimbach out in costumes protesting right beside your fat little lying ass and everyone who was around back then remembers it.

        • LMAO.

          The archives of this site reach back to 2008.

          I’ve been online for 20 years. In that entire time, I have never had any interest in fascism or Nazism. This site has never been a Nazi website nor were any of my previous sites Nazi websites. The SPLC and ADL don’t even accuse me of being a Nazi because it isn’t true. It’s true that I supported TWP when it was holding protests in 2017 … because, as I wrote on this blog at the time, I recognized Antifa as a threat to the free speech of everyone who engages in public activism. I was later proven right.

          I’m not the one who used to run a site called “Total Fascism.” I didn’t name my website after Der Sturmer. I didn’t run the world’s leading Neo-Nazi website … for years. I never had a swastika banner on my site. My face wasn’t on the cover of The Atlantic as “American Nazi.” I don’t have a Neo-Nazi tattoo on my chest. There are no photos of me on the internet heiling to idiots on 4chan.

          I never had a past as a Neo-Nazi … or, even worse, a past as a Republican who now sucks Donald Trump’s cock to grift off QAnon retards. When I was an activist, I was interested in my own cause.

          One last thing …

          I’m not the one who organized the “Neo-Nazi invasion” of Whitefish, MT only to get saddled with multiple multimillion dollar judgments in civil courts because I am a fucking retard who used my website to harass people.

          • Brutal, brutal takedown, Hunter.

            The minute Anglin starts yappin’ about “wignats” and “Nazis,” just bombard the retards who still follow him with all these pictures. How dumb must they be to either forget all this, or to not see there’s something highly suspicious about his very convenient conversion to Christ and endless slamming of “Nazis” who were never remotely as “Nazi” as Anglin was?

            And wasn’t it a Jew named Weev who went to federal prison, then had his charges mysteriously dropped, only to emerge from prison with a giant swastika tattoo on his chest?

            If there’s a federal operation, it’s definitely Daily Stormer.

            Anglin ruined his own life because of his own endless harassment campaigns. He’s an “America First” guy who will never return to America.

    • In the photo of Andre with the SS runes tattoo, he looks like a lighter skinned Cuba Gooding Jr. Perhaps, instead of Gooding’s catchphrase from the film “Jerry Maguire” of “Show me the money,” Anglin’s might be “Show me the shekels.”

  20. Trump won an election before the great Zionist-Ordered Wignat Purge of 2017.

    Remind any America Firstard of this fact the moment they start crowing about how “successful” they’ve been.

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