MAGA’s Most Wanted

1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN! – Alex Jones

If you remember the atmosphere of hysteria and witch hunting after Charlottesville, you can probably imagine what is going on. I’ve already been banned from Twitter for pushing back against the narrative and pointing out that these people just got carried away with enthusiasm.

USA Today:

“USA TODAY is working to identify those who stormed into the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday as lawmakers met to count electoral votes in the presidential race.

Many photos and videos online show the rioters who entered the building. If you can identify someone who was there, share it with us, including the name of the person you see, a link to the photo or video where you see them and any help you can give us to verfy who the person is. 

Capitol riot identification form

We won’t publish anything about you unless you give us permission. You’ll be helping us to report this important story. …”

“Journalists” are already doxxing the MAGA Marchers.

Daily Mail:

“Federal prosecutors have announced President Trump could potentially face charges over his role in inciting the violent siege of the US Capitol after he urged his supporters to ‘march’ on Congress to protest the results of the presidential election. 

Acting US attorney for DC Michael Sherwin on Thursday said ‘all options are on the table’ for charging members of the pro-Trump mob, who could now face up to 10 years in prison under the president’s own executive order to protect federal property. 

‘We are looking at all actors here. Not only the people who went into the building,’ Sherwin said during a press conference on the mayhem. 

When asked if the president could be included in the probe, he replied: ‘We’re looking at all actors here, and anyone that had a role and the evidence fits the elements of a crime, they’re going to be charged.’ 

Trump, who has spent weeks falsely attacking the integrity of the election, had earlier urged his supporters to ‘fight like hell’ and protest Congress’ formal approval of Joe Biden’s win in yet another failed attempt to stay in power.

As a sitting president, he cannot be charged with any crimes until he officially leaves office on January 20 when Biden is inaugurated, however authorities can still open a case and conduct an investigation.  …”

Forget about a presidential pardon.

Jared Kushner has been in charge of those.

Kayleigh McEnany condemned the riot this evening. The FBI and DOJ are hunting down these people. I saw Lindsey Graham on television calling for all the MAGA Marchers to be rounded up and gulaged.

Note: This image has been posted on Daily Mail. It is the suspects the DC police are looking for to charge with crimes.

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    • If Trump did nothing else he did make these people cower under their seats for an hour.

  1. You were probably banned from twitter because you interacted with GOP shill almighty genie. Block that guy if you set up another account.

  2. Hunter is doing the feds work for them with these images. And these guys were his friends, ouch.

    Linder was right about you years back on Giles’ podcast. He was 100% right.

      • And you are helping them. Ugly stuff. That’s why I’ve told you to stay with history, you are not a man of action.

        If you have any respect for yourself you will take the pictures of your old friends down.

        • @ Ron,

          I don’t always agree with HW, but these idiots care nothing about freedom, liberty or stopping the corrupt politicians. All they care about is making stupid videos of themselves and posting it social media for likes, subs and to get popular. A serious person would not be making videos for the FBI to use against them. They would be incognito and anonymous. They’re clowns and I just realized it just now. YOBA in my opinion is a federal informant and he just set these guys up.

          • Normally the outgoing admin just leaves a turd on the desk or removes a few keys off the keyboards or such sophomoric stuff. Sacking the Capitol just strikes me as epic. How will Kamala sabotage the place when she has to Go West?

  3. When the chips are down Hunter will flip. Disgraceful that you give up their names and faces, but I never considered you as a man.

    Go ahead and turn over my ip as well. As if you haven’t already. I guess Alabama doesn’t turn out the men we thought.

        • Once again, the feds or DC police released that image of their suspects. It was posted on Daily Mail. It is being shown on CNN and other television networks. FOX News says that the DOJ is using facial recognition software to identify these people. Most of them have already been doxxed by Antifa and journos on Twitter

  4. Their intentions were right but for the wrong reasons and the wrong guy who through them under the bus. They should’ve listened to those that warned them about the narcissistic conman.

  5. Hahaha that Viking Qanon shaman guy man wow what a group of tards what were they thinking? No more Rv mace trips for Baked finally

    • If they go to trial it’ll be a farce, like Abby Hoffmann and those subversive Jews in the Chicago Seven Trial in 1970.

  6. After watching the video of these idiots taking selfies, I just realized it has nothing to do with taking back the nation but more about getting likes, subs, shares and being popular. These losers really are griters and frauds. It’s all a joke to them and it never was about winning. You were right, Hunter.

    • They’re not going to be feeling too humorous when they’re sitting in prison. I do wonder how many BLM/Antifa rioters were put in prison for damaging Federal property in 2020.

  7. Trump supporters are not ‘our guys’. They will never support White Nationalism and in fact do tremendous damage to the pro-White cause. They are simply Trump’s idiot zombie cult-like followers. Their patriotism is false and Jewish.

  8. Gonna be hard to get a conviction when the anti-Kavanaugh Women’s March did the exact same thing in 2018.

  9. From the picture, while stupid, it is laughable they’re calling them terrorist. Just white-hating losers who are angry when non-white Arabs are called “terrorists,” black rioters are called “thugs,” Mexicans called “illegals.” Deep down they know they’re not terrorists (if they were a lot of people would be dead and exterminated). There’s a racial animosity “to get back” at white people by calling them terrorist- a sort of “See?! You’re the REAL threat [when they know they’re not/How do you like it when your lot get called terrorists?!” (many also being non white allies allies). I don’t consider a bunch of idiots who breached the capital taking with Viking helmets, sitting in the rooms with selfies, and almost having a middle school school trip, etc, terrorists. Those pictures don’t instill the idea of terror- the word that comes to mind is loser or pathetic.

    • Black Twitter is cooming with “Terrorist!” it’s pretty fucking funny. “Thug” also.

      What did they burn? Who did they Shoot?

  10. “Forget about a presidential pardon.”

    Just in the last month:
    (((Charles Kushner))) – various white collar crimes
    (((Philip Esformes))) – Massive Medicare fraud
    (((Mark Shapiro))) and (((Irving Stitsky))) – Ponzi scheme
    Alex van der Zwaan – attorney for “Russian” oligarch (((Roman Abramovich)))

    Previously in this administration:
    (((Scooter Libby))) – neocon swine
    (((Michael Milken))) – junk bonds
    (((Sholom Rubashkin))) – tax evasion, massive employment of illegal immigrants (!)
    (((Ronen Nahmani))) – drug kingpin (Ecstasy)

    Bombing Syria was the first big disappointment for me. Pardoning Rubashkin was the last straw.

    Nick Fuentes is finally waking up: “People are willing to die for this man and he just threw them under the bus”

    Vox Day is still drinking the cool-aid, claims Trump video is fake. It is all part of the 4-D plan that you need to trust, things are going exactly as Q predicted. Will call you “gamma” if you disagree.

  11. Those MAGA protesters were brave enough to confront to the pigs and storm the belly of the Beast. And for that I applaud them! But what was their plan after that? To take a bunch of selfies while sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair? To run off with her podium and then sell it on ebay? When Mussolini and his Blackshirts marched on Rome their intention was to seize power, which they did.

  12. Storming the Capitol is as American as apple pie when the government no longer fears we the people. Where was the thoroughly discredited FBI during BLM and Antifa’s reign of terror? They were nowhere to be found!!! I’ll leave you with my recent quote for all to read here. When the government steals an election then it’s forfeited it’s right to impose its will upon the people which they govern. Michael Weaver

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