The FBI Is Hunting Down The MAGA Marchers

Way to go, AmNats.

After four years of “trusting the plan,” you obviously learned nothing from experience. Donald Trump has never once defended his supporters who stood up for him in the streets. Even after he disavowed the Proud Boys, you were the ones who told your supporters to go to this event and “Stop the Steal” with Ali Alexander. They listened to you and drove to DC to fight for Trump.

Everything you said about “goon marches” for three years was tossed out the window in a fit of rage the moment Trump lost the election. This is surely the dumbest and most spectacular “goon march” in American history. These people stormed the U.S. Capitol and occupied the building and they had no plan beyond following around Baked Alaska, giggling on livestreams, “trusting Trump” and “it is 1776.” Congratulations on memeing these people into federal prison on behalf of Blumpf.

Note: The FBI and Antifa are already using YOBA’s livestream to identify people who were in the Capitol with facial recognition software.

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    • Trump is gone. But he did real work. Let’s not spit on the guy, his era exposed the people to the corruption in real time to the unlearned. Now they get it. And that’s good.

      You know I’d rather be in Arizona away from it all. In the woods, lakes. Quiet areas. Instead I’m in a city where people get wasted all the time. All the time. Nothing nice. So give some credit to those that fight, good for the soul. If men don’t stand up this will roll. You should see the area I’m in. Toughen up.

      So don’t bash Trump,the reason a lot of people like him is he didn’t back down in the face of media. That was enough for me. Give the guy some slack. He didn’t have the privilege to live the real one, but he gave it a good shot. I respect that. No one has all the talents.

      And now that’s over and let’s look at what’s next.

      .Hunter, enough with this.

      Don’t kick the guy, he’s already down.

      • Trump stirred up his supporters to storm the US Capitol and then did nothing while they were literally being killed. WTF is wrong with you?

        • More to the point he did nothing as a guard on Pence’s detail martyred a Valkyrie called Babbit.

          Strange Days

      • If he and his grifting family get dragged in front of a leftist tribunal and all put in prison, I might think about ceasing to kick him.

        But probably not.

      • @Ron,

        Why don’t you suck some more dick of the wealthy jewish casino magnates you work for in Vegas?

      • Trump is now condemning his supporters. He riled them up with lies he won’t repeat in court. Then when a woman is shot dead, and the rest are facing federal charges, Trump stabs them in the back.

        1/7/21: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing

        “Don’t kick the guy, he’s already down.”

        Poor widdle Trump. Why do the wignats persecute him so?

        • Kayleigh McEnany is just another Irish Roman Catholic puss—what else can you expect? Ashli Babbit?

      • @Ron Arizona IS where people get wasted all of the time. Most people there don’t even work. Tons of “retired” government workers with nice pensions at the age of 5 or 50…and we work and get taxed to support this. They live off of us. They don’t have to worry about a thing until they die. That’s why they can afford to buy new homes, new cars, go on vacations and live it up. There is some myth that Arizona is conservative, but it’s not.

  1. This is why Populism and the Huey Long stuff is milquetoast BS – there is a War On Whites and the only way we survive is as White Nationalists. We will now see the Federal Governmen bring their full power down on the people at the Capitol while the same Feds stood by and did nothing while BLM and antifa looted and burned unchecked for months.

    • Trump…and his Trumpchumps…will deserve whatever they get. There

      wasn’t a WN/hardRight in that entire mob of ‘Murkan flag-waving patriotards. Had

      there been a few, they would have burned the Zio-treason Capitol rat’s nest

      to the ground.


      over @ voxday’s little Trump klavern, they’re still waiting with bated breath

      for their “God Emperor” to “mobilize the military” and seize power.

      funny. stuff.

      • I have been supporting him with my $10/month because i think they are doing some good and UATV has some good stuff. But I agree he went WAY too deep with the Q and Trump stuff. For someone supposedly so religious, how can he worship a fucking degenerate like DJT?

    • @cd I agree. No one could do anything about the looting, stealing, and rioting when joggers did it. Everyone’s hands were “tied”. But the message now is…don’t even dare to protest the whole white genocide thing.

  2. If it happens it happens. I won’t have an issue. Food sucks. The good thing is real back up, always look out for your friends, numbers are everything.

    And lawyer up, right away. I’m sure the feds here are angry their spot got raided. The place where their money comes from. Cops.

    And it got raided. And they couldn’t do a motherfucker thing about it.

    Well. You guys are not that good, eh? Kiss my White ass.

    The trained up cops let it happen. All of your bosses are being fired as I write. Funny stuff. They breached the Capital Building. LOL

    Hey cops it’s not just me laughing, the world is having a good chuckle.

    Carry on, boys

  3. I saw that (((genie))) got you banned from twitter. Please start backing up your tweets. A really simple way is to periodically take full page screenshots that scroll down through the whole page. You tweet a lot of great info and it sucks that you keep getting banned. I didn’t even get the chance to read most of your tweets from yesterday 🙁

  4. Really, Brad? The only thing you should be condemning them for is not learning from your example at Charlottesville. The enemy in Charlottesville is the same enemy in DC. It’s not just DC that’s corrupt, the entire nation is. In dact, make that the whole damn world.

    You’ll see. Enjoy what’s coming.

  5. China is having a big public laugh at Western hypocrisy, given how the EU and USA and especially USA Democrats, nearly all supported the 1 July 2019 storming of the main Hong Kong government building, the rioters doing huge vandalism damage

    Nancy Pelosi called that exactly parallel Hong Kong gov centre seige a “beautiful sight to behold”, not “violent riots” like she says about 6 January … Hong Kong government centre destruction was ‘defence of democracy by heroes’ … but the Trumpster seige of the Capitol was ‘assault on democracy by rioters’ LOL

    Same too with Belarus, protestors breaking laws and creating havoc to complain about ‘fraudulent vote counts’ … they are USA-EU and Dem party ‘heroes’ getting George Soros big money backing

    For history fans such as Hunter … the 6 January Trump-linked seige of the US Capitol, was at least the 8th violent attack involving the place

    – 1814 on 24 August, British military burns the building during 1812-15 war
    – 1835 on 30 January, mentally-disturbed man tries to assassinate President Andrew Jackson with two guns that both misfire
    – 1915 on 2 July, three sticks of dynamite explode in Senate related to US selling arms to WW1 allied powers
    – 1954 on 1 March, Puerto Rican activists open fire from House visitors gallery and wound several
    – 1971 on 1 March, bomb in toilet near Senate explodes in protest of Indochina war and bombing of Laos
    – 1983 on 7 November, Senate wing bomb explosion protests military actions in Grenada and Lebanon
    – 1998 on 24 July, disturbed man shoots 2 security agents dead before being killed himself
    – 2021 on 6 January, crowd with Trump banners surges into building

    • Let’s not forget when a certain Southern Congressman, beat a Yankee US Senator with a cane in the Senate Chamber. (Back when men were men, and sheep were nervous).

      Also at one time Senators were known to carve names, and insults into Senate desks.

      • Preston Brooks was a coward who ambushed an unarmed Senator with a cane and a gun. He also failed to show up after challenging another Congressman to a duel. He is a terrible example of a “man”.

    • In 1814, Admiral Sir George Cockburn and some 4,000 British Redcoats trounced 7,000 US troops, took Washington and burnt the Capitol, Library of Congress & White House. President Madison disgracefully ran away while the British officers ate his dinner. Only the weather saved Amerimutts from compete destruction.

    • Yes, “our” government has directed, or aided and abetted VIOLENT stormings of many foreign capitals to carry out coups to “bring democracy” (to install U.S. puppet regimes) – which is never war crime under international law when the “exceptional nation” does it.

  6. Just heads up:

    I was recently on a job and heard hardcore music around a bunch of mechanics. Grease monkeys. I was in charge of a few projects on an way job. The music was blaring and I didn’t know anyone, so I’m into it as I’m meeting people,

    Turns out there was a CrossFit gym in a warehouse next door. There is a lot of paint shops and auto body shops in the same area. I mean the same area. So as I got used to the area I’m seeing guys dragging 45’s down the alley. The owner of gym who I met is hard on the people. “Well you have to run”.

    The way he sets it up is competitive. They do tennis without a net. Hand ball. And they fucking yell. The vulgarity in his spot is hard. And we are in the city.

    We are in the garage, not a garage, a thirty foot warehouse. and they are doing Diesel engines and I’m doing my thing. It’s all day. The guy picked a perfect spot to train his people, I’ve checked out the gym, it’s a private club and they get busy.

    This guy is hard on his people and they pay good money. And it’s nonstop. His wife is a hot blonde that screams like Viking. Hey hey. No

    You did it wrong hey, scream. She is rough. I walk by her and check her out. She looks back. Her husband is jacked. Dude brought his son in to check out the stuff. I told him, “come in”.

    Nice people, a White couple deep in my city. I’m crazy when it comes to workouts. I’ve posted my workouts here years back. These people don’t play.

    “Well you are fucking running” the way he treats his clients. They actually sign up for it. I’m in and out, I’m temporarily there for cash but I was impressed.

    The mechanics would check out the women, top notch. Top notch. The gym has no sign and wanted nothing to with any of them. That training I like. CrossFit like boot camp. Good stuff. God bless the guy.

    I roll with whatever and I’d be outside and get charged up around that. Cool stuff.

    Point being, we are nowhere near out of this.

    I’d get vulgar but Hunter is from Alabama. And it’s his site.

  7. On that same job I had a buddy that drank coffee in the morning just checking out the women. He was very discreet. Hey, bro. Take a look at this. Funny the way he stood there and checked them out. That’s real life. And it’s good stuff.

    Dude is tatted up to his hands and had a funny way about it. Drinking motherfucking coffee in the morning looking at prime.

  8. Why such over reaction ?

    Actually nothing happened there. Bunch of people screamed, little vandalism in the country where billion is small money for Government and nobody on enemy side even do not claim that he or she got hurt by any way.

    Why all this mass hysteria , If Donald is gone ? The only logical explanation is that Donald is not gone yet and somehow Swamp feel so scared that they totally over reacted like this gunshot. And worse, wide approval of this pointless murder.

    When war is ended with victory, then nobody need mass hysteria. Just happy victory celebrations and going back to normal life. For them of course.

    But they behaving like Hitler in 1945. My honest opinion is that this is far from over and Swamp thinks that actually they are losing side.

    Now they should drink champagne and laugh about helpless deplorable powerless anger. A little scream and few broken windows, this all you can before we take everything from you.

    But they behave like they nearly missed the death. Why ? Maybe they know something what we don`t ?

    • The establishment are well aware that almost no whote men actually voted for Biden. Heavily armed white men with technical skills and professional training and vehicles of all sorts.

      Good luck to you Mr Biden!

    • Yeah. It really annoys me people are treating this like the Kapp Putsch/Beer Hall Putsch.

      These people are as retarded (or more so than the idiot crazy Trumptards). This was not a coup; this not how a coup operates (with clear goes to overthrow the State). This was not any terrorist organization. Just a bunch of idiot white Trumptards stumbling into the Capital taking selfies while also being obnoxious. I watched a video of them staying within the velvet ropes like middle school children on a field trip. I mean, it’s all still illegal (and crazy in its own right). People are trying to hype this more for right wing uprising for white male fear mongering. But it’s so stupid. They want some “far-right” 3rd position Waffen SS full Stahlhelm donning jackboot wearing take-no-prisoners Death Squad. And this is all they got to work with. Which shows you, you don’t need much reality to get going. The hysteria is maxed and people at the capital claiming they survived (when there was nothing that occurred). The only thing that happened is a woman was shot in the neck (which is horrible). After BLM and Antifa, they’re desperate, and it doesn’t matter how far they’ll take their hallucinations. They need their far-right bogyman.

      Not sure what you mean with “behaving like Hitler in 1945.” You surely mean the Allies (Roosevelt and Churchill).

  9. Let us all hope that the ADL’s federal police force investigates the MIGAtards with the same gusto as they did with the Las Vegas shooter and jeffrey epstein “suicide.”

  10. Look for anti-“Hate Speech” legislation after Jan. 20th when Slow Joe and President Camel Toe Harris get sworn in. The scumbags in Congress will cite the events of Jan. 6th as their reasons for needing “Hate Speech” legislation. The filthy, cowardly cuck Mitt Romney will lead the Republican Minority in supporting the legislation. Will Josh “Take Me out on a Slab” Hawley support the legislation?

    The U.S. Supreme Court cannot be counted upon to defend free speech. If they rule against the “Hate Speech” legislation the Democrats will just pack the Court, bring another case and win that time. Chief Justice Roberts can be relied upon to do the wrong thing on important cases so the playing field is already tilted against free speech. Roberts is like the little dog on the old RCA Victor10 inch records looking up at the gramophone, attentive to “His Master’s Voice”.

  11. I have a goof feeling the Viking dressed man, rushing the Capital building could be the My Pillow Guy?

    Also Lindsy Graham is devastated his 1995 April volume of Play Girl is missing from his office orifice!

  12. Trump could have done a lot in four years,appointed young blood from military academy to FBI,CIA and generals loyal to him and country.Leaving old personal in charge for the same regime that actually has power.

    • Movie The Untouchables

      Jim Malone:
      [about finding an incorruptible recruit] If you’re afraid of getting a rotten apple, don’t go to the barrel. Get it off the tree.

  13. I wonder if the FBI is also hunting down Floyd rioters from last year, or the monument removal tards with the same vigour.
    The white house belongs to every taxpaying American. They should have access to it whenever they damn well please.
    And I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Trump. He’ll be either investigated or charged over something, could run again in 2024………or go into media. Who knows with him?!

  14. When Antifa/BLM burned down entire neighborhoods, tear down historic statues and set up private towns ,they were called protestors, the justice dept couldn’t be bothered. The MAGA-tards do much less and are called terrorists and hunted down like “Nazis” The hypocrisy is sickening.

    • @John
      Antifa and burnlootmurders actions affected everyday people, their property and livelihoods. The Magas only disrupted a government building……..with some getting murdered as a result.
      Yes, the hypocrisy is obscene.

  15. Ashie Babbit was murdered by this capitol hill cop in cold blood. She was shot through the glass and she had cops in riot gear literally standing behind her on her shoulder. We all have our opinions on the usefulness of going out to support Trump like this but we must demand this cop be publicly identified and made to stand trial for murder. He not only killed this young patriot but endangered other cops standing around her. She was not even armed. She served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in her 14 years s in the air Force.
    This cop must be held accountable.

    • “She served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in her 14 years in the air Force”:

      A hired killer by trade. Those who live by the sword die by it, the Scripture says. (Although millions who don’t live by the carnal sword are also killed by it.)

  16. I wish that all self-respecting White people would stop voting for GOP candidates. They already treat us like a despised minority group and thanks to their treachery we soon will be. I don’t care what the Democrats throw at us, I’m not looking to the GOP for an alternative.

    • I agree, but they are never going to let anyone run who represents us. I still see people saying to, “Vote Republican”…are they just stupid?

  17. Re: “the white house belongs to every taxpaying American”:

    That reminds me of the king who said to the army of rebels fighting for their rights “My court is yours, the court belongs to you, and it dumbfounded the peasants”:

    • …and the peasants became confused, and that was the end of the peasants’ revolution of 1381 led by Watt Tyler and the renegade priest John Ball, that invaded and ransacked the English capital.

    • Sorry. Misplaced quotation marks. “My court is yours, the court belongs to you, and it dumbfounded the peasants” should be:

      The king said “My court is yours, the court belongs to you.” And the peasants were dumbfounded.

      They also did not know that their leader Watt Tyler had just been assassinated. Emancipation was being pushed ahead three more centuries.

  18. Smells like Trump spirit.

    With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
    Here we are now, entertain us
    I feel stupid and contagious
    Here we are now, entertain us
    A mulatto
    An albino
    A mosquito
    My libido

    A denial
    A denial
    A denial
    A denial

  19. Baked merchant and all the chucklefucks in there with him looked like a bunch of damn fools. They looked pathetic like children on a school field trip except they are grown ass adults. This was just a game to them they didn’t have a course of action after getting in the Capitol just lets lounge around and prank phone people.

    Baked merchant proved just what a wigger nationalist acts and looks like to the whole world watching. The grifting finally ends an comes to its hilariously sad conclusion involving the death of two young women who unfortunately followed these dumb ass grifters

  20. 1. It was absolutely hysterical to watch our Congressfags cowering under desks and hyperventilating on the internet. Both my wife and I were laughing to tears. The people desecrating this ZOG-nest was really just funny. I work in a white collar place, and many people thought it was funny.

    2. I don’t care if some of them were Antifa either. I tip the hat to anyone who attacks ZOG. I thought it was funny AF when they burned down the cop station up north back in June.

    3. Amazing how seriously ZOG takes riots when it’s them on the line! We have really sorry leadership in this country; outrageous hypocrites. Truly ‘let them eat cake’ tier.

    4. I can forgive all of Trumps faults save one: his disloyalty. He will surely let these people flutter in the wind, as he did after C-ville and other street actions.

  21. American politicians have been telling us for years that true democracy is when mobs of people march into government buildings and occupy them. When they do it in Ukraine, Syria, or Hong Kong then it is people yearning for freedom and an act of true democracy. In the USA it is “terrorism,” a word that has morphed to include anyone the state dislikes, just as people warned it would during the Bush years when the war on terror started. The only difference is the left supports it now because Obama told them it was cool to be a neocon.

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