Politico: Joe Biden’s Plan To Avoid Midterm Losses

Until the Capitol Siege, I was optimistic that the next two years might not be a total waste and another polarizing shitshow of grandstanding and performance art politics. I thought that with a narrow Democratic majority in Congress that we might get some things done like the $2,000 stimulus checks, the repeal of the Trump tax cuts and the long blocked infrastructure bill which are supported by an overwhelming majority of populist voters. It seemed like things were calming down and the composition of Congress and the historical precedent of midterm election losses for the incoming party would require prudent and moderate leadership and a focus on supermajority issues.


“Biden is preparing to push populist themes, like larger stimulus checks and mass vaccination programs for Covid-19 relief. Democrats believe they are the kinds of policies that could bring more immediate political returns than a sweeping overhaul of the health care system, which became a short-term liability for the party in 2010.

The focus on opening schools, small businesses and stadiums by the fall “is ultimately going to dominate the 2022 cycle in the same way that health care did in 2010,” said Tom Perriello, the former Democratic congressman from Virginia, who lost his seat that cycle. …

For Democrats, there are fears that getting a handle on the pandemic — while immensely difficult in its own right — will not be enough politically. Paul Begala, the famed Bill Clinton adviser, said the mantra of the 1992 campaign — “It’s the economy, stupid.” — still applies today.

“Taming Covid is necessary, but not sufficient,” Begala said. “Creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs by fixing bridges, repairing water systems, updating the grid, retrofitting buildings — a Biden jobs agenda can help stave off the midterm slump.”


“President-elect Joe Biden has spent months pledging to work with Republicans to advance his agenda. But Senate Democrats are now gearing up to pass Biden’s first major legislative package without them.

Key Senate offices are coalescing around a plan to pass another round of coronavirus legislation soon after Biden takes office using a process called reconciliation, which would allow them to move forward without any Republican support, five Senate aides tell POLITICO.

The package, which Biden said late last week will be “in the trillions of dollars,” is expected to provide direct relief to Americans through stimulus checks and give federal funding to help cash-strapped state, local and tribal governments distribute a vaccine and survive the most dire phase of the pandemic to date. But, freed of the need to compromise with Republicans, Democrats are also discussing including other priorities, including investing in infrastructure, moving to sustainable forms of energy and potentially even expanding Obamacare subsidies. …”

This sounds like a good start.

The Capitol Siege, however, has stepped all over Biden’s agenda.

Suddenly, we’re back to discussing impeaching Donald Trump and Big Tech censorship and the focus is on the Qtard Putsch instead of rounding up the votes in the Senate necessary to deliver $2,000 checks. It has derailed Biden’s First 100 Days. Impeaching Trump again when he has a week left in office is a pointless act of political theater and seems like the perfect excuse for Senate Republicans to do nothing but style themselves as “The Resistance” for the next two years. This is what their donors want anyway and the danger is that Republican voters could feel persecuted enough to be satisfied with it.

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  1. This gives the war mongering SOB a chance to ignore Covid19 dole and to plunge us all into new war. The US is a military force with a nice stock
    exchange attached.

  2. Michael Tracey really deserves a lot more credit than he gets. The guy has a cushy blue check job and since his awakening has called out disproportionate power and hypocrisy more than any well known Right winger let alone Lefty as he always claimed to be. I admire the guy he takes more shit than anyone and remains strong. A definite white pill and voice of sanity

  3. Not very cool of your guy Parrot to be attacking the people now getting railroaded and persecuted by the powers that be. Beyond Fuentes, Baked Alaska and Ali they are almost all decent White people who showed courage and deserve everyones emotional support instead of throwing them to the wolves. They might have been there for the wrong reason but they still took a stand for a basic underlying sense of American fsitness and duty that should be applauded. Dont break the law but how many of them ever realised what they were doing outside of following Trumps call and Q propaganda. Mocking them is cowardly and sucks its not like Parrot is unaware of what being mocked in the public feels like. In his case it was for a trailer park fight over his wife with his fat armbamded Nazi larping son in law but the same idea

    • My position is that the grifters should be prosecuted, Trump should be allowed to leave office and that mercy should be shown to the people who participated in the Capitol Siege and who were duped by conspiracy theorists.

      • HW, this whole thing like most things in life has become very sobering. I was hysterical at first and took pleasure in mocking the MAGA and Q loons as I could not believe they could be this dumb but the more I think about it and see mug shots, hear about suicides and old ladies getting kicked off planes to the shrieks and cheers of seemingly the World on social media I dont want anything to happen to these people. I appreciate their resolve and admire that although misguided they made the effort to go to DC wave flags and try and be proud Americans for a few hours.

        I dont want to see YOBA locked up. Fuentes maybe a week to bring him back to reality. Even Ali I am starting to feel for because I dont know the guy and there is the slight possibility he was sincere although doubtful. Im just not a malicious person after my heat goes down and I try and be an empathetic Christian. Trump should be the one who takes the heat for incitement. These people need to say “i was following the president of the united states directions”. Even then I dont want him or his kids thrown in shackles just to go away. Or if he chooses to be a decent person and take responsibility for all of this he would come away looking a lot better. Dignity and Trump do no exactly get said together often

        • They should all get $1,000 a week for life: seeing Congress scurrying in fear like rats was priceless!

  4. We know if Biden gets in a jamb, he will start a war. We also know that our multicultural and diverse military will get its ass kicked, if it takes on anyone other than Switzerland. Even Switzerland might be tough.

    • If the U.S. Government gets in another war it will most likely be either for “Our Greatest Ally” against Iran or against China over Taiwan. U.S. Government officials know they cannot successfully fight a war against either enemy without conscription; conscription of young White males, the very people hated the most by the U.S. Government. The proper thing to do will be to refuse conscription and take advantage of the spontaneous antiwar movement that is sure to erupt over conscription.

      That will be the best way to defeat the hostile government in Washington that wants us dead, six feet under, replaced by wogs.

  5. This is a new low! WTF is wrong with your head! The demonrats hate you and your family and every White person in America and they will make sure you suffer greatly just because you are White and you are so naive as to believe that sanity will be restored to the American politics and are worried about your 2000$ check? This is a wholesale transformation of the ethnic composition of this country that would be accompanied by destruction and mayhem and atrocities all directed against the White people all that while you are waiting for you pitiful 2K check and calling the brave patriots who had this Awedome Capitol Party Qnon idiots! Most definitely the idiot here is you!

      • None of the White people who fought in the Capitol Siege cares about GOP or the 2000$ checks unlike you! They care about America and they are acutely aware what’s in store for them again unlike you!

        • You’re right.

          They were Trump’s most diehard and deluded followers who responded to his call to make a last stand to “Stop the Steal” in Washington, DC on January 6th. Instead of staying at home and collecting $2,000, they risked their lives for him to storm the Capitol. Ashli Babbitt died for him and hundreds of his supporters are going to prison now. He returned the favor by throwing them under the bus.

          • Suure! The guy with the Auschwitz shirt and the people with the Confederate flags were all there because they loved Trump and Kushner! They were there because they saw an opportunity to make a stand like real White Men! You in the meantime are hiding in Alabama and waiting for your miserable 1400$ check. I understand you being upset because Trump did not defend you after Charlottesville but fuck your feelings! Nobody cares about Trump, what he did to the system is what every White Man should care about! Trump broke the system irreversibly and now that it happen you are scared of what might follow and want your new favorites, the demonrats to go back to business as usual. Sorry buddy its over and nobody in the democratic side need you unless you are willing to publicly humiliate yourself by kissing the feet of your juden and nigga masters in public like it happend in South Africa.

          • You’re right.

            I didn’t travel to DC to storm the Capitol and serve 20 years in federal prison for Donald Trump. It made much more sense to me to collect $2,000. He will be gone next week anyway. He lost the election two months ago. The Electoral College voted last month.

    • It would seem that both the attack and impeachment are designed to stop disbursement of Covid19 dole.

      Prove me wrong.

  6. Maybe if Blumph cared about the populist views of the people who put him office instead of Israel, he might still be president. Unfortunately, Blumph never cared about the concerns of the majority, he just sold them a line of goods to get elected.

  7. “we might get some things done like the $2,000 stimulus checks”:

    By “we,” I hope you are not identifying with the system. “They” is more appropriate, I think.

    Neither $2,000 “gifts” nor anything else the system does will be good for the vast majority. The Capitalist “UBI” now being planned and proposed by billionaires is not a concession or even a reform, but a deliberate new method to extract even more wealth from the working class that produces it.

  8. I wonder what would happen if Biden(!) pardons Trump?

    “For the good of the country.” “To bring us together,” etc., etc.?

    It would be dramatically more radical than Ford’s pardoning of Nixon, being across party lines (even largely fictitious uniparty lines), with the nation far more divided and hysterical than during Watergate.

    It would still leave Trump vulnerable to state prosecutions (like the ones the black New York attorney general wants), which might mollify centrist Democrats, though it would still enrage the far left, The Squad, & other “take no prisoner” factions (ic some extreme Never Trumper Republicans). But the lower level prosecutions of Capital Hill rioters & supporters & possible censure or even expulsions of Republican congressmen supposedly implicated could continue, which might appease at least some of them.

    A Trump pardon by Biden might be the smart play.

    • “It would still leave Trump vulnerable to state prosecutions”:

      You forget about being vulnerable to international court indictment for war crimes, only prevented by the U.S. that controls the court. But all U.S. Presidents, and immense numbers of officials and other U.S. citizens are/have been guilty. The U.S. does not really believe in God or it would tremble in fear of future justice.

  9. “ He lost the election two months ago. The Electoral College voted last month.” Of course! He lost the Election fair and square! We all know that those niggers who steal, rape, kill and sell drugs 364 days a year behave like model citizens on Election Day. As to their masters, the jude, they are the paragon of honesty and integrity!

  10. I think it was Lou Dobbs who recently said that the Republicans are in danger of being reduced to nothing more than a fundraising organization. So be it! They brought it on themselves. If Dementia Joe is serious about pushing a liberal populist agenda, a 21st century New Deal, then why the hell not support it? The GOP only cares about tax cuts for the rich, deregulation of Big Business and promoting endless wars for Israel. What’s in it for the rest of us?

  11. Has anyone noticed how ZOG press photographers have started taking pics of Dementia Joe at ZOG press conferences with a halo-like symbol around his head?

  12. Regarding your Radical Right vs. Radical Left video I never met any homos in real life who were as delightfully flamboyant as they are depicted in popular culture, HW. Except for one. He was a real fruity chef who lived with his mother and worked as an overnight phone sex counsellor.

  13. Biden had been talking about giving everyone a raise by a federal minimum wage hike a few days back. Now our ruling elites are preoccupied with Trump and “the deplorables” again and will probably double down on the culture war instead of doing anything to make the lives of working people better. The working class has been deeply hurt by the GOP agenda starting with Reaganism through Paul Ryanism. What is really needed is $15 minimum wage and laws forcing businesses to run at least 85% of their operations with full time 40 hour a week employees.

  14. Who knew that Soros would be proved right in an interview several years ago when he said he wasn’t worried about Trump because he will prove to be transitory. Watch how fast Trump Republicans disavow him and go back to being establishment Neo-conservative Republicans.

  15. The Democrats #1 problem is the racial left wing, Black Lives Matter, and extremist White Liberals. It’s these bunch of nuts that fueled BLM and all the Race Riots in 2020. That along with Gun Control will hurt the Democrats and the Mid Term Elections and could very well mean that Joe Biden will also be a 1 term President. I don’t think the majority of Voters are interested in extremism in one direction or another. However somehow the left wing extremists and right wing extremists have got control of the Democratic Party and Republican Party. This is a real problem as elections are won by getting Independent, Moderate, Populist, and even Nationalist voters. Stick with these people, focus, and that’s how you stay in office. Deo Vindice !

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