Radio Free Indiana: The Capitol Siege


In this episode of Radio Free Indiana, I have a conversation with Matt Parrott about why we stopped supporting Donald Trump years ago, refused to “Trust the Plan,” refused to support Trump in the 2020 election, criticized the fraud narrative, attacked the Grift Right when it was holding the “Stop the Steal” rallies, exposed the Bitcoin Fairy last month and finally how grateful we are that we decided to disassociate ourselves from these people and steered clear of the Capitol Siege. Donald Trump waited until he had two weeks left in office to deliver the biggest kick in the balls yet to his chumps.

Note: There is a turkey shoot going on right now of plan trusters. The worst is yet to come though for those who can be linked to Ali Alexander’s “Stop the Steal” conspiracy.

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  1. It will be fascinating to watch how they try to rebuild the GOP after this. Not sure how they can run on trickle down economics, tax cuts and israel given the current sad state of things, but that wing of the GOP will be the only voice left after all this. It is also kind of shocking how the world is seeing “the land of the free” as the technocratic authoritarian state that it is. American “influence” will only be conducted by brute force and coercion now. If anything, the example set by America is to serve as a warning to the rest of the world.

    The Capitol Siege would not have been possible if not for the two years of Russian collusion insanity and this summer’s BLM riots. The only way to heal this country and have even some half-ass form of unity is for the left to admit that they also let things get wildly out of control, but so far I’m not seeing any of that. This stunning hypocrisy is just too much to bear for a huge chunk of the country.

    Long term, though, someone somewhere in power has to know that to keep the machine running you have to have an opposing party.

    • Nah, Biden will hit domestic opponents with Drone strikes and attack Russia in Crimea.

      It’s pretty obvious that this will get ugly as fuck.

      Remember, Biden has to feed the war machine. Both foreign and domestic enemies will perish.


    • “””…they try to rebuild the GOP…”””

      They don`t rebuild GOP. They build Soviet Union II. You have the very same process what we had in 1917.

      Forget popular myths. Soviet Union had elections and Soviet Union people had a right to own guns. It was much easier to get hunting license in Soviet Union, than getting permission to own a gun in the European Union. Draft and military service was mandatory, 22LR shooting training for schoolboys was financed by Government and 2 barrel shotgun in the house was considered almost human right. Ammo was a problem but Government printed a lot of books about self making cartridges.

      I still using those books. Top scientists written books about chemistry, physics and ballistics are still above of any western weapon company “buy our stuff ” garbage.

      Guns never commanded power. Power is always commanding guns. Gun owners did not killed Stalin. But Stalin killed a lot of gun owners and commanded entire Red Army.

      Before he got killed himself. Stalin was so surrounded that even his most trusted body guard Nikolai Vlasik was removed. Vlasik screamed on arrest that when I am gone, Stalin will also . And he was right. 3 months later, Stalin was dead.

      So do not complain, that Trump appoints this and fires that. Sometimes even most powerful men on Earth must sign their own death warrant. Communism or as you say, liberal democracy is really serious thing.

      “””…It is also kind of shocking how the world is seeing ….”””

      Germany saw 1945, Vietnam 1965, bunch of other countries between them, Afghanistan saw 2001, Iraq 2003 , Georgia 2008, Ukraine 2014 and so on.

      Entire planet Earth is behind Trump. and US freedom fighters. In the 1919 Polish army and entire Eastern Europe fought successfully back Red Army attack, but they thought that because our independence is secured, there is no point to advance and leave the Russians sort their mess out.

      20 years later we learned that we were wrong. So if anybody wondering why Poland is not stepping out of EU is full of Donald fans then check a history.

      You may think that communism outside your country is not your problem but later you will be educated in Katyn that you are wrong.

      Even the dumb cucks learning

      If Donald loses, then the real education will follow. One reason, why I hate gun owners is the very same reason I hate all educated people. They know everything and understand nothing. This how “.. that can’t happen here college educated military experienced gun owning patriots…”” ending up.

  2. They are screaming for the blood of the “Camp Auschwitz” bearded guy. With everything going on he seems to be the focus of all the hate with Republicans and Democrats lining up to get their pound of flesh and normies joining in. I dont know what he was thinking it is an incredibly stupid thing to wear even if we did have freedom of speech or a free country, you need to act in a way that gives these people nothing to attack. Wearing long hair and a Camp Auschwitz shirt combo immediately disregards any good you can do in life by labeling you a miscreant

    • Captain Shill,

      Camp Auschwitz man was arrested in Newport News, Virginia. It’s amazing how ZOG can catch a guy wearing a sweatshirt they found offensive, but couldn’t track Al-Queda terrorists in 2001 that were taking flying lessons but didn’t seem too interested in leaning to land an aircraft. One can only presume that offensive sweatshirts are considered a higher threat to national security than almost two dozen jihadis.

      • OK d*ckhead. My mistake it is a really good look to go to a protest to reinstate “Americas first Jewish president” Donald Trump in a shirt that he would personally have you thrown in jail for. You cant be serious or are you just traded. The optics debate has certain points like you cant be Fuentes and because you show up in a suit get away with grifting and sending your followers to break into the capital. You also cant be a Maga lover and think that shirt is a good idea. By the way, the odds are zero you would tell me anything about my vag in person so act online as you would in real life. Behave with dignify and in a way that would make your ancestors proud. Not “I 69ed a rabbi and all I got was this lousy tee shirt” display.

  3. Are you considering a triumphal return to Gab, HW? I pretty much hate that site, the cretins that it attracts and the crappy, dishonest and dysfunctional way that it’s run.

  4. Is Adam Green of Know More News an Ashkenazi jew, HW? Many of ’em superficially resemble white Europeans.

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