Trump Reemerges To Condemn and Disavow Capitol Siege

Told you so.

There was never a plan.

The man is a narcissist and his presidency was a disaster. The Capitol Siege was one last kick in the balls for his supporters on the way out the door. Ashli Babbitt was willing to die for him. She is dead and hundreds of his supporters are going to federal prison because of the Qtard cult. He could have spoken out against this nonsense at any time, but he spent the last two months lying to these dead enders, grifting off them, whipping them up into a frenzy with claims of election fraud and leading them on before using them as pawns and discarding them. He has never given a shit about his deluded supporters. Everything we have said about his character was completely justified as was our opposition to his reelection.

Note: It was very brave of Alex Jones, Ali Alexander, YOBA, Nick Fuentes and the rest of the gang to set themselves on fire though for Trump when he only had two weeks left in his term. Unlike Sholom Rubashkin, Charles Kushner or Jonathan Pollard, they aren’t going to get a lick of support.

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  1. Trump is a weakling and a coward and the dems/reps saw it from day 1. They used him and abused him because they sensed a wounded weak animal who wouldn’t fight back. All talk, no action and I have no sympathy for him.

    • Trump was also bullied by Ryan and McConnell.

      Trump rolled whenever push came to shove back, unless it was something for Jewish extremists. Then he would act.

      Otherwise, Trump is a coward, a blowhard, a narcissist. He is a contemptible man, as are his children. I hope, I pray, that Trump’s post-presidency life see his fortunes evaporate and his business crumble.

      I want all of it be wiped away and for him to die (of natural causes) a broken, penniless, man.

  2. I hope people who Trusted the Plan have enough self-respect to read this and refrain from posting insults against you or any of us who asked them to think about who Trump really is. We all knew when we voted for him in 2016, but putting that aside was worth all of the great things he was going to do.

    He did NONE of them, and that was not the fault of the deep state or democrats. He had no intention. He tweeted to excite people, watched TV and played golf. The only piece of legislation in 4 years was the GOP tax cut for the rich. He was recorded at Mar-a-Lago telling his swamp friends “I just made you a lot of money”.

    His executive orders are toilet paper. They were worthless in terms of helping average White people to begin with, but a 3rd grader can sign an EO.

    As his supporters are arrested, he now condems them as part of a plea agreement to save his own backside.

    So, if anyone comes here to insult you smile. You were right all along.

    Happy New Year, BTW.

    • I think he’ll pardon the protesters[ except the ones who killed and seriously injured police officers]. He has nothing to lose really; they’ve now impeached him, and whether they convict him or not, SDNY and DC are going to prosecute him, and possibly his family. Pardoning the protesters would make him a true hero and the corrupt establishment would know it! He should also pardon Assange and Snowden and really freak them out[check mate]

  3. Good article. It would great to have access to the people for a few days alone in a cabin with nothing but internet access and a full library of historical resources. Spend a day deprogramming them on the life times and associates of Donald Trump, a day on every policy and action of his four years in office, and several days giving them a crash course on history and media influence. These are good people just misguided.

  4. I remember at the beginning of his term Pres. Trump castigated the CIA (quite rightly, too) for its numerous abuses and failures. His staff announced that the new CIA chief who would be appointed would clean house and be meeting with the President soon. The meeting would take place in the White House and presumably, the Riot Act would be read to the new scumbag replacing the old scumbag in charge of the CIA.

    Instead, Trump meekly drove over to Langley, VA. where the CIA headquarters is located and announce Gina Haspel, CIA insider would be the latest toady to be put in charge of the CIA. It was, of course the CIA reading the Riot Act to President Trump, not the other way around. He caved in at the very beginning of his presidency. At least he kept that bitch Hillary out of the White House, though.

    • @Shane B

      David Lane was a nutjob and if he were around today he would just be another blogger, writing out his “88 rules” that “society” should follow for the Perfect Utopia. Who cares? Reading him is worse than listening to what’s his name dork-out on his “Roman Empire … but in Space!” cringe.

      As far as I know, I am the only writer than even bothered to take David Lane’s writings seriously, and restyled his “KD Rebel” from a poorly-written Red Dawn pulp novel to a sexy erotic thriller, a mix of 50 Shades of Grey and the Handmaid’s Tale. I’m like Norman Podhoretz to his Eldridge Cleaver.

      As far as terrorists go, David Lane is far less interesting than Ted Kaczynski.

      Also stop Fedposting. No one cares what David Lane “taught.” What is he like an Old Testament prophet? Sounds pretty jewy to me.

  5. I was going to go into a rant about how you don’t ever go into, or do business with jews, but no one listens to me, not even David Duke would listen.

    I was explaining to my Boomer father yesterday, why Trump won’t be able to return with Trump TV, and I think he finally understood. He said, They are a Mafia! He will probably forget tomorrow, and go back to simping for them.

    The ADL type jews are taking apart every part of Trump’s life right now. He is not just getting banned from social media, they are dismantling his empire, he won’t be able to do business with anyone, and soon they will have him in court for the rest of his life. When they are finished with Trump, he will be nothing.

    Trump thinks if he cooperates with the jews, by turning on his followers they will leave him alone, but they won’t ever leave him alone. Jews don’t forgive or forget, because they aren’t Christian, they are jews.

    Thats all folks!

  6. Trump, kushner, ivanka, and the whole bunch of his sycophants inside the administration have left an shit skid mark on nationalism and populism in America.

    We would be remiss not to mention the leading roles that mudslinger Roger Stone (received a pardon by Trump) and neocon conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi in poisoning the minds of naïve Trumptards with the whole “Q” psyop. By doing so, they were doing the work on this nation’s and world’s foremost threat to peace (i.e., the parasitic and terrorist state of Israel).

  7. This filthy whore exposed his gutlessness on the very night of his triumph over Cankles when he declared her & Slick “good people” – after roaring that he’d “lock her up” if he won: at that very moment, the jews & their fed scum knew that his word meant less than nothing, that he was a weakling, and so they’d be able to bitch-slap him with impunity.

    He is a fucking traitor who betrayed every one of the poor, well meaning but hopelessly dumb idol worshipers he’s now thrown under the bus in hope of saving his orange ass. Many of them will now rot in fed sarcophagi directly because of him; he must share their fate

  8. Does anyone else see the irony in that some of Trump’s most devoted supporters are going to go to federal prison for their rowdiness inside the synagogue of democracy, all the while thanks to Jared Kushner, actual criminals are being released from federal prison due to the “First Step Act?” Trump cannot hear their pleas for a presidential pardon above all that winning.

    • @Novemeber all I see in the mainstream press is black Congress people like Ayana Pressley and wealthy celebrities upping the white supremacy talking points. You would think after all this the Republicans and Boomers would have enough but no. Just a sea of “it has nothing to do about race or color. it is about freedom”. They will never learn to stop kissing the boot even when rounded up they say they won’t give up the Second Amendment but the way they kneel and kiss dicersity ass lets you know how quickly they will fold.

  9. Pepe Escobar weighs in on “1/6”:

    “And as the inevitable companion to Patriot Act 2.0, there will be war overseas, with the return in full force, unencumbered, of what former CIA analyst Ray McGovern memorably christened the MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think Tank) complex. And when MICIMATT starts the next war, every single protest will be branded as domestic terrorism (…) Whatever really happened on 1/6 in the militarized Valhalla of a superpower that spent untold trillions of dollars on security since the start of the millennium, the elaborate psy op/photo-op circus – complete with a strategically photogenic MAGA Viking actor – could never had happened if it was not allowed to happen. Debate will rage till Kingdom Come on whether the break-in was organic – an initiative by a few hundred among at least 10,000 peaceful protestors surrounding the Capitol – or a playbook color revolution false flag instigated by an infiltrated, professional Fifth Column of agent provocateurs. What matters is the end result: the manufactured product – ‘Trump insurrection’….”

    • Pepe’s article had some quite true points –

      « Trump at least was a useful conduit. He lay bare how the corrupt swamp actually moves. How these ‘institutions’ are mere corporate puppets – and completely ignore the common man. How the USA Judiciary is utterly corrupt – when even the President of the USA cannot get a hearing

      Now, incoming totalitarianism orchestrated by Big Tech –

      First they came for President Trump. Then they come for you. Anyone, anywhere, not following Big Tech’s Techno-Feudalist diktat WILL be cancelled.

      Ahead, there’s nothing but ruthless purge, protracted crackdown, censorship, blanket surveillance, smashing of civil liberties, a single narrative, overarching cancel culture. »

  10. Twitter did one thing right by “suspending” the account of Ben Garrison, a terrible political cartoonist and notorious Trump suck-up. Maybe I’ll publish a political cartoon in the Boomer Ben style, where a maniacally grinning, kippah-wearing Trump is driving a bus festooned with Israeli flags and Garrison is thrown underneath it by the demonic looking ghost of Sheldon Adelson. Then I’ll draw a bunch of arrows pointing to everything in the picture so you’ll laff six million times.

  11. By the way, where the hell he Kushner? Dollars to donuts he lands on his feet out of all this, totally unscathed. Wouldn’t be surprised if he slinked off to Israel.

    • Kushner and Ivanka recently purchased some property on what’s call “billionaire’s island” in Florida. They definitely did well under Trump. Just imagine how many side deals they made. Would probably put Hunter Biden to shame.

  12. According to Blumpfers ashli babbit either never existed or was a deep state crisis actor lol I saw this one video were it basically assumed that her gunshot from a .45 she should of been bleeding like crazy blood flying everywhere from the neck shot.

    The video also makes the weird claim that she had a backpack on broke her fall from marble floor and is evidence that this shot was planned just ridiculous imo

  13. I have heard that using Parler the Feds are putting everybody that attended the capital hill rally on a no fly zone for life. Videos have emerged of Trump supports being taken off planes. Ask yourself if the Feds ever did the same for BLM and Antifa! # Not my nation!

  14. It’s not narcissism. He’s protecting his Tribe and his class. Everything he’s done was to prop up billionaires and Jews. He’s Jew King Lord of NYC. This wasn’t a narcissist operating on the masochists.

  15. Hard Facts for Wigtards 101:

    1. 100% scientific certainty that Donald J. Trump won the legal vote on November 3rd.

    2. Joe Biden did not win 80 million legal votes from individual American citizens.

    3. If you believe that Joe Biden won on November 3rd, legally, and there wasn’t any widespread and historic election fraud involving ballot manufacturing and Dominion algorithm weighting then you’re not an intellectual or a dissident.

    4. Donald J. Trump is a vile rat and fraud. A narcissistic coward who used his supporters for his own gain and repeatedly threw them to the wolves.

    5. The Capitol Hill siege was monumental and the current military and former military cells who planned and perpetrated it are diehard patriots. Far better than extreme online contrarian commentariat. Military members swear an oath to defend against domestic
    enemies. Their sacrifice should be applauded.

    6. The American Regime is the #1 enemy. They were undoubtedly involved in the election steal and have been at war against nationalists-populists for several years now. The FBI is organized domestic terrorism and symbolized the rise of anarcho-tyranny.

    7. Rest in Peace to Ashli Babbit. Patriot. Hero.

    8. National Justice Party is the only viable thing left from the Alt-Right.

    9. Nick Fuentes and other America Firsters have great potential but only if they remain focused on the destruction of the GOP. Many will return as cattle in 2022 and 24. Some reconciliation with more mature relics of the Alt-Right like NJP would be revolutionary.

    10. Wishing the Feds arrest Nick and MAGAs is morally decrepit and disgusting.

    11. If nothing can be accomplished but spreading Jew awareness to the defeated MAGA then that is a worthy goal.

    12. ACAB and FTF. In addition, military members who allow themselves to be sent abroad for this Evil Empire knowing full well what they are engaged in and are R.I.P deserve no sympathy.

  16. David Eden Lane spoke absolute, uncompromising truth and the more people familiarize themselves with the foundational texts — the better. And yes, we do adhere to David’s spiritual, political, religious, esoteric and philosophical teachings. He indeed was a “Prophet” and we affirm the Pyramid Prophecy as well.

    And Old Testament philosophy is indeed good philosophy.

    @ “BannedHipster”

    Not to mention KD Rebel being an excellent book.

    Nobody has been able to meet the challenge of constructing two sentences, each containing 14 words, 61 letters, 20 syllables, 74 characters and the Simple English Gematria value (A1, B2, C3, D4,…) of 741. Both came to David while sleeping and were not “plagiarized” as a few falsely claim. We are yet to see anybody successfully come up with two 14 word sentences that meet the other criteria. Good luck trying.

    We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children

    Because The Beauty Of The White Aryan Woman Must Not Perish From The Earth.

    And to their dismay, the coding actually gets even more in depth than that. The two slogans are just “icing on the cake”.

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