Caleb Maupin on Huey Long

If we could find a candidate who could fill the Huey Long lane in American politics (a true populist who is a moderate wealth redistributionist who is palatable to social conservatives and doesn’t take polarizing stands on culture war issues), he would win in a landslide in 2024.

The wild popularity of $2,000 stimulus checks shows that there is a super majority for economic populism. The mainstream Left and Right engage in endless race baiting and culture war performance art politics (i.e., everything is “white supremacy” and “systemic racism”) to distract and divide the public. The average man in the street doesn’t understand why we spend $740 billion dollars on the military to occupy Afghanistan for 20 years or why Amazon doesn’t pay taxes or how things like “black trans liberation” is the most pressing issue of the day or why Congress can’t afford anything but a $600 check and we are $27 trillion in debt. The country isn’t nearly as polarized on major policy issues as it appears to be. It is the politicians who stoke outrage and create the division instead of forging a consensus.

No one is running on a constitutional amendment to impose a cap on personal wealth that abolishes the billionaires who corrupt our politics. A super majority would probably support that too. Instead of focusing on what needs to be done, we have been distracted over the last week by absurdities like the QAnon Shaman storming the Capitol and Blumpf’s Twitter martyrdom and second impeachment.

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    • @ might as well call it, for what it is, a cap on personal achievement. Just like t ball for tots, we’re all winners, yep , we’re all the same, a bunch of mediorce dullards , sucking on the big goverment teat, sounds like a formula for happiness and succesd……..ah. No thanks.

    • If it weren’t for the 20,000 troops there would be no one at the inauguration except for Dementia Joe and the other political hacks. There is zero public interest in this inauguration. People wouldn’t even bother to protest against Dementia Joe even if there hadn’t been trouble last week, he is such a non-entity. The TV networks will blame the lack of crowds on the Jan. 6th trouble and the troop presence, not the fact that no one cares about Dementia Joe.

  1. Slightly OT- Hunter, if I recall correctly long ago you once did a series criticizing the South’s adherence to Jeffersonianism, cataloguing the disasters it wrought and analyzing it’s practical and intellectual deficiencies. Can you possibly link to them, I’d like to review the series.Thanks.

  2. It sure is a shame to see this movement getting co-opted again. This time by the left. Maupin despises White Nationalism, and is a massive cuck and communist. Prepare to get pumped and dumped by these people. They will promise a bag if you tone down the racial talk, but you won’t get the bag, and will instead be set further from your goals as White Nationalists. Wealth redistribution will mostly go to the top as per usual, and the rest of the crumbs will be given EQUITABLY, so none for you Whitey. Suckers again.

    Screenshot this. It will be true in both 2022 and 2024.

  3. Huey rose up because he represented one side of a business elite. He had sympathetic backers.

    Is there even a divide in the elite now? How could a populist even rise up?

    What we’ll get if this game is even played is empty rhetoric “UBI, Medicare 4 all, free college” but likely get none of it, or if some is given, it will be given EQUITABLY (none for Whitey)

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