Let Them Eat Tubmans

I’m confused.

Shouldn’t this be announced tomorrow? I thought tomorrow was supposed to be Woke Day. It seems like every day is White middle class liberal day.

Note: Andrew Jackson probably wouldn’t take offense. Old Hickory hated these people. He killed the Second Bank of the United States and paid off the national debt.

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  1. “I’ll be you a nigger he doesn’t”
    “lemme borrow a nigger”
    “man that aint worth a nigger”

    im gonna love this.

    • So you placed your big white brain into overdrive, and that’s the comedic gold you came up with.

      The genocide proceeds apace.

  2. Biden? more like a Burden. That’s how yah assuage the fears of the right and frighten of center. Literally erase whitey off the most common banknote in an ATM.

  3. From one of our best Presidents to a she-bootlip on my favorite denomination of Judefetzen – it’s all so tiresome.

    • since you Trumpchumps weren’t paying attention, your

      “best prez evuh” just spent the last 4 years

      kissing black ass, massaging spics, sucking Jewish dick,

      and shitting on the Whites who voted for him.

  4. The society is dying, global pandemic, economic depression, climate disaster, and we have a someone wanting to put Tubman on a dollar bill.

    This society is such a joke.

    I’m waiting for a meteor at this point.

  5. The descendants of the people she helped to free from slavery moved to Chicago and committed over 784 murders last year in 2020: a record and quite a legacy for comrade Tubman and her people.

    In 2021 America, one cannot walk the streets of Baltimore, Cleveland, Philly, Detroit or Chicago without getting shot, stabbed, assaulted, robbed or raped by black people. We are not suppose to notice.

    Woke, inc. churns out 24/7 TV and films showing “diverse” street gangs with white male leaders. There is a whole multi-billion dollar industry devoted to convincing you that blacks and Mexicans are no threat to your safety and are in fact all NASA scientists and Mayo surgeons.

    Meanwhile, White families are quietly selling their homes and moving to small, all-White towns in Utah, Idaho, Minnesota and New Hampshire. If asked, they say it is to be “closer to family” or seeking “good schools.” But everyone with an IQ above 75 knows the truth.

    • The US spends more on housing, feeding, schooling, etc. for blacks than the space program, which creates good jobs and spurs invention.

    • Yep.

      Joe Biden has issued a bunch of executive orders. Legal challenges are already being filed. The filibuster appears to be safe. Nothing has been done that can’t be reversed by the next administration. Meanwhile, Blumpf is gone and QAnon has been discredited. The detritus has been cleared and we are charting a new path forward. Did I mention that the AmNats set themselves on fire for Trump?

  6. LOL. Putting Harriet on the $20 is going to start a lot of bar fights of the “nice picture of your mother” variety.

  7. They can put whatever they want on the $20 federal reserve note, just as long as they give me 100 of them monthly and retroactive from the beginning of the pandemic. Preferably in a bag.

  8. The kikes are no doubt taking special glee at not just shitcanning Jackson, but in replacing him with one of the fugliest niggers that ever lived.

    Africa sho’ do produce da sexiest hoes, mm-hmm…

    • Over half of all US dollar bills circulate outside the country. That being the case there’s no way that the Russians, Arabs, Latin Americans and Asians are going to want to use any currency that features the portrait of an ugly old colored lady. Maybe they could use the likeness of Marilyn McCoo from The Fifth Dimension or 1970s blaxploitation actress Pam Grier instead?

    • They don’t get is that once the Harriet Tubman replaces him, Andrew Jackson can finally rest in piece. Jackson killed the second Bank of the United States and would have loathed having his face on any Federal Reserve fiat currency.

      Andrew “I Killed The Bank” Jackson would feel gratified that it is Tubman who now graces the funny munny in his place.

      Here’s to you, Old Hickory.

    • There’s an old story that John Brown would always refer to her as “General Tubman.” His associates would think it was just Brown giving her an eccentric compliment, but it was also said he actually believed Tubman was a man. I think this was mentioned in Oates’ bio of Brown.

  9. The Dollar is based on the Spanish Dollar, the symbol of oppression of the natives, the Nigger is ready to become the world reserve currency, symbolized with the productive labor of Africans who built our American greatness.

  10. It’s better to for the regime in charge show it’s true colors rather than have the vestiges of White America continue to confuse people. The United States is anti-White and people need a daily reminder of that.

  11. In light of where the Corporate/Neo-Liberal Jew England Yankee United States Government is, I think the Tubman bills are absolutely appropriate.

    For that matter, I think George Washington Carver ought be on the $1 dollar bill, Saladin on the $10 dollar bill, and Simon Bolivar in place of the Ben Franklin.

    Lincoln on the $5 dollar bill is their most appropriate currency bill, as it correctly indicates their attitude towards all who would disagree with them, particularly on the matter of sovereignty.

    • “I think George Washington Carver ought be on the $1 dollar bill, Saladin on the $10 dollar bill, and Simon Bolivar in place of the Ben Franklin”:

      Imagine Thomas Sankara, Ho Chi Minh, Gadhafi, Assad, Lumumba, or Sukarno on one of them!

  12. At our current trajectory blacks will soon be able to kidnap your children for muhdik or murder/assault you in public for looking at them wrong…oh wait.

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