The New National American Elite

Michael Lind makes some good points in this article.

Tablet Mag:

“In the third decade of the 21st century, the Social Register still exists, there are still debutante balls, polo and lacrosse are still patrician sports, and old money families still summer at Newport. But these are fossil relics of an older class system. The rising ruling class in America is found in every major city in every region. Membership in it depends on having the right diplomas—and the right beliefs. …

Membership in the multiracial, post-ethnic national overclass depends chiefly on graduation with a diploma—preferably a graduate or professional degree—from an Ivy League school or a selective state university, which makes the Ivy League the new social register. But a diploma from the Ivy League or a top-ranked state university by itself is not sufficient for admission to the new national overclass. Like all ruling classes, the new American overclass uses cues like dialect, religion, and values to distinguish insiders from outsiders.

Dialect. You may have been at the top of your class in Harvard business school, but if you pronounce thirty-third “toidy-toid” or have a Southern drawl, you might consider speech therapy.

Religion. You may have edited the Yale Law Review, but if you tell interviewers that you recently accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, or fondle a rosary during the interview, don’t expect a job at a prestige firm.

Values. This is the trickiest test, because the ruling class is constantly changing its shibboleths—in order to distinguish true members of the inner circle from vulgar impostors who are trying to break into the elite. A decade ago, as a member of the American overclass you could get away with saying, along with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, “I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, but I strongly support civil unions for gay men and lesbians.” In 2020 you are expected to say, “I strongly support trans rights.” You will flunk the interview if you start going on about civil unions.

More and more Americans are figuring out that “wokeness” functions in the new, centralized American elite as a device to exclude working-class Americans of all races, along with backward remnants of the old regional elites. In effect, the new national oligarchy changes the codes and the passwords every six months or so, and notifies its members through the universities and the prestige media and Twitter. …

Woke speech is simply a ruling-class dialect, which must be updated frequently to keep the lower orders from breaking the code and successfully imitating their betters.”

The “white supremacy,” “climate change” and “trans” stuff are class markers.

Do you remember the “Black Trans Lives Matter” rally in Brooklyn last summer? It was a sea of these White upper middle class, college educated, status signaling woke professional types.

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  1. Our guys currently have the best analysis of these issues around. Matt Parrott, Keith Woods, Richard Spencer, and of course Hunter Wallace here at OD offer the cutting edge of contemporary class analysis and social/political/economic commentary. Mainstream and academic sources can hardly even keep up. And people from “the left” like Vaush aren’t even in the game, which is why their channels have been algorithmically blessed by the gods of tech.

    With Trump out of the way, there is a lot to be optimistic about. Those who held true and refused to sell out to the Trump cult, while refining their message and ideas, are well positioned to take the lead in the coming years.

  2. When the Woke White Liberal Elite scream:”GENOCIDE OF NATIVE AMERICANS YOU WHITE RACIST WORKING CLASS!!!!”…..Here is what they really mean:The Hindu American….Kamala Harris an her people such as Jarmeet Singh…..should be the beneficiares of the European Conquest of North America….They could care less about the “genocide” of the Native Americans….

  3. Fucking (((Cultural Marxist))) scum liteterally freezing out, silencing & financially destroying sane Whites who object to them imposing their jewshit.

    We’ll see how much longer they get away with it.

    • They will get away with it as long as the money holds out. We are one major stock market crash, one run on Wall Street firms (like Lehman Bros. 2007), one big spike in interest rates off of the zero bound, one nasty foreign policy debacle (Iran or Taiwan) and the financial system will crash. The Federal Reserve will respond to a crash the way they always do, by flooding the world with even more U.S. Dollars conjured out of thin air, backed by nothing. The Federal Reserve is entirely predictable, and a one trick pony, too.

      This will start a new cycle of tremendous inflation which will impoverish many people including many members of the ruling class.The1929 crash and subsequent Great Depression knocked out of the box many members of the ruling class of the day, the same thing will happen again. Look for many of those “woke” former members of the elite, the biggest pricks and hypocrites, to turn on their former comrades who no longer know them from Adam after their fall from grace.

  4. While both sides believe in their variant of freedom, they also believe in oppressing the other side (as well as the worship of freedom in an American petty sense). So what?

    In any society there are limits and taboos, and when that is transgressed, there is persecution. It’s always been an American myth that it “wasn’t that way in the past.” It was. If you were gay or against racism early in America, you’d face the boot, by losing your job, becoming a social outcast, etc. This paradigm is just the inverse of this. We live in a backlash of the past and rebellion of early America. Each side practices some in a form of petty authoritarianism to suppress each other. Even the Proud Boy believe in punishment for burning the flag (and engage in excessive flag worship and waving). Their so-called belief in freedom is not absolute under the reasoning that the flag gave us such freedoms to begin with (which leftist then say they should be allowed to. which is about attacking the sacred of their enemies). The real issue is that these symbols are sacred and absolute, that they place higher than themselves. There is a hierarchy. Their ideals of what they value, what people, heroes (whether that’s Andrew Jackson or Martin Luther King Jr.), and myths they create embody what they are and live for. Each side uses the rhetoric of freedom to go after the “sacred” of the other side and desecrate whatever that may be, replace, and then to dominate.

    Every side has their “sacred,” their “absolute.”

    As one side grows, it will become all encompassing- at every institution (because institutions are housed by individuals). This drift happens even in democratic societies. It’s just more subvert then a true Totalitarian State, and more subtle, glossed in the language of human rights. “Rights” is the desire to gain power and elevate those you care about and suppress people who threaten that. Consolidation has to happen or there’s civil war. All societies have their ethos and sacred ideas that if challenged, challenges the legitimacy of the society itself. It’s why White Nationalism will be crushed and Antifa and BLM will not (even if the violence is greater). The ideology matters more than whatever violence is or is not committed. The thing about democracy, besides worshiping and embodying the most negative aspects of freedom, believing consciously solely in the concept of freedom and nothing else, while it paradoxically has a petty form of totalitarianism as a part of it- an all encompassing ideology to be enforced (businesses, the State, academia, media, all preach diversity, etc), with detrimental consequences should someone stray against that. The difference is that it cloaks it. Each faction desires the will to power and become all encompassing and to dominate, even when they claim they don’t, because they recognize that it is the upmost importance to maintain and protect what they elevate and care about as a group.

    So I’ve come up with two ways to define these two forms of Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism respectively. The lower case petty version mean to suppress the enemy under the belief of whatever freedom and rights they believe in. And the capitalize version, which is an entire philosophy- where duty, discipline, and sacrifice to a higher cause is embodied overtly and consciously championed. The same with Totalitarianism vs petty totalitarianism. Petty totalitarianism is just the inevitable natural occurrence in which ideological factions subconsciously have the impulse, will to power, to enforce their beliefs.

  5. With the growth of managerialism, we’re replacing a ruling class based on social position with one based on the drives of bureaucratic classification. The latter provides decision makers anonymity the former does not. It is this anonymity and lack of seen responsibility, according tp Hannah Arendt, that makes rule by bureaucracy the worst form of tyranny.

  6. In the mathematics of PDEs its called a highly focused nondissapative wave…In physics, something gotta give….It’s going to leave enormous desruction to US Society…absolutely reckless….US society will shatter and burn….The Woke are literally burning society down…Every normal social bond will shatter into pieces……Right from a Coleman McCarthy Novel.

    A homosexual tranny freak on hormones on patrol will slaughter the Christian Russian Soldiers only five feet away from US Global Homo Tranny freak soldiers on patrol in Syria…The Russian Military will override Vladimir Putin and slaughter the Global Homo Transgender US Military in Syria…No more Vladimir Putin restraint…The situation in Syria is really this dangerous….

    Joe Biden doesn’t even have a black dark soul…Joe Biden is literally a creature with no soul like the Judge in Coleman McCarthy’s novel about Clanton Gang….Supernatural Evil rules America….I’m saying the Rosary tonight….

    • Americans don’t realize the degree to which they live at the edge of the world as this point. The end of the churn of tourism and travel along with several other terminated international things means that the US is at the edge of the world map looking in.

  7. The Chinese are going to chew up and spit out such self indulgent narcissism. Not sustainable.

    • I had an interesting conversation earlier today with an “Old Asian Hand”. Told me that unlike the dumbed-down BLM/wokester “schools” here in the US, East Asian schools are super tough academically & nationalist to boot. There are no Ayanna Pressleys in charge of gubmint sheeit in China.

  8. Hunter, the same people screaming for “Black Trans Lives” will be sieg heiling enthusiastically if the political winds change.

  9. Yo Hunter. Is that Daedricblade character still stalking you on Twitter and here? He said he had full confidence in Sidney Powell so I wonder if he still feels the same? Think he was at the Capitol siege and was arrested? lol

  10. Yet going along with ‘wokeness’ etc, is often not sufficient to get much benefit … even after kissing arse, many don’t get more than table scraps

    The elites’ playbook is classic Leninism … the idea to weaponise a group of minorities to become permanent stormtroops against the normie majority

    This group of minorities includes the classic Jewish mafias, ethnic minorities, but also now migrant waves and LGBTq-ers

    Minorities can be loyal fanatics because they might lose status in a normie-majority-run society

    If any servant of the oligarchs breaks ranks, these minorities along with the virtue-signalling toadies, can be released upon the target, causing legal problems and career destruction – ‘He’s a racist! He’s a bigot!’

    In a power-obsessed society, people jump in just for the sadistic pleasure of being able to damage another human being … people feel ‘safer’ if it is someone else who is being ‘sacrificed’

    The Jewish groups particularly wield the fake ‘anti-semitism’ charge with extreme expansiveness

    Almost anything can be said to be an ‘anti-semitic dog-whistle’ or ‘anti-semitic trope’, even if you never mention Jews or Judaism at all

    – If you name even one Jew amongst those you criticise, e.g., Soros, you are ‘anti-semitic’
    – If you criticise any group that includes Jews, even if you never mention anything regarding being Jewish, you are ‘anti-semitic’

    Senator Josh Hawley once mentioned ‘cosmpolitian elites’ and as you see in the media stories, ‘Jewish leaders’ quickly piled onto Hawley as following Hitler

  11. “”””….Woke speech is simply a ruling-class dialect,…..”””

    No. Liberals have different brain structure and because of that they see, think and speak differently. Everybody noticing this. Even Orwell, when he called this weird speech a Newspeak.

  12. They are neither “American” nor “elite”.

    They are the hyper-ethnocentric Jewish ruling class, and the deracinated Shabbos goy managerial class.

  13. “Wokeness is the language of the American ruling class”

    Yes, and they are not spiritually attuned enough to realize that semantical virtue-posing does not elevate them from their part in human mediocrity nor does it absolve them of their treacheries and thefts.

    Moreover, they do not even have the good political sense to realize how they put themselves in peril by making themselves so reviled.

    • @ ivan turgenev, good sir, it is a moral imperative, of founding stock america to revive it’s self, to confront these satanic elites, they are alien usurpers , as illuminated ad they are, they are not hard to see, they must be exposed for who and what they are, our honor and survival require it, good sir.

        • @Terry Smith…

          Yes, I agree, and how such a confronting of satanic elites can occur without reverting back to the 1776 formula is beyond me, for I have never known a Wysteria vine to let go of a tree until you dig it entirely out of the ground and throw it away.

          In human terms that is not going to be pleasant.

          That said, I highly doubt that the megalomaniacks, that are our ‘satanick elite’, are going to allow more than two items on the menu : revolt or submit.

          In any case, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

          Have a great day in Motor City.

          P.S. : We just got some of y’all’s snow down here and the missuz is having a time taking pictures of our now white garden!

          • @ ivan turgenev, glad to hear from you good sir, yep we are in agreement sir as usual, we have some squirelly politicans we can spare, too go along with the snow, let us know.

  14. On page xiii of John Strausbaugh’s Greenwich-Village-history I linked at the other day is a sentence that starts as follows:

    “In the decades before every college campus was a node of an international counterculture …”

    Encountering, in Strausbaugh’s 2013 book, that admission, so to speak, of Modernist domination of higher education—worldwide, no less—startled me, partly, I suppose, because my sense is that Modernists themselves generally reject the charge of such domination on their part. The matter-of-factness with which the charge is tacitly acknowledged there, in Strausbaugh’s sentence, seems to me another example of—I don’t know what to call it—Rhetorical Whiplash, maybe, which has long seemed to me to be a Jewish specialty (not that I’m suggesting Strausbaugh himself is Jewish). Maybe I’ve mentioned this at Occidental Dissent. In, say, a Jewish essay, you’ll encounter something like “Well, of course, Jews were disproportionately-represented among the Bolsheviks”—after you’ve read decades’ worth of rhetoric to the effect that any such suggestion is preposterous and, of course, antisemitically so.

    Anyway, I was reminded of those words of Strausbaugh by two things. One is Michael Lind’s remark, in the article you’ve linked here, Mr. W., that “the new national oligarchy changes the codes and the passwords [of wokeness] every six months or so, and notifies its members through the UNIVERSITIES and the prestige media and Twitter.” Emphasis mine. (Though Lind is possibly part-Jewish himself, any liberal who who chooses to can all-but-effortlessly counter that rhetoric of his with a charge of crypto-antisemitism.)

    The other thing that reminded me of Strausbaugh’s phrase was an Occidental Dissent comment that I can’t find but that was posted a few days ago, by a commenter whose ID I didn’t note. He or she remarked that the Democrats are controlled by the universities. That seemed to me correct, though the fact is probably usually stated, incorrectly, the other way around, i.e., as something like “liberals control the universities.” It’s more the fact that the universities are doing the controlling.

    Strausbaugh’s inclusion of the word “International” brought to my mind Angela Merkel, the avatar, I’d say, of World Leftism. Among the things that troubled me, thirty years or so ago, when, just as the Soviet Union was on the ropes, the Cold War was being said to be “over” (as it would not have been, a friend of mine observed, had it been the U.S. that was faltering), was the rush to reunite the Germanys, East and West. This seemed, transparently enough, an effort to rescue Soviet Communism rather than to bury it, because decades of Communism in East Germany could reasonably have been expected to have affected the thinking of that polity’s inhabitants. Merkel’s presidency is exactly what the advocates of reunion had in mind. It was Merkel, not incidentally, who, as far as I’m aware, first advised the lords of social media to control what’s posted at their sites. As I recall, she mentioned it to Zuckerberg while he was in Europe, though she’s now moved on to the suggestion that the content should be controlled by government.

    • “(T)he fact is probably usually stated, incorrectly, the other way around, i.e., as something like ‘liberals control the universities.’ It’s more the fact that the universities are doing the controlling”:

      Something else is controlling.

      “Angela Merkel, the avatar, I’d say, of World Leftism”:

      You could call her the avatar of globalist, FAKE leftism, but Angela D. KASNER “Merkel” is effectively right-wing, a very hard conservative on all but some “social issues” – just like “our” new so-called “socialist” (according to Fox News) Vice President Kamala Devi Emhoff.

  15. “The “white supremacy,” “climate change” and “trans” stuff are class markers.”

    I can see you would come to that opinion from the Southern view point, as the North has a history of putting down Southerners, calling them uneducated (racist), and poor.

    I’m sure there is an element of class warfare in it, especially in upper class England, less so in it’s colonies of Canada and Australia, but few of the whites that are in this cult, would be consciouly aware of the class warfare aspect. They would be confused if you accused them of it. All they want is your surrender.

    From the viewpoint of someone who has a family member who has been indoctrinated into this thing, I see it as a Jim Jones cult. When you watch a close family member who was once normal, go to university for 20 years, who starts reading the Guardian newspaper and saying it is the best journalism in the world, morph into the left wing version of a Q-tard, you will understand it as a cult.

    When this close family member tells you they hate their fair white skin, and wish it was brown, and say they think white genocide is a good thing, while actually using the word >genocide<, and you know they are serious because you grew up with them, you will realize you are talking to a person that has lost touch with reality. These people are in a suicide cult, that believes anyone that disagrees with them is a terrorist, and they are serious.

    • Until the Capitol storm I thought Q was a tongue in cheek joke. I had not taken the Guardianista type all that seriously. But now? You are right, it’s a Jonestown cult. But on an industrial scale.

  16. All the democrat party would have to do at this point to gain permanent power and to permanently ruin the republicans- would be to tone down the ‘kill whitey’ nonsense 24 hrs a day but they are just incapable of doing so ; proving both wings of the Zionist bird vehemently despise us and will never do anything for us.

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