Donald Trump Wins Impeachment Battle

Editor’s Note: We got over him years ago. The Democrats aren’t ready to move on though.

As should have been clear by his rapid recovery in the polls, there aren’t anywhere close to enough Republican votes in the Senate to convict Donald Trump. As with Charlottesville, a bad new cycle wasn’t the end of the world and was quickly overshadowed by Neoliberal Joe’s culture war agenda.


“For a moment, it looked like Donald Trump might be losing his iron grip on the GOP. In the wake of the deadly Capitol riot, 10 House Republicans joined Democrats in their vote to impeach him. Several other Republicans openly suggested at least censuring the president.

Not anymore.

Local and state Republican parties are censuring Republicans for disloyalty in states across the country. The lawmakers who broke with him are weathering a storm of criticism from Trump-adoring constituents at home, with punitive primary challenges already taking shape. In Washington, party leaders who once suggested Trump bore some responsibility for the Jan. 6 violence are backtracking.

On Tuesday, 45 Republican senators — all but five members of the GOP conference — voted that putting a former president on trial for impeachment is unconstitutional, all but guaranteeing the Senate won’t convict him. If the Republican Party seemed to be at a crossroads about its post-Trump future, it now appears to have concluded in which direction to travel. …”


“SHAPIRO: But that condemnation has been so quickly, if not squelched, then at least slapped down. Is there a place for what you describe as the governing wing of the party in today’s GOP?

AYRES: That is a major question going forward. We’ve seen many of the stalwarts of the governing wing in the Senate decline to run for reelection.

SHAPIRO: You’re talking about Rob Portman of Ohio, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Richard Burr of North Carolina.

AYRES: And Lamar Alexander, who did not run again in 2020. All four of those gentlemen were core parts of the governing wing of the Republican Party in the Senate. And all four are going to be gone. …”

The Democrats came into Washington guns blazing on impeachment, censorship, smearing all Trump voters as “domestic terrorists” and vowing to establish a police state to fight “extremism.” They used Joe’s first week in office to push “racial equity” and transgenderism and open borders and climate change extremism. The effect was to instantly solidify their opposition.

It would have been much smarter and popular to go easy and to send a clean bill through the House and Senate that delivered on the promise of $2,000 stimulus checks. Instead, Old Trusty foolishly went with a blitzkrieg of culture war executive orders and crammed too many polarizing social issues into too short of a window of time. There are probably enough Republican senators who would support removing Trump, but it is politically impossible for them now given the angry reaction of their base.

In February, the Democratic Senate is going to have a show trial and Trump’s acquittal is now all but a foregone conclusion. It was a huge waste of political capital and time on meaningless, emotionally satisfying political theater. Meanwhile, the COVID relief package which is bundled with $1,400 checks is being kicked down the road to March or April while this parade of unpopular White liberal stuff – woke and trans and climate change and open borders – continues and ratchets up political polarization.

Note: How much damage can the Democrats do with their trifecta in name only? The reality of the situation is that the filibuster isn’t going anywhere because Manchin and Sinema won’t change it and Joe’s flurry of executive orders will be challenged in federal court. The Democrats will use budget reconciliation to pass the COVID relief package at some point this spring.

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  1. One thing Speaker McConnell has won, and that is the distinction of being the most despised man in the country.

    Formerly, it was just The Left and The Far Right that despised him, yet, now it is also the Mainstream Right, as well.

    In my lifetime, I think McConnell now has surpassed Presidents Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard Milhous Nixon and O.J Simpson and Bernard Madoff for being reviled.

    • Ivan dont lump Nixon in with these people, he is loathed by the media and elites which was seen during his term. Journalists, professors and celebrity hippies were his main antagonists. He isnt a bad man. I like OJ enough to ask for his removal as well. The Juice is alright

      • @Captain Schill…


        My wife is fond of Nixon and I want to like him but his use of the IRS to ‘tailor’ the election of ’72, by bribing George Wallace to run as a Democrat (instead of 3rd party) is bad stuff. That said, I lived through that era and by the time Nixon left office in the summer of ’74, he was universally reviled by all but a small minority of smalltown Republicans.

        As to ‘The Juice’ : even the Negroes in my area have a dim view of him.

        Probably the most despised person in 20th century America, however, was not these, but, the man who bribed the Chicago White Sox of 1919 to throw the world series.

        Arnold Rothstein was the man whose endeavours made clear to Americans that their heroes on the diamond were not quite what they had thought, and Americans definitely did not appreciate Rothstein for that.

        Reverend Jim Baker of PTL Club fame also has had periods of astonishing UNpopularity.

        In any case, be well!

  2. This mean that Donald Trump and his Israeli Likud masters still have an iron grip on White American populists. At least rhetorically and organizationally. But this could change quickly.

    The main thing is to prevent the White Populists from being misled into the same old “Love Israel Hate Muzzies and Chinese” thing.

    One thing is easy to do: look at the local “Trump Republican” running for some local or state office. Find out which Jew is funding him – then reorient your strategy around that.

    There is no need to get into complicated arguments about “the Jewish Question” or whatever.

    Jews are the enemy, they can never be friends. We have to work with them but we do NOT have to trust them. So always be aware of Jews and keep an eye on them, even if you have to keep your mouth shut for the time being.

    When the Jews running these Republican shills start changing the subject – “muh islamo-fascism! Ilhan Omar Democrats are the REAL Nazis!” – change the subject back:

    1. No more immigration,.
    2. No more anti-whiteness.
    3. Where’s my check? Fuck you – pay me.

    • I don’t support impeaching him a second time or removing him from Twitter. All it will accomplish is martyring him while failing anyway in the Senate. He will still be able to run again in 2024.

  3. All political theater must be ignored, a complete waste of time, which cannot be afforded at this late hour. Donald Trump is no better or worse than any other U.S. Presidents. No one can approach any important position in the U.S. even on the state level without a proven track record of service to the system.

  4. From the NPR. “SHAPIRO: You’re describing it as a challenge to the Republican Party. Do you also see it as a challenge to America as a democracy?

    AYRES: Our government works better when we have two vibrant, competitive, responsible political parties. And if the Republican Party splits apart, it’s going to be a problem for our government, I think. The Biden administration needs an effective and loyal opposition. We work better that way.”

    LOL. Kill me.

    • “AYRES: The Republican Party is not going to coalesce around that message, Ari. There are too many folks who have too much respect for democracy and too much respect for our government to coalesce around that sort of message.

      SHAPIRO: I appreciate your confidence. What makes you so sure?

      AYRES: (Laughter) Because the governing faction dominates the party among elected officials. It always has. It did throughout the Trump years. And those elected officials are not going to somehow forsake their fundamental oath to the Constitution of the United States.”

      I wish the Trumptards were as dangerous and based as these numbnuts think they were.

  5. The POLLS showing the “shock” and “horror” and fear for the lives of our beloved Congresspersons and detestation for Donald Trump for lighting the conflagration of seditionist terorrism were only ever for morons with their fingers in the wind.

  6. Biden could have glided into universal acclaim by cleanly doling out $1000-1400 on top of teh $600. He’s just a fekking Irish Idiot.

    Kamala will have his figs poisoned and the Democratic Party will crater in the 2022.

    His next trick will be a domestic drone strike.

  7. Just because somebody is impeached after they left office, how does that keep them from legally running for President again? Senate has no authority over a private citizen.

  8. The kikes & their commie whores now running the show don’t care about doing what’s popular with the Flyova Hicks; they want to stomp their faces with glee. The Repuglicons are pulling back on their eagerness to go along with impeaching Dump again only because of the heat from the burning grassroots; it doesn’t mean that we can politic our way out of this jewshit.

    As for jewdas Dump, I wanted the unfaithful coward & his empty Muh Flag/ Muh Izrul “patriotic” “nationalism” flushed once & for all, but apparently he’s gonna linger like the stench of a roadkill skunk, “leading” the morons to Nowhereville like he did for 4 utterly wasted years.

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