Smash Big Tech

If you are still under the delusion that you can bargain with Big Tech or that the free market will fix this problem, I don’t know what to say to you. Your autistic ideology has been discredited.


“I want to put an end to cancel culture like every other freedom-loving American, but I certainly don’t trust the federal government to be our savior. I voted for and support Section 230 because my colleagues and I saw the internet as an opportunity to expand freedom by shielding tech companies from trial lawyers and government regulators. Now conservatives who are rightfully angry about unfair treatment are hoping a Democrat-controlled Congress and the Biden administration’s regulators and trial lawyers will to come to their rescue. Good luck with that. …

Americans don’t like bullies, they don’t trust the federal government, and they don’t hold lawyers in high regard—so we have a winning message. But we can still lose if we mimic the tactics of cancel culture. We are a people of faith and family who were taught to love our neighbors and, yes, even our enemies. We have to stop being as caustic and hateful as the left is on social media, because that is not who we are. 

We must counter the destructive effects of cancel culture on speech and other freedoms we hold dear, but the tactics we choose say as much about us as the goals we seek. We are not the movement that favors government regulation, punitive litigation, and bullying of those that don’t agree with us. We believe in markets, competition, and freedom of expression, even for speech that we disagree with.

We will win over more Americans to our cause if we show that we love them and want what is best for them.  And I am not just talking about on social media, but in your home, your community, and at work, where we need to be willing to fight for the values that made this country the greatest in human history. Don’t despair, feel blessed to be an American at a time when our country needs you to stand up to the mob and make real personal sacrifices to keep America free. Isn’t that what patriots do?”

Look what this idiot published last year in the Spectator:


“Why, then, is the President so often attacking Twitter, Facebook and YouTube? Surely the President understands that these companies have a business to run and advertisers to please, so that these valuable services remain free for the rest of us? More importantly, we conservatives rightly demand an ethos for social media that supports free expression, subject to responsible community standards that are applied equally.

I get that the President wants to nudge these companies to go gentle on moderating his more provocative posts. After all, both sides are busily ‘working the refs’ to bend social media platforms to do content moderation and fact-checking that favors their side’s views. In May, for example, President Trump tweeted about fraud problems with mail-in voting, prompting Twitter to add a fact-check flag that disputed the President’s claim. That fact-check was applauded by the left, but enraged the President, leading him to threaten Twitter via his Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship. Per the President’s order, the Trump administration just issued its petition to the Federal Communications Commission, seeking new federal regulations of social media sites.

As a conservative, I’m concerned about the petition’s call to allow lawsuits against social media for decisions to restrict content. Would that mean a pornographer or Muslim extremist could sue YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook if they refused to share such content on their platforms? Or would it mean that these sites would be reduced to sharing recipes and silly pet trick videos to avoid lawsuits over their discretionary content moderation decisions. Wait I forgot about PETA, scratch the pet tricks. …”

Rick Santorum is a dope.


“Conservatives will defend each company’s right to develop and profess its own ethos — whether or not we agree. Progressives will not. Conservatives will defend business against excessive regulation, confiscatory taxation, and crippling litigation. Progressives will not. Prudence would suggest that companies should resist the urge to virtue signal the mob while shaming businesses who refuse to bow to every demand made by progressive digital activists. Today’s hot issue may be ‘online hate’, but tomorrow’s issue could be the Green New Deal or Universal Basic Income. …”

Here is what we believe in:

  • No more performance art congressional hearings.
  • We need to dramatically raise the corporate tax rate.
  • Take Big Tech and throw it up against the wall and shatter it into pieces with antitrust.
  • Regulate social media companies as public utilities. This is why you can’t be “deplatformed” from electric service for your political views. Your phone calls can’t be censored.
  • We need Universal Maximum Income to confiscate and redistribute excess wealth.
  • Don’t stop there either. We need to start busting up and regulating other monopolies.

We need to start reversing all of these negative trends which began in the 1970s. Instead of sucking up to Corporate America and coddling oligarchs and doing their bidding like conservatives, we need to go in the opposite direction and embrace trust busting, regulation and wealth redistribution.

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  1. I dont know what “we” believe necessarily but I do know I am thankful for Rick Santorum. Blind and deaf articles like this out of touch with a white working class base will hasten the need for other parties outside of the gold plated fools in the upper tiers of American Conservatism

    • Re: Smash Big Tech

      I’d like to see more P2P systems on global distributed server farms.
      More individuals setting up and/or renting servers to mirror distributed P2P networks.
      Create internets within the internet, based on the same principles of resilience.

  2. I share the Left’s contempt for conservatives. What a bunch of losers and cowards. But at least they are “principled” losers and cowards, eh?

  3. One other valuable item to help liberate the common man, is to give every adult citizen the right to a simple bank account, as is done in Europe, typically via European national postal services

    Once again, as an item where you cannot be ‘de-platformed’ for your political views

    A bank account from which you can pay bills, and into which you can receive funds, with a simple debit card for when you want to transact electronically or use an ATM machine

  4. “we show that we love them and want what is best for them. And I am not just talking about on social media, but in your home, your community, and at work, where we need to ”

    Who is he calling “we?” Is he a representative or a Sunday School teacher? He can leave his “moral lessons” for his kids – I don’t care about his morality and I don’t want his “love.”

    What is it about conservatives thinking they are moral paragons giving lessons to the rest of us? He’s a politician – he probably spent time on Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo-plane. And he’s going to lecture us on morality?

    No thanks.

    • How much did this son of a bitch collect in “donations” from his corporate masters to write this drivel? He’s got his and the rest of you should have been born to millionaire parents or had careers as scumbag lawyers then corrupt politicians so you could be rich too, that’s the sacred “Free Market” at work!

  5. Oh, isn’t Ricky such a nice, cardiganed Jesus Boy, with his puling about the need to love the super-rich (((enemy))) tyrants who are gleefully silencing, persecuting & destroying us. ‘Cause, gee whiz, we don’t believe in that there Big Gummint stuff! That ain’t Who We Are! (Christ, do I loathe that faggot expression).

    FUCK Sanitarium and all the cuckservantive whores like him. They’re trash that needs to be swept away.

  6. Re: “smash Big Tech”:

    Maybe it’s only a symptom or outgrowth of what’s really wrong. Find the root or lowest common denominator of evil, and smash that.

    “We need to dramatically raise the corporate tax rate. Take Big Tech and throw it up against the wall and shatter it into pieces with antitrust. Regulate social media companies as public utilities. This is why you can’t be ‘deplatformed’ from electric service for your political views. Your phone calls can’t be censored.
    We need Universal Maximum Income to confiscate and redistribute excess wealth. Don’t stop there either. We need to start busting up and regulating other monopolies…”

    Those are very good reforms, that would be making plutocracy take a step back, temporarily. .

    “We need to start reversing all of these negative trends which began in the 1970s”:

    Of course we know that these negative “trends” existed long before 1970. They began in the very beginning. We should look forward, to an entirely new beginning without any kind of Babylon, broken clean from the plutocratic, elitist and unequal past.

  7. OT, but I am noticing a lot of man love on WN twitter for Tom Brady this morning … from many of the same folks who bad mouthed SEC fans as “sportsball cucks” not too long again, lol.

    Our ancestors must be shaking their heads in shame at their “male” descendants who idolize another man’s masculinity and prowess. I find it hard to believe that a new movement or nation can be created from this unorganized herd of atomized spectators and consumers.

    • Just look at all the retards jumping around like chimps because their team of millionaires, who don’t give a damn about them, won. It doesn’t affect their life one bit. Why can’t they get that worked up over the destruction of their nation and their people?

  8. I like how Conservatives are the ones who get ass stomped by companies who they love. And Liberals get ass kissed by companies they hate (and companies constantly try to please them). Some call it pathetic, I call it the Circle of Life.

  9. Even this site has the residue of Conservatism unknowingly.

    People should be deplatformed. People who attack the majority should be stomped out and face ramifications such as expulsion. Speech shouldn’t allow everything. I want centralized tech and federalism that has people abide by the social order of society. I have a different view of what that social order should be.

    The weak beg to the strong to say what they want and to undermine their order. The strong try to maintain their order and prevent subversion.

  10. Yeah but it’s not going to happen, Big Tech is a core part of the U.S. establishment, the rest of the establishment isn’t going to turn on it, it just delivered a big win for the establishment, by deciding the 2020 election.

    And the GOP has solidified control over this issue. When people get mad about the latest big tech abuse, the GOP will use fake populism to capture all those energies and divert them into failure theater or actual bad policies, like censoring criticism of Israel.

    Most people will be fooled by this, because powerful forces are working to fool them. And they are dumb.

    It’s unclear how to respond to this but White Populism and the Alt-Right have effectively been drafted to work for the GOP’s fake nationalist candidates, like Hawley or DeSantis, each and every time they complain about this issue.

    Complain about big tech —> more votes for DeSantis or another fake populist in 2024, who will criminalize your speech against Israel when he gets into office. Even if you criticize him at the same time, it doesn’t matter, the practical effect is to help him get elected, to work for him for free, as part of his American Nationalist media ecosystem. With the exception of the 5%, every single Alt-Right figure was effectively working for the GOP by the end of 2020, even the ones who nominally oppose the GOP.

    One possibility for breaking out of this trap is to get Big Tech to censor fake nationalist, fake populist candidates, like Trump, DeSantis and Hawley. After all, Big Tech does appear to be willing to play hardball with these people in some circumstances. While fake nationalism is no help to White people, Big Tech still dislikes it, due to internal politics between Zionists and globalists.

    Censorship works, so censorship would weaken fake nationalism. This would also strengthen real nationalism (in relative terms), by leveling the playing field; real nationalism is already censored, that’s a big part of why it can’t compete with fake nationalism. If both are censored, real nationalism gets more competitive.

    Censoring Donald Trump and the rest of the fake nationalists was also legitimately a good thing for White people. These evil Judas Goats were causing immense harm to low info Whites with their false reality denying Q-Anon narratives about rigging, White Hats and COVID.

    People don’t realize this because they are in an echo chamber, but Donald Trump was actively and intentionally corrupting low info Whites and bringing out their worst aspects, causing them to do and say bad things, making them into a problem for the rest of White society, thereby justifying the persecution of low info Whites that will happen under the Biden administration.

    • Agree with what you said about Tech and the GOP using that to corral the base.

      “If both are censored, real nationalism gets more competitive.”

      That is a very interesting case you make, Just Sayin’.

  11. “We need to start reversing all of these negative trends which began in the 1970s”:

    How about the 40s, when they integrated the military.

    How about the 50s, when they integrated the schools.

    How about the 60s, when they integrated housing.

    Etc. Etc…..

  12. We need to dramatically raise the corporate tax rate

    Sure, so zog can have more cash for immigrants and affirmative action and fair housing.

    Give your enemy ammo. Just great :\

    • And you and me will end up paying for those “corporate taxes” anyway. They just raise prices to make up for it.

  13. Yes I agree and I find it very funny when Conservatives get mad about Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and so on about Censorship and turn around and say ohhh well we can’t do nothing….Free Market Free Market Free Market. LOL I’m like OMG how pathetic. I literally can’t stand watching any national news media….like on TV for instance. The partisan politics junk is just like NO WAY for me. I can’t stand even watching it for a second at this point. It’s like 2 kids getting in an argument on a playground at School or something. A complete joke that actual Adults in the media would act like that. So what happens? People go looking for a “Facebook” alternative and they go where? The Parler dude has already quit….probably because the Republicans have hijacked it. The Republicans don’t give a dang about Freedom of Speech….only for them. Same goes for Democrats….only for them. If you have a Pro White or Pro South opinion….both the Democrats and Republicans hate us. What’s bad for us is that alternative social media companies have almost nobody online…..pretty much no members. Sure you’ll find a few but those alternative social media companies aren’t stuck in the brains and daily lives of Americans like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, and so on are 100% of the time. Messenger especially which has all but replaced Email / Text Messages. The only way “Conservatives” and the rest of us can have a real alternative to Facebook and others is people actually Join those websites, post, comment, and turn notifications on on a daily basis. Nobody like posting or commenting on sites with nobody online…you’ll pretty much be talking to yourself. Or better yet force the hand of the big tech companies and stick with them and make them understand Freedom of Speech is important for everybody including us. Whatever it takes. Deo Vindice !

  14. Anti-cartel law should be enforced to ensure competition, certainly, but what responsibility does the citizen have to use alternatives? Why isn’t myspace still relevant? It’s humorous that the very people screaming loudest about social media censorship refuse to use available alternatives, thus preventing the alternatives from growing and profiting and offering better service.

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