Arrogant Coastal Elites Have Lost Their Power To Define The “Mainstream”

“Ah, my friends, we say not one word against those who live upon the Atlantic Coast, but the hardy pioneers who have braved all the dangers of the wilderness, who have made the desert to blossom as the rose – the pioneers away out there (pointing to the west), who rear their children near to Nature’s heart, where they can mingle their voices with the voices of the birds, out there where they have erected schoolhouses for the education of their young, churches where they praise their Creator, and cemeteries where rest the ashes of their dead – these people, we say, are as deserving of the consideration of our party as any people in this country.

It is for these that we speak. We do not come as aggressors. Our war is not a war of conquest. We are fighting in the defense of our homes, our families and posterity. We have petitioned, and our petitions have been scorned. We have entreated, and our entreaties have been disregarded. We have begged, and they have mocked when our calamity came.

We beg no longer; we entreat no more; we petition no more. We defy them!”

William Jennings Bryan, “Cross of Gold” Speech, 1896

America’s two major political parties occasionally go through realignments. New grand issues arise, dead issues are laid to rest, old coalitions break down and new governing philosophies emerge to replace defunct ones as the electorate resorts until it reaches a new equilibrium. It is a cyclical process that tends to happen about every fifty years or so. We’re just at the end of the Reagan era.


“While “there were numerous opportunities over the last four years for historically mainstream Republicans to throw the switch and find an exit ramp,” he adds, the attitudes Trump has solidified in the GOP base now make that much harder. “Trump and Trumpism is now a runaway train that is not going to be easily derailed within the Republican Party,” he says. …

The new American Enterprise Institute study underlines his conclusion, according to previously unpublished data provided to CNN. In that survey, a striking three-fourths of Republicans agreed with the statement that discrimination against Whites is now as great a problem in the US as discrimination against Blacks and other minorities. Social scientists view agreement with that question as a measure of denial of the existence of systemic racism in American society.

The big majority of Republicans who consider discrimination against Whites as great a problem as discrimination against minorities were far more likely than those who disagree to endorse anti-democratic ideas. More than three-fifths of those worried about discrimination against Whites agreed that “we may have to use force” to save “the traditional American way of life.” Among the Republicans who believe minorities face more discrimination than Whites, nearly three-fourths disagreed with that statement. Nearly half of the Republicans who see widespread bias against Whites say Americans must consider violent action; almost four-fifths of the other Republicans reject that idea.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the American Enterprise Institute survey also found that anti-democratic and extremist attitudes had penetrated most deeply in the portions of the GOP coalition that have provided the most die-hard support for Trump, including Republican voters without college degrees and White Christian evangelicals. Nearly three-fifths of White evangelical Christian Republicans said Antifa was mostly responsible for the attack on the Capitol, Cox found. …”

In light of the numbers that I have seen lately, which are a reaction to the BLM and Antifa riots and the embrace by the political, cultural and corporate establishment of the systematic racism conspiracy theory, I suspect that a “war on white supremacy” could backfire … like big time.

The Atlantic:

“For four years, Donald Trump downplayed the risk of white-supremacist violence and denied that racial bias is pervasive in law enforcement. In a single, searing day, the assault on the U.S. Capitol exposed the price of both of those choices—and may have provided Joe Biden new political momentum for reversing direction on each front.

At once, the rioters demonstrated how much the threat of white extremism has metastasized under Trump, while the restrained police response vivified a racial double standard in policing. The attack could strengthen the case for systemic police reform, both through congressional action and a revival of Justice Department oversight of local police practices that the Trump administration essentially shelved. Representative Karen Bass of California, the lead sponsor of a police-reform bill that passed the House last summer, told me she believes that the lower chamber will approve a new version “within the first quarter” of 2021. “This was yet another example in the disparity of treatment between African Americans and others,” Derrick Johnson, the president and CEO of the NAACP, told me. “This is yet another example of how police agencies viewed citizens differently.” …”

No one gives a shit what George Will or David French or The Bulwark thinks. It is like Baseball Crank’s big essay on the history of conservative liberalism … people in their seventies are reading that stuff.

The Atlantic:

“The key figure in that process was William F. Buckley Jr., the conservative intellectual and founder of National Review, the right’s leading journal at the time. Though Welch had been a friend and financial supporter, Buckley came to view his unbalanced extremism as a threat to conservatism, and over time he wrote a succession of editorials and newspaper columns trying to excommunicate the Birchers from the movement. “Buckley believed [that] before he could make conservatism dominant in the Republican Party, he had to be able to compete on equal terms with the moderates and with respectable liberal opinion,” says Geoffrey Kabaservice, the author of Rule and Ruin, a history of moderate Republicans, and the director of political studies at the libertarian Niskanen Center. “It was really important for him for conservatism to be respectable and not tainted by association with these extremists. Buckley understood there is a price to be paid for tolerating people like that.” Contained, if not directly confronted, by this generation of Republicans, the John Birch Society’s institutional strength declined after the 1960s (though the group still operates today). …

The response among conservative media organs and right-leaning intellectuals to GOP extremism is very different now. Compared with the Birch era, thinkers on the right are doing “less policing of the borders” between conservatism and extremism, as Bill Kristol, the longtime conservative political strategist, put it succinctly. Buckley’s successors at National Review have condemned QAnon and Greene (even if they’ve blunted that message by relentlessly insisting that conservatives are being unfairly persecuted for their views, as Kabaservice notes). Right-leaning anti-Trump outlets such as The Bulwark have been unequivocal. But the most powerful voices on the right—Fox News and talk-radio hosts—have done backflips to avoid disowning Greene and other radical voices. Tucker Carlson has suggested that criticism of QAnon’s bizarre beliefs represents a step toward “tyranny … and dictatorship.”

/ Jewish hysteria.

Essentially what I said though about the power shift going on within the GOP.

We’ve come full circle.

Fifty years of neoliberalism has returned us to the Gilded Age.

Look at it this way: we’re going back to populism vs. progressivism, nationalism vs. imperialism, republicanism vs. technocracy, traditionalism vs. modernism, workers vs. plutocracy.

The age of the television and print newspaper was the age of the Boomer. Some people got a little too accustomed to talking down to the masses in the late 20th century. They don’t like it that much that the masses can now talk to each other and back to them … if necessary in encrypted apps. Isn’t that a good thing though for “our democracy” that ordinary people can communicate can talk, debate and arrive at their own conclusions rather than just absorbing television narratives and slick campaign ads?

Am I the only one besides Thomas Frank who sees the parallels between the Trump panic and the establishment meltdown over William Jennings Bryan?

Note: If over 6 out of 10 Trump voters believe in the importance of sticking up for the White race like we do now, what is the “far right”? What is “extremism”?

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  1. “”””….What is “extremism”?…..””””

    Extremism is the new word needed to demonize someone who can`t be Donald supporter. For example when Antifa want to take down some corporate boards or high Government officials and put their people there, it will be very difficult to claim that lifetime democrat donors and known Trump haters are trumptard or white supremacist.

    So new era needs new demons. Entire Justice system is filled with extremists who putting black people to jail. They must kicked out and those 100K jobs must given to people who suffered racial injustice.

    Swamp things of course do not want to leave their jobs and to justify hard measures for removing them , proper demonization is needed.

  2. “I suspect that a “war on white supremacy” could backfire … like big time.”

    Oh, Lord God, I HOPE SO. I want the America of 1965 back again, and EVERY NON-WHITE GONE.

    Death Sentence for Sodomites, Lesbians, and Feminazis.
    Confiscation of all wealth held by Jews, and deportation to Isra-Hell.
    Immediate cessation of any and all ‘Aid to Isra-Hell.’
    Jewish congressmen and Senators tarred and feathered, for starters.
    Restoration of the Gold Standard, honest weights and measures.
    All public taxation to remove EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL PROGRAM for non-Whites.
    Every Hispandering ‘squatamalan’ dumped over the Mexico border- via trains, trucks, planes, you name it.
    Trinitarian Orthodox Christianity made the state religion.

  3. Re: “the hardy pioneers way out there (…) It is for these that we speak. We do not come as aggressors. Our war is not a war of conquest”:

    No aggression? Not a war of conquest? The remnants of the indigenous people who were conquered remember otherwise.

    • “the establishment meltdown over William Jennings Bryan?”

      Political drama! Bryan was an integral part of the establishment, or he could not have become the nominee several times and “kingmaker” afterwards in one of the two (twin) capitalist parties.

      If he had been elected, and it COULD have happened, since election results were much more difficult to “meddle with” then (no electronics) except on a very local scale (ballot stuffing), I think nothing much would have changed. Likewise if Trump had been re-elected nothing would different, regardless of “meltdown” drama. We must ignore the silly distractions, penetrate the media (including some alternative media) fog, and see the system exactly as it is.

    • Of COURSE I’m aware that “war” in his speech refers to political contest, not the Indian Wars which Bryan tellingly did not oppose. Bryan the “great orator” uses the myths of the noble “hardy pioneer” and the shining city on a hill blessing the world to flatter his voters and tickle their ears.

    • Well, those indigenous peoples were aggressively slaughtering each other for hundreds of years before Europeans ever set foot on this continent.

      “That’s the way things seem to get done”, as Custer here says in one of my favourite movie scenes.

      • That is a reprehensible, barbaric, Anti-Christian statement. If that was really Custer’s view, his death that soon followed might be followed by eternal damnation. Many U.S. mercenaries (soldiers) hold the same view of foreign peoples “who are paying the price for being backward.”

        Yes, that is the way this vauntingly “Christian” nation always gets things done.

        • Rich: a lousy commie with the blood of 100 million people on his hands with chutzpah to condemn “anti Christian barbarians”.

      • Great scene. Straight talk about the way the real world has always been, and will always be, religious & shitlib jewshit nothwithstanding.

        Robert Shaw was always excellent as hard White men.

        • Robert Shaw… a great actor with manly looks, manly speech and accent.

          What a striking contrast to the androgynous actors of today with effeminate voices.

      • I think Dennis Hopper would have been a good choice to play Custer.

        Someday soon the Chinks are going to lecture us about being a militarily defeated and backward people too.

      • I would suggest “The Invented Indian” by James A. Clifton, editor, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, NJ (U.S.A.) & London (U.K.), Copyright 1990, ISBN 0-88738-341-6 for an accounting of the various frauds, lies and wishful thinking that passes for scholarship regarding the aboriginal people of N. America. In summation: they truly were ” . . merciless savages . . . ” as Thomas Jefferson so eloquently put it. The Indians (feather, not dot) had no fixed abode, any real agriculture and constantly made war against everyone without mercy.

        In “Mayflower” by Nathaniel Philbrick, 2006, published by The Penguin Group, ISBN 0-670-03760-5 the author relates similarly the founding of the Plymouth Colony in 1620 by Royal Charter and the later, much more important founding of the colony at Boston, also by Royal Charter in 1630. Once again the Indians (feather, not dot) engaged in their usual habits of merciless war of all against all, something they knew well before English colonists set foot in the New World. They fought against English colonists, massacring all they found including small numbers of Indians who were allied to English settlers.

        The Indians were eventually crushed during King Philip’s War by the colonists who included in their early ranks professional soldiers. The Indians wrought terrible destruction and cruelty though, basically ending any hopes amongst the early settlers of “Christianizing” the Indians. A terrible lesson was learned by colonists who had a live and let live attitude, it was no more possible to live and let live with those Indians than it was with any savages. This early SJW attitude was crushed by the Indians themselves and hostility to Indians remained in New England for many years after the Declaration of Independence. The Indians were the authors of their own demise.

        • Harvard and Dartmouth Colleges were originally established to educate young preachers so they could convert the heathen savages.

    • The remnants of the indigenous people who were conquered remember otherwise.

      They don’t matter one iota. White America is God’s Israel. Manifest destiny. Divine predestination and election. They (Injuns) are pagans. They deserved to be conquered.

      • You would no doubt make an exception for Russian Orthodox Indigenous Alaskan Indiians and Aleuts (Aleutian islanders) or do you think that they are also faking their religion and don’t really have souls?

        I do not agree that Anglo-Saxons and/or Celts and other European ethnic groups are “God’s Israel.” It has no scientific meaning, and besides, it is bad exegesis, and even, heretical.

    • Should the Japanese feel guilty for taking their island from the Ainu? Should the African Bantus be shamed for displacing the hottentots and the pygmies? What about the negritos of the Philippines? Should Europeans be shamed for replacing the neolithic farmers? Or even the neanderthals?

  4. Fuck the American Injun…..for 20 thousand years they slaughtered each other and ate each other….and they voted for Obama…..voted for Biden-Harris…..and they don’t seem to mind importing Chinese and Hindu Legal Immigrants into America…..

    • “they don’t seem to mind importing Chinese and Hindu Legal immigrants”:

      Don’t SEEM to mind, because what can such scattered (on little plots of the worst land) degraded (casino employed and junk food fed) demographically overwhelmed tiny remnants DO to stop further immigration?

      However if you look south of the border, where, in some Latin American countries the indigenous are still the majority, you will find the indigenous are quite jealous and protective of their rights and remaining land. You cannot be a true ethno-nationalist if you reject the rights of other peoples! What did W.J. Bryan, Esquire do for native people?

      This is the kind of “Indian treaty” Bryan worked out:

  5. “Social scientists view agreement with that question as a measure of denial of the existence of systemic racism in American society.”

    “Social scientists” are to science as “Doctorologists” are to medicine. There is something called “the replication crisis” in the social sciences, which shows that the large majority of “social science” can’t be replicated. It’s not science. This also indicates endemic fraud.

    So when a “journalist” writes a line like “social scientists say” you may as well take it as them saying “a blogger said” or “a Democratic partisan said” or “my rabbi says.”

    The only systemic racism in American society is the officially sanctioned racism against people racialized as “white” … but not “Jewish.” Sometimes called “non-Hispanic white.”

  6. Never forget this:

    JFK was the inspiration for the 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT…

    The 1965 Immigration Reform Act was reprobate Teddy’s monument of permanent demographic destruction to his filthy fucking cockroach brother JFK…

    I enjoy the autopsy photos of JFK’s body lying on a stainless steel coroner’s table….well, with a six pack and corn beef and cabbage…..go to google images….enjoy!!!!




    • “JFK was the inspiration for the 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT”:

      Idolizing and martyr-worshipping JFK is a lot like idolizing and martyr-worshipping William Jennings Bryan, Esquire. Like: “If only they had not been stopped and would have had more opportunity to make a difference….

    • Emmanuel Celler the jew worked for forty years to enact such legislation. Well before JFK came along. The jews behave as termites against their host societies, because it makes them stronger.

  7. Just don’t vote…refuse to consent to this system……Imagine if 73 million Trump Voters sat home on Nov 3 2020 and didn’t vote…..

  8. In memory of our beloved JFK:





    What a beautiful HAIKU dedicated to Jack….even if it’s two lines too long…..

  9. The AEI figures are great news if true, and not just scare tactic jewstification for a more systematic White oppression campaign for Sniffy Joe to rubber-stamp.

    • The more vicious the attack on White people AKA “Real Americans” the more the malevolent system shows its true self. The more the malevolent system shows its true self the sooner Whites reject it. The sooner Whites reject it the sooner the system fails. The sooner the system fails of its own contradictions and lies the sooner it can be replaced by something that represents our interests.

      The current system can neither be reformed nor can it be sustained therefore it must fail, probably when the money goes bad through massive inflation. This will tear the mask off the current regime showing that it’s both vicious and grossly incompetent. Without White people, the core of the nation: its founding stock and later assimilated European immigrants the regime cannot do anything right. With Government getting stuffed with minorities and freaks animated by anti-White animus its days are numbered. It relies on force and fraud to survive, not genuine loyalty and competence. The regime is a bunch of grifters.

  10. Zman described Washington as a jar full of fireflies blinking at each other, without understanding how they look to everyone outside. Much of the elites are just like that. Anybody in the real world, who is white, has no problem at all understanding why white people actually are abused by the diversity system . They can see it all around them. The black dudes on the street yelling words and language at each other, that would get a white person lifes ruined. Tom Brady wins his seventh Superbowl in his 40s and much of the black community regards it as insulting because it happened during black history week, or something. Everybody walking around in tense eggshells all the time. That article in the Atlantic is classic. Person probably never gets near a minority. I get tired of being treated by these morons like I, and other red states inhabitants, are some kind of exotic smelly animal in a nature ducumentry. They talk about how wild animals are returning to cities. I hope they enjoy how the rest of us wild animals are coming back too.

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