Rolling Stone: Meet The Undercover Anti-Fascists

You’re a survivor.

America survived Ricky Vaughn’s memes and Baked Alaska’s attack on democracy.

The healing can begin now. We’ve spent the last four years living through literal “fascism.” We barely survived the blowhard who sat in the White House for four years tweeting about how unfairly he was being treated by the media while drinking Diet Coke and eating McDonald’s. Democracy itself nearly died in the darkness of Donald Trump’s inept governance, but we made it out alive.

Rolling Stone:

“On the morning of Wednesday, January 6th, as supporters of Donald Trump gathered near the White House for a last stand to “Save America,” Molly Conger said goodbye to her two dachshunds, Otto and Buck, tossed a wig into her car, and began the two-hour drive from her home in Charlottesville, Virginia, to Washington, D.C.

A journalist and online researcher, Conger specializes in infiltrating and exposing the violent far right. Using dummy accounts and pseudonyms, she lurks in private chat rooms and invitation-only forums used by neo-Nazis, militias, Proud Boys, and other right-wing extremists. When she sees someone make threats or plan for violence, she screenshots the person’s messages, digs up the person’s real identity and employer, and publishes her findings on her Twitter account, @SocialistDogMom, where she has more than 110,000 followers. …

Since the 2020 election, Conger had monitored a variety of social-media platforms, including Facebook; Parler, the Twitter-like platform funded by at least one member of the conservative Mercer family; and Telegram, an app favored by white supremacists, racists, and anti-Semites. She was disturbed by what she saw. In Facebook groups filled with MAGA fans, the tenor of the conversation was moving toward the language she saw in the more hardcore groups. “These suburban dads are talking about murdering journalists, murdering Nancy Pelosi, hanging Chuck Schumer,” she told me. “Their rhetoric was starting to sound like the race-war guys’.” …”

History News Network:

“None of this has kept recent observers from linking Trumpism to fascism.  For some time now, scholars have used awkward terminology to hedge the relationship between the two movements: “fascistic,” “para-fascist,” “proto-fascist,” “fascistoid,” and “alt-fascist.”  Recently, new terms have been added to the growing list:  Timothy Snyder has referred to Trumpism as a form of “pre-fascism.” Enzo Traverso has called the Trump phenomenon “post-fascist.”  And Mikael Nilsson has recently called Trumpism “neo-Fascist.”

While all of these concepts are suggestive, they suffer from various shortcomings.  “Pre-fascism” is both overly capacious and deterministic, for, strictly speaking, every political system is “pre-fascist,” though it would be a mistake to see such an eventuality as inevitable.  Calling Trumpism “post-fascist,” meanwhile, may be accurate chronologically, but misleadingly suggests its supporters has firmly moved beyond fascist doctrines, which may not be the case.  “Neo-Fascism” is the most promising of the recent formulations, but until we systematically lay out how it has adapted older fascist principles to contemporary realities, it, too, remains an imperfect concept. …”

That was fascism?

Everything that Glenn Greenwald said about these creeps and their hysterical “journalist” friends is on display in this article. The threat of “fascism” appears a bit overblown to me.

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  1. There is such a thing as white, liberal, affluent, college-educated female privilege. And Socialist Dog Face Mom has LOTS of it.

    • “Molly Conger…” Know this bitch. Find her face. Follow her. Do unto her, as she has done unto you…
      Or you will have ‘a boot stomping on your white face…. forever.’

      Because this is the sort of satanic whore the J-Left has stillborn,. from their slutting, ideological womb.

        • @Christine,

          I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. I’m pretty sure those doggos wish for a sane pet guardian. As you might know, the owner’s emotional state travels down the leash, so those dachshunds must be worked up to the point of becoming unhinged.

    • Trans Queer Weimar run by Jews was of course a Pre Fascist system.

      This is something we need to discuss with the leftists.

      • There were German Nationalist parties in the Bundestag during the Weimar period, Cap’n. And the Reichswehr remained a disciplined and professional fighting force.

  2. “Journalism” is a psychological operations tactic. It is a key component in “Color Revolutions.”

    Every single government on earth automatically assumes that any American “journalist” working in their country is an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency or another American intelligence agency.

    The Los Angeles Police Department has offices all around the world and agents in most major countries, not to mention FBI, CIA … and all the “NGO’s” and think tanks.

    The Boomers believed that there was a “free market” and “competition” between ABC, CBS and NBC, and that these media companies were “the private sector” not “government controlled.”

    Which is just silly – it’s stupid. But you can’t blame the Boomers because they have been watching television since they were babies. They were brainwashed by propaganda so good it makes the old Soviet Union’s propaganda look ham-handed.

    This woman and her Twitter account and phone list of HR departments is no different than a “real journalist” at the New York Times. They both do the same thing – they enforce the neoliberal ideology of Wall Street and Silicon Valley by attacking working class people who act “uppity.”

    • And it’s been that way forever. The profession of journalism itself was created by bankers and businessmen so they could gather intelligence and manipulate markets. Then they were later integrated with military intelligence networks. And the most recent addition to the spook family are the internet tech companies, creating the current military-finance-media-tech-ngo monstrosity we have today.

    • Here’s some info on the Ricky Vaughn a/k/a Douglass Mackey scene:

      I think what the prosecution is shooting for, is a direct link between Mackey and the Trump Campaign. Was Mackey being paid by the Trump Campaign?

      One thing the Mackey prosecution proves is that the FBI/DOJ thinks Black folks are retarded enough to fall for Mackey’s obvious humor/satire.

      • Well, with a mean IQ of 85, the sub-Saharan West Africans the British and jews brought to North America aren’t exactly the sharpest spear point in the mud hut.

  3. I used to side with the cops until they decided to save their pensions in order to stand down when it comes to Antifa and BLM. “We are just following orders” Orders for thee (Germans, but not for thee (US ZOG troops) I’m sure Biden’s DOJ will get a handle on Antifa just as Blumph’s DOJ did.

  4. Fascism for the weirdo Left-Liberals means working class White Males who are starting to resist post-1965 race-replacement immigration policy. The weirdo Liberals and Leftists would have us believe that the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MEN who fought on the Union side during the Civil War were enthusiast for LEGALIZED HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE and importing. LEGALLY Hindus…..Chinese….and Muslims….Which they were most definitely not…and the weirdo Leftist and Liberals know this to be true….How do they think the 1883 CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT GOT PASSED?

    THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY is NO MORE….NO LESS NATIONAL RACIST than the Chinese in China and the Koreans in Korea…and Hindus and Sikhs in India….

    The strategy of the Democratic Party is to label Working Class White Males as FASCIST!!!!…afterwhich, immediately…the HITLER charge…..followed by the mass extermination of Working Class White Males along with chattel slavery for the survivors on Lebraun James’s cotton fields….YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!


    Oh, by the way….who are the enthusiasts for the MASS MURDERING NEO-NAZI AZOV BRIGADE in the Ukraine using our tax dollars?

    Answer:White Liberal and White Leftist Democratic Party Voters…….AND THAT S’ A FACT JACK..

    Tip of the day:The key to successfull debating:EXTREME RUTHLESSNESS!!!!

      • What’s the problem? White genocide is indeed very real. Anybody who is paying attention can see it. I don’t see any real resistance, though.

        • @Powell,

          Pay not attention to the rabbi worshipping Bronze Age superstitious mimbo jumbo of John Anon.

          The idiot still believes that Christianity has the political power to change the current calculus in the West when it didn’t have the political or theological might to fend of communism in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Cuba. As a matter of fact, the “Christian churches” aren’t even the targets of the cultural marxists anymore because they already are in lockstep with their ideology.

          Only nationalist fascism in its myriad of varieties has been able to defeat communists, international financiers, and anti-fascist jewish sun humans.

    • @Captain John,

      Agreed, but by a clan of Taliban elders preferably.

      Btw, I’d really like that ginger bitch to attempt such shrill hysterics to a Bumese police officer.



    Saw HIGHER NUMBERS two nights ago….I can report with full confidence that the movie was a massive fabrication……For example….and this is just one of many fabrications in the movie…..The scene where all those White Engineers…..with master degrees and phds….were stumped trying to solve an important differential equation…..But the “brilliant” Katherine Johnson recommends the EULER METHOD!!!!…..Well, the script writer admitted this never happened but they just decided to put this scene in the movie so they consulted with a black professor of mathematics at Tennesse State who pulled the Euler method out of introductory text book of numerically solving differential equations……….but the fabrication is worse than this…..The Euler method is quite a well known and elementary technique…taught in the second week in a course on numerically solving differential equations… how could a roomful of White Male Engineers with masters degrees and phds not know a method that they all most definitely have learned in their engineering education?…..This scene served no other purpose than to humiliate White Male NASA Engineers…..

  6. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act



    This is biological warfare being waged against the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY….

    The Democratic Party is very conscious about what it is doing….and it is called WHITE GENOCIDE!!!!!

    • Patrick, don’t leave out Reagan’s 1986 amnesty and Bush Sr’s 1990 Immigration Act.

      Are there undercover anti-antifa or anti-communists?

  7. 4th Gen warfare at it`s best. Now the question, what the counter measures could be ? This bitch destroys one our guy life after another without any risk or consequences .

    BTW, Eastern European nationalism works the same way. Search the communist and do everything to get commie life ruined.

  8. Gotta stop posting these articles. Or I gotta stop reading them. Triggering as fuck. Was going to write this huge rant about Antifa, who they were, the KPD they were linked to, how they called everyone Fascist, and the various paramilitaries that opposed Fascism and were not Antifa (who now coopted the Iron Front that the real movement actually opposed)- who they attacked and were attacked by Antifa.

    It’s really infuriating to see people’s lives get destroyed by rabid morons for things they probably are not anyway.

    Both articles are shit. I couldn’t even read the 1st one. The second one by a “professor” is a joke. He thinks the Trump supporters are descendants of Fascism and has difficulty naming them and Trump supporters truly are against democracy and are just using the rhetoric of rigging the elections due to democratic lip service.

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