The Brats Are Coming

We’re counting on them.

They are highly skilled in the arts of aggravating, alienating and tormenting everyone around them, talking about themselves and virtue signaling on social media. We’re going to paint a gigantic political bullseye on them. Nothing is more unifying than shared hatred of these people.

New York Times:

“What happened in Peru, too, was a kind of collision between the old Times and the next generation of its core audience, the educated globally minded elite. The student at the center of this story is Sophie Shepherd, who isn’t among the teenagers who have spoken anonymously to other news organizations. She and two other students said she was the person who spoke the most to Mr. McNeil and spent the most time with him on their “student journey.”

She was 17 at the time, and had just finished her senior year at Phillips Academy Andover, a boarding school sometimes rated America’s best. She’s the kind of teenager who is excited to talk to a New York Times correspondent about public health, and perhaps to put the adventure on a résumé. She had even done the optional reading Mr. McNeil suggested, Jared Diamond’s 1997 book, “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” a Pulitzer-winning history that argues that environmental and geographic factors produced the global domination of European civilization. The book has drawn criticism for a deterministic view that seems to absolve colonial powers of responsibility for their choices. …”

Precious is a great description of them.

Why are the like this? They are devoid of anything resembling traditional religion or morality. They have been raised on political correctness. They also come from privileged backgrounds. Hence, their culture war politics and their sick fetish for looking down on and attacking other White people.

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  1. Why are they like this? Psychotropics given to them by (((SHRINKS)))…..brains irreversibly altered…They were also never disciplined by their mothers when they were young….from 2 through 16….when they were allowed to take temper tantrums to their hearts content.

    But the day of reckoning is surely coming for the Antifa…..Of America survives a limited nuclear war with Russia…..the day of reckoning will have arrived……I hope Christian Russia during the nuclear exchange eliminates the filthy fucking toilet bowl NYC from the Universe….and from what’s beyond the beyond…..


    I don’t know if I mentioned this:ROT IN FUCKING HELL JFK!!!!

    • “4. Do not use vulgar, hateful, wacky or esoteric language in the comments.”

      How on earth does the above comment not violate the rules? It has the f-word, pleas for extreme violence, bizarre punctuation and grammar and esoteric language.

      It’s also the first post on this article, so it will be read by the most people and form their impression of this blog.

      Whoever moderates this blog has a careless indifference to enemy intel ops working to discredit this blog that is just as reckless and foolish as anything that Nick Fuentes has done.

      Commenters like “Patrick of Greenfield” and Tom Watson/Krafty Wurker are agents being sent here to disrupt and discredit. Yet they are treated as if they have a valid view point that needs to be given equal access as sincere nationalists. That is troubling and reflects a larger lack of discernment by the de facto leaders on the alt-right. Real leaders must conduct effective counter intelligence operations at all times. That means identifying and expelling disruptive agents. It’s not hard to do. No other movement has a hard time with this. Only us.

      The tolerance for commenters who are disruptive and probably intel agents on alt-right spaces, especially this one, is unprecedented. No conservative, liberal, libertarian or leftist blog would allow comments like this for one second. There would also be a chorus of other commenters condemning the disruptive agents rather than dismissing them as no big deal.

      The failure of the alt-right to even detect the most obvious enemy agents has a lot to do with the failure of the alt-right to organize anything. Nobody wants to get involved with a movement that can’t even kick enemy agents out of their spaces.

      • Your just a bore…and madly in love with JFK….For your kind it is blasphemy to degrade the memory of JFK. This is really your primary gripe. What does your Nationalism even mean? Lets start with that you old semi-senile old fart.

        Here a the things I despise:

        1)Ignoring the monumental role of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act in the complete nullification of the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS Vote on Nov 3 2020.

        2)JFK worship

        3)jibber jabber about IQ test score psychometrics…

        4)Excuses for Trump

        5)Free Market worship

        6)White “Men” outsourcing their Manhood to NFL Tyrone

        And I do it very strong language

        And yes I have been very influential… clueless dullard…..

        The only thing I have ever advocated is not voting…NON-CONSENT to be Governed by the Democratic Party and the Trump Family….and Bush Family…This would be a politically seismic event

        Brad and I go all the way back to the Majority Rights days….

          • Where is the plea for extreme violence? Am I advocating terrorist attacks on the Donbass?…Surrounding Russia with the US Military? But Victoria Nuland and Anthony Blinken as we speak are doing the operational planning for this…..

            Advocacy for violence ?…..Like doing the rosary every night praying to GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN TO BRING THE TROOPS HOME!!!…My immediate Family Members are frontline US Military Combat Troops……It may require DIVINE INTERVENTION…… bring the Troops home……You are just a ninny and a bore….

      • This is why I turned off the comments on my blog.

        Policing insanity became a full-time job: I don’t know how Hunter finds the time. I found it exasperating.

        I felt like Nurse Ratched trying to give everyone their pills while scheduling extra trips to the electroshock room.

  2. Re: “We’re counting on them”:

    “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad” – Enoch Powell

    “?? ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ???? ?????’ ??? ?????? ???? ???? ???? ????” (“Evil appears as good in the minds of those whom God leads to destruction”) – Sophocles

  3. Some sort of WordPress block, or a glitch. I posted the saying in Greek, as well as English, but question marks appeared.

    • Yes, and the more the NYT devours itself the better. This has actually been going on for a while at the NYT. Remember their star negro reporter, Jayson Blair? He made up stories about racism, the worst sin in the galaxy, from his apartment in NYC while claiming he was on the road reporting from places sometimes thousands of miles away. He got caught repeatedly lying and committing plagiarism and repeatedly got second chances because he was black.

      Finally, his lies about the DC Beltway Sniper became so egregious that even the NYT had to fire him. He wrote most of his stories from his apartment in NYC using the internet for his fabrications while claiming to travel to different venues to do his reporting. This was back in 2003 so the NYT being a POS is hardly a new story.

    • The New York Times has always been ANTI-communist. It is the very FLAGSHIP of capitalist, imperialist, neocon/neolib media.

  4. Just look at who owns the times and all the other newspaper and media outlets. Once you figure out the names, you know what their agenda is.

  5. Lol, “Guns, Germs, and Steel” is no longer politically correct! I had no idea that the woke had turned against Jared Diamond. It was considered the gold standard of anti-racist literature just a few years ago.

  6. “She even pursued the recommended reading from Mr McNeil, JARED DIAAAAAMOND’S “GUNS, STEEL AND GERMS”. I remember reading that insightful book as a younger man. HW & the OD Crew, did you know that the only reasons Guatemalans, American Indians and Africans arent as prosperous as Europeans is because of disease, luck and not enough resources? Its true. Trust Jared Diamond he seems nice

    • The arguments are interesting but ultimately you only need to look at the distance between Ghana and Brazil and wonder why it took an Italian on a Spanish ship to figure out there was a landmass right there to sail at. Why didnt blacks just find Brazil?

  7. Reminds me of the Bullingdon Club. Take these kids to Peru. No sex no drug fueled party. Just an argument about race. These boarding school products ain’t what they used to be. Cringy bores.

      • I know three former students who went there. Absolute party animals but that was a group that graduated 20 years ago. Oh how they’ve become boring farts.

  8. Yep, these spoiled brats have no worry about the lower levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy like most of the downsized formerly middle class do. Instead they spend mommy and daddy’s stolen money “buying indulgences” to ease their liberal conscious.

    • They are not even have wild sex party events either. What’s the point of an education like that without an orgy of fucking? Go to Peru together and talk about a fucking book?

  9. Hunter, your contention is woke leftists are upper middle class brats, right? The problem with your thesis is upper middle class people can’t afford a 58K a year education for their child. Ergo, your premise should be woke leftists are wealthy, but that’s incorrect too. Voter polls show more rich vote Republican than Democrat and if you see footage of antifa and BLM marchers, it’s clear to any sane person they’re far from high class or educated. It doesn’t make sense for the upper class to be woke because they want to maintain the status quo since it’s so titled in their favor, not drastically change it.

    • Your argument is EXACTLY why the British let Kim Philby and his cronies get away with their spying and sabotage for so long.

      “I say, old chap, he looks guilty as hell, what — but he comes from a Good Family, and has a superb education, and so do these other fellows. Eton, Cambridge — surely, with so much at stake in the system, they’d never work for those deuced Communists, eh? Just toss that paper in the file over there and give him another ultra-sensitive assignment, there’s a good fellow!”

      A hundred years later and Capitalist True Believers like yourself STILL don’t understand human psychology, at all.

      “They’re rich, so they must be Good People! Dollars, dollars, dollars, they’re a sign of VIRTUE!”


  10. You’re missing her point. She was pointing out wokeism is accepted by a minority, especially among the affluent because they would be marred by wokeist economic policy. Biden nabbed the nomination and he was distrusted by wokeists.

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