Libertarians: You Will Be Very Sorry When We Are Gone

Are you kidding?

Do these people have any idea how many people have been repulsed and alienated by their dominance in the Republican Party? There isn’t a bigger electoral albatross than the libertarian oligarchs. Trump would have coasted to victory if he had the sense to dump them back in 2017.

American Greatness:

“A recent guest column in the Dallas Morning News offers new evidence that Conservatism, Inc. is bent on destroying conservative populism. The piece also underscores the primary streams of money in American politics: Trillions of dollars flow to progressives, billions flow to libertarians, and millions—on a good day—flow into the conservative populist movement.

The column is headlined “By supporting Trumpism, the GOP is in danger of losing libertarian support,” with the subtitle adding that “Many libertarians split from the party to vote for Biden.” The authors are Daniel Smith, an associate professor of economics at Middle Tennessee State University and director of the Political Economy Research Institute, and Alexander Salter, an associate professor of economics at Texas Tech University and a research fellow at Texas Tech’s Free Market Institute. But these two professors are not some random intellectuals. They are part of a billion-dollar machine, built to produce paid-for ideas.

The Political Economy Research Institute was established with seed money from the Charles Koch Foundation. And the Free Market Institute, per a 2016 investigation by the Texas Observer, is “largely bankrolled by the Koch network and other conservative interests and individuals.”

To be clear: the Dallas Morning News column is not an analysis. It is a threat. And the threat has nothing to do with libertarians ever becoming a viable political party, because they won’t. Instead, it’s about Conservatism, Inc., backed by libertarian billionaires, deciding that Democrats are preferable to “Trumpist” Republicans. …”


Libertarians are between 10% to 20% of the population? Since when?

Dallas News:

“The American right has been a coalition of libertarians and traditionalists, united against the common foe of a domineering and unaccountable government. Now the ties that bind are fraying. In the aftermath of the 2020 election, there is a real chance they could be severed entirely.

Rather than exhibiting self-reflection and admitting their role in allowing Trumpism to take over their party, some Republicans are instead blaming libertarians for their electoral defeat. But the libertarian rejection of Trump is not about one man. It is about the direction of American conservatism itself. Republicans may permanently lose the libertarian voting bloc if they fail to learn their lesson.

The libertarian problem is much bigger than Republicans realize. The official libertarian vote exceeded Biden’s margin of victory in several key states. Furthermore, public opinion data shows that libertarians represent between 10% and 20% of the voting population, according to Cato Institute analysis. By demonizing libertarians, Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot. …”

Let ’em go.

We will move into the Big House.

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  1. You are clueless if you think libertatians are the dominant wing of the GOP.

    There’s more to libertarianism than tax cuts and the only people in the GOP who are close to being libertarian are the Thomas Massie types. Trump and the GOP congress in general are not libertarians.

    Libertarians are also the only people who made any progress on the right in recent years, as constitutional carry rights have been expanded in over a dozen states. The so called “populists” just make based tweets but don’t actually do anything.

      • Thomas Massie and Justin Amash were pretty much the only Republicans to not cuck to Israel and Saudi Arabia. Libertarians also support freedom of association (not being forced to make gay wedding cakes) which I would think conservatives would be in favor of.

        I would argue that the GOP isn’t even libertarian on economics, more so corporatist. The GOP will give tax cuts for the rich without cutting military spending to make up for it.

        • Will the Libertarians try to repeal the so-called “Civil Rights” legislation of the 1960’s and later? To ask is to answer, they will just avert their gaze and talk about tax cuts, deregulation and free markets. They made their peace with that evil decades ago.

          Liberty, i.e. being left alone was abolished when the so-called “Civil Rights” legislation of the 1960’s and various court decisions dating from 1948 ended the right of free association. It’s no longer possible to refuse to do business with, sell one’s property, freely hire workers, or freely not associate with people the U.S. Government and by extension state governments favor. It hasn’t been possible for years to operate private clubs, recreational facilities, schools or housing without conforming to various changeable, authoritarian laws that leave organizations at the mercy of shyster lawyers for violating precious minority rights through discrimination.

          The essence of liberty is the right to discriminate i.e. the right to choose whom to associate with, live with, send one’s children to school with, do business with, or not. The essence of tyranny is the government or its agents dictating the terms of how one must live, go to school, do business etc. Diversity is at odds with liberty and eventually this diversity agenda of pounding square pegs into round holes leads to one failure after another.

          All one needs to do is look around at Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, NYC etc. to see how the Government’s fight against “discrimination”, apparently a mortal sin, has ruined most cities in the U.S. White people naturally fled the colored undertow for sheer survival as order collapsed and violence increased.

          Now the U.S. Government has its sights set upon ruining White suburbs with its armies of wogs. This is the natural course of things with government. The alternative is to admit they were wrong, that all men are not created equal, that different racial groups cannot get along and some groups don’t have the capacity for civilization. The political types from all across the spectrum are good at thinking up new lies to deceive themselves and others that the next new government program will actually fix the colored people and make them just White people with a tan.

      • I support “imperialism” as long as it is done smartly. Sparsely populated stretches of wilderness with a few hunter gatherers are perfect for annexation. Colonizing a overpopulated 5000 year old classical civilization like Mesopotamia on the other hand is a pointless waste of resources. But tell me why France wasn’t right not to just hand every bit of their overseas empire over to a few locals and declare them “independent nations” like the dumb British did? Look at French Guiana compared to Guyana. French Guiana is still governed by French competence and has a huge aerospace center. Without France it would be nothing but a 100,000 impoverished locals living on the coast with an empty jungle. How did being abandoned by Britain help Guyana? It is struggling, local corrupt black rule driving away the Indians who brought some degree of civilization to the place, attracting weird cults like Jonestown in a desperate attempt for western currency? Had Britain still ruled placed like Guyana and Belize with competent management there would probably be all kinds of retirees living there to escape cold rainy depressing English winters and some degree of industry and civilization. How poor would Guam be if we had abandoned it?

        • “Sparsely populated stretches of wilderness with a few hunter gatherers are perfect for annexation. Colonizing a overpopulated 5000 year old classical civilization like Mesopotamia on the other hand is a pointless waste of resources”:

          Since you draw no moral line, where do you draw the amoral line of cost effectiveness in your program of annexation/colonization?

          Developing “sparsely populated stretches of wilderness with a few hunter gatherers is exactly what Bolsonaro’s fascist regime does to the Amazon Indians, what Morocco does to the resource-rich Saharawis, and Zionism did to beautiful, lightly-populated, agrarian, indigenous Palestine, finding it very cost effective.

          European peoples who colonized and ruined many other peoples are finding now their own native lands (in Europe) are being flooded with immigrants from the very lands they colonized and ruined. I think it would have been better for us to have stayed at home, and fixed the problem of Greed/inequality/injustice there, once and for all, instead of compounding it and exporting it to the entire world.

    • Stop worshiping your rights all the time. And start actually becoming an adult who understands duty.

      The Right uphold gun rights to either larp as a warrior that they’re not, and shoot at gun ranges, because guns have become viewed as nothing more than a toy on the Right. The Right has degenerated from what it once historically embodied, its militarism, the warrior ethos, its view of preparedness of its group against the harsh world of warring tribes/states/countries, the weapon viewed strict seriousness and sacredness, a holistic improvement of one’s mind, body, and spirit, which is a life’s journey that previous societies warriors embodied (like the Samurai or Spartan), into that of a teenage boy who sees guns as a hobby, googling and gaggling about different facets like collecting playing cards, akin to playing with action figures.

      I hate libertarians. You’re right up there with anarchists.

      • Most assignations of left right Prot Taig Trot Tory are absolutely fake abstractions. It should have just been enough to be what you are. Not the story you tell yourself about yourself.

    • “You are clueless if you think libertatians are the dominant wing of the GOP”

      One paragraph later…

      “Libertarians are also the only people who made any progress on the right in recent years”

  2. Ron Paul Rand Paul have been good at civil liberties issues and also non-interventionism.

    Outside of that though where do these Libs go? The high water mark for the Libertarian Party was Johnsons run a few years ago and I just can not see their party ever getting more then that.

    • We were hoping that libertarian guys like Justin Amash and Thomas Massie would be more common in the GOP, but unfortunately that is not happening.
      I would like for the LP too grow, but the US is a very 2 party country and I see it staying that way for a long time, if not forever.

      • You gotta be kidding me. The two party system is dead. The Republican party is fractured (this is good in the long run but in the short term Dems are going to dominate).

        • Wrong. The two party system is well alive which is why there’s so much corruption in government and unhappiness among voters. Many people might lean libertarian, but there are very few true libertarians except the nut above.
          Most people know a government should look out for its own and libertarianism suffers the same problem that socialism/communism does which is there are no successful real life examples of either.

  3. It must be a lonely life, being a libertarian. Libertarianism is the Empty Quarter of politics. It must be depressing and demeaning too, acting as the stooge of modern robber-barons. No wonder libertarians need drugs and sodomy as a comfort.

    • How is it any worse than the “populists” who worship Trump and thought he was gonna save them? Now the Dems have full control and Trump’s term was pretty useless.

      • True enough; a lot of Brad’s “Huey Long Marchers” are killing themselves with opiates and meth, or swallowing the business end of their beloved firearms.

      • Worshipping a fat orange cuckservative boomer and calling him “God Emperor Trump” is much more autistic

        The child molestor comment just sounds like projection. There is no evidence whatsoever that the average libertarian supports such behavior.

  4. “Libertarian” – like “Progressive” – are just labels that don’t necessarily match a group of actual people. Just like “Evangelical.”

    The same group of upper-middle class white professionals may call themselves “libertarian” on some issues and “progressive” on other issues.

    “Libertarian” activists and authors are entertainers – political marketers, shills. They throw out a bunch of rhetoric to try to sway votes – and polls – one way or another with memorable catch phrases.

    How much ink has been spilled in the last 40 years about “Evangelicals?” The official “Evangelicals” all attacked Trump, but the actual voters they call “Evangelical” voted for Trump heavily.

    HW’s analysis of these polls is leading to a more accurate description of reality.

    There are “Evangelicals” that call themselves political “Libertarians” with very “Progressive” views on this or that issue. It’s not totally meaningless – “Evangelicals” are more likely to vote for a politician that claims to be “pro-life” instead of pro-abortion. But no one fits into these specific categories that pollers and marketers invent.

    Frankly – it is bad social science. You’re not supposed to define the categories ahead of time – you’re supposed to discover the categories from the layout of the data.

    They actually do that – but those polls are not for public consumption. The polls the public sees are “push polls” meant to get specific answers.

    White men who supported Ron Paul because he was against the Iraq war called themselves “Libertarians” – because they wanted to identify as anti-war – not because they wanted a gold standard or cared about some dorky “Capital-L” Libertarian fringe issue.

  5. If libertarians voted for Biden they are stupid. The only “freedoms” he advocated for are LGBT “rights” (aka more degeneracy) and open boarders (pro tip: letting strangers in does NOT benefit you, libertarians should be for closed boarders so as to not screw up what they have).

  6. Libertarians are cowardly soyboys that follow a jewish political ideology meant to keep Gentiles from forming cohesive groups.

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