National Review: Trump vs. McConnell

Republican voters DON’T WANT more True Conservatism.

National Review:

“He blamed McConnell for the loss of the Georgia special elections last month, pointing to McConnell’s refusal to agree to $2,000 checks for individuals in the COVID-relief bill passed at the end of last year. Even if this issue was decisive in Georgia …

It is certainly true, as Trump stated in the abusive terms, that McConnell isn’t charismatic; firebrands don’t typically rise to leadership in the Senate. McConnell is, to his credit, an institutionalist. He is also canny, tough-minded, and willing to play the long game in advancing the interests of the Republican Party and of conservatism. This doesn’t mean that his judgment is flawless. He’s made some wrong calls in GOP primary fights over the years, and surely will again.

But he’s genuinely interested in building up his party, rather than tearing it down if he doesn’t get his way. The same can’t be said of his antagonist.”

It is over, pops.

Look at these numbers.

Mitch and his fellow senior citizens are politically dead in the water. Their base in the suburbs are Democrats now. It is time for them to retire and check into The Villages in Florida.

64% of Trump voters now say that their racial identity is very, extremely or somewhat important to their identity. 3.8% of younger conservative voters say that racial equality is a very important issue for them. The typical young Trump voter is far closer to us than to Baseball Crank.

White identity is spiking. Economic populism is growing too. The polls are trending toward White Populism. These battles over dead issues that all of these old people are having in Congress reflect an America that doesn’t exist anymore. They’re trying to relive the glory days of their youth.

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  1. the Jew-owned Republiscam pty will never

    become an actual White populist vehicle. It’ll

    peddle the rhetoric though. And most likely

    the White sheeple will continue to lap it up.

    all the way to the kosher slaughterhouse.

  2. I was wondering if that picture was the Bonus Marchers being attacking by the D.C police in 1933 or whenever it was. I saw the movie All the Kings Men which is a fiction version of Huey Long’s rise to power, reasonably accurate. There’s a line in a it, “Nobody ever helped a hick, except another hick.” These Republican dildos seemed to be embarrased by the white poor and working class.

    The upper classes have been doing it since the 1950’s, they decided that the sainted negro just wasn’t being treated fairly by white people, so the white working classes lost their property rights, and then their property values when the black underclass showed up. Whole sections of cities were wrecked. That wasn’t enough for them, they have to ruin public schools too. 20 years later, they still hadn’t harmed ordinary people enough, they started busing, it wasn’t John Kerry’s kids or the Bush’s who got shipped across town so they could go to class with niggers was it?

  3. The only “long-game” interests McConjob ever advanced were those of his billionaire owners.

    Away with that traitorous old shitter.

  4. Is there really a difference between Trump and Mitch? Trump’s MAGA when he campaigns and a typical Republican when in power.
    Even unorthodox Democrats like Tulsi and Yang are rare and outnumbered by standard Democrats.
    Stupid Americans won’t get any real change unless they vote Green and other third parties to replace the Electoral College and smash the two party system.

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