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  1. Everything the wokies say about Whites is a meme. If we had real representation, instead of useless shitheads like ZOGnald Trump, and the Republican Incompetant Boomers Party, the woketards would be irrelevant.

    • Boomer have money and comfort, so it’s a hobby to sit back and watch the show. Millenials will be fighting for their lives.

  2. Note: If jokes and memes are not allowed, why should people be allowed to vote? Surely, voting is a danger to “our democracy.”

    The votes of Southrons and Cattlemen in Wyoming don’t matter. They haven’t since 1860. Only the votes of Yankeedom and Mexifornia matter.

    That’s why they’ll keep the illusion that we’re all equals, and that a vote in Alabama or Texas carries as much weight as a vote in Massachusetts or Iowa. Or in Mexifornia.

    It’s their democracy, not “our democracy.”

  3. Memes about Blacks and jews and other assorted Untermensch are 6M times funnier and socially accurate than anything that the jews crap out in their movies and TV shows and that is what upsets the left. If a picture is worth 1000 words then a clever meme is worth 10,000 words. A Gen Z kid with the attention span of a gnat can see a meme about jews or Blacks or the Holocaust and they instantly absorb what the meme is trying to convey – like a propaganda poster from WW2.

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