President Biden Signs Executive Order To Bolster U.S. Supply Chains

Joe occasionally does things like this.

He has done several things that I agree with which I have noted out of intellectual honesty. It is drowned out though by all the bad ideas and messaging. It is difficult to get past being accused of “domestic extremism” and oppressing minorities through systematic racism.

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  1. But it is NOT a good thing. It could be bad, because the Empire could grow even stronger if it becomes more self-reliant as the executive order demands. On the other hand this executive order may be just more hot air, meaningless, unimportant. We need to focus on important, real things.

  2. When you have a high wage economy, then you need high tarriffs to protect it. This removes Asia’s advantage and the incentive to offshore. Australia had high wage and production costs, coupled with low to no tarriffs……..and they now make virtually nothing. It was cheaper to manufacture offshore and import the product back, than to produce locally. On top of that, some Asian nations have high tarriffs on items coming in from outside. They don’t play fair.
    Bringing jobs back is about helping the rust belt, not fat cats. This should be supported.

  3. Any good that the Democrats have ever done, is always canceled out by their Left-wing SJW bullshit and social engineering schemes. And by their pandering to the usual suspects, as their ostensible opponents, the misnamed Republican Party, do also.

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