What We Have Gained By Losing

I’m struck by these trends.

I’ve had to reevaluate my opinions in light of movement that I am seeing in the polls which is wholly positive and indicates a sharp rise in “far-right domestic extremism.”

Specifically, I am talking about the resorting of the electorate and the changing values, beliefs and attitudes of Republican voters that are showing up in recent surveys. I am not talking about Donald Trump or the Trump administration. I am not talking about Republican policies. I am not talking about elected Republicans in Congress. I am not talking about institutional conservatism. I am talking about where the people are moving on the issues compared to where they were just five years ago.

From the Echelon Insights poll yesterday:

These are the ranked priorities of Republican voters.

There is a lot to be happy about in this poll. Illegal immigration is now the single most important issue to the Republican base followed by lawlessness. Antifa violence and Big Tech censorship are now top priorities. Cultural degeneration and hatred of the media are top priorities.

The Trump wing (70% of the Republican Party) has stronger feelings about these issues across the board than the dwindling establishment wing (20% of the Republican Party).

Republican voters think fighting back against the Democrats, supporting the America First agenda (Trumpism) and opposition to woke supremacy are far more important than Donald Trump’s personality or conservative ideology or the election fraud narrative.

From the AEI/YouGov poll:

40% of Trump voters say their racial or ethnic identity is “extremely important” or somewhat important.” 24% say it is “somewhat important.” Only 11% say their racial or ethnic identity is “not at all important.”

63% of Trump voters say their religious identity is “extremely important” or “very important.” 24% say their religious identity is “somewhat important.” Only 13% say their religious identity is “not at all important.”

92% of Trump voters think the mainstream media is identical with the Democratic Party.

87% of Trump voters are worried about the rise in anti-White discrimination.

87% of Trump voters think Christianity is essential to American greatness.

89% of Trump voters agree Christianity is under attack in America.

80% of Trump voters reject “white privilege.”

77% of Trump voters don’t feel free to express their political opinions in public.

68% of Trump voters reject the idea that systematic racism is an important problem in America.

When asked who poses the greater threat, Trump voters overwhelmingly say Antifa are a greater threat than White Nationalists. 92% of Trump voters rank Antifa as a high threat. In fact, Trump voters even think Antifa are responsible for the Capitol Siege. 30% of Trump voters say that White Nationalists are not a threat at all compared to 1% who say Antifa isn’t a threat at all. 36% see White Nationalists as a high threat. This reflects the same 70/30 split.

40% of Trump voters say that foreign trade hurts the economy.

60% of Trump voters think foreign trade reduces jobs.

35% of Trump voters want to reduce trade with foreign countries.

18% of Trump voters want to expand foreign trade.

65% of Trump voters want to reduce immigration.

62% of Trump voters want to deport illegal aliens.

89% of Trump voters support a federal E-Verify system.

86% of Trump voters supporting building a wall on the Mexican border.

Trump voters are divided on economics.

31% of Trump voters think government has a legitimate role in helping people get ahead in life. 69% of Trump voters disagree.

45% of Trump voters think the government should guarantee a minimum standard of living provided they work to the best of their ability. 55% disagree.

69% of Trump voters think taxes should never be raised. 31% of Trump voters disagree.

75% of Trump voters think the taxes that they pay are too high.

63% of Trump voters don’t want to touch Social Security.

55% of Trump voters are more concerned about the cost of Medicare. 45% of Trump voters are more concerned about access.

53% of Trump voters think cutting the taxes of the wealthy lifts all boats. 46% of Trump voters disagree.

67% of Trump voters think corporate tax cuts increases economic growth for everyone. 33% of Trump voters disagree.

60% of Trump voters think the government should be more concerned about helping people live decent lives. 40% think the government should be more concerned with helping people make money.

56% of Trump voters think climate change is real and can be countered by government and the private sector. 9% think climate change is real and something has to be done about it. 34% do not believe it is real and that nothing should be done to combat it.

78% of Trump voters are pro-life. No surprise.

66% of Trump voters want the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. 34% think the Supreme Court should preserve the status quo.

59% of Trump voters think gay marriage should be illegal.

From a recent Gallup poll:

31% of Republicans are satisfied with the size and influence of major corporations. There has been a 26 point swing in a positive direction.

20% of Republicans have a positive view of Big Tech. There has been an incredible 45 point swing in a positive direction.

33% of Indies have a positive view of Big Tech. There has been a smaller 11 point swing in a positive direction.

From a recent Data for Progress poll:

25% of Republicans strongly support Amazon workers forming a union. 30% somewhat support Amazon workers forming a union.

Polls continue to show that at least 60% of Republicans support $1,400 stimulus checks.

A third of Republicans support a $15 minimum wage.

Republican voters are no longer obsessed with repealing Obamacare.

Last fall, 1 out of every 5 Republicans supported Universal Basic Income and 1 out of 3 supported universal health care coverage.

In sum, Republicans have become much more populist on both social identity issues and economics over the past five years, which reflects the ongoing realignment of the electorate. Republican voters have come a long way from the Tea Party era in 2010 and the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaign in 2012. Across a range of questions, these people don’t even resemble where they were in the polls a year ago.

In a recent AEI poll, 39% of Republican voters said they agreed with this statement: “If elected leaders will not protect America, the people must do it themselves, even if it requires violent actions.” 60% opposed the idea. 2/3rds of Republicans believe the Biden presidency is illegitimate and was stolen from Trump. 50% to 60% of Republicans blame Antifa and the Deep State for the Capitol Siege.

In the same poll, 66% of Republicans said that the system is rigged to favor the rich and powerful. 80% of Republicans agreed that the system is “stacked against conservatives and people with traditional values.” We’re also only at the beginning of Neoliberal Joe’s presidency.

Are we going mainstream? I haven’t changed my ideological views on anything, but at least a quarter to a third of Republicans now agree with people like me on both White identity and economics. The Republican base is also clearly trending in that direction. Where will these numbers be two years from now? Where will these numbers be five years from now in Post-Boomer America?

Things are … beginning to boil over? Looks like it to me. Assuming we all don’t end up in Gitmo in the domestic “War on Terror” (it is best to just chill and monitor these trends), it looks like Trump did more for us by losing and Joe is doing more for us by antagonizing Republicans. The Alt-Right as a coherent movement broke apart several years ago, but ordinary people are catching up. They now see our enemies like Antifa and Big Tech as their enemies and agree with us on White identity.

Note: It goes without saying that none of these trends are reflected in institutional conservatism, Republican politicians or Donald Trump. Congress is a gerontocracy. The ground has shifted though and it was always our goal to change the political landscape.

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  1. The Nine Noble Virtue’s alone, …Dixie need’s to disregard the political extra-noble “commandment” for a so called “man-god” global monarchy …

    …which is just as propositional a bald-face fictitious lie and propaganda straight from Akhenaten’s Egyptian policy of worshipping him as “god”, “the grand architect” (who was purely tyrannical and thieved all of Egypt’s wealth into his sole ownership and control along with his “priests” (oligarchy), ie. communism (“some are more equal in property ownership than others” and you’ll be “happy”), … and we know who came out of Egypt who were originally asian invaders of Egypt propagating the extra-noble political “commandment” for “man-god” Pharaoh worship don’t we?! … and is far far from natural reality and a propositional fiction you accuse the libtards of propagandizing!!

    When are you going to get rid of that major portion of the “control” mechanism’s that have “hijacked our (European) civilization’s” and destroyed their diverse cultures, namely the universalizing and globalizing religion along with it’s usury debt fiat aka “money”, you all continue to propagandize for the benefit of the foreign priesthood’s private usury cartel (oligarchy) trying to go global sovereign, … all fraudulently … they steal on the front side with confiscatory taxation and on the backside by stealing the fiat’s buying power over time (https://psalmistice.com/2018/07/04/italian-professors-confirm-outright-false-accounting-and-double-nature-of-bank-money/ ).

    What is wrong with our ancient 9 “Arya” (ie. “Noble”) Virtues that formed the basis of our ancient people’s family, clan, tribe and the ethno-nation’s diverse cultural lives (https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2021/02/whites-invented-family-10.html ) ?

    Why do we need the foreigner’s far eastern asian derived purely political additional “religious” “commandment” to worship one of them as a “man-god” (which is purely communistic (culturally and economically) global monarchy with some bullshit “second coming” in a new name? Stop the lying!!

    Indeed, the confederation of the so called northern 10 tribe “Israelites”, contra the return from the eastern Babylon the Egyptian Levite’s learned about usury, and their Edomite converts machinations and incessant claims to “global” monarchy over all the tribes, the 10 northern tribes mostly resisted attempts at monarchy over them and even went to war against the monarchists.

    “The experiment with the opulence and power of the great eastern kingdoms had ended in disaster for Israel. King Solomon created the wealthiest and most powerful central government the Hebrews would ever see, but he did so at an impossibly high cost. Land was given away to pay for his extravagances and people were sent into forced labor into Tyre in the north. When Solomon died, between 926 and 922 BCE, the ten northern tribes refused to submit to his son, Rehoboam, and revolted.

    From this point on, there would be two realm’s of Hebrews: in the north – Israel in a loose confederation of sovereign ethno-nations, and in the south -Judeans (Hasmonean Levite’s and Esau-Edom). The Israelites formed their capital in the city of Samaria-Galilee, and the Judaeans their capital in Jerusalem. These ethno-nations remained separate for over two hundred years.

    The history of the both kingdoms is a litany of ineffective, disobedient, and corrupt kings. When the Hebrews had first asked for a king, in the book of Judges, they were told that only God was their king (1 Samuel 8:7). When they approached Samuel the Prophet, he told them the desire for a king was an act of disobedience and that they would pay dearly if they established a monarchy. The history told in the Hebrew book, Kings, bears out Samuel’s warning.” https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/the-two-kingdoms-of-israel

    Finally regarding the Levitical-Edomite’s “god” of the “ineffable name”: “YHWH”, a Tranny HE-SHE … and the raving’s here of being “spiritually jewish” tranny he-she worshipping thieves and liars … https://psalmistice.com/2017/03/13/the-lawd-of-doubles/ YES THEY LITERALLY WORSHIP A TRANNY HE-SHE and are COMMUNISTS GLOBALIST MONARCHISTS !!! …in Hebrew, ho is the masculine pronoun, equivalent to the English he; and hi is the feminine pronoun, equivalent to she; and therefore the word HO-HI, literally translated, is equivalent to the English compound HE-SHE; that is to say, the Ineffable Name of God in Hebrew.
    https://www.sacred-texts.com/mas/sof/sof26.htm …unfortunate it is judeo-christianity and Islam’s deity (the Abrahamic’s) also as it is the deity of their so called inerrant word.

    PS, they don’t give a rats arse about the southern kinfolk!!! just thieving and slaving you, and setting the southern kinfolk up for another usurer’s “civil war” for profits and globohomo dominionism (aka communism)… wake up Southern man…

    Any Global monarchy and or an effeminate son (tranny also?) of the Tranny YHWH Communistic Monarchy is contra any sovereign ethnos national republic in Dixie. Ask yourself why they never respond to this issue of a globalhomo usury communist Jerusalem Temple Monarchy (see Acts 7:48 regarding God on the Jerusalem Temple …

    Lastly, they would be happy for you to wage “civil war” again on there behalf against your own kinfolk Anglo-Saxons, Irish, Scots, German’s, etc to further their globalist communist (ie. only the monarch and his “aristocracy” will own any property naives) schemes for a totalitarian globohomo Jerusalem Temple Monarchy

    And as Beauregard asked:
    February 24, 2021 at 5:32 pm
    That’s a good question. How does a global monarchy square with the sovereignty of any nation and said nation not being just a subordinate or client state of said global monarchy as America is to Israel?
    I’d like to hear an argument.

    The Belief of the Superiority of Virtue is the Defining Trait That Connects Us to the Gods.
    The 9 Noble Virtues Take Us To Them.
    I. Courage
    In the pursuit of the Gods (aka “Elohim” in Hebrew is plurality of 2, a noble Father and a noble Mother, not a Sodom and Gomorra tranny he-she!!) one must be courageous. One must be bold and one must be willing to take risks. Only the brave are rewarded in this world by transcending fear. Cowards die, but the brave live forever.

    II. Truth
    Like the Gods we are relentless in our quest for true knowledge. We are willing to sacrifice for it, and willing to accept it. This Virtue is not only one of seeking, but one of acting. Be true to others, and above all, be true to thyself.

    III. Honor
    Everything can be taken away from you. The Gods, Forces of Nature, and other Human Beings will gladly strip you of what is yours. But despite this, there is one thing that can never be taken away from you. That thing is Honor.

    IV. Fidelity
    Loyalty to Your Brothers and Sisters precedes all other human relationships in this world. Bonds of Loyalty are not broken without causing a chain of events which have an ultimately detrimental effect on both parties.

    V. Discipline
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    VIII. Industriousness
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    IX. Perseverance
    The hardest times are those which ultimately lead us down new paths and take us to the next level. We openly ask the world to throw itself at us so that we may take the path least taken. In struggle we flourish. We always find a way to come through.

    • Contra the Sodom and Gomorrah tranny worshippers of the Jerusalem temple Cult of Usury and their extreme iconclasm (ie. The tearing down of our ancestors markers of honor) towards their global communist “messianic” monarchy and the destruction of the symbol of the Mother Goddess and replaced with a misogynist gay tranny he-she deity (satan anyone?) as discussed above:

      Economic Implications of the Deuteronomistic Reform and the Elimination of the Goddess Asherah

    • “””….Why do we need the foreigner’s far eastern asian derived purely political additional “religious” “commandment” to worship one of them as a “man-god”…..””””

      Because the war needs united army under command of the war lord Donald Trump to get rid from the enemy.

      After victory, you can sort the mess out.

  2. Ideologically whites are being demonized and destroyed in the country their ancestors created.
    Economically they are being squeezed out-lower wage whites by low-skilled immigrants and affirmative action and higher wage whites by H1B immigrants and some higher level affirmative action. .
    Culturally whites are having their traditional values, history and religion mocked and their children indoctrinated by pure evil in the schools.
    Stop feeding the GOP with your votes and support and let it die. They are putting a neck on our throats. .
    Their only hope for survival is to become an explicitly white party, while not excluding others to join of course. But don’t hold your breath on that.

  3. C ville was less than 4 years ago. Anybody still considering this was fail and losing…. 😀

    About those questions. There is still atmosphere of fear so probably those polls are inaccurate. Lot of people still considering that honest answer to the pollster is worthless risk So that real numbers may be much better.

    “””….Assuming we all don’t end up in Gitmo….”””

    My personal prediction is that regime is so rot that regime is just incapable of any massive operation whatsoever. They may hit random dissident so in personal level, careful you must be.

    But when they pull up massive dissident crackdown it will end up like our one in 1991. Soldiers are human beings too. They waiting their 1400 check and worrying about their relatives losing jobs and suffering under Antifa violence and their gamma can`t afford insulin anymore.

    They hammering this white Nazi theme fore sole reason. Donald as enemy is the only common thing they have. But canceling student loan and 15usd minimum wage and good jobs in the Government are much more interesting for radicals than hunting trumpsters and Qtards somewhere in rural Appalachian mountains.

    I predict first serious clash between The Swamp and radicals when weather goes warm enough for comfortable street fighting.

    • in the Hyperborean Great White North, our kinsman already know the way … s. This means that for the Galileans to have been incorporated into the Judean Temple-state, it would have required an intense program of social engineering.

  4. American’s unequal justice system.

    Biden Administration Gears Up to Impose Double Jeopardy Upon Officer Chauvin

    versus the police lieutenant who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt. His name is being withheld from Babbitt’s attorneys.

    Police Lieutenant Who Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt – Lead Murder Suspect in Ashli Babbitt Case

    • I find it amazing that the gunman isn’t facing an inquest let alone a grand jury or an actual trial.

      A killing by a cop, of an unarmed person is worth a public hearing and trial no matter who or what. It’s not a good habit to just bury incidents like a shooting. I can see why he’d end up acquitted but a week in court to establish culpability or lack thereof seems legit.

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