Neoliberal Joe’s Slow Start

I like the FDR comparison.

FDR obliterated the GOP and reduced it to Liz Cheney types.

FDR collaborated with actual white supremacy while Joe wages war against Archie Bunker.

FDR was elected president four times while Joe had to be carried through the Democratic primaries.

FDR had the support of the Solid South. Joe has a 50/50 Senate ruled by Joe Manchin.

FDR realigned the electorate in a way that strengthened his party. He won in a landslide in the 1932 election. In contrast, Joe has undermined his coalition and narrowed its appeal.

FDR got a lot of things accomplished in his first 100 days, but Joe still hasn’t delivered our $2,000 which was supposed to fly out the door immediately with the support of 80% of the public.

FDR ended Prohibition which was the most polarizing culture war issue of his times while Democrats have focused on Blumpf’s impeachment and issues like “trans women” in women’s sports.

FDR didn’t have to use budget reconciliation to pass his agenda because it was genuinely popular.

FDR’s base wasn’t White upper middle class professionals who live in the suburbs and who are motivated by polarizing culture war issues that cause congressional gridlock.

FDR didn’t peak with executive orders and a budget reconciliation bill.

FDR created a populist-progressive coalition while Joe has created a neoliberal establishment coalition.

FDR had the political talent to coopt a populist as strong as Huey Long who pressured him into doing the Second New Deal whereas Joe shows no sign of having similar skills.

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  1. Shanghai Joe is not an intelligent man, period. He graduated at the bottom half of the bottom half of his class. Barely a C. If he had become a practicing lawyer, instead of a Senator, he would have been marginally good enough to work for a local prosecuting attorney, at best.

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