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  1. “Racial” slur means he told the truth about one of the protected races. If he attacked Whites and Whites alone, he would get a promotion.

  2. That photo you keep heading McNeil articles with, that red brick building at lower right is a flophouse. If I were McNeil I would set up camp in one of the windows of its rooms facing the Times building and sit there unshaven in a rumpled Breslinesque shirt and loosened tie, drinking fortified wine while staring at the building. I would do that anyway, come to think.

  3. Marc Tracy wanted Donald McNeil’s job.

    Just read Tracy’s output to figure it out what his angle is. He’s white too, but a different kind of white, thus he doesn’t get canceled by the Times, despite his open support for racial apartheid and racist ethnocentrism:




    When they need a white face to throw overboard to appease the howling mob, it will always be someone racialized as “white but not Jewish.”

    This isn’t “4-D Chess” or some complicated scheme. It’s pretty obvious – it takes a lot of concentration to ignore it. Marc Tracy is just being proactive – the question is, why wasn’t McNeil?

  4. Ha ha ha, fuck him. He wallowed in the pit with those snakes for years and they finally bit him. Good, he deserved it, and much worse, too.

    • I love it when the shitlibs start turning against their own kind. Look at what happened to Charlie Rose and Tavis Smiley. For years they were the biggest personalities on PBS but now they’re gone as if they never even existed. The same goes for Chris Matthews, formerly of MSNBC. So much for the myth that lefties always support each other no matter what!

      • I love it too. These White Anti-White liberals are finding out that they’re nothing more than expendable useful idiots. BTW, I’ll bet Dr. Seuss had no idea he was a “racist”.

        • Theodore Geisel published a lot wartime propaganda cartoons that depicted the Japs, Wops and Krauts in an unflattering way. And this is how ZOG repays him.

  5. The guy, McNeil has a degree in rhetoric and the best he could come up with is, “I am not a racist”. He deserves to be out on the street. Why can’t defend yourself with your God given ability to reason, Donald?

    • You’d think a guy who writes for the Times would be a lot more eloquent. I think they just want to get rid of him because he’s “deadwood”.

      • He was a very active pain in the ass in the news writers’ union/guild that these worms all belong to and the Jews That Be had reached their limit with him and his rabble rousing.

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