SPLC: Alex Jones Was Sick Of Donald Trump In 2019

Can you blame Alex Jones?

This was in January 2019 after Infowars had been wiped off social media and before these people set themselves on fire for Trump in the Capitol Siege fiasco.


“It’s the truth and I’m just going to say it. That I wish I never would have fucking met Trump,” Jones said on camera in January 2019, while shooting a documentary in Austin, Texas. “I wish it never would have happened. And it’s not the attacks I’ve been through. I’m so sick of fucking Donald Trump, man. God, I’m fucking sick of him. And I’m not doing this because, like, I’m kissing his fucking ass, you know. It’s, like, I’m sick of it.” …

The Washington Post reported on Feb. 20 that the Department of Justice and the FBI had opened a probe to determine the degree to which Jones and Stop the Steal leaders Roger Stone and Ali Alexander may have influenced the insurrection attempt on the Capitol building on Jan. 6. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier in February that Jones donated $50,000 to a Jan. 6-related event in exchange for access to a headlining speaking slot to address Trump’s fans.”

Privately, many of these people shared my dim view of the Trump presidency. They were unwilling to publicly admit it though because their own audience was on the Trump Train. It was in their financial self interest to trust the plan, go with the flow and hand out the counterfeit white pills.

Even if you hate my opinion on this website, you are at least getting my real opinion. I’m not an entertainer or performance artist. There is no artifice to anything I say here. It would have been much easier for me to say we were winning or that Trump had an amazing plan like Vox Day did for four years. Instead, the incompetence and lack of a plan was evident from the moment that Trump won the 2016 election.

Note: PJW’s ex-boyfriend who used to work for Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media leaked the video.

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  1. Just look up, on Wikipedia, how Alex Jones got his start, then follow his career and the various things he’s been involved in, then look up his relationship with Stratfor, the “private intelligence agency” in Texas that has a really special fondness for a certain non-Christian, non-Muslim state 5,000 miles away in the Middle East.

    It ain’t rocket science. In fact, send me money for overpriced dick pills, because I have the REAL conspiracy that Alex Jones won’t tell you about!


    Both Alex Jones and Donald Trump are wrestling personalities. Alex Jones appearance with Joe Rogan “broke the fourth wall” like modern pro wrestling does, to make it “post-modern” and “ironic” – you know, hipster.

    People who listen to Alex Jones “know” that it is “fake” just like people who watch pro-wrestling “know” it’s “staged.”

    The mass media, NYT, WP, etc., also know that people who listen to Alex Jones “know” that it is “fake” – but the NYT and the WP like to scare their audience into believing that millions of people out there believe awful “conspiracy theories” thus they should be able to censor everybody.

  2. The Irish and the queers, all you have to do is look. They are the only ones the Jews will trust.

    Caolán is an Irish name, from the Irish ‘caol’ meaning ‘slender’, ‘narrow’ or ‘fine’ and is pronounced ‘kay-lawn’, ‘kee-lin’ or ‘quail-on’, depending on the dialect.

      • @ATBOTL

        And notice how November steps in to start the “infighting” every single time KW/TW/OD posts.

        They are working together. KW/TW/OD starts attacking Catholics, November starts attacking Protestants – like anyone in real life actually has these arguments. I assume they are both Jews.

    • Bobby Brown,

      That’s so demonstrative false.

      Were Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, Bushes senior and junior, or Trump Irish??? No, they were not, and they deep throated zionist jew cock like a protestant with a Scofield Bible.

  3. Jonestein is controlled opposition and never mentions the the real culprits. It’s always the Chicoms and the “Nazis?

  4. I would have a headache if I was such a loudmouth ax he is. I generally can’t stand listning to him. Makes my head hurt.

  5. Jones is another Performance Artist – just like Trump – they’re just in it for the money and the ego..

  6. I like Bulldog Jones as infotainment, sort of like how libs like Jon Stewart on the Daily Show (oh they have a token nevro now tho.)

    Plus some of the stuff that Joel Skousen comes up with is interesting. He is into the Mormon worldview and most of my relatives are Mormon. I am one of the last traditional Prints since the Boomers started dying in my family.

    Anyhow it will be interesting to see how Jones tries to get out of this jam. He lost a lot of support after he claimed to have a psychosis at that big trial so not sure if he can withstand another hit.


  7. Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Donald Trump….anyone who’s stupid enough to still support those sleazy characters (Greg Hood, for example) deserves to get fleeced.

  8. The media on the right must be running interference (QAnon, Alex Jones) for the establishment… Each election cycle all they promote is celebrities, NeoCons, “fake heroes” with extensive military careers, and lots of pacifist Zio-Christians.

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