Poll: Cancel Culture

Ryan Girdusky flagged these numbers from the most recent Harris poll on Twitter. Neoliberal Joe appears to be vulnerable on cancel culture and censorship.

How concerned are you about the censorship of free speech on social media platforms today?

65% Very/Somewhat Concerned

35% Not At All/Somewhat Not Concerned

Do you think there is a growing cancel culture that is a threat to our freedom or not?

64% A threat

36% Not a threat

Should Facebook ban Donald Trump permanently or not?

51% Not Ban

49% Ban

Do you support or oppose Twitter banning Donald Trump indefinitely?

54% Support

46% Oppose

Do you think the firing of individuals by employers over their online or other content or statements is largely justified or has it gone too far?

53% Gone too far

47% Largely justified

Amazon recently pulled off its store a book challenging some of the assumptions of the transgender movement. Do you think Amazon should be taking such books out of its online store or should be allowing the book to be sold on its platform?

61% Amazon should allow such books

39% Amazon should take such books out

Do you think Amazon should be able to ban the selling of books and movies on its platform based on their political viewpoint or should they not be allowed to ban the selling of books based on their political perspective?

60% Amazon should not be able to ban any books

40% Amazon should be able to ban some books

Are you concerned that if you were to express your true viewpoints on Twitter that you might be banned or fired from your job?

61% Not Concerned

39% I might be banned or fired from my job

Do you believe internet and social media platforms should be policing the actions and statements of their users according to their own set of rules or do we need to have legislation in place that determines how, when, where and what these companies can do?

57% We need to have legislation in place that determines how, when, where and what these companies can police their platform

43% Should police the statements of their users according to their own set of rules

Are social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook biased in favor or against Republicans or are they largely unbiased?

45% Biased against

17% Biased in favor

39% Unbiased

Note: A recent Gallup poll also found a huge shift in Republican attitudes toward Big Tech over a year ago.

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  1. Cancel culture started once they rolled out the civil rights/immigration acts. Now it just at warp speed.

    • No it didn’t. It’s always been there. It’s just that a different faction now holds power.

      If you didn’t believe in god or had antiracist/black nationalist views in the past, you’d get canceled. If you were gay, you were canceled.

      This conservative myth that there was never cancel culture needs to die. Cancel culture always existed. Every society had it, no matter the liberal veneer. This is the difference between lower t totalitarianism and capital T Totalitarianism. One is just more honest than the other. Liberalism just convinces itself and its adherents it isn’t totalitarian.

      All groups consolidate power over time and seek to control institutions and punish dissidents. All ideologies grow over time over a trajectory, as ideologues formulate and add to the ideology over time, they embed themselves in positions of power, and their ideas steep ideas further into institutions, laws, social norms, culture, media, etc (and become all encompassing). It becomes more radical over time because ideologies don’t stay stagnant. They evolve. They have trajectories.

      Those who don’t, always get ruled by those who have the desire and will to move society in a particular direction and seek to gain the power of the State and institutions. All societies both currently and in the past had limitations that will lead to some form of ostracism for the individuals that live within them. That is what cancel culture is. It is excommunication, ostracism, becoming a pariah of the group. I can guarantee you this started before the civil rights movement. It just that in the civil rights movement in its conception, was far tamer, because its adherents were not in power and had to place nice to the group that was in power. But as the civil rights movement grew, established itself in the minds of the population and institutions, so did what gets people canceled or praised by the society.

      All societies have taboos that lead to some form of social and financial ramifications.

      • Now sometimes if an ideology/movement/ideologies who govern institutions become too tyrannical, etc, it can generate resentment which can lead to backlash politics. The Right Wing represents this resentment and backlash politics. But backlash (as Hunter agreed with me), doesn’t always lead to anywhere or anywhere meaningful. It can be a release valve for people to feel like they’re fighting and taking a stand but things continue, it can be harnessed by sharper tongues into a completely different direction by people who either don’t understand or have ulterior motives. Sometimes it can lead to a counter cultural revolution or something more (what was the civil rights movement to begin with). That is what this measures. This just measures the resentment and reactionary backlash sentiment of other people who live under the totalitarian system ruled by a specific group/ ideology-this resentment can, and often grows, as the ideologues consolidate more power and their ideology is progressing on its trajectory (becoming harder and harsher on those who don’t comply, redefining what are the new boundaries that people must adhere too and the reasoning behind it, etc). I take shit like this with a grain of salt.

        • Nah this is society tearing itself apart because blacks are stupid, gays are a dead end and Jews seek to exploit the gaps in the ranks of normal well meaning nice people.

          There are very good reasons for suppressing various behaviours and populations. And there are very bad reasons for the same.

          Blacks are dumb, gays are perverse and Jews are sinister.

    • Exactly. This is just the logical progression of the so-called “Civil Rights” movement always needing more enemies to devour to blame for the failure of minorities to assimilate and progress under the so-called “Civil Rights” movement. The 1960’s so-called “Civil Rights” legislation was also the logical progression of the policies of FDR’s “New Deal”. Until the U.S. was involved in WWII FDR’s government couldn’t implement the racial policies that became law in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

      Under the guise of wartime emergency the U.S. Government started to desegregate the armed forces which later became official policy in 1948. In 1943, in the middle of WWII there were race riots in Detroit because the Federal Government moved blacks into all White housing projects, overriding state law. Detroit was probably the single most important center of wartime production in the U.S. yet the Federal Government was willing to risk disrupting critical wartime production for unrelated ideological reasons.

      There were similar race riots in other cities during WWII caused by Federal policies that later became law in the 1950’s and 1960’s. All of these actions were directed against the %90 White majority responsible for fighting and winning the war and producing the materiel that won the war, much of it extremely high-tech for the 1940’s. The Government has now thoroughly implemented its so-called “Civil Rights” agenda with predictably disastrous results.

      If the military is called upon to fight a peer adversary such as China the outcome is very much in doubt because China isn’t hobbled by racial delusions made into military policy. The Federal Government will demand that Whites submit to military conscription after a military disaster without admitting their anti-White diversity policies led to disaster. That is the time for Whites to express their belief in diversity and equality and tell the Government to win its wars with their globo-homo military, apparently the best people in the country.

    • The end of the US. These things are just used to destroy our culture and civilization. It’s made slaves of most whites.

  2. I can’t believe that many people really support the censorship, but then it’s just a poll, with multiple choice answers and you generally know which answer you’re supposed to choose…

    Is there not anything good? We may live in the belly of the Babylon beast, but we look forward to better things, a better country, regardless of what happens in the short run, or long run, “for we know all things work together for good to them that love God and are the called according to his purpose.” The days may be dark but we look forward. Now this is real music (in my blood): Old English folk song:

  3. This is encouraging. Ideally, these big tech companies should be divided up and scattered to the winds. Short of that, we need legislation to require them to honor free speech on these essentially monopoly platforms.

  4. I can’t stand cancel culture. A good portion of the quality men and women of our race are now petrified and afraid to talk to anyone who isn’t White for fear of getting called “racist.” Then these same non-Whites wonder why we self segregate. The BLM, Antifa, and anarchist thugs wonder why we don’t like them as well. Their lack of self-awareness is astounding.

    No matter what you say to these other races or these Communists, you will always be called a “racist.” The new definition of a “White Supremacist” is anyone who isn’t ashamed to be White and wants to preserve our heritage.

    I remember I once got “cancelled” for posting a photo of a Confederate flag in a museum and highlighting how proud I was of my Southern roots. It is very sad to see these mostly White liberals going along with it and committing suicide for their entire race.

  5. Believing “the polls” is playing by the enemy’s rules. If America’s propaganda system changed tomorrow, what would these polls say in a week? When the polls are gradually changed to ostensibly show the public supporting all the things it opposed not too long ago, the people who believed the polls now are going to still believe them.

    The elites are gaslighting the public, and “the polls” have long been a tool to carry out psychological warfare. They are generally fraudulent. And even when they are conducted in so-called “good faith” (doesn’t exist among the left-leaning people in this society), on so many questions there is no doubt they are unreliable gauges of what people really think.

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