Poll: Biden vs. Trump Voters Issue Priorities

Neoliberal Joe is now president.

As a result of his rash open borders executive orders, he is facing a swelling migrant crisis on the Mexican border which Trump zeroed in on during his speech at CPAC. Hispanic Democrats in Texas have repeatedly warned Joe that his reckless immigration policies are unpopular in their districts and could cost Democrats control of the House in 2022. It is like the clock has been reset to 2014 only now the political landscape on immigration in the wake of Trump is very different.

In the distant past which was Barack Obama’s second term, MAGA voters were weakly attached Democrats or Independents who had voted against Mitt Romney in the 2012 election. Barack Obama made a big effort to push comprehensive immigration reform through Congress. The Gang of Eight succeeded in pushing the Rubio amnesty through the Senate on a 68 to 32 vote. Then we had the big migrant crisis in 2014. Then Donald Trump announced he was running for president in June 2015. Then the MAGA voters broke away like an iceberg from the Democrats and crashed into the GOP. Then we had the Trump presidency and the big resorting of the electorate which hasn’t stopped yet.

In that Echelon Insights poll, we saw that Trump voters ranked illegal immigration as their most important issue, which is not surprising in light of the explosion of racial consciousness:

In the most recent Harris poll, we saw that Republicans focusing on tech censorship and cancel culture was striking a nerve with the public. We’ve previously seen that Joe’s executive order which raised the refugee cap was underwater. The Harris poll also found that Joe’s executive orders on “reducing deportations for illegal aliens who have committed a crime” and “reducing immigration enforcement” were also unpopular and underwater. Democrats aren’t really interested in immigration right now while Republicans appear to be more interested in immigration than ever before.

Look at this.


In another new poll, Trump voters ranked having secure national borders as their second highest priority and severely restricting immigration as their third highest priority. In contrast, they rank openness to immigration at the absolute bottom of their list of priorities (52 out of 55).

Biden voters are clearly not motivated by immigration. They rank being open to immigration as their 27th highest priority, secure national borders as their 31st highest priority and restricting immigration as their 46th highest priority. Clearly, the Republican side is extremely motivated by immigration and the Democratic side is not. It will be interesting to see what happens when the Biden amnesties clear the House and arrive in the Senate. Republican senators are on a hot seat like never before.

What are Trump voters and Biden voters thinking right now? Lets take a look at the full report which includes a side by side comparison of their issue priorities.


Here is how Trump voters responded in ranked order:

  1. People have individual rights (e.g. free speech, peaceful assembly, to keep and bear arms, freedom of religion)
  2. Has secure national borders
  3. Severely restricts immigration
  4. People have high quality health care
  5. Public leaders are held accountable for their actions
  6. Neighborhoods and communities are safe
  7. People are able to go as far in life as their abilities and aspirations take them
  8. Has a strong economy
  9. Has a criminal justice system that operates without bias
  10. People are treated equally – regardless of background – in all aspects of society
  11. The middle class is thriving
  12. People have jobs they enjoy
  13. Has modern infrastructure across the country (TIE)
  14. People have secure retirement (TIE)
  15. Successfully address climate change
  16. Everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed
  17. People are guaranteed due process of law
  18. People treat one another with respect
  19. Can’t find
  20. Is a free and fair democracy
  21. Ensures national security from foreign and domestic threats
  22. People actively participate in the democratic process
  23. Is energy independent
  24. Has a free market economy
  25. Fosters innovations and entrepreneurship
  26. People receive a high quality education
  27. Has high levels of economic mobility
  28. People have control over how their personal information is used
  29. People who work earn at least a living wage
  30. People are paid according to the unique value they create
  31. People are diverse in their backgrounds and beliefs
  32. People are treated with human dignity
  33. Has state of the art scientific capabilities
  34. Government has a balanced budget
  35. People generally trust one another
  36. Government spending is aligned with the public’s priorities
  37. The press operates freely and independently
  38. Advances national interests primarily through diplomacy (TIE)
  39. Is the wealthiest country in the world (TIE)
  40. Public leaders look like the communities they represent
  41. Is the leader of the free world
  42. Important decisions and made primarily by state and local governments
  43. People have their basic needs met
  44. Is the most powerful country in the world
  45. Is a fair society
  46. Engages in free trade with other countries (TIE)
  47. There is national unity (TIE)
  48. There is widespread tolerance in society
  49. People are part of close knit communities
  50. Is the most admired country in the world
  51. Has very little economic inequality
  52. Is open to immigration
  53. Enforces international laws around the globe
  54. Government directs a significant portion of the economy
  55. Important decisions made for communities are primarily made by the federal government

What is the absolute most vital thing to Trump voters? It is having their rights respected, immigration enforcement along with having affordable health care, law and order and the economy.

What is not important to Trump voters? It is openness to immigration, free trade, national unity, policing the world, having very little economic inequality, having widespread social tolerance.

What is the absolute most vital thing to Biden voters? It is climate change, the environment and having high quality health care along with having their rights respected.

What is not important to Biden voters? Surprisingly, many of the same things as Trump voters like policing the world, government directing a significant share of the economy, being the leader of the free world and highly respected around the world. The threat of “socialism” is inflated.

How would the country as a whole rank these issues? What is the Center?

Some key findings:

There are a few key issues which are intensely polarizing which disguises widespread agreement on other issues. Immigration is the lightning rod. Health care is where there is the most common ground.

If Biden voters would respect the rights of Trump voters, restrict immigration and lay off on political correctness, it would depolarize our politics. Neoliberal Joe’s team is going to push open borders though because they know that is what riles up Republicans and causes gridlock.

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  1. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    was the start of the OPEN RACE WAR against the Historic Native Born White American Majority


    The Kennedy Family….including JFK

    Jacob Javitts

    TH ADL…..


    • And if you are really dense in the head, what I wrote above means exacty the following with 0 equivocation:


      The Civil War wasn’t worth it

      WW2 was not worth it

      And keep this in mind:

      If you vote for Trump on Nov 3 2024….you are voting for this:

      POTUS DONALD TRUMP:”Oh boy…I have created so many jobs in the STEM FIELD and CONSTRUCTION….I have to import LEGALLY millions of China’s and India”s youth population because there is a labor scarcity”….Trump already said this at least twice last year on National TV…….Trump will have you race-replaced with Asia’s Youth Population……..

      Do you know what a LABOR SCARCITY means?….Answer:A VERY HIGH WAGE ECONOMY FOR NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS MALES……And this is the reason why Donald Trump opposes a LABOR SCARCITY…

      Severe Labor Scarcity=a very high real wage for White Working Class Males…..Who the hell would be opposed to this?

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