Is Biden Losing the Immigration Debate?

Immigration is a virtue signaling issue for Democrats.

Trump voters are strongly motivated by immigration and rank “have secure national borders” and “severely restrict immigration” in their top three priorities. In contrast, Biden voters rank openness to immigration as their 27th highest priority. The energy is entirely on the Trump side.

National Review:

“Earlier this month, Politico ran a story about a growing number of congressional Democrats who are worried that their party’s expansive approach to immigration may be unpopular with voters. Recent trends in polling data suggest that those Democrats are right to be concerned.

Rasmussen Reports has asked the same ten immigration questions every week since the middle of December 2019. The answers had been generally stable until late last year, when they began to shift markedly toward favoring more border enforcement, opposition to amnesty, and less legal immigration. It seems that Joe Biden’s election, and the rhetoric and policies of his administration, are alienating a significant share of voters. It is also possible that a larger share of centrist voters no longer see the issue as inextricably connected to Donald Trump and his polarizing style. Whatever the reason, if Rasmussen is right, public sentiment is moving away from Biden and his party on immigration. …

This huge decline in support for the DREAM Act is perhaps the most difficult to explain because it is hard to find any stories in the mainstream media that mention the cost of the bill, even though CBO estimated the net fiscal impact in 2017 and again 2019 and both times found it would create a large net fiscal drain. Moreover, virtually every story on the “Dreamer” population portrays them in a very sympathetic light. Yet the public has become dramatically less inclined to give them legal status, perhaps because they increasingly sense that the Dreamers are being used as props to secure a much larger amnesty that covers all illegal immigrants. …”

We’re in the post-Trump era now.

In the post-Trump era, 64% of Trump voters say that they value their racial identity with over 40% saying it is very or extremely important. 87% of Trump voters are concerned about anti-White discrimination. There has been a 45 point swing among Republican voters against Big Tech and a 27 point negative swing in satisfaction among Republican voters over “the size and influence of major corporations.” Immigration is also now at the top of the list of concerns.

The Joe effect is also showing up in the Rasmussen poll which tracks immigration attitudes:

Before the 2020 election, there was one school of thought that held that Trump losing narrowly was the best possible outcome and that having Neoliberal Joe as president would be good for us. The Democrats were using extreme methods to defeat Trump which could only radicalize his supporters. Joe supports open borders and wokeness and having him in the White House without the legislative power to do much of anything would do more to shift public opinion in a nationalist and populist direction than renewing the Trump presidency. There was an opposing school of thought which strongly disagreed.

We will see what happens. It is still too early to say.

Note: No one cares about promoting democracy around the world.

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  1. Cesar Chavez was against illegal immigration. That bust of Chavez behind Biden’s desk is not winning him any Hispanic voters.


      that’s how the headlines would read, if Biden were given the same media skew as Trump.

      (Why is there a gaping car sized hole in the border fence ?)

  2. Flush your JFK pinup boy poster down the toilet bowl……….JFK would have enthusiastically supported the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act….

    • I often wonder how Kennedy would have handled the Vietnam War and the so-called Civil Rights movement. If Kennedy had lived to serve two full terms in office would there have been any hippies? Any Black Power? Would the “space race” with the Soviets have turned out any different? Or the Cold War? Would RFK have become the next president in ’68?

      • JFK Vietnam War=Nixon’s approach=massive napalming and bombing of Vietnam=turn Vietnam into a basket case as fast as possible.Why in God’s name would you ever be in favor of this?

        JFK Civil Rights Policy=send in the 101 Airborne with bayonets to force Negro Men on White Teenage Girls…This actually happened…..saw the historical film footage many times on the History Channel

        Spahnranch1970:Are you really this ignorant and stupid?

  3. The funniest outcome would be if blacks and latinos move towards immigration restriction. It’s always funny when blacks end up on the opposite side of an issue from White libtards, so you can watch the libtards reveal their condescending White savior attitude and start treating the blacks like retarded children.

  4. The only way to stop Global Warming is by ending ALL immigration now. The more people immigrating to Europe and North America, the faster the polar ice caps melt and very adorable polar bears starve to death.

    I don’t understand how heartless these immigrants are – cruel, evil people that hate the noble polar bear and want to destroy the earth with their climate change.

    Stop Immigration Now!

    • “Climate Change” is not geographical. I’m pretty sure co2 release affect the entire planet regardless on what part of the map you’re in. I mean, someone living in San Diego or Tijuana, and Seattle or Vancouver, won’t make a single change. Also 70% of Co2 release come factories, not people.

      • More people = more factory production. What do you think happens to the carbon footprint of a person moving from a third world nation to a nation with a carbon footprint 3-5 times larger?

      • @Mayo-Cide

        They come to America and start driving cars and using more CO2 – which means more factories increasing CO2.

        Best solution is for them to stay in their own countries and stop trying to destroy the earth.

        By the way, why are you for the genocide of Palestinian people?

        • @BannedHipster and @skeptic16 And aren’t cars manufactured and exported elsewhere too? Or do they only exist in developed nations like America? Last time I checked, even poor countries like D.R. Congo have cars too, and Africa’s population is growing at a faster rate than in the West. So your argument is doesn’t hold.

          And BannedHipster, no I’m not a “Jooooooo” and don’t support any apartheid laws. You find many on the left who criticize Israel’s apartheid laws, many on the white-right seemingly hate Israel because they’re ‘jealous’ they could enact those laws while they can’t

          • > “Jooooooo”

            The only people who say “Jooooooo” are Jews. It’s hilariously telling. No one on “the left” does anything about Israeli apartheid because their Jew bosses won’t let them.

            As we can see, you simply hate people who you racialize as “white but not Jewish.”

            You’d never use a handle like “Matzo-cide” because you love and fear Jews and know that people you racialize as “white but not Jewish” are fair game for your hate.

            Stop the hate, hater!

  5. I think the point that centrist voters no longer see the issue as connected to Donald Trump is correct

  6. Where the outrage from the (((media))) that Biden is releasing “covid” infected beaners in Texas and other states.

  7. With such a weak and un-charismatic liberal “president’ in office maybe the MAGA movement will turn into something more aggressive and perhaps even militant?

  8. Rasmussen is a right-leaning poll, they’re the only polling company that gave Trump more generous polling as a whole. Something like 70% of Americans support “amnesty”. The people more inherently against immigration because “muh white genocide” tend to be older white guys who remember America during Jim Crow. Youngers whites outside of 4chan don’t even care. It’s a old losing cause in wanting to ‘close down the borders’ since everyone knows that’s never going to happen.

    • Well Mayo-Cide we know your stinking,filthy homeland Israel has the most restrictionist immigration on Earth.In other words only the people with noses like sixes can enter.Segregation was excellent and merely protected Whites,their families and what they built.Of course you hasbara noses know and practice this.And lastly anyone who uses”muh”is a huge faggot,very sickening.You should stop that if you can.Say hi to all the other noses in your unit.

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