Feds Raid Gypsy Crusader

I’ve heard of this guy.

I’m not really familiar with his work though. All I know is that he is a performance artist and gig worker whose act is playing a racist clown on Omegle which is the same app that Catboy Kami uses. From what I remember, the last thing that I heard about him was that he had gotten into a feud with some of his followers who were trolling him for being non-White. He reminded me of Chris Cantwell.

Yahoo News:

“The FBI arrested a notorious white supremacist livestreamer in an early morning raid in Florida on Tuesday.

FBI agents, working with Fort Lauderdale police and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, arrested Paul N. Miller, 32, on one charge of being a “convicted felon in possession of a firearm.” The FBI said in a press release that Miller was arrested without incident. …

Miller, who goes by the name “Gypsy Crusader” online, has amassed more than 40,000 followers on Telegram, a messaging app and social media network popular with far-right extremists. Many of Miller’s videos feature him dressing up as characters like the Joker or Nintendo’s Mario, then hurling racial abuse at strangers, including children, through the randomized chat app Omegle. Miller can be seen holding a gun in some of his videos.

A grand jury indicted Miller on the firearms charge on Feb. 25, according to court records unsealed Tuesday. Miller is charged with illegally possessing a gun on Jan. 17, 2018. The indictment doesn’t describe the 2018 incident in which Miller allegedly had the firearm. …”

The feds have arrested him on a gun charge. The ADL is celebrating it. Some people are saying that he waves a gun around in his videos, but I never paid any attention to him so I have no idea what may have caused this. Did he ever do anything beyond being a jackass to people on the internet? What did he do to have the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force come after him?

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  1. Miller made no attempt to hide his identity or his anger at a system that is openly hostile to white Americans. He thought it was better to go online and make fun of the jews and blacks than to resort to violence against them. But ZOG won’t even permit that, so now the situation is going to escalate.

  2. This is like arresting Stephen King for his novels. These people are playing characters on social media. Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the Rappers were defended by the mass media for not being “real gangsters” but playing characters in “fictional” scenarios on their records and videos.

    Why are these social media people any different?

    Oh, right – they are white and Jews hate them.

    We really need a Separation of Synagogue and State in this country.

  3. @ i have this suspicion, thee” gypsy crusader”, was arrested and taken into custody , so he could assist madam president harris with her wardrobe and her makeup, the public charges.against him.are fake, that walking, talking horror show, known as madam president harris, has reached a crisis level. If she is going to represent , this current admimistration, they have to do something about her quick.

  4. So he’s unironically saying that the ADL got this guy arrested. “worked with”…. Sheeeiiiittt.

  5. O.M.G. Hopefully this will spell the end of the “gypsy grifter”. I first noticed his act on jew-tube, then on Bitwave and though he was somewhat amusing at first, seeing an adult in disguise pranking stupid teenagers on Omegle got old. Real fast. What’s really disgusting about this creep was his peddling fashy uniform velcro patches to his audience. He copied the fashy/edgy humor made popular by the TRS clowns, adding his own special grift; peddling patches at $15 a pop. My sympathies to anyone who bought one, cuz’ the Feds got your dox now.

  6. So he is a felon and was waving a gun around on internet video. Hard to believe. Reserve judgment. Some kind of toy gun probably.

    Most likely he talked to the commies when they arrested him. Never talk to the KGB or the other Organs of Communism.

    • Especially, since anything that they you say will be used against you.

      The feds are not your friends.

    • How would anyone be able to discern between a fake gun and a real gun in a video?

  7. It’s illegal to own firearms as a felon OR as a user of controlled substances, even if those substances are decriminalized in your jurisdiction.

    If people with unpopular political views draw attention to themselves, the authorities absolutely will go on a fishing expedition and try to find stuff like that.

    They have arrested a lot of far right people on that kind of charge over the last few years. It may seem “fake” or “technical” but it carries real and serious legal consequences.

  8. The arrest of this guy whoever he is didn’t get the support the ADL was hoping for. They’re being blasted on their twitter page.

    • I watched almost all of Miller’s streams on Bitchute and he was really starting to build a fan base among teenaged “zoomers”. He even had a large number of black fans who didn’t mind at all that he called them niggers! Naturally ZOG couldn’t allow any “racist” to wield that kind of influence over young people.

  9. He seems like a modern version of the telephone prank callers of the nineteen seventies and eighties who released vinyl LP albums of their joke conversations with people. That coupled with a raucously vulgar stand-up comedian e.g Andrew Dice Clay.

    No more crude non-pc humor with the woke in charge.

    • @Watcher,

      Andrew Dice Clay is a member in good standing with the small hat and hooked nose tribe. The rules don’t apply.

      • “Dice” did get into a lot of trouble back in the day for his “sexist” humor. I don’t think his career ever fully recovered from that controversy.

  10. If Trump were still officially President would he get this guy off on the federal gun charge like he did the rapper?

  11. If he did indeed flash a gun as a convicted felon, it was an idiotic move, but don’t pile on with condemnations in hopes of establishing respectability distance in the eyes of normie sheep: if you’re anti-kike, you will never be (((respectable))).

    Overly worrying about opticth ith for fagth.

      • It seems unlikely that federal prosecutors would charge him with illegal possession of a firearm if they haven’t got a real firearm which was found in his possession e.g. in his apartments, automobile, on his person or someplace (such as a locker at a gym held in his name). Would the feds take this guy to court simply for a defense firearms expert to take the stand and state that the firearm is a toy, case dismissed? They’d be a laughed out of court..

        However, threatening people menacingly with a toy gun is treated as real intimidation with a firearm isn’t it?

  12. @ opening stage, reconstruction 2.0, this time it will be more than just the white south catchilng hell.

      • @ november, let’s make a deal , just to get this whole nasty business over with, we will pay half, since you blue birds, brought them over here, you people can pay thee other half, fair is fair.

        • My people and ancestors didn’t bring any of the West Africans here, so I will have to decline that offer.

          Chattel slavery in America was a coalition of jewish and Southern WASPs. I am neither.

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