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  1. Biden is like so many in washington, and the blue cities. He knows nothing about life in places like Texas. I grew up near Tombstone Arizona, not far from the border, in an area that was, and still is mostly wilderness. To biden, and all he and his ilk, people that live there could be on the moon, for all he knows and cares. To paraphrase Yosemite Sam, “politicians is so stupid”

  2. Biden does what his jew advisors say just as Trump did what his jew advisors said. “Never again” means Whites countries will never have have a majority of White again.

  3. I had a Boomer me the other day how the Republican party was thriving as “blacks and Latinos leave the democrap plantation” as he spent atleast an hour on why the policies are better for minorities. I only feel pity now because there is no point in anger

    • If he is not one of the minorities why would he care about them? They don’t care about him, the minorities only care about themselves and gibs, that’s all. At least the minorities are logical in that respect unlike the typical Republican supporter who is more concerned with minorities who hate him than with his own race’s survival.

      The Republican Party needs to just go away, it cannot be reformed.

    • You listened to that for an hour? Why? Unless it was a family member, tell these people how foolish they are.

      • That’s nonsense. Everywhere so called “Hispanics” (they are mestizos, Mayans Aztecs) end up becomes blue. You are trying to defend your endorsement of Biden and it’s not working.

        Fact is the illegal and legal immigration that will occur over the next four years will tip the scales preventing anyone even close to sensible American values from being elected to the White House.

        There is no more time. It won’t take many more of them to permanently turn key states blue.

        • 1.) I never endorsed Joe Biden. I didn’t vote in the election and monitored the situation.

          2.) I hadn’t anticipated that Hispanics would shift so hard toward Trump but it is clear now it was a real thing that happened in Florida and Texas and all across the country including in California.

          3.) Hispanics aren’t voting on the basis of immigration.

          4.) There are no permanent majorities. The country is more closely divided now that has been throughout much of its history. Democrats dominated the country from the New Deal until the 1990s and now only have a razor thin majority.

          • I don’t understand why anyone cares about Texas turning Blue. So what? Just register as a Democrat and vote in the primaries. Frankly the faster the Republican party goes away, the better, because it’s really just a way to split the vote.

            I want Joe Biden to declare the Republican party an illegal terrorist organization so we just have the one party – the Democratic party, founded by Andrew Jackson.

          • You sound like Rush Limbaugh. All we gotta do is instill Constitutional values in all those brown people and they can be the greatest Americans ever!

          • Do you remember me saying all of these Hispanics can and would vote for Trump in 2020? Because I don’t. I just watched the election and analyzed the aftermath. It is true though that BLM repulsed them.

    • Does The Blaze still exist? I’m certainly not giving it any views.

      More countries won’t be better if under the same system (the one Blaze represents) just Balkanizing, a divide and rule.

  4. But the comfortably-positioned Democrat “Latinx” doesn’t mention “How the US Created Violent Chaos in Honduras (…) The US-backed coup in Honduras ten years ago spawned a maelstrom of violence that terrorized ordinary Hondurans and FORCED CARAVANS OF MIGRANTS TO FLEE THE COUNTRY. It was just another instance of US imperialism wreaking havoc on the world”:


    We can’t have the cake (our own country) and eat other countries too.

  5. MEXICO is in the crosshairs of the Empire’s regime change rifle now. I’ve been watching this for some time. “(T)he only good nationalist, or populist, or leftist, or whatever you want to call him, is if not literally a dead one, then at least a politically neutralized or deposed one (…) old fashioned assassinations are technically off the table, but targeting with cancerogenous substances is OK if it leads to the desired lethal outcome, and in extremis even an old-fashioned coup as in Honduras can be rebranded as a democracy-enhancing procedure. There is now mounting evidence that a regime change light campaign is being mounted in Mexico, with all the usual external and internal suspects in the lead. AMLO has tried earnestly not to cross most of the red lines set by the irritable demi-gods to his north and to give just the barest minimum of offense. But inevitably, in trying to balance the needs and expectations of his people against incessant hegemonic demands, AMLO has made a few slip-ups….” https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2021/03/04/lopez-obrador-greasing-skids-for-mexico-naughty-president/

    The drug gangs are capitalist, and they serve a purpose so they’re okay. But we don’t want Mexicans and other “Latinx” people tp even think of the alternative.

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