The $11 Minimum Wage Is Still Needed

The $15 federal minimum wage died on the Senate floor last night.

Personally, I always had mixed feelings about it. I supported the idea of raising the federal minimum wage, but I wasn’t sold on $15 being the right amount for every state in the country. The cost of living is far higher in Hub Cities like New York City or Los Angeles than it is here in rural Alabama or West Virginia. The right amount for the entire country at large can’t be the right amount for service workers in a few affluent coastal cities where it is far more expensive to live than anywhere else in America.

The minimum wage in Arkansas has been raised to $11 an hour. Joe Manchin supports raising the federal minimum wage to $11 an hour. If this is good enough for Arkansas and West Virginia, it is good enough for all rural states. Raising the minimum wage to $11 an hour would have the greatest impact on workers in Red States. The minimum wage is already higher than $11 an hour in most Blue States. Instead of nationalizing the issue and running into this obvious roadblock, it would make more sense for a handful of wealthy states to raise their minimum wage to $15 like Florida did in the 2020 election. What makes no sense at all is doing nothing and keeping the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

Why aren’t the Democrats putting the Republicans on the spot? They could have put a bill for an $11 minimum wage and $2,000 stimulus checks on the floor of the Senate. It would have been interesting to watch them squirm and explain to their voters why they couldn’t support it.

Note: Jimmy Dore is right about the Top 10%.

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  1. Why not stop at $11 an hour? Why not $30 an hour. The niggers at burger king and MacDonald’s that screw up your orders deserve $3 and hour.

    • @John

      Are you admitting that you eat food served by blacks at McDonald’s and Burger King?

      You are paying these blacks to prepare your food and complain that you may get charged more?

      If they are forced to pay more money, perhaps they will be able to hire white employees. Is that what you object to?

      You want cheap colored labor to keep your fast food cheap. But that is ok because you will call them “niggers” so you’re still pro-white.


      • 1st hippy, I never said I eat at McDonald. I know people that do and that’s all they complain about is the orders being screwed up. Second, working at a fast food restaurant is not supposed to be a career. It’s for kids that are going to school to make extra money. Maybe you want to pay little girls that sell lemon-aid on the corner $15 too. Retards like you is why everything is so expensive these days.

    • If more people ate at a family table instead of preferring to “go out to eat” – as the Bible says, “Have ye not homes to eat and drink in?” – Burger King, McDonalds, and other for-profit restaurants would not exist. The capitalist food industry is wasteful and unnatural.

    • Jesus Christ dude, get a hobby you shithead racist. You’re just as dumb as the dumbest antiracists who worship minorities upon pedestals.

      By the way, stop eating fast food. And start cultivating a healthier lifestyle.

      I swear I’d ban fast food in my Empire. I’d force people to eat chicken and broccoli that has nothing but salt and pepper, with a glass of water, every day, and beat them them to run 12 miles a day. My job as a white male is to oppress people. It’s what I’m told every day. It what gets me going in the morning. Also, to cause pain and suffering. A lot to live up to. Big expectations, but I think I can do it.

      Some people live to eat. And some eat to live.

    • “Screw up your orders”? That’s the least of it. Don’t you know they spit in your food, or worse? They made a movie about this in 2005, called Waiting, albeit they substituted attractive whites for ghetto blacks, but this is what goes on in restaurants if they don’t like you, and they don’t. Prepare your own food, or eat less. No one needs more than one meal a day unless they do manual labor. A normal adult can live easily on a handful of nuts and a couple ounces of cheese a day. Feasts are great, but should only be done on very special occasions, like two or three times a year.

  2. Idk I think $15 is right nationally
    Even Arkansas may have raised it to $11, I doubt it is enough

    • Note that neither party (neither one of the two right wings of the Beast) ever mentions MAXIMUM wage.

      • Forget about the minimum wage distraction. In a REAL nation with REAL equality, little or no money is needed because everything is free for the people, who work for the love of one another, not to get ahead of others. Socialism is the only system that provides the maximum of freedom, and peace and prosperity for all people.

  3. Minimum wage increases are like a monster grabbing at your legs, pulling you down as you try to get ahead in life. Please allow me to explain: When I was young and working at a gas station I absolutely hated minimum wage increases. I would work for a few years, get raises and finally make a bit more. Then the minimum wage would be increased and they would hire new people right off the street at the exact same wage I had earned through years of hard work. So even after being there for years I was suddenly making minimum wage….once again.

  4. We ar3 watching USSA transition from an advanced 1st world nation to a second world nation. Slowly now, but to accelerate in jumps and plateaus.

    As we all know, the darker the nation goes, the lower all standards will go.

    Anything below 20/hr is working poor.

  5. In 1964, the last year the U.S. Government minted %90 silver coins the minimum wage was $1.15.

    If the minimum wage were still $1.15 in 1964 coinage this would be equivalent in today’s fiat currency to approximately $20.00 per hour.

    Here is the calculation: Each 1964 quarter contains about 87 grains of silver (.1808 x 480 grains (one Troy ounce) = about 87 grains). 4 quarters x 87 grains each = 348 grains. One 1964 dime contains about 35 grains of silver. 348 grains (4 1964 quarters) + 35 grains (one 1964 dime) = 383 grains of silver in total. 383/480 grains (one Troy ounce) = approximately .80 Troy ounces. At $25/Troy ounce price of silver: .80 x $25 = $20.

    If minimum wage work were paid in equivalent money from 1964 it would equal about $20/hour in today’s fiat currency. The U.S. Government has ruined the currency through the hidden tax of inflation by breaking the link between gold, first partially in 1933 then finally in 1971 and also breaking the link with silver in 1965. The link between gold/silver and the currency constrained the Government’s actions, something the ruling class has always abhorred.

    The (so-called) Civil Rights project, LBJ’s “Great Society”, the Vietnam War, the “War on Poverty” (sic), the military industrial complex and all the other Government bungling of the 1960’s and later would not have been possible were it not for the Government’s ability to conjure out of thin air bushel baskets of fiat money backed by nothing more than the good character of scumbag politicians. We are living with the turmoil and poverty that inevitably follows relying upon the good character of scumbag politicians.

  6. Sorry, no minimum wage for the suckers in the private sector, yet one of Biden’s first executive orders was to promise our beloved federal contractors a $15 minimum wage.

  7. Hunter you should listen to Ben Shapiro explain why we shouldn’t have a minimum wage on a federal level, and also why we shouldn’t cancel all student debt too. You are just a lazy entitiled mil-lineal wanting the government to take care of you no different than the niggers.

  8. Prices are not any cheaper in West Virginia, than anywhere else in the nation. Rents maybe a little cheaper in WV, if you want to live in the middle of nowhere, but, everything else is pretty much the same.

    Trump had the right idea in trying to bring manufacturing back into the US, you can be sure that those two Catholics, Biden and Manchin won’t do shit about bringing jobs back—even though the Ohio River Valley, and the Kanawha Valley has lots of plant sites, water and electricity, coal and natural gas, even some local oil.

    The eastern panhandle is strategically situated, and has all the charm of old Virginia.

    Trump was on a roll.

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