Joe Biden Signs Voting Rights Executive Order To Commemorate “Bloody Sunday”

“All this city got is history. If this bridge wasn’t here, it would just be another f—-d-up place nobody would visit.” – Arsenio Gardner, Selma resident

It is always “Bloody Sunday” in Washington.

Today is one of the most sacred days in the calendar of the progressive gerontocracy. It is the anniversary of the day that MLK walked over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma in 1965.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden signed an executive order Sunday directing the federal government to promote voting access in a move meant to commemorate the 56th anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery marches for civil rights.

“Every eligible voter should be able to vote and have that vote counted,” the president said in a virtual address to the Martin and Coretta King Unity Breakfast on Sunday just before signing the order. “If you have the best ideas, you have nothing to hide. Let the people vote.” 

The order directs federal agencies to expand access to voter registration and election information, according to an administration official. That includes directing heads of all federal agencies to submit a “strategic plan” to the White House within 200 days on how their departments can promote voter registration and participation. …”

At least Joe Biden isn’t physically present in Selma this year for the annual ritual of walking over the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It is being held as a “virtual event” this year because of COVID. The bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest in Live Oak Cemetery disappeared when the “Reverend” Al Sharpton came to town a few years ago. The worst thing in history that ever happened to Selma was these “reverends.” They inflicted a far more permanent defeat on Selma than Major General James Wilson and the Union Army.

“Sunday’s commemoration will also be significantly quieter. Normally a vibrant event full of symposiums, history and people in downtown Selma, most of this weekend’s commemoration events are virtual in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. …

The virtual bridge crossing will follow much of that same format with a virtual service at Brown Chapel A.M.E starting at 10:00 a.m., followed by a pre-march rally and, finally, the virtual bridge crossing. …”

I grew up in Central Alabama and still live here.

I’ve always considered the annual “Bloody Sunday” march to be one of the biggest jokes in American politics. Every year the same Baby Boomer politicians parachute into Selma, walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge for the annual “Bloody Sunday” photo op/virtue signal and high tail it out of there before sunrise. This year is the first year it is happening without “Civil Rights Icon” John Lewis.

The phrase “Bloody Sunday” makes it sound like something terrible happened like Alabama State Troopers killed a bunch of black people. No one actually died on “Bloody Sunday” though in Selma in 1965. Today though in our own times Selma is one of the poorest, most violent cities in Alabama.

Selma-Times Journal:

“Two Black bodies were found shot to death on Ceola L. Miller Avenue over the weekend, pushing the number of people murdered in Selma this year to 10, two more than last year, a truly tragic milestone for a city that has desperately tried to rise above the criminal violence that has plagued it for years.

Though other cities in the state record far more murders each year, Selma has struggled to shake its reputation as one of Alabama’s most dangerous cities and a year-to-year increase in murders stands to make that work even more difficult.

Any life needlessly lost is devastating – it marks a life snuffed out long before its natural expiration date, it marks moments of joy and triumph never experienced, it marks the deprivation of existence at the hands of a fellow human – but here, where so many resources have been expended in the fight against such destruction, the sting is so much worse. …”

If you visit Selma in 2021, your experience will be like visiting Pompei. After 50 years of “progress,” Selma has been transformed into a hopeless, blighted, abandoned ghost town. Sure, black people have the right to vote now, but that only benefited professional blacks like John Lewis, Charles Blow and Don Lemon and black people like that sure as hell don’t live anywhere near Selma in 2021!

I’ve been going into nearby Selma for years to document the social and economic decline which I have shared on this blog. No one in the media ever pans the camera around and shows the public what happened to Selma after the marching stopped. Joe Biden came to town in 2013 and left and said nothing about what he saw there except for his prepared lines like all the politicians do. When Obama landed in his helicopter in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Craig Air Force Base for the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act in 2015, the black residents who live there who were being used as props were seen by reporters from The Washington Post scouring a dumpster for aluminum cans and it was reported that one of them had apparently gutted and feasted on the remains of a raccoon whose carcass laid nearby.

We’re told that what happened in Selma in 1965 somehow gives these people a moral halo. I’ve always believed it says something else about them. My own two eyes tell me they are full of shit. If they truly cared about Selma and its people rather than their own self-righteousness, they would admit the obvious that voting rights weren’t the panacea they made it out to be.

Note: Selma isn’t alone in this respect.

If you travel more broadly across the country outside of the booming college towns and affluent suburbs, you will find decay all around you across the Rust Belt, Appalachia and the Great Plains. Rural decay is everywhere and is hardly limited to the Deep South.

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  1. I doubt to most young people, both black and white, selma means much of anything at all. They are a long way in time from it. It just like so much boomer stuff, just reliving ancient virtue signaling. When the boomers are gone, so will the memories of this. Finally…..

    • I rarely see or hear blacks and Jews criticizing or casting blame for all of their problems on older generations of blacks and Jews. They always attack outside of their groups and maybe that’s part of their success in rising above the Europeans. One day soon you people will only have yourselves left to blame. Most of you won’t rise to the challenge.

      • Amen, to that @Rainer. The most uneducated, socially liberal, degenerate, physically and mentally weak generation ever longs for the day when the backbone population of the White world dies off… Pathetic and destructive.

  2. The most annoying thing when you read about the “Civil Rights movement” is the
    total lack of critical portrayals. Trying to find stories and accounts that show
    the more negative side is hard. All the books are hard to find. D.H. Lackey’s book on the Rosa Parks
    situation (he is the cop who helped arrest her) or “The true Selma story: Sex
    and civil rights ” (published 1965) which goes into the debauchery that
    happened there. Even modern books like “The Truth About Selma” by Paul Kersey
    are difficult to find (removed from amazon).

    I also checked newspaper archives of the era and they all portray a one-sided
    story in favor of the “civil rights movement”. The most coherent attack I found
    was Ryan Faulk (Alternative hypothesis) who went into the quantitative side of
    things, divorced from all the historical narratives. But I don’t know any
    counter-narrative book that is widely available.

  3. To Hunter and a few of your readers,

    You guys throw around the word “boomer” as an epithet, like some guys I know who use the word “nigger” ad nauseam which is just as irritating and becomes meaningless at a certain point.

    1. We “boomers” did NOT create this problem: we were born in to it, born to a society that was already losing it’s mind. And we fought hard against it, speaking out at school board meetings, protesting, voting, etc. We were silenced, arrested and out-voted, not by fellow “boomers” but by younger people who wanted “change” and “diversity.”

    When we saw we had lost the war for the soul of this nation, we retreated to suburbs and small towns, raising our kids in all-white schools and far away from “diversity.” Not one of us, was able to stop forced busing in the 1960s and 1970s so we fled. The police, and the courts were not sympathetic to us or our desire for all-white schools: we lost every court case in which we tried to stop busing.

    2. “Boomers” are clearly not the problem here. NO BABY BOOMER ever attacked you and your friends in Charlottesville. The attackers were ALL 20-somethings with a virulent hate for America and it’s history. Can you point to any “boomer” pulling down Confederate statues in the past 40 years? Have we been behind the move to erase history? Are we behind the NYT 1619 project? NO! Look at the faces and bios of your enemies: they are YOUNG, woke, and “diverse.”

    We, the “boomers” even with all of our political differences, never tried to censor each other, or anyone else for that matter. Boomers born in the 1950s have always had a “live and let live” ethos. We have never had any desire to poison the well we all drink from. But the people of YOUR AGE GROUP are on a quest to wipe America clean of all traces of Western tradition and Christianity.

    We boomers are not the enemy: please stop acting as if we are.

    • he we dont hate you its just alot of young people think everyone could have voted for George Lincoln Rockwell they think every Bommer has a mcmanson and is ok with America becoming Mexico north

    • The problem with boomers is that you are greedy. “Muh Taxes” & prosperity matter more than the education, health and well-being of poor and working class families raising White children.

      They don’t have bootstraps either, ya know.

      Boomer Greed & Greed Protectionist Policies have denied White children that prosperous future you enjoy. blacks are 13% of the population. jews are 3% mexicans are uncounted, paid cash by Boomers.

      Yes, it is you.

      • What “prosperous future” exactly do I “enjoy?”

        I am 62 and I have NO 401K, NO pension, NO retirement savings; nothing.

        I am going to work until I drop because all I have to look forward to is social security; and that is basically nothing.

        Boomers like myself were denied jobs and promotions, not by other boomers at work, but from young “hipsters” 20 and 30 somethings who filled our HR departments and who wanted to bring in more “diversity” to our companies and white male boomers like myself were already becoming persona non grata by the early 90s.

        In fact, the only place I meet young right-wing, white nationalists under 40 is online; on the internet.

        In the real world, like at my workplace, EVERYONE under 45 is WOKE and considers “diversity and inclusion” their new faith and religion. It’s the reason they get out of bed every morning.

        On the other hand, every white male over 50 that I personally know in real life, is a hard, right-wing, nationalist, race-realist, if not outright fascist. No one over 50 that I know personally believes in Wokeism or diversity: that, is the realm of young hipsters.

        99% of us boomers over 50 despise non-whites and woke hipsters.

        Your view of boomers like myself is warped and not based in fact.

        • “In fact, the only place I meet young right-wing, white nationalists under 40 is online; on the internet.”

          Because most people cannot risk everything to reveal what they think IRL. Doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

          What we’re seeing is every generation has a vast majority that is apolitical and “goes with the flow”. Blaming any age group for this mess is a fruitless divide-and-conquer strategy, similar to gender and class warfare.

        • Change the strategy then. It is beyond me why people would rather deny our people a living wage because a black might get it too. I am sympathetic to your circumstances, I really am.

          Tell me why we should continue to vote for republicans, who promised you a trickle down economy. Where is it?

          Not going to follow that same path.

      • Don’t forget the excessive hedonistic behavior summed up by, “Sex, drugs, and rock and roll.” ” Age of Aquarius,” “The Summer of Love,” sit-ins, feminism, free love, Woodstock, counter-culture,nihilism and decadence, until the Reagan became president, then those same hippies became corporate and divorce lawyers, Marxist college professors, and jingoistic zionist American conservatives that “didn’t see color” like their hero MLK.

    • You also skipped a generation, because while Boomer males worked high paying union jobs, bought affordable homes, a pension and a devoted wife with dinner on the table.

      Their GenX kids wondered where you were.

      GenX is when women became heads of households. Their children birthed millennials and the rest is history.

      Could you predict the future? Of course not. But the lack of acknowledgment to avoid future mistakes really grates on me.

      Right now, the republican party is offering nothing for Gen Z to vote for.

    • If you make the argument that quite a bit went wrong in the 60’s, you can’t say you were outvoted by younger people. You would have a better argument that the generation that came before you were the ones who screwed it all up. First they saved Europe for communism and liberalism, then they sold this country out. You are also very correct in pointing out the completely brainwashed state of the younger generations. I don’t see much hope anywhere.

    • Data shows that right wing boomers tends to care very deeply about racial equality and civil rights. Younger right wingers don’t. Stereotypes exist for a reason, and the boomer stereotypes are true on average.

      • Boomer stereotypes are every bit as accurate as those about jews and blacks. I don’t even attempt to redpill White boomers anymore.

        Surprisingly, non-Whites from South and Central America are more jewpilled than your average White American boomer.

    • Generation is the fakest category, generations don’t exist, their is no boomer, X Y or Z. People think it is real but they are categories that have never actually existed only in the heads of marketing professionals and some literary writers.

      Their is no mystical property that got the 1945-1964 birth cohort to be some virulent puss and for some reason people born after and before have no defects (or less blights). Maybe it is a fake and dumb category.

      Anyone who blames boomers for todays social problems is retarded. Tell me where it ends, why it ends and how someone is really a boomer. Their is this retarded paleocon book I read called “boomers” (Helen Andrews) that makes so many constant mistakes like considering Bob Dylan a boomer (silent generation) or the evils of “boomer feminism” when most of them were Jews born in the 20s and 30s not actual boomers.

      If you were born in 1964 (totally inconsistent end date as the demographic trend ended in 1969) you
      wouldn’t experience any of the hallmarks of “boomerism”, the oldest boomer would be max 20 in the “civil rights era”.

  4. @ martin luther kohl, very well said and thank you good sir, these generational slurs , come across as weak and whiny and jealous.

    • If you are interested, here is how boomers can help.

      Instead of paying off the RVs, vacation homes or timeshare payments and fees, let them take it.

      Instead of paying the mexicans to cut your grass and clean your kitchen, bathrooms and windows, maintain your own house and property.

      Stop counting 401K contributions to “watch the money grow”… Withdraw it and buy land for your grandchildren.

      Live frugally and tell the bankers to pound sand. Liquidate and give the money to your children or grandchildren.

      This is socialism to Boomers.

  5. @ easier to talk about bullshit ” bloody sunday “, than it is growing thee economy, isn’t that right, madam president harris.

  6. “Nothing is actually stopping black people from voting these days except lack of interest”

    I am as much of a racialist as the next person, but this statement is not true.

    I couldn’t care less if they vote or not, but republicans are shooting themselves in the foot by openly making it harder for them to vote. They are openly admitting that they have been lying about illegals voting, machines, mailed in votes and everything the “Stop the Steal” grift campaigned on. It’s the blacks voting.

    If they are so weak and void of ideas that they would deny people in line the right to water, they won’t get my vote either.

    There is a difference between being a racialist and de-facto segregationist and an asshole. Republicans win nothing by doing this. Vote for whoever gives you the ability to buy LAND.

    Because if they keep this crap up, blacks will leave the cities if for nothing else, no more long and oppressive voting lines.

    • Do you think Republicans actually have no clue as to what they are doing? It’s fairly obvious they are doing everything they do for their own agenda. They are NOT interested in “popular support”. They could care less about your vote.

      • You are correct and so they will never have my vote again, nor JB or our sons.

        We have voted republican our whole lives and it is kind of like a death. But so be it. Time to move on.

        Bring the stimulus, UBI, or whatever else democrats are proposing. There is an adjacent lot we need to buy.

  7. Keep rooting for the corpse. The United States isn’t Lazarus. It isn’t coming back from the dead. Sorry, but the “fat lady” is singing quite loudly. Every institution of the pre-ZOG USA have already collapsed and fallen. What you are experiencing are the aftershocks and echoes.

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