Bari Weiss: The Miseducation of America’s Elites

Everyone hates these people.

The polls don’t reflect the true level of brewing resentment because college educated White professionals lie about their true beliefs. No one has been driven further underground, feels more marginalized and more deeply resents the yoke of political correctness or wokeness than those who operate inside these institutions which are now full of the brats who are constantly surveilling their co-workers.

If you like the wrong tweet or associate with the wrong person or break racial etiquette or challenge the narrative in the slightest unintentional way, you could be stepping on a career ending landmine like Donald McNeil, Jr. It is a world where you can’t say what you think without fear of retaliation and where you are constantly walking on eggshells and looking over your shoulder for commissars. Imagine what it is like for the White working class to be insulted, attacked and demonized by these people 24/7 now.

Bari Weiss of all people is tired of it.

City Journal:

“The dissidents use pseudonyms and turn off their videos when they meet for clandestine Zoom calls. They are usually coordinating soccer practices and carpools, but now they come together to strategize. They say that they could face profound repercussions if anyone knew they were talking.

But the situation of late has become too egregious for emails or complaining on conference calls. So one recent weekend, on a leafy street in West Los Angeles, they gathered in person and invited me to join. …

What does it say about the current state of that meritocracy, then, that it wants kids fluent in critical race theory and “white fragility,” even if such knowledge comes at the expense of Shakespeare? “The colleges want children—customers—that are going to be pre-aligned to certain ideologies that originally came out of those colleges,” says a STEM teacher at one of New York’s prestigious prep schools. “I call it woke-weaning. And that’s the product schools like mine are offering.” …

But physics looks different these days. “We don’t call them Newton’s laws anymore,” an upperclassman at the school informs me. “We call them the three fundamental laws of physics. They say we need to ‘decenter whiteness,’ and we need to acknowledge that there’s more than just Newton in physics.” …

For high schoolers, the message is more explicit. A Fieldston student says that students are often told “if you are white and male, you are second in line to speak.” This is considered a normal and necessary redistribution of power.

At Harvard-Westlake, the school recently administered the debunked implicit-bias test to tenth-graders. It was technically optional, but several parents I spoke with said that their children felt compelled to take it. One mother confided that her son said to her, “Mom, I just found out I’m a racist and I prefer White Europeans.” Her child is mixed race. “For my kid to come home and be told by his school you are a racist—I was aghast. I was so, so angry. …

Power in America now comes from speaking woke, a highly complex and ever-evolving language.  …

Harvard-Westlake English teacher welcomes students back after summer with: “I am a queer white womxn of European descent. I use [ she | her ] pronouns but also feel comfortable using [ they | them ] pronouns.” She attached a “self-care letter” quoting Audre Lorde: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” …

Woe betide the working-class kid who arrives in college and uses Latino instead of “Latinx,” or who stumbles conjugating verbs because a classmate prefers to use the pronouns they/them. Fluency in woke is an effective class marker and key for these princelings to retain status in university and beyond. The parents know this, and so woke is now the lingua franca of the nation’s best prep schools. As one mother in Los Angeles puts it: “This is what all the colleges are doing, so we have to do it. The thinking is: if Harvard does it, it must be good. …

Fluency in woke is an effective class marker and key for these princelings to retain status in university and beyond. The parents know this, and so woke is now the lingua franca of the nation’s best prep schools. …”

If you think about it, this is why David Shor is pessimistic.

This is the issue which more than any other is polarizing the country and realigning the two parties along class, cultural and education lines. It is strengthening White racial consciousness while actually decreasing racial polarization because so many blacks and Hispanics don’t understand it either. They don’t understand why there are 500 different genders now or why “trans” issues are so important.

Black Lives Matter and open borders is repulsing “Latinx” voters. It is not just the White allies who have turned on Black Lives Matter and who no longer believe that George Floyd was murdered. Blacks have turned even more strongly against Black Lives Matter because it has unleashed a crime wave that mostly affects their communities. Only 18% of Americans support shit like “Defund the Police” including only 28% of blacks. After 2020, 64% of Trump voters now say their racial identity is important to them and a whopping 87% of Trump voters are worried about anti-White discrimination.

I’ve been somewhat amazed by this turn of events. If you turn on the television or read the New York Times or Washington Post, the PMCs on CNN and MSNBC are more obsessed with race now than White Nationalists. The woke professional class (at least those who sincerely believe in and parrot this stupid ideology) turn everything into a racial issue. Virtually everything is now reduced to “white supremacy.” Some recent examples include who is getting the COVID vaccine and America’s transportation system. COVID is a systematically racist virus because of the racial inequity in death rates.

The “Coalition of the Ascendant” prophecy isn’t happening. Democrats barely won the 2020 election. They have less power in the state legislatures. Joe has a thinner majority in Congress than Barack Obama. It has gotten so bad that Democrats have to use budget reconciliation to pass a bill that has the support of 70% of the public to give people free money. They don’t have the juice to even do popular things like raise the minimum wage because of their cultural toxicity to White working class voters in rural states.

What is Joe going to do now after signing the COVID bill? Is he going to wage a “War on Terror” against “domestic extremism” and the “insurgency” which only exists on CNN and MSNBC? What happens if he peaks after signing the COVID bill and the rest of his agenda just flatlines in the Senate?

Note: A few years ago, I figured out who Antifa were when I was reading anarchist websites and noticed that they used this weird terminology like “Latinx” and “folx” that no one who is working class ever uses. I noticed how they were also seemingly invincible and were never punished for committing crimes. They were able to get away with all the rioting last year because mommy and daddy are well to do White professionals and the rules which apply to everyone else just can’t apply to Precious.

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  1. The cure is socialism. The only reason cancel culture is able to be imposed on us is because wealth inequality is growing and the environment for workers is increasingly cut-throat and zero sum. People are competing for a diminishing number of positions that provide upward mobility or even socio-economic stability. The rest are downwardly mobile. In that kind of enviroment, these esoteric social status games thrive. It becomes like a royal court where the courtiers all had to keep up with the shifting social mores and pretend the emperor has clothes or they would be cancelled and lose status just like today.

    I dislike the term “cancel culture,” though because it obfuscates the fact that it is imposed from the top-down by those with power. “Cancel culture” implies that this is just some organic cultural phenomenon that arose among people naturally, who spontaneously formed cancel mobs. It ignores the institutions that enforce it.

  2. @ thee “woke”, “brats”, antichrist soldiers, easy to identify, they serve their master well, they will meet his fate also, but they.are scared, desperate, they know they are.running out of time, they know, they have been duped, tricked, decieved, eternal dammnation awaits them, notice how they thrash about so wildly, pitiful really, but they chose to believe the lies.

    • Terrifying how far this woke shit has gotten clearly they were setting up our genocide anybody can see that

  3. It must be the most exhausting thing in the world, to be “woke”. You know this is going to burn out sooner or later, but how long? Historians are one day going to have a hoot writing about all this. It will be a bit like the witch burnings history. Many people are going to end up looking stupid.

  4. She is correct on some issues. I know a lot Jews. I’m in Vegas. I actually do business with Jews. Spoke with a Jew yesterday about stuff and money.

    Cool guy. But we are both obviously just doing business, and I like money,

    The issue is their control. I like to talk a lot of shit with my clients and get in their heads. I wa talking to my Jew friend and he literally said I want you to do this and I should be able to have you do this.

    I had to laugh and just think. Yeah. They are that way. So I upped my price. They are insular and their own people. His brother is a literal Hollywood movie producer. He warned me, you can do business with him, but you won’t get paid. Just like that. His own brother.

    These guys make coin. Was at his house one day and they were giving me movie clips from LA. Do your kids watch movies?

    Yeah, but none of that crap. I was in the Wynn out here and saw a Shylock Jew. Fat motherfucker. The curls and all.

    We do need to recognize they own this place. And they think it’s funny. The crime here, my God. And they own it.

  5. It isn’t primarily about race, it’s about class, I think Tucker Carlson pointed this out. Why these ‘woke’ idiots continue to spout this chickenshit, who knows. I never seem to get much beyond the craziness of group think and mass hysteria.

    The Internet has given petty immature people too much power.

  6. Bari Weiss only cares because she is afraid of Zionist Jews losing their privileged position in the left. Weiss is a totalitarian commie Zionist. That is her big complaint, the “left” isn’t kissing Israel’s ass enough.

    • It is transparent. She claimed she was “cancelled,” but the reality of the situation was that she chose to quit her job because her employer refused her request to fire anti-zionist coworkers who were criticizing her zionism. Only a Jew can take a story about her own failed attempt to cancel her coworkers and spin it into a story about her own cancellation. That’s what they call chutzpah.

    • It’s an over used term and I’m sick of hearing it. And why should I care what some annoying jewess like Mizzzz Weiss thinks about anything?

    • Looking ugly is part of the crust punk culture that is tied in with antifa. Look at Bill de Blasio’s daughter. Just because they look like homeless drug addicts doesn’t mean they don’t come from powerful families.

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