David Shor on Why “Latinx” Voters Shifted Right

So, you also hate them and want to “own the libs” too?

Note: This is a great interview.

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  1. As someone who grew up in Arizona, and has hispanic relatives, I can vouch Hispanics and whites
    Just get along better than blacks and whites ever did. They just seem to have more in common.

  2. I’ve been saying for a while that latinos are a sleeper demographic that hasn’t really activated yet. When latinos in America eventually reach some political consciousness that isn’t just playing the junior partner of blacks in the “PoC” coalition, it will change the game. They passed up black population numbers a long time ago, yet blacks get 10x as much attention. This is probably because boomers still dominate the political scene and they continue using the same black-white racial lens that they have been using since the 60s. They just mentally slot latinos into the “black” category. That is what the PoC label really is, an attempt to artificially integrate other non-White groups into political blackness.

    Even in media that is obsessed with “representation,” blacks are overrepresented by a factor of 1.5-2, while latinos are massively underrepresented by some factor like 1/5. Looking at American media and advertising, one would come to the conclusion that the USA is 30% black men, 30% White women (who are all dating/married to the black men), 20% light skinned mixed race females, 10% homosexual White men, 5% latinx (mostly female), and 5% Indian/Arab.

    • Are you kidding me – it’s more like 90% bruthas(and their Mudshark wives) and/or negresses in advertising.

      • A particularly offensive one has a young white girl in a laundromat telling her friend how “cute” that guy over there is…then the camera pans to show a black guy. It was a “Progressive” insurance commercial. We never would have gotten a commercial this offensive even in Bush Jr.’s term. These pinko psy-ops advertising agencies really have upped their assault on America. I remember how in the early 90’s I was at a friends house and they had on that MTV’s “Singled Out” show with a white girl and an audience competing for a “date” with her by answering a bunch of silly questions moving forwards on a giant checkerboard game. A ‘hoodish looking black won and they announced how “you are both going on a 5 day getaway to Cabo San Lucas!!! And she had a visible look of disgust…that exact same facial expression as if you put a rotten egg in front of her and my friend commented how upset she looked that the guy was black and everyone felt for her. I doubt she actually went on that trip, hopefully she stood him up. Even then that show was remarkably audacious, to put two strangers into a hotel together is bad enough, but to set her up with a black? But you could see how white girls back then, probably born in the Nixon or Ford administrations, were properly disgusted by black men other than a few dregs.

        Heck in the 80s at my public high school we had no pregnant girls in class, they vanished for a semester and the whispers went around how she had a kid…how disgusting. Now I imagine they parade around getting baby showers in class. I first encountered the cultural shock when I moved to Oregon in 1998 which was a decade ahead in cultural decline. My job threw a baby shower for some unwed mother that I was shocked at, in ’98 back in the midwest outside the ghetto such behavior was still frowned upon but bastardy was embraced as normal already on the West Coast.

    • I don’t think there was any pandering.

      Immigration fell off the radar screen in 2020. It wasn’t Trump’s pandering that caused the shift in the Hispanic vote. The polling shows that it was all the riots and the chaos caused by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. It caused a backlash among conservative leaning Hispanics and to a lesser extent Asians and blacks who didn’t like the crime. Among Whites, there was a second backlash in the opposite direction. Suburban Whites voted for Biden because of COVID and White Indies sat out or weren’t energized because he wasn’t hard enough on the riots.

      • Trump ran the worst campaign in history. Devoid of any issues and defined by his endlessly shitty tweets.

      • Horus the Avenger used to talk about this phenomenon years ago. He said in California, the Mexican gangs are ruthless in ethnically cleansing blacks out of areas they control. If South Americans become majority in the US, African Americans will be over with.

  3. The Mexicans, et. al., hate the faggot and insane tranny crap as much as we do.

    I guess you could say that wokeness is political AIDS, and no sane people want it.

    • Not really. South America was the world transvestite mecca decades before anyone in America even knew what a tranny was. And homosexuality has been normalized in Latin America since the 19th century, while it was still illegal in the USA. I will grant that their fags have a tendency to be less effeminate, since they believe they have to be macho while sodomizing each other.

      It’s a myth that Latinos have “family values” or whatever. Unless you consider pimping out their 13 year old sisters and binging cocaine every night to be family values. Latinos are possibly the most degenerate people in the world. For Whites it’s tragic to see our recent moral downfall because we know our group can be better. For Latinos, there is no tragedy because they don’t really have the potential to be anything better than what they already are.

  4. I’m not so sure that this will be a permanent trend. Most of the hispanic push towards the right, along with some of the asian push, seemed to be a product of trends unique to 2020, ie. the black riots that were endemic over the summer. If those trends don’t persist in the future (although they will probably promote more stories about BLM in 2024), then I could see the trend of a larger minority of hispanics voting “right” reversing in the future.

  5. Hispanics still vote Democrat by a consistent percentage of 70 percent. This shouldn’t inspire much optimism.

  6. I’ll just note that the proper word for “allyship” is “alliance.”

    And so the disintegration of English continues.

  7. Cubans, Puerto Ricans and others are in their own little worlds, and they don’t like Mexicans and other Latinos/Central Americans.

    Anyway, at least 70% voted for Biden/Democrats.

      • True. But, when two light skinned Puerto Ricans have a black child, they consider it a sign of good luck, and call the kid a Negorito. LOL.

        You are no doubt familiar with the term jibaro?

  8. As a (White) Latino, I can attest that the full-blown negrophilia of the Demoncrap Party is a turnoff for Latinos, both White and Mestizo. On average, Latinos are less brainwashed than Anglos. Therefore, most of us have a common-sense opinion of blacks, which is to say, a low opinion. We don’t accept the notion blacks are perfect beings whose failures are all caused by “racism” rather than their own shortcomings. And we certainly don’t want to live in a country ruled by blacks.

    • @Ray Caruso,

      I know and have known both Castizo Mexicans and the mestizo variety, and like you said, on the whole they don’t want to have anything to do with feral negroes.

      A lot of Puerto Ricans have some negro and Taino West Indian blood in them. And are more enamored with urban humanzees.

      Last summer during the blm and antifa riots, Mexicans didn’t play around with any of that BS in their barrios.

      See, Ray, a lot of Anglos that read Occidental Dissent live out in rural america where their closest neighbor is a ‘country mile’ away, so they do not have any first hand experience in watching the dynamics irl between White Hispanics and urban blacks.

      In my neighborhood, I know that I can count on Latinos to have my back in any urban street theater created by negroes magnitudes more than the middle class Whites with their “Hate has no home here” and blm signs littering their windows.

      • November,

        This article and your comment were like the red flag before the bull though in a pleasant fashion. I could no more resist reading and responding than I could resist eating pinto beans.

        Keeping it light you made a nice comment and surprisingly so did most others. Dart wrote what I have written and said on numerous occasions.

        I would caution Ray Caruso and all other latins to be cautious on sites like this. This website can be brutal. John down below also wrote the truth. Latins including myself do not think or believe the way anglos do.

        In keeping with my current policy any further comments I make on this thread will be social in nature as if this is email and I will not engage in further propaganda. I have to act like this since I gave my word I would not be politically active on this website.


        • @Cristina…

          Glad to see you decided to come back.

          I hope all is well with the Alvarez brood of transplanted Durango-ites!

        • Hola Christina,

          I anticipated that you might chime in on this topic. I’m glad you’ve proven me correct.

          Yeah, why Latinos and Latinas voted for trump in 2020 had little to nothing to do with his, kuchner’s or ivanka’s policy platforms. More voted for trump because he wasn’t senile, as degenerate as biden on cultural issues, and were disgusted by the demoncrats embrace of domestic terrorism committed by blm-antifa. Even at that, trump still only garnered 35% of their vote.

          Okay. I’ll make my hero dog rescue long story short.

          As you might be aware, parts of the Midwest were blanketed by one blizzard after another, and if that wasn’t enough, we stayed below 32 Fahrenheit for close to two weeks.

          Anyway, nothing will stop my dog from wanting to go out on her night walk. On this occasion, the wind chill was -22 Fahrenheit, no one was outside, except me and my stubborn mutt. Normally, we take a different route at night, but on this very cold winter late evening, we took a different path. Well, I follow where she wants to go.

          My dog either heard or air tracked an elderly woman who had fallen behind her home. I couldn’t see this woman from the sidewalk, and there were no footprints in the snow, so I figured my dog was tracking a rabbit or some other critter. That’s when we came across this tiny old lady face down in a snow drift. At first, I thought she was dead, but her legs were twitching. She was conscious when I turned her over, but she could only mumble. I called 911, an ambulance arrived, and the paramedics took her to the hospital.

          Never did I find out how or why she was in her backyard alone on such an arctic night, but she would have surely died of hypothermia, had my dog not insisted that I follow her down that gangway.

          • November,

            Your dog is a heroine. I hope you gave her lots of hugs and maybe a good steak. I can not even imagine being at -22 degrees F.

            I was glad to hear from Ivan. He wrote me a great letter a couple of months ago.

            Yes, there is no love lost between Mexicans and blacks. I would write more but I will continue to get my points across by innuendo. At the strategic point of contact–the Southwest we have the numbers and ultimately the will/unity for victory.

            I also have written and said that Mexico will be still be alive long after the USA has fragmented. Perhaps I am right?

            Until later.

          • November,

            As an aside my grandmother loves watching American westerns which she says are harmless compared to the junk on television. Well she was watching a Gene Autry western and I just had to open my mouth and say that it seems to me that it is ridiculous and unrealistic to shoot guns out of peoples hands like Gene Autry does.

            Well my father at the first opportunity took me aside and said in no uncertain terms to be quiet. It was not up to me to lecture or ruin my grandmother’s entertainment.

            So, I had indirectly met Gene Autry and he had won. So for Mr. Autry, yourself, and others who remember him I give this:

      • @November

        I wish you the best of luck, brother, but I have no intention of participating in any urban skirmishes. I’m leaving. You see, I’ve thrown in the towel and given up on the US. The last straw was seeing countless young Whites marching in protest against their own race because a convicted anthropithecus-faced armed robber died of a fentanyl overdose while being taken into custody for yet another felony crime, passing counterfeit money. The stolen election was an additional bale of rotten hay thrown on top of that poor camel with a broken back. Anglos are the core population of this country. If most of them—in particular, the younger generation—are intent on turning over the country to Congolian savagery—and, by the way, Congolians did much of the dirty work of stealing the election with fake ballots—then it’s pointless for a humble immigrant like me to put up a fight. And that’s equally true for so-called ethnic Whites who are actually born in this country. I’m from Latin America, but I’m of Italian ancestry. That means I’m eligible for Italian citizenship. So are many Italian-Americans. I’m currently setting up a website to inform Italian-Americans of that right and to encourage them to acquire citizenship, move to Italy, and vote in a right-wing government that will withdraw from the EU and kick (largely non-White) US troops out of the country. America is done. Democracy was a foolish experiment. It didn’t work here, just like it didn’t work everywhere else it was tried.

    • Ray and Christina,

      Currently, there is a cold war of Tik Tok videos between blacks and Mexicans where they are trading insults back and forth. As an outsider, it is quite amusing to see these supposedly tied at the waist allies talking smack to each other. The funniest one was when a teenage Mexican brought up the 13/56 crime statistics.

    • @John…

      I have no problem being around different races. Southerners, or, at least, those who live outside of Appalachia, grow up in multiculturalism.

      That said, I support Anglo-White Southern control of Dixie.

      Letting New England Yankees and Jewry control it from a distance is a dystopian nightmare that seems to never end.

  9. I noticed during the podcast that David SHOR identified as “white”, probably in an attempt to vilify white people for their alleged privilege/fragility/supremacy.

  10. Jews use blacks as a lightning rod to distract white dissidents from mestizo/indio immigrants taking over the country.

  11. “Latinos” didn’t “shift right”, only a few voted Republican in a few districts during an anomalous election. The majority still voted Democrat, especially in Arizona, which helped it turn Blue. Same in Texas, where they narrowed the Texas Republican control of the state to about 5 points, when the average was double digits pre-Trump. And in the special election in Georgia, it was also the “Latino” vote that helped the Democrats take the two senate seats there. As a whole, the average Latino vote divides 70%-30% Dem support, even during Obama, so it didn’t swing far off. Not to mention, the turn out rate wasn’t as high as it was during Obama election years, who were Obama’s

    The only Latinos that voted Right are two types:

    1.) Homogenized Brown men who have been here 3 generations or so, and aren’t conscience of their ancestry. They also identify as patriotically “American” just like the White guys in the South.

    2.) Brown people who internalized the hate they received from racist whites, and who want to win favoritism from them in order to be in their good graces and no longer discriminated against.

    The latter group are the kind of self-haters who want to kick the ladder from underneath their fellow browns in order to win points with the gringos, not knowing they’re also against them by virtue of how they look. To many Latinos, and other minorities too, “assimilating” in America is being accepted by white Americans. I still remember the image of a mestiza woman who looked like the main character of the movie ‘Roma’ with a MAGA hat. I mean, the president they supported literally became president by appealing to racist whites in saying there’s too many “brown” people in the country. How sad is to be a brown person wearing a MAGA hat and joining that group. Nothing more ironic and sad than that. It’s kind of like the “Uncle Tom” dynamic..let’s call it the “Tio Tomas” dynamic. Anyways, as the country gets less white, and 2043 approaches, I’m pretty sure White cultural dominance won’t be as salient as it once was, so they will no longer have to humiliate and in-dignify themselves to such extremes.

    I would know, I’m “Brown” (culturally, at least).

    • After the jew, this is your chief competitor, White man. Don’t imagine that any momentary points of political agreement, such as a shared loathing for aggressive faggots & niggers, means that these greasy “sheets” aren’t also eagerly waiting for the moment when they can lord it over you & yours – gringo.

    • @Mayocido,

      Trump sucked harder than the black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, but he was correct about there being too many brown (shitskins) in this rapidly approaching third world nation.

      Seriously, you add nothing but numbers to the population, canon fodder for globalist and zionist wars, gangbanging vatos locos cholos, and lowering education standards due to your inherent low IQs.

      What you didn’t add in your middle finger of a post was that White Europeans are the ‘Golden Goose.’ We created all the modern conveniences that make life enjoyable (the examples are legion, but just look at the device you’re using, electricity, automobiles, airplanes, rail roads, antibiotics, air conditioning, refrigeration, clean water, telephone, and the list goes on and in). This is all cultural appropriation by you ungrateful poc turds. Speaking of which, your third world shit hole countries literally have fecal.snow due to primitive sewage systems and overpopulation.

      So when we are no longer the majority in this dysgenic nation, you and the rest of the mud people will revert back to being the paleolithic pre-contact savages found on the North and South American continents prior to the arrival of Europeans.

      • @November Well, it appears someone has a massive superiority complex. Don’t worry, don’t think I haven’t heard riveting “arguments” like yours before.

        First off, I should have specified that when I meant “white” people, I meant people who identify as “white” people in an essentialist way, not people who write down “white” on the census and don’t make much of it. I don’t hate “white” people, nor do I see the “white devil”. “White” wasn’t even a real label until like the 1950s since whites come from different ancestral cultures. Anybody who groups themselves as an entire group like they on some sort of team is pathetically funny.

        I mean, every ‘POC’ should thank you specifically for- “the device you’re using, electricity, automobiles, airplanes, rail roads, antibiotics, air conditioning, refrigeration, clean water, telephone, and the list goes on and in”? You didn’t create any of that. None of the people you probably associate with didn’t create any of that. So what are you gloating about? You also being the same “race” as Charles Koch, Jeff Bezos, and Mitt Romney? How have they made the lives of you “whites” better by avoiding paying taxes and doing wage slavery on all workers, including “white” workers? Seeing the theme of this site, you’re probably someone who is going to benefit from the COVID stimulus bill, which means I assume you aren’t a successful “STEM” major if you spend the majority of the day on this site waiting for that stimulus check. So how are you trying to pull rank on when it comes to “educational standards” and great “standards of living”? You probably aren’t benefiting from it, or creating it, either.

        And if once “whites” become minority, and the equivalent of the burning of the Library of Alexandria occurs, I will come back, personally find you, suck your dick, and beg White Jesus for forgiveness. Though, the “illegal” scab worker sure knows how to fix plumbing on the cheap.

        And you’re against ‘war’, maybe you’re the one to blame for voting for Republicans? You probably voted for George W. Bush twice, and contributed to the Iraq War, which led to a domino effect of war in the region. You also voted for the consolidation of oligarchic power in the country by voting for the GOP, who create a system that benefits the rich and corporations, not you, the “white” worker. If you’re trying to prove that you’re much smarter than a POC, then you aren’t proving it. That’s why you aren’t apart of the elite “whites”.

        • It isn’t Whites who are scurrying like cucarachas into Mayheeco & the other “rich” brown countries in order to drive down wages & suck off the welfare teat they had no part in creating.

          White superiority lies not in every individual, but in the collective: only the White race produces the rare innovative geniuses that really move the world forward.

          It’s as Sobran said: you racial also-rans simply cannot stand the fact that we remind you of your comparative insignificance by merely existing, hence the desire to destroy us, no matter the ultimate cost to yourselves. Your own bitter loser-animus is made clear by your repeated, sneering use of “whites”.

          You’re just enemy invaders, made all the more insidious by the fact that you don’t come armed like forthright would-be conquerors, but as raggedy-ass mud kikes, playing on the sympathy of bleeding-heart White shitheads, then revealing what you really are when you reach critical mass.

          • @NBF “It isn’t Whites who are scurrying like cucarachas into Mayheeco & the other “rich” brown countries” – No, all the poor whites that wanted to come here are already here since the early parts of the last century. Though, I still find it curious how you assertively group yourself as apart of some sort of an “all whites” team. Poor “whites” during the Gilded Age weren’t benefiting from greatness, they were poor and exploited by rich “whites”. So when did the poor whites contribute and benefit from the greatness of “their” civilization that they “created”? “Whites” is generic term with no deep significance.

            “White superiority lies not in every individual, but in the collective: only the White race produces the rare innovative geniuses that really move the world forward”- Yes, because the average poor white on this website waiting for a COVID check is the person here to brag about the greatness they’ve contributed to their “team”. And that’s not derision from my part, that’s what the rich and “great” whites you voted for think of you. You really believe the oligarchic elites have fondness and appreciation for you because you’re the same “race” as them? I’m sorry to tell you, but the superiority complex you have to “browns”, is the same one feelings of superiority greedy, rich whites have of you. That’s why you have shitty pay despite lots of working hours (assuming you work), and would see you as a “parasite” if you ask for more. They secretly mock you behind your back after they trick you into voting for the GOP on racial and cultural issues, then screwing you over and making themselves richer. Though, yes, continue shaking those pom-poms how divinely “gifted” you are for being born into the white “team” and voting for the party of the “whites” called the GOP.

            “It’s as Sobran said: you racial also-rans simply cannot stand the fact that we remind you of your comparative insignificance by merely existing” – Don’t know who that is, but, again, see my last point that questions your inherent “white team” fallacy. Keep shaking those pom-poms.

            “You’re just enemy invaders, made all the more insidious by the fact that you don’t come armed like forthright would-be conquerors” – An invader invades with a conscious and collective effort to take over lands. The majority of “browns” don’t care about nothing else but their personal betterment, not some existential revanchist or irredentist nationalist mission. That’s what you see because of your “white genocide” derangement. You care more the “white genocide” than the rich whites screwing you over. At some point, you’re going to have to come to terms that you’re not the “elite” white, you’re closer to the people who have a complex towards. Good luck coming to terms with that.

        • Mayocido,

          Nice talking points from faggot Don Lemon and kike Jeff Zucker’s CNN jewsmedia outlet.

          As a egalitarian Marxist anti-European POS, you try to atomize us like Obama by saying, “You didn’t build that.” Maybe not personally, but my haplogroups certainly did. Those accomplishments and discoveries are our racial history and heritage. We are one people, since we are vilified by our enemies as one non-differentiated folk. H

          WE White Europeans that have a sense of racial identity and in-group preferences will not fall for the obscurantist left’s strawman arguments to divide us into rival ethnicities, while your force are aligned against us with grievances spoon fed to you by jewish malevolent subterfuge and pernicious propaganda. Bottom line being for every tear WE created, we have dried an ocean of tears, but you and your ungrateful hordes of POC demonize us for supposed wrongs, and never give appreciation for all the good we provided the entire world with imo Christian altruism.

          I’m not waiting on the covid stimulus checks like brown (San East Indians) and negroes most certainly are. You show zero skills in profiling either because my background is in a STEM field, but when I began we didn’t use an acronym.

          You cannot deny that the White race is the golden goose of humanity. If the non-white hordes (that follow us everywhere) has done a fraction of our accomplishments and discoveries, instead of making up fictional fables of being “kangz, they would be gloating like nigger rappers.

          We come from ‘high trust ‘ societies, which are maladaptive in the presence of black and brown racial sub-species of Homo sapiens. Fact of the matter is that y’all need us, but we never needed you.

        • @Mayocido,

          Addendum: Wrong. I never voted for George W. Bush in 2000 or 2004. I protested against his and his father’s war for Israel.

          See, voting won’t remove them. So what’s the use in voting when all it does is reinforce the illegitimacy of the entire ZOG system?

          • @November

            Yeah, he keeps banging that “You voted for the GOP oligarchs” tom-tom.

            We did? When? We’re not duped White Normies. We hate those race traitor scum.

  12. @Mayocido

    “An invader invades with a conscious and collective effort to take over lands. The majority of “browns” don’t care about nothing else but their personal betterment, not some existential revanchist or irredentist nationalist mission. That’s what you see because of your “white genocide” derangement.”

    That’s what I see whenever I look at the coverage of any cucaracha demonstration demanding uninterrupted open borders & legalization/citizenship: the signs saying things like “The Border Crossed Us!” & “Whites Go Back To Europe! This Is OUR Land!”

    The wetbacks may come here with money as their prime concern, but they still think America rightfully belongs to them, and their anchor whelps – made more uppity than their parents by free edjewcation that reinforces their bullshit resentments – force the issue.

  13. I have heard that there is a lot of hostility between the “Latinx” in Mexifonia and any Whites remaining, but I have spent several years in the Souhwest and saw none in Arizona and New Mexico and Nevada several years ago and very little in Texas … even in San Antonio though the university professors were doing handstands to radicalize them to La Raza and Azatlan propaganda.

    I heard less comments from young “Latinx” about Mexico annexing the USA and surprisingly more from them, especially the young men, about wishing that the USA had and would annex Mexico. I think they looked on it favorably because a lot of US dollars would go into Mexico’s decrepit infrastructure (much like West Germany expended a ton of money to annex East Germany to the point where it was more modern then East Germany. That ticked off a lot of the Westies, believe me.

    Moreover, though the Usual Suspects like to rattle the cages of “White Supremacists” by blowing up the number of Whites who race mix with heavy implications that its a bunch of coal burners and mud sharks defiling the race with mulatto children, that’s not actually true.

    The largest number of Whites who mix are mixing with “Latinexes.” Both men and women. I don’t think the issue would have been that noticeable if the Nixon Administration had not given them their own racial category. Before they were classified as Caucasian, so the intermarriage had gone on long before that.

    In fact, a Latina colleague of mine who had been raised with the big La Raza chip on her shoulder in California moved to Chicago and it was that which completely changed her attitude. She didn’t stand out among all the Greeks and Italians and Portuguese on the east coast like she did when blonde California surfer girls and boys automatically came to mind when you mentioned the Golden State.

    I also know that, when we think of the “Latinx” classification, we automatically think of some cross between a very Indian looking Mexican or Guatemalan, but in Florida, there has been an influx of Venezuelans, Colombians, Argentinans, Nicaraguans and Paraguayans. They align a lot closer to Cubans in physiogomy and sentiments.

    I think that, for all the politically correct insanity of our so-woke-they’re-mentally-challenged elite that we are headed towards a similar hierarchy that already exists in Latin America that is, assuming IF OUR RACE remains calm, clear-headed and prepared.

    The cream of the White race will float to the top and I stipulate that it will only be those Whites who have STREET SMARTS as well as BOOK SMARTS, not the educated fools we see marching with Antifa and BLM. I know one young couple. He is only twenty-five, but is a manager who bought his house. He’s engaged to a European woman who is a polymath. Their children will be fluent in more than one language. I think their children will be the future elite of the USA even if the bilingualism favors the Spanish over the English.

    My best advice to any one here with young children is to get them fluent in Spanish. If you can, find a way to change your surname to something Spanish, because that’s the main group that is being courted these days, much as that may tick off any here. Better to effectively deal with what IS rather than fulminate and wish for something different.

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