Poll: Joe Biden Isn’t As Popular As Some Polls Are Suggesting

PBS/Marist Poll has Joe at a 49% approval rating.


“About half of Americans — 49 percent — said they approve of how Biden has served as president so far, less than two months into his presidency, according to the latest poll. But as was the case with his predecessor, whose last year in office was marred by the pandemic, much of that support comes from people who identify as members of his own party. Among Democrats, Biden’s approval rating was 87 percent. But only 11 percent of Republicans and 43 percent of independents said they approved of the president. …”

Joe is facing near unanimous opposition from Republicans.

The CNN poll yesterday had Joe at 51% approval rating:

The CBS News poll out this morning has Joe at a 60% approval rating.

CBS News:

So, which is it?

Is Joe still in his honeymoon phase or is that over now? My guess is that the country is still deeply polarized, the honeymoon is over and the COVID relief package is more popular than Joe and the Democrats.

The same is true of all kinds of Democratic policies especially on economics: raising the minimum wage, Universal Health Care, student loan debt forgiveness, etc. More people support these things than the Democrats. It is almost certainly true that 70% of the public supports the COVID bill, but it is also true that Joe Biden’s real approval rating is likely closer to 49% than 60%.

How do we explain this? The answer is simple. More people support progressive policies than the Democrats because their brand is garbage due to their cultural toxicity with White working class voters. More people support $1,400 checks than Joe Biden and the Democratic Congress because while that policy is great and helps people it is also true that the Democrats are terrible at public facing messaging and selling their own ideas to skeptical voters who don’t agree with their cosmopolitan values.

The message that I hear from Democrats is something like this: you’re a racist, a white supremacist, a bigot and a domestic extremist who has succumbed to misinformation (this is the middle class scolding and virtue signaling that they do), but we are giving you $1,400 and the child tax credit. Vote Blue!

Note: How many people were AFRAID to vote for Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2020 because they thought they would be rounded up and put in concentration camps for supporting Trump?

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  1. I don’t see how anybody can actually take this senile old bastard seriously. It doesn’t look like he’s in charge of anything.

  2. Biden’s approval rating is 0%. I know barely anyone who voted for him. His Jewish cabinet are his puppetmasters. Just pull the plug on him and give us President Brownbitch already!

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