President Biden Signs The American Rescue Plan

This is Joe’s moment.

It is the culmination of 50 years in public life. This is the highwater mark and the peak of his political life when he does this one thing for us and signs a bill that pretty much everyone supports. Sure, it is probably all downhill from here after we receive the $1,400, but today Joe is wearing aviators.

Note: It is unfortunate that Joe probably isn’t cognitively there enough to enjoy the moment and his team is hiding the severity of his true condition. He deserves credit for this.

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  1. Not all Americans are getting 1,400. Those making more than 80,000 and families making more than 120,000 are getting less. But don’t fear though, the big corps and millionaires are getting their tax breaks in this great bill. Be careful what you wish for.

    • If we are going to spend money, populist intellectuals think it should be spent on things that make a real difference in the lives of ordinary people and improves their well being and happiness. In contrast, conservatives believe in doing whatever they can to help the wealthiest, most powerful, most anti-White people in society. What can we do to help military contractors who agitate for foreign wars? What can we do to help Big Ag which wants and endless supply of cheap labor? What can we do to help Wall Street and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

  2. Woo-fukkin-hoo. The devaluation of the dollar continues. Everything gets more expensive for everyone. Just wait until people’s savings get totally wiped out.

    • We’re all going to be wiped out now. The sky is falling because ordinary people are getting $1,400. The $740 billion that we spent on the Pentagon back in January does not this impact though!

      • Your view is very short-term on this. What feels good today, may not feel so good tomorrow. You should be thinking about the future your kids are going to have to live with. All of this adds up. This country will be 30 TRILLION in debt, soon enough. The piper has to be paid, eventually.

        • How so?

          We’re 28 trillion dollars in debt and not a single nickel of that has anything to do with the $1,400 stimulus checks. The same hypocrites who use those talking points are the very people who have been there for 40 or 50 years and signed off on all the spending that created the debt.

          Look at what happened in January. The performance art deficit hawks overrode Trump’s veto of the NDAA and spent $740 billion on the military. They shot down the $2,000 stimulus check that TRUMP wanted and Biden is delivering because it was too expensive.

          Why is spending $100 billion on a child tax credit a bad idea, but spending $740 billion on our useless military a good idea? Also, we heard all the panic about the first stimulus check and it saved the economy from collapsing. It didn’t hurt the economy at all because people spent the money.

          If these people are so concerned about the national debt, why don’t they make Amazon pay taxes? Why are they trying to get rid of the estate tax? Why do foreigners pay nothing in taxes to sell all their goods in our market?

          What is the total cost of the three stimulus checks? How much of that paid for itself by stimulating economic activity? Finally, how much of the national debt can we attribute to stimulus checks?

          • Everything you say is true. But more monopoly money out of thin air only contributes more to the problems. That $1400 you get will be insignificant when you notice how high prices are going for everything, because the dollar is becoming worthless. Wouldn’t it better if your taxes were significantly cut down? Wouldn’t it be better if the government would cut down on all of this wasteful spending, including the ridiculous military budget? But neither of those will happen because the Beast must be fed.

          • Strange.

            The national debt was $28 trillion dollars before this. What was all that spent on? Why do we only hear these disingenious arguments about stimulus checks? Shouldn’t the $740 billion we spent on the military in January have caused inflation?

  3. My issue with any COVID relief bill and preceding quantitative easements were that they were nothing more than Bank and Wall Street bailouts.

    Instead of leaving landlords holding the bag and not being able to get rent payments, a lot of that money could have been used to pay the rent for unemployed tenants of good standing for a year or two until they get back on the feet. Expand Section 8 to incorporate Disaster Tenancy.

    Homeowners who lost their jobs could qualify to have their monthly mortgages paid for a year or two as well to aid them in recovery.

    My gut feeling is that a whole bunch of this cash is sitting in some private overseas accounts rather than doing the most good for the American people.

    At the same time, I used previous stimulus checks for home repairs like many other Americans still lucky to have a job that barely kept body and soul together. I’m a senior, but I was able to push money in pockets of three hard-working independent young contractors with small children. I also fed each of them my trademark beef stew for lunch while they worked on my house, as well as referring them to everyone I knew.

    I might add that many of them used money they got from us as well as (I’m assuming) any of their own stimulus checks to get their vehicles repaired or buy new tools or appliances, and maybe people stocked up on groceries or bought new clothes, so I Imagine that MY stimulus payments was distributed in some way, or another to at least four avenues at one level or another.

    I think allowing ME to decide where and who the money would go to did more for the economy than a Mitch McConnell or other daffy-cit hawk like Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham would do. I remember the plethora of pompous lectures by True Conservative Inc jokers who would tell them that their home towns “deserve to die” and “rent a u-haul.”

    Some more realistic economist said that money circulated in private hands at least five times. The only thing I have noticed from “trickle down economics” with much bally-hooed tax cuts is that the rich moved those tax cuts to build factories overseas and hollowed out our manufacturing over here.

    Those griping because Americans like me have the NERVE to want OUR measly cut of the trillions of dollars that THEY have already helped themselves to only makes me chuckle.

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